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Continuing with the theme of text link buying from my last entry I had a quick look at another site that offers text link buying facilities, This site doesn’t have the ease of use or simple branding style of AdBrite but it does have one really good resource, a free eBook guide on buying text links (that’s a PDF link). The eBook clearly outlines the considerations and methods to implement when undertaking a link generation campaign. If you intend to buy links, or even just spend some time conducting link exchanges I suggest you read this book to make sure you start off on the right foot.

Tips discussed in-depth within the guide include:

  • Buy Relevancy, Not PageRank
  • Proper text link ad setup: Use Your Top Keywords As Your Link Text (Anchor Text) *but also vary the link text.
  • Link to a consistent site location.
  • Deep Link.
  • Do not buy too many site wide links, especially on unrelated web pages.
  • Buy from a wide variety of networks.
  • Buy Links across a wide variety (different levels of importance) of sites.
  • Be aware of the number of outbound links on a webpage, particularly the number of “sponsored links”.
  • Keep your links in place long enough to see results.
  • Track your traffic and results.

It’s a quality little eGuide and education is the key to success online so take 30 minutes time out to properly digest the info in this guide. also has facilities for website owners to sell links on their site. They use a static link method and based on their article I’m pretty confident that the linking system they use will be spidered by the GoogleBot. If you are considering a text link campaign targeted at increasing backlinks rather than just click-throughs you may be wise to choose Text-Link-Ads over AdBrite.

I personally have not used either of these systems so I would be keen to hear from anyone that has. Leave a comment if you have had experience buying text links.

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