The Smart Slider Is No Longer Available

The Smart Slider plugin for WordPress has been discontinued and is no longer available for purchase.

All past customers still have access to the last version of the plugin available for download within the EJ Insider members area.

The Smart Slider helped hundreds of bloggers add hundreds of thousands of followers to their social media channels and email lists over the years it was available.

However, with the release of PHP 7 we decided it was time to retire the plugin since it was no longer cost effective to keep it updated.

We thank you for your support of the Smart Slider over the years.

Yaro and Walter

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  • Wow what an idea for a plugin Yaro!

    I too am excited about it dude!
    Will have to dissect the code and see if I can improve on it for you guys, although I suspect it will be a top class plugin once done!

    I am borderline obsessive when it comes to developing sites and have not yet ventured into plugin development as yet as am getting my theme dev skills down first but I will venture into it eventually! Have you seen what I have created for our mutual friend RB yet?

    Anyway I am sure you wont end up being sad YS. And like you am too excited about it as well!
    Have an awesome day dude!

    – PD

    • Thanks Phillip! I hope our mutual excitement is shared by others.

      When it goes into development I’ll make sure Walter knows you’re keen to take a look at his code. These things tend to become more complicated than necessary, so a second pair of eyes is appreciated.

      Please do feel free to share the link for your creations in a comment so we can take a look.


  • You’ve got a payment. keep it up Yaro!

  • You’ve got me Yaro. Excellent idea.

  • I would love to pay for this, but would really prefer if you had a shopify app instead of a wordpress plugin.

    • Thanks for the suggestion Pratima. Most of my audience are wordpress bloggers, not so much shopify users (I don’t use shopify myself) so it wouldn’t make sense to start there. However you never know, if it does really well we might expand.


  • Hi Yarok,

    I have made the payment already:) Looking forward to see the final work for the plugin!


  • Payment and email sent. Cool idea, Yaro!

  • Hi Yaro

    My blog is finally getting off the ground and I can see how it will fit in with my list efforts. It’s been a looong time in coming since I was a student of BlogMastermind back in 2008.
    Can’t wait to put you on my boomer fitness blog.


    • Awesome Claude, you have a great name for the fitness niche too 🙂


  • You’ve got one more fiver in the pot, can’t wait to see the results!

  • My payment has been sent! Really looking forward to the conversion rates on this once it gets put together. Great initiative on this Yaro – I think it’ll sell out in 24 hours.

    • Thanks for the support Stephen! I can’t wait to see it in action too.


  • Oh shoot.

    I guess I came here late. All the 100 spots taken already.

    I don’t want to be on the waiting list. What do i do? 😉

    Comment via

    • Sorry Adesoji, you will have to wait until we have the plugin built and tested, at which point we will offer it to the public again.


      • Thanks for your response, Yaro.

        I’ll watch out for that.

      • I would have purchased this if you kept it $5 as originally, 19 is just a shade too much for a simple plugin when there are so many plugins that do a similar job for free.

        • Hi Michael, we sold it at $5 to 100 early backers before we had built the plugin, so that was a reward for supporting the creation of the plugin.

          We’re going to continue to develop this plugin, adding new slider types, so it’s only going to get better and better.


  • Good Yaro, this plugin Social is the Best! I use other plugins but Social Slider is fantastic!

  • I’ve wondered about this slider on your site Yaro.
    I just sent my payment and an email to you and I’m looking forward to trying the new plugin when it is ready.

    I’m curious how it could work with an existing popup I have? Many I know don’t like popups, but I like the results when it’s done in a classy way. I wonder if the timing of the slider and popup can be coordinated so it remaines a positive reader experience and not just annoying?

    Glad to part of the Beta Testers for this Yaro.
    Thank you,

    • Thanks for your support Deborah.

      You’ve seen how the slider appears on my blog here. It appears and slides out as you scroll down the page, which I think is less intrusive than a popup, but also grabs your attention.

      I run popups on EJ as well of course, so you can use both at the same time if you like.

      I use the slider to grow my social media following and the popups for my email courses, but there is no reason why the slider can’t be used for email optin as well – we have that down as a possible future feature once we get all the social media sliders working.



  • Hi Yaro,

    Just sent payment for the ​Social Plugin.

    Have a nice day, man! You rock!

  • Add another payment to your total. Love the idea and how it works on your site. Can’t wait to get a working copy myself to see how well it works for me.

  • Hi Yaro,

    Sorry to bring some bad news to the table but I you can get a similar results by using Monarch by Elegant Themes, or either by using several free solutions provided by Noah Kagan.

    I am sure I read on your blog years ago about the concept “why it is not a good idea to reinvent the wheel” if so, what has changed?

