Raise Your PageRank and Traffic – Buy Textlinks from AdBrite.com

AdBriteFor people running popular websites that have had enough with poor Google Adsense results you might want to consider giving AdBrite.com a go to generate some revenue. Or for those webmasters looking to increase their PageRank for better search engine results you can use AdBrite to purchase a text link on a popular, high PageRanked site.

AdBrite brings together website owners and individuals or companies wanting to buy advertising. What makes AdBrite a bit different is that advertisers can pick and choose which websites to run a campaign on. You can view what the average click through and cost per click rates are for each site and select sites based on specific target markets. The large popular sites such as Fark.com and LinkedIn.com cost as much as $2000+ per month, but you can buy cheaper daily or weekly campaigns. If those prices are too high you might consider targeting a popular blog or niche site for as low as $0.01 per click. If you do some hunting around you may find some PageRank 5 or 6 sites for as low as $5-$10 per month for a link.

For website owners AdBrite makes the process of selling advertising very easy, with simple cut and paste code to add to your site. Of course you lose a chunk (25%) of your revenue absorbed by the AdBrite middle man, but you gain extra exposure from being listed in the AdBrite website and use of their technology to automate the selling process.

I like this technology because it gives advertisers more power to choose where their advertising is placed. It offers Google Adwords style features by allowing even the smallest business to advertise on the largest sites, but unfortunately it doesn’t have quite the selection of advertiser tools that Google offers for advertisers to manipulate the system to increase targeted click through rates and lower costs. However AdBrite doesn’t position itself as a replacement for Adwords, it’s describes itself as another advertising strategy you can test and track in addition to Adwords and other methods. It’s also great for those technically deficient website owners out there that want a simple way to directly sell advertising space without installing any software or handling billing.

Kudos to AdBrite for the branding style too – I love the laundry detergent theme!


Note: I have since been informed that because of the way AdBrite inserts advertisements via javascript, purchasing links using their system may not increase your PageRank because the GoogleBot will not spider javascript. In this case you will only gain an increase in traffic. If you want to buy PageRank you will have to look elsewhere.

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  • “Raise Your PageRank and Traffic – Buy Textlinks from AdBrite.com”

    Textlinks from Adbrite sites isn’t going to raise the target sites pagerank. The links are created using a javascript function, which means that the Google-bot never see the links when crawling the site.

    At most it will get you traffic from people clicking on the links, but doing something good for your search engine ranking, it will not. 🙂

    BTW: Found you via your podcast.. good work.

  • Hi Oscar,

    Ah, thank you for your feedback. I thought this might be the case but then I went and investigated the code of a few of the sites that run with AdBrite to see what the output was like. I say html links so I presumed that would be sufficient for the googlebot. Perhaps I was not viewing the AdBrite code.

    I will need to look into this further and may adjust the article accordingly.

    Thanks for visiting too!

  • Sylvester

    Hello Yaro, I would like to advertise with my blog using adbrite code. I don’t know how to set up the code to my wordpress blog, using ad spaces. Just want to know how do you do that. Thanks a lot.

  • isn’t this frowned upon by google ? this would mean the site displaying those links would lose pr.

    • Yes – this is frowned upon by Google now – you can have paid links as long as they have the no follow tag applied.

  • So, they are no way that we can use the ads revenue like that if it will cause pagerank drop.

    Matt says, text link ads can be add if the site is full content or we can put no follow tags..

    The question is, how do the system just link adbrite, kontera and infolinks works? Some says it will not drop our pagerank..

  • I think adbrite has has no advertisers these days because a total of 20000
    page impressions yield only 50 cents , very bad

  • Textlinks from Adbrite sites isn’t going to raise the target sites pagerank. The links are created using a javascript function, which means that the Google-bot never see the links when crawling the site.

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