Is It Really Possible To Create The Change You Want In Your Life?

This is part one of a series on how to create positive change in your life based on what has worked for me, what hasn’t, and what I’m currently learning. Rather than write one of my usual 4000+ word monster articles I’m breaking it down for you into more manageable chunks.

This is going to be a very important series if you’re ready to arm yourself with some powerful tools in the battle for happiness, success and contentment in your life, so get ready. Here we go…

This Is Who I Am

As a blogger you are at times more open with your thoughts and feelings online than you might be in person, even with your closest friends and family. Despite knowing that thousands of people read this blog every day, I find it easier and I’m much more succinct, when I share my thoughts and ideas here, at least when it comes to certain subjects.

One of the wonderful, if surprising at first, experiences as a result of being open with people through a blog is that eventually you gain some kind of notoriety for being good at something. When I started Entrepreneurs-Journey I wanted to share my business experiences simply for the sake of sharing and to see whether other people found what I had to say of value. Some people did find what I had to say valuable, so I kept saying things, and more and more people found me and started listening.

Eventually my perception online became that of an “authority” in my niche, at least to a small sub-segment of the population. I became a “someone” rather than an audience, in one little corner of the universe, in this case as a blogger who talks about entrepreneurship, marketing, and personal development.

This is a great event for all kinds of reasons, but the most important reason, and be sure to underline this, is that with authority, more people actually read what I write. With the attention that authority gives me, I enjoy the privilege and honor of being able to influence people. This is power and it’s something you have to be very careful with as power is trust, and you don’t want to abuse people’s trust.

What’s a little strange for me is that I’ve not really done anything to earn my position other than tell you what I think and do. I haven’t been officially trained to do this in any way, I didn’t go to school to learn to blog (I started one instead), nor was I instructed along the way about the right way to do things. In reality I’m pretty much exactly the same as you are right now, except I’ve spent the last five years sharing aspects of my life through this blog over and over again, week after week.

The Challenge That Is Changing Yourself

One of the most interesting subjects, one that I’d like to tackle with you now, is the concept of whether it is really possible to change, especially in a proactive, self-determined manner. This isn’t about fate or destiny, this is going after and getting what you want.

When I say change, I mean real change. I mean the kind of change that takes you from where you are now, to where you really want to be, although using a phrase that relates transition to a destination or a time isn’t quite complete. What I’m really talking about when I say “be” is the state you are in. It’s the change of state, the way you think and consequently act and thus experience, that I refer to when I mean change.

This is the kind of change where you feel like you’re not the same person you were before, and everything around you has changed as a result of this. You might be living in a different place, associating with different people, you might have a different lover, or several, you might be financially wealthier, or maybe you’ve lost or gained weight, or you no longer do something you wanted to stop, like drinking, or smoking.

All these things are symptomatic of change, to say they are the change isn’t quite accurate. It was something about you on the inside that changed, that caused a physical change to manifest in reality. It was YOU who changed.

When you experience this kind of change you know it, because when you realize the change you stop yourself and go “wow, I’m actually feeling what my previous self wanted to feel back then“. I’m living what I previously wanted to live. I am what my past self wanted to be in the future, if we include the element of time. I am now where I wanted to be back when I was somewhere else, if we include the element of location.

It’s this idea of change, and it’s change for the better that we want, or at least what we perceive as desirably better today (it may not actually turn out to be so, but we assume it is for now since we don’t know yet), that intrigues me. The idea that you are in charge of your own “personal development” is powerful. Imagine being in charge of claiming what you want in your life?

Yeah, it sounds good doesn’t it, but let’s state a truth – change is hard.

Significant change takes effort, and often so much effort that by the time we get what we wanted or arrive where we wanted to be, our value system has changed too, so you may not even want what you were working so hard to acquire. That I believe is a clever built-in motivation tool nature has given us so that we’re always striving for more. If we got everything we wanted instantly and easily then the value wouldn’t be there and we’d stop striving to make ourselves better.