    Do not worry as I am still going to read your blog even if we do not agree on this plugin.

    Keep up the good job.

    Best regards,


    • James,
      I on’t think there is a single product that does this the same way as Yaro’s does. I use the Sumo one and others as well as they each have something different.

    • Hi James,

      You have a valid point. That being said, there is a reason why I decided to have this slider built specifically for my blog rather than use Sumome or the countless similar other sliders and popups out there when I initially went looking for solutions. In the end I had the custom version built for my blog because I wanted the design and certain features that I couldn’t get elsewhere.

      However I had the same doubts you mention, which is exactly why Walter and I decided to do a crowdfund for this. If it turned out people agreed with you then they would not have paid for it. We got over 100 buyers in less than a day, so that’s a good enough sign for us to proceed and have it created (and frankly I’m glad they did, because I really want this plugin for EJ!).

      You are right to think like this though – in the past I would have made the mistake of going and building this plugin and throwing money at it before seeing if there is demand.


      • Oh and one other point, in the past I talk about reinventing the wheel and not reinventing the wheel (yes total contradiction I know – but it makes sense if you go through both arguments).

        With the basic idea that you don’t have to reinvent the wheel regarding some things – like the fundamentals of an industry – but you may need to find a new twist to how something is done.

        It’s like how I teach bloggers in Blog Mastermind, you can go into markets that already have competition because you know there is money being spent there, but you have to find a way to be different that leverages your strength as an advantage to use against the competition.

        • Hi Yaro,

          Custom development is always justified if you have a specific need to cover.

          Glad to hear that this time you have took time to see if there was a real demand before throwing money at it. Getting such good feedback in just one day, by any means, is a winner as well as proving me wrong ;).

          Remember both of those. Totally agree that going into a competitive market is the thing to do. If you go to fine, or niche specific, you run out of growth space fast. The immediate consequence is that you end up putting a cap on your income in the early days of the project. This is why projects end up getting binned.

          Adding value in a competitive market or niche is the way to go but, rather than calling that reinventing the wheel I would call it doing your homework or research. Research is the most difficult part in any project, and because of that, it tends to get pushed aside by the passion of our initial ideas. When that happens, and I have been down that road, you end up loosing quite a bit of cash.

          Good luck with the new plugin and I am already looking forward to your next project.

          Best regards,


  • Awesome idea! Can’t wait till it is released, would be very interested! Let me know if the beta opens up again, I am in!


  • Hi Yaro,
    thanks for the plugin. It’s great!
    Where can I change the text “Don’t show this again” in German language?

    • Oh that’s a request I never considered Roland. Send Walter an email and he might be able to do a quick fix for you.


  • Check the welcome email and also the page where you downloaded the plugin. Both places give you Walter’s email to forward any bugs or issues like this.


  • Love this Yaro. One question: As I was reading this blog post your iTunes podcast pop pop came up but I’m already subscribed. Why is that?

    • The plugin only knows if you have subscribed via the plugin previously, unfortunately the technology can’t account for actions taken outside the plugin. That would take a whole different layer of programming. Maybe one day in the future we can add that feature Maria, if enough people want it.


      • Understood, Yaro! It’s still a great plugin and I can’t wait to try it.

  • Bought and installed in under 10 minutes. Beautiful to use and great to look at. Well done Yaro & Gideon!

  • Your plugin so great. May I use developer right after payment?

  • Hey Yaro,

    your paypal payments don’t work for the social slider

    just so you know…

    • Hi Alan,

      We’ve had over 100 paypal orders, can you try again and if you still have an issue let me know.


  • This looks great. The license terms are not clear is it $19 for one blog or all your personal blogs? Is there a developers license? Thanks

    • Glad you like it Hugh!

      You can use the plugin on one blog per purchase. If you need a developers license send me an email ( and I’ll check in with Walter how we can support you.


  • Would this work for Squarespace?

    • Not yet sorry, we only have it as a WordPress plugin. We hope in the future to have a non-wordpress version available too.


  • Erica Ereku

    Will the social slider plugin work for joomla website?

    • Not yet Erica – only WordPress plugin at the moment. Coming in the future though!


  • Hi Yaro,

    Great plugin but I think it’s making your site load really slower. I’ve been noticing your pages are taking a lot of time to load. Is it because of the plugin or any other issue?

    • No not our plugin, unfortunately it’s the infinite scroll functions and some other issues with my site. We have a list of things to run a “healthcheck” on, but the slider is tiny so it’s not a problem.


  • ds

    have ordered and received payment confirmation 3 days ago but have not receieved the download…..

    • Hey Dean,

      A welcome email gets sent straight away. Some people have found it in their spam folder, or if you use Gmail, the “promotions” tab.

      If you don’t find it there please email me – – and include which email you purchased with.


  • Hey Yaro,

    Really an awesome plugin to increase social media fan base. Gonna giva try to it soon 🙂

  • This plugin looks great on mobile. Also wanted to confirm if this plugin also adds the sticky social share buttons which I see when I view on mobile?

    • Only the slider is part of the plugin Sreejesh, not the sticky social parts on mobile.

      Try it out for yourself and let me know how it goes on your blog.


  • It is very informative post and I am also very positive about this plugin

  • […] the success of the Social Slider crowdfunding campaign (all 100 ‘backer’ spots sold out in less than 24 hours), Walter and I […]

  • I purchased this the other day and I have to say, I am pretty impressed. Loaded it up to four different websites and from day one each of the sites had people clicking on the sliders. Would love to see a custom slider option where you can enter anything you like. For instance, since they scroll down before they see the slider which is oftentimes down near the comments area, I would like to be enable to the slider to say something like “Before you leave please leave a comment”.

  • this is a good idea
    in fact while reading the article the slider showed up asking me to follow on instagram
    i think this is a good idea

  • I like the plugin, but on my site it’s not working well on my mobile device. The slider is much too low on the screen, so there’s nothing clickable for the user. Even if I hold the phone horizontally, only the very, very top of the like button is visible. Yet when I came to your site just now, the plugin as it appears here works fine on my Droid. Is this just a fluke, or am I doing something wrong?

    • That could be a blog theme design conflict Tom. We can’t account for every single theme, but usually you can add some code to your stylesheet to fix up things like this. Send me an email and explain the issue and I can get Walter the developer to take a look.


  • Thanks Yaro, i hope to get this plugin soon!

  • Yaro. I need this plugin but confirm something. I have three blogs and can I install your plugin on all of my blogs or I have to buy again?

  • Edna

    Hi Yaro,

    Am wondering is this slider compatible with website that is not built on wordpress?


  • Nice plugin! What’s the impact to site speed or aren’t they real-time stats that displays on the slider?

    • Site speed impact varies depending on other plugins, your theme design and server. I’m not sure exactly how real time the stats are generated, it might be a rolling 24 hour update but I’d have to check with Walter on that one.


  • It’s a nice slider. Can be a very good addition those websites which are content oriented or are for personal brands of people. Smart and simple concept!

  • Just double checking…some are saying it’s $5 but the text above says $29…??

    • $5 was a crowdfund style pre-sale before the plugin was made for just the first 100 people who ordered (it sold out in less than 24 hours), which is what the comments above relate to.

      These people paid for the first version of the plugin before we made it, so had to wait about a month before getting a BETA test. Now the plugin is fully developed with many more features and has been tested by over 300 customers, it’s available at the public price of $29.


  • $19 is a no-brainer. I was on the fence for a while with the first version, and just never got back to it. This time I’m in. Great that you guys were able to capitalize on this idea and make a slider that surpasses the others. Thanks man! – Vern in Thailand (come on over if you ever need a break)

  • This is a kick ass plugin

  • I am not able to buy (download) this slider either with card or paypal

    What is up??

    • Not sure what is going on there Gordon – we’ve had plenty of people purchase it with no problems in the last 24 hours.

      Do you get an error message? What exactly goes wrong?


  • Hi Yaro,

    Your smart slider plugin is really cool, what I really like about it is that it doesn’t prevent the reader from reading the content contrary to other popups forms.

    Highly recommended !

  • Cool how the sides of websites are now being utilized more effectively. This plug-in is one of those “why didn’t I think of that” ideas. Good work Yaro.


  • Alan

    Hi Yaro,

    Is it possible to have the slider come in from the left hand side OR the right hand side?

    Also can you have specific sliders for say specific pages/posts?

    Example, say I am promoting an affiliate product on a page/post I would only want the slider to come out with that offer.

    Also I will have more than one offer so would want it to promote several products but show specific products to relievant pages/posts


    • Hi Alan,

      Left side only at the moment. That’s not a feature we have had requested before, so we’d have to see if there is demand before considering putting in the development time to make it happen.

      Specific page/post targeting is a feature I want to use myself, so is more likely to be created in the future. At the moment you can do basically what I show you in the video.



      • Alan

        Thanks Yaro,

        I have been on your list for a while now so will keep an eye out for any updates to your plugin.

        I have to say it’s the smartest & clean looking slider I have seen to date!

        Might just purchase anyway, and hope we can change different affiliate offers later.


  • Jo

    The slider looks great. After purchase do you get future upgrades or do you have to buy again to get new features?
    How much is the Premium Unlimited Site License?

    • Hi Jo, yes the premium license gets you all future upgrades and support, which is $99/year. Just click the order button and you will see the two options described on the checkout page and you can then decide which you want.


  • Hi,
    Is there any tech support for the plugin?
    I have purchased it and installed it to a Blog, however when ‘Activate’ is selected the following message appears “You have an error in your SQL syntax; check the manual that corresponds to your MySQL server version for the right syntax to use near ‘TYPE=MyISAM’ at line 9 on line: 1471”

    The plugin seems to be installed, we have set the Facebook settings, but the slider doesn’t have the Facebook button.

    • Yes Duncan for sure, the tech support email is in your welcome email and also on the page where you downloaded the plugin.

      Send that error report and Walter will get back to you.


  • what an awesome plugin. It is a must for every blogger

  • Hey Yaro! What a great idea.

    I love it when business-minded bloggers get involved in creating WordPress plugins. Someone such as yourself actually knows what we as bloggers need and could use.

    (ie: There are far too many plugins – both free and premium – that serve no real purpose!)

    You really outdid yourself with this.

    Keep up the great work!


  • I would love to pay for this,

    Really an awesome plugin to increase social media fan base. i will try after couple of month later.

  • I just noticed you’re using Smart Slider and just after that see this article. Smart Slider looks really appealing. Thinking to buy it. Any discount coupon?

  • Tony

    I really like how this plugin looks. The only issue I have is that you can’t pick specific posts/pages to show the slider on. There are certain pages that I don’t want the distraction of the slider on. If you can add this feature I would definitely buy this.

    • That’s the number one feature I want too Tony. Hopefully next year we can address it when we do fresh updates.


  • I tried this plugin, finally its great plugin

  • Hai Yaro,

    I just bought for this Social Plugin after reading this article. Really an awesome plugin to increase my social media fan base. But I had one problem, In this plugin you can’t pick specific posts/pages to show the slider on. But its great plugin keep going.

    • Hi Alison,

      Yes I agree, it’s the number one feature I want to see too. I’ve got it at the top of the list for updates, but probably not viable until next year now.


  • Awesome work you put up Yaro all the time.

    I extremely love your work and do hope to be a student of your on Blog Mastermind in the near future.

    Well done.

  • Bought the plugin and already using it on two of my website. My affiliate sales incresed by 22%. Good return on investment.

  • Douglas

    Hello Yaro, I work with digital marketing for the portuguese and spanish speaking countries, may we talk about a translation and possible master affiliate program for our languages?


  • Douglas


    Trid to buy several times, with paypal and credit card, I Can’t because the state field of the buyer form is not giving a open option, so the visa or mastercard can’t validade.

    Can you help please? 🙂


  • When I saw the product and other-blog-posts slider, you had me. The use-cases are unlimited. I sometimes get coupon-codes or special promotions, and I always wondered how I could give them to my readers when my site does not have a big mailing list, but regular users.

    Another use-case I wonder about: Can I have specific sliders only shown on specific posts/pages?

    This would be nice, e.g. I have a blog-post on Xbox One Steering Wheels (, one of my main posts at the moment. If I have coupon codes, products or posts specific to this audience, being able to use the Slider for that would be awesome.

    • Sebastian I am glad to hear you like the slider! I agree, the next feature I really want to decide individual pages for a slider, or the very least individual categories.

      It’s at the top of the to-do list, although I’m not sure when we will get to it.


  • Great idea. I saw this too late. We already are using a popup which also has a separate social media capability as well. So far, I can say that it is effective in bringing in signups.

  • I like the module, yet on my site it’s not functioning admirably on my cell phone. The slider is much too low on the screen, so there’s nothing interactive for the client. Regardless of the fact that I hold the telephone on a level plane, just the precise, extremely top of the like catch is obvious. Yet when I went to your site a little while ago, the module as it shows up here works fine on my Droid. Is this only a fluke, or am I accomplishing something incorrectly?

  • I would love to pay for this, however would truly incline toward in the event that you had a shopify application rather than a wordpress module.

  • Pretty cool Yaro. Any white-label options in the future?

    • No plans right now Kenneth. We don’t have the funds for a full on development team for this one unfortunately. You need to sell a lot of $29 plugins to cover coders.


  • Hello

    Does the slider work on a website that isn’t build with wordpress?
    A home made php/mysql website…
    Thanks for answer

    • Not yet sorry Emilie, it’s a wordpress plugin only right now.


  • Hi Yaro,

    Is it possible to have the slider come in horizontally/vertically? So it not cover the content.

    • It only slides in from the left side at the moment Aang. We have a huge list of features we want to add, however development costs have slowed things down, so for the time being the left side is it!


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