Consequently, the lessons we eventually take away from any dramatic change in our lives are these, which many people come to understand as universal principles if they live long enough…

  • We should live in the moment,
  • enjoy the journey,
  • understand that what we want isn’t what we really want and,
  • that we will always want more until we decide we don’t.

Tricky isn’t it.

Is Change Even Possible?

I remember as a child listening to my mother on the rare occasion she hosted a party at her house. My mother is not the most social person and while she loves sharing ideas with other people, she’s closer to hermit than socialite. That doesn’t stop her from talking her mouth off when she’s had a glass of wine and the people around her are saying things she feels a need to respond to (nowadays she doesn’t need any alcohol to get her started!).

One of her favorite subjects as I recall, is whether change is even possible in the first place. She steadfastly believes people can change on a fundamental level, and we are talking about the tiniest of individual personality details, all the way up to global consciousness. Some people didn’t agree with her, they argued that no one could truly change, which is why as humans we will always have the problems we have, in some shape or form.

I remember listening to her passionately explaining her viewpoint on this subject, although from my recollection as my mother’s son, I felt more uncomfortable that here was my usually soft-spoken mother becoming more animated than usual, resulting in me wanting to be somewhere else (parents are, like, so embarrassing!). I generally preferred to find a way to be in another place when adults where drinking and talking loudly, but no doubt my mother’s viewpoint on change has impacted my own perception of whether change is possible, so credit where credit is due.

I Haven’t Quite Mastered This One…

As I stated at the start of this article, sometimes as a blogger you have to get personal. It’s one of the most powerful tools we have to engage our audience. However, in the case of this subject, I have to admit I don’t feel quite as comfortable as I’d like to when talking about my own perception of how to change.

Normally, as the authority, it’s smart for me to assume a tone in my blog posts that I know what I’m talking about, and to a certain degree with many subjects that relate to marketing, I do, at least comparing my own skill level and knowledge with my audience’s. I know just enough more than my readers so that I can provide value.

Marketing in so many ways is a science. Talking about how to make money, or relating a story of how you did something to get a result is simple enough. The concepts we are dealing with there are straight forward, like pieces of a puzzle you just have to arrange in the right order.

Concepts like change are much more fluid and complex. Most personal development subjects are that way because we’re dealing with some of the fundamentals of life. As a result, I’m best teaching by revealing the aspects of my own journey, even though I may not have figured it all out. Writing an article like this isn’t just for you, it also helps me, as I come to a greater realization of my own place by sharing with you. As they say, the best way to learn is to teach.

Here, discussing how you can go about changing your life for the better, I feel the need to make note of where I’m personally at with the topic because, well, I’m not quite there yet. At least I’m not where I want to be, so there is still more change to make.

I expect this is likely the state I will remain in for most of my life because as far as I can tell, no human ever masters change or remains content with how things are permanently, unless they are enlightened or dead. I don’t exist in a perpetual state of enlightenment (nor am I convinced that’s what life is all about if you consider the practical world, not just the spiritual world, although they can overlap if you become self aware enough), so I can only imagine what it is like.

For the sake of making this applicable to you, I’m going to assume you still have a strong desire to make changes in your life too and you’re not quite enlightened yet either. At least we’re coming from the same place :-).

This is part of the reason why this subject is so compelling. Being comfortable that life IS change is one thing, and I’m all for going with the flow, but taking a proactive interest in determining what changes in your life is a different story. You want to be the driver in your life, even if you can never be sure where the road is taking you or what you will pass through on the way.

Coming Up Next: What I Can Teach You Now

Coming up in the next part in the series I’m going to review what I know so far in terms of how I’ve been able to realize growth and change in my own life. There are some very strong repeating themes in this, and I’m seeing a pattern that I’m still trying to come to terms with myself.

If you want to know what that pattern is, read on to part two of this series –

What I Can Teach You About Getting What You Want

Yaro Starak

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  • I believe I am changing!

    For 29 years I’ve worked for large corporate companies. Working long, long hours but very much enjoying the work and monthly paycheck.

    Then 3 years ago, I decided I wanted something else and turned my attention to making my income on-line and via blogging. I started my new on-line business whilst still working full-time.

    Working evenings and weekends on my own business – making little money at first…but I knew I end an end game. To leave the corporate world!

    I achieved that 6 months ago. I left the corporate world to work on my own on-line business. Now I earn a lot less (but working on it, to make it more!) but I am my boss and I work when I want.

    In fact, a couple months after leaving the corporate world a friend contacted me and asked if I wanted some freelance work, again, working for a large corporate. The money on offer was a crazy amount – i.e. very, very high. The job was mine!

    I turned it down!

    I’m changing…


    • You were willing to gamble. That is a great starting point. Most of us get stuck in our comfort zones till it becomes a noose around our necks.

    • Hi Andrew
      Firstly let me congratulate you … making that leap is not easy … it is something that I have done and now am in the process of doing again .. I was working in finance and hated it .. so in the evenings and weekends I taught myself about web development .. about 18 months ago I made the leap into this field at a much lower income ( something that all my family thought was crazy ) now I have a job as the web developer in a bigger company and earning a much a good wage .. I still work at night, this time to set up my own online business .. hard work but worth it in the end …

    • I sold my amusement park within the last six months due to being sick of lawyers and insurance companies. I am trying to make the jump into the world of online business and have a few small websites to learn about the web before making the big jump. I would love to hear any advice that could be given to me on how to promote my sites without spending all of my earnings. Right now only using google adwords but having a hard time making money this way.

      I’m trying to change


    • Andrew, I am in a similar position to you… Working in the corporate world – I do web development. Good job, great people to work with. Yet I yearn for something more and as such I am on the journey you were on to switch from the corporate world to your own world. With a family, it is a little scary, but I enjoy the challenge. Thanks for sharing your story.

  • Hi Yaro,
    It’s a great idea that you’re shortening your posts and turning them into a series.

    I think choosing how to change is a great skill to have. In some ways you can be proactive and in other ways you have to be reactive to external changes. I’m finding now that as I choose how to change myself, I feel in control and more confident about my life.

  • Hi Yaro,

    Thank you for this great article about ‘Change’. Change is a blessing that I am learning to enjoy.

    I am grateful for the gift of change. Without change, I would never be able to grow, learn new things, accomplish my goals, or look forward to anything different than what I’ve got. Even though I may resist change at times, I am learning to enjoy its possibilities.

    Even when change is forced upon me and brings challenges, it opens new doors of opportunity. I now realise that a change that seems devastating can actually propel me into a better life!

    Change is one of the blessings that come with the power of choice. I can choose to leave things the way they are, or change them to something better.

    Change allows me to learn and grow. As I strive to achieve my goals, I embrace the changes in my life that bring me ever closer to success. With each change, I become more knowledgeable, stronger, and more confident that I can handle whatever life may bring.

    I certainly hope that more people will embrace changes in their lives to improve their lives.

    I’m looking forward to your next post already.



  • Hi, Yaro,
    This is an interesting article, especially in light of the fact that I very recently retired from my full time job, and have just started a blog of my own. That’s quite a bit of change in just the last few months. Thanks for thinking of this and sharing it with us.

  • The starting point for the process is the willingness to change. The older one gets, the more difficult it becomes and it stands to reason that the younger generation, particularly the present one, is willing and so we see so much of constant change. I look forward to the rest of your posts on this fascinating subject.

  • I’m sure you have heard the expression that “your outer world is a reflection of your inner self”. Everything we experience in life, whether it be in business, health, relationships, is all a symptom of what is going on inside ourselves. Start focusing on making changes within yourself and results will happen rapidly. Great post, great insights Yaro.

  • Good post Yaro,
    I just thought that having a blog is one the change i am happy at and i am sure that this change will lead to another great change in my life. I am just happy to see what is going to happen to me in the future for being a blogger, because i think i am destined to be a blogger.

    Daniel Likin

  • Yaro-

    I have to say I am really enjoying these “inspirational” posts you have been incorporating into your blog lately.

    I do believe “change” is a constant in one’s life but it is up to the person on whether to take the road to changing or staying where they are. I know a couple of people who have not changed at all since I have known them and they are the unhappiest people I know, unfortunately. Granted, not all change is good BUT in order to grow and experience new things, you have to give in to change.

    The key- I find- is to have goals which provide the change(s) you want, whether it be physical, monetary, etc. These goals act as a map which help guide you to the changes you want. But like you said, the changes you want will change for whatever reason. However, there are universal changes which everyone wants such as happiness, companionship, love, and such.

    Great post, Yaro! Looking forward to the next one!

    Wesley Craig Green

  • Great idea for new topics. To be a successful entrepreneur, we often have to change our personal habits and behavior. Without change it is easy to get stuck in a rut with little progress being made. I look forward to the rest of this series.

  • I agree that change is hard. Most of us can probably think of some things about ourselves that we would like to change, but actually making those changes is another story. Changing yourself may be one of the biggest challenges you face. You have to change the way you are inside and how you naturally react.

  • Yaro, it’s very easy to create positive change in your life, but maybe I say that because I already know the answer. One first has to define the change that is needed, then break it down to smaller attainable tasks. Is the goal to lose 20 pounds of weight or does it involve the fundamentals of life. Both can be equally easy or difficult to accomplish and each have very different methods and tasks involved to achieve the change.

    We’re all born in darkness and live accordingly but we are all presented with many chances to be enlightened and to accept The Light. If we decide to reject then we have to fill that void with other things such as the pursuit of wealth, power and pleasure. Basically anything else, in order fill our time and desire.

    Sometimes as a blogger you have to get personal, which is fair enough. I hope that you will allow me the same. Yaro, use your intelligence to change the fundamentals of your life and start by choosing the right authority figure to follow.

    Ten years ago I would have never thought that I’d be writing something like this, since I was still walking in darkness but thank God my life turned out the way it did. I’m looking forward to seeing the result in your life’s journey Yaro, just as I know you are!


  • Hi Yaro,
    You definately have me leaning in and I’m looking forward to the rest of the series. Change is one of my favorite topics–whether I like it or not.
    Thanks for this!

    Jill’s blog is an agent of change.

  • Yaro,

    I recently was sent a quote by Wayne Dyer: “When you change the way you look at things, the things you look at change.” A corollary to that would be: “When you change the way you look at yourself, the self you look at changes.”

    It’s so important to begin by changing the way you SEE yourself, if you want to CHANGE yourself, in my opinion. Isn’t this exactly the way positive affirmations work? You convince your subconscious that you are what you want to be and you will become what you want to be. It opens the door to real change by getting rid of your limiting beliefs.

    Great post! I intend to make a habit of taking a few minutes to read your refreshing blog posts from now on.


  • Change is Good! Thank you so very much for starting this series, and how timely it is for me. I just took the plunge and started a blog on saving money. It is 2 days old. So lots to do there, and lots to learn. Thanks so very much for all you do to help others, Diana

  • Great post Yaro. I agree completely with the universal principles you outline. I’ve come to similar conclusions myself – I also find that when I live my life in alignment with these universal principles, things just seem to happen for me and change becomes so much easier. Of course, the challenge is to live in alignment with these principles which is easier said than done.

    Cheers, Niro

  • I love the topic of personal development and change. I don’t think any of us are ever completely “there” in our lives and that’s a good thing. We set a goal, achieve it and then set another – always striving, growing.
    When I’m stuck and not moving forward on something I want to do, I remember a quote similar to the Wayne Dyer one that goes something like “if you change your thinking, you’ll change your feelings which will change your actions and your actions will change your life.” That conscious thinking-feeling shift seems to work for me.

  • Great intro post. Looking forward to the next installment!

  • Hi Yaro,
    Great post,I have been changing for years but never really seem to get where I really want be, like it’s a great allusion. I’ve been stuck the last couple of years, I’ve recently started blogging to try and make a change. Looking forward to your next post,


  • I have realized something very life changing in my quest for seeking the truth. What truth is that? I’ve been relentlessly searching for the truth of how to be happy and discover why I was put here on this earth. I have to say that the truth isn’t always what we want to hear or see, but it is the one thing that we most often deceive ourselves over.

  • I liken change to the journey we take when chasing a rainbow.
    The rainbow is like the person we would like to be, it promises so much, but its the things we think of and notice as we run towards it and the laughter we remember and learn from.

    I have only been blogging for a short time and it has really bought home to me my priorities, writing can be like that, especially when I feel responsible for what I write and for my readers.

  • Not an easy one, I want to believe people can change, but I don’t.. I believe that each of us is, at the core, static, constant.. We can change the more superficial aspects of our characters, but the foundation of it all will always remain the same.. Negative? maybe but it’s what I’ve always observed to be true

  • Hi Taro. I’ve been following your blog actually. I am enjoying reading your posts. Anyway, changes occur in some points in our lives, whether it’s for the better or for worse. What is important is the change you made for the better to improve productively and make life worthy.

  • The best way to learn is to teach is so true!

  • Great post Yaro, Keep it comin, this is going to be an AMAZING series!

  • I haven’t always been comfortable with change. It can be scary; The unknown, the “what ifs”, the getting uncomfortable. I tended to avoid change.

    However, life can sometimes have other ideas. I was forced through a major change a couple of years ago (an unwanted divorce I didn’t see coming). This wasn’t so much a slight change but more of a rug-out-from-beneath-my-feet-life-as-I-knew-it-obliterated kind of change. Uncomfortable wasn’t the half of it!

    What I didn’t know at the time though, was what an amazing journey this change would uncover. Sometime during it all, I made the conscious decision to use what I was going through as a platform to create a life I really wanted, start living my purpose and use it as a new start (this followed my Dad saying to me, “the only revenge is to live well.”) I packed my bags, left Australia and started a new life in a little town called Banff, in the middle of the Canadian Rockies.

    The people I’ve met, the experiences I’ve had and the lessons I’ve learned simply couldn’t have happened had I not gone through this major change. It was a painful, eye opening, exhilarating, phenomenal, tough, fun and life changing experience.

    My take on change now is vastly different. I’m far more welcoming of it. I figure that if I can get through my divorce, I can get through pretty much anything. Besides, with the rewards and outcomes I’ve been given out of it, why wouldn’t I embrace change.

    Great post Yaro. Very thought provoking. Thank you.

  • Hi yaro,

    what a great story you have here. I believe, everyone, every person
    in this world can change. But the question is, do they want to change?

    Most of the successful entrepreneurs nowadays,
    they learn from their past and change for the better.
    They know that, by changing how they see things and
    try to make it as a challenge rather than turn them down.

    Just have a look at Barack Obama,
    president of United states.
    previously during his teenager time,
    he used to take drugs and alcohol
    And see him now, the most powerful man in earth!
    No body can ever say No if he say something.
    And the words that he always used during his campaign
    “Change that we can believe”

    Frankly speaking, i’m not from USA
    but the “Change” spirit that Obama shows has eventually
    effect many others in this world.
    And make we believe that, YES WE CAN!

    again, the question is,
    do we want to change? Is there any obstacles that need to be overcome?
    certain people, they just give up and turn their life to fate.
    For them, change will not always give them good result.
    They prefer give up rather then trying.

    So, my friend,
    change the way you see thing,
    it will make you life better,
    your family, your income,


  • Love your articles, and the way you think and express yourself Yaro. On change; I’m always working on it. Kind of like the Japanese concept, “Kaizen” – continuing to look for improvement. Motivation as related to change: I have a theory about “comfort”, and “being uncomfortable.” Some super-successful people are uncomfortable with being less than the best, or the top. It can even become neurotic behavior, in that they are more driven by the discomfort of not reaching the top, than they are by losing the love of their family. I believe we can learn the balance of stepping out of our comfort zone, seeking continual improvement, and yet still enjoy the journey, happy being ourself. We will succeed, and we will fail; neither is a permanent condtion, just life experiences.

  • Change, Change, Change, so hard yet such an easy thought. Nothing better than stepping out of our comfort zone and experiencing a whole new world. I look forward to following the blog and watching the progress.

  • […] the thought leaders, wizened ones, “Guru’s” if you will … at the […]

  • Making a possitive change it self is greatly deals with attitudes. One who can control and adopt his attitudes according to the situation, can easily make his mind to a possitive change. Possitive change in attitudes is possitive change in life.

  • Hi Yaro,

    This is a wonderful article. Change – it’s a great subject and I am glad you have said something about it!

    You mentioned enlightenment which I think is relevant. I like you am not in an enlightened state but I do feel that I am more “enlightened” now then I was years ago.

    I guess really what change is about is the willingness to move forward. To want to learn more, grow more and do more.

    it’s funny because when I think about change I have a very idealistic view on it. I will say in a conversation “yes change is the key etc etc” but then when someone in my life asks for a change my instant feeling is….NO. And that I think is what most of us do. We have an inbuilt voice that doesn’t want to change.
    It’s those who realise this is just a reaction to ignore and make the change anyway.

    But also, should we always change when others want us to? I think that might be a good question. If you let others make changes in your life rather than you making changes for specific reason then are they in control?

    Most likely. Life does that to us unless we have a reason to make changes.

    Perhaps that is for another post!

    Anyway, I am new member of blog Mastermind, great course! Big changes to my blog and the way I do this online thing!



  • Hi Yaro

    I’m just putting this out there right now. I’ve been working with people with special needs and refugees developing drumming programs within the schools/agencies. I’ve been drumming for 23 years and working with schools/agencies for 10. My big idea for funding is to have 1000 people supporting the development with $10 per month. I have also thought about doing an internet campaign for fundraising.

    I would be willing to share anything that comes in and work to add as much visible value to the people contributing as well I’ve registered in order to share the development and progress. Would this be of interest to you? The reason why I’m asking this is because it will take me awhile to find 1000 locally committed people and require initial funding. I’m not interested in grants/loans as they limited the actions of the organization. Thoughts?

    I could develop a video drumming workshop to go with it and combine this with focusing intention and attention etc. Just thinking out loud. Thank you for reading this.

    Chris Scholl

  • Hi Yaro!

    Found it quite ironic to read this today…

    I’ve been out of work for a few months now and buried my head in the sand about all manner of things. Today after a heart to heart with my girlfriend last night I rang up a debt who’s letters I had been ignoring and started repayments (only small for now, but it is a start) and I also organised a free face-to-face meeting with a free careers advice service for adults (so I can look at further education either in marketing or computing).

    To round it off I also checked an affiliate account relating to my blog and found I had made a sale. A tiny amount that wouldn’t pay for a pint of milk, but it all starts somewhere.

    Small changes are happening and my next step is to have a positive attitude and find a job that will support me so I’m ready to take a giant leap into the unknown in the future.

    Kind regards


  • Great post Yaro!
    I find that you start to change when you change the way you look at something. Once your pereception changes everything else starts to change too.

    I love reading your posts and all of the comments that they provoke. It’s great that you are bringing together a community of like-minded entrepreneurs who are willing to constantly challenge themselves and are not happy with staying in their comfort zone.

    Keep up the fabulous work


  • Awesome post Yaro!
    Thanks for the great content. It is very inspiring and encouraging.
    I have been looking at the same topic over the past few weeks from the view of Facing Challenges in our Life and the process we go through which ultimately leads to change. Look forward to following along in the series.
    Keep it coming.
    God Bless,

  • I am so there. As I said in my blog…I am under construction. In my blog and my life. In spite of, or maybe because of my mental health issues I am aware that “I don’t exist in a perpetual state of enlightenment (nor am I convinced that’s what life is all about if you consider the practical world, not just the spiritual world, although they can overlap if you become self aware enough), so I can only imagine what it is like.”

    For me they do overlap and they are in congruent. What I am being taught now at 44, does not match with my life experience. The changing is going on anyway, like it or not. I feel out of control just like you said,

    “the state you are in. It’s the change of state, the way you think and consequently act and thus experience, that I refer to when I mean change.”

    I take issue with the truth that, “You want to be the driver in your life, even if you can never be sure where the road is taking you or what you will pass through on the way.”

    The fact that where I am going and how I get there is none of my business makes me unhappy and uncomfortable.

    I would really like to explore this with you, so I will continue to read and comment. Maybe you will comment back.

    Connie A Vaughn

    PS – Is it bad form to post your article on my blog and comment on it and my own experiences?

    PSS – Why is there no place for my avatar? (gravatar?)

  • Wow it’s so hard to follow up with a good comment after all that Yaro, you really do have a great way with words. It was great to hear the story about your mom.

    I’ve made some personal changes in my life, mainly small things and nothing significant that has been ever changing. Perhaps it is because I am confident with my current self.

    Till then,


  • Your Message Hi,
    Love the comments… you really got it going!! Congrats!!

    “Change is the most constant aspect of our life”. Every change comes with an opportunity…. we only have to be able to see it and seize/live it. We sometimes get lost in the blur of emotions and adjustments which comes with change and let the opportunity pass us by. Then the universe has to bring one more change to give you that opportunity again!!

    Learning to accept change by being positive and trusting that the universe is for your good and giving it time to make that change positive… helps us to welcome change.

    When I look back, every good thing I possess and feel now was a result of a change activated by either rejection, loss, pain which I survived through positive thoughts and belief. Wow! even I did not realize that !!

  • Yaro but we are in a continous change, as our needs or our goals are changing. And if you look in the blog business in order to stay on line the goals need to be improved everytime 🙂

  • Nice post Yaro, thanks for your excellent information. looking forward for a sharing information with you.

  • Yes…change is hard! I love the point that you make that once you achieve what you want that your value system changes and you want something more or different.

    That is the catch 22. The point should be to be happy with your self even while changing… Like you said live in the moment, but never settle.

    I am working through a pretty rough time in my life. I am trying to make it online as a Internet marketer and I only have a few unemployment checks still coming.

    Nice posts and you made a new fan out of me!


  • C.

    “…not the most social person and while she loves sharing ideas with other people, she’s closer to hermit than socialite. That doesn’t stop her from talking her mouth off when she’s had a glass of wine and the people around her are saying things she feels a need to respond to (nowadays she doesn’t need any alcohol to get her started!).”

    Haha I felt as though I were reading a description of myself when you gave this little vignette of your mother !!

    Enjoyed this blog Yaro and will read the next two installments.

    Warm regards,

  • Hey Yaro,

    I think that change is inevitable, we all come to face the change at some phase of our life. And I agree with you that a willing change is really hard to make.

    And when you have a mindset to make a change, nothing can stop you, but in this critical phase you need to have to keep yourself going with a willing spirit.

    Anyways I must say that this is going to be a best series and I am waiting for the next lesson.

  • Hi Yaro,

    Change is necessary if we want different results than what we’re getting now.

    But it is certainly not easy to implement even if we know what to change.

    I was surprised at how you inserted enlightenment into your post but quickly backed out of it. I know it is very interesting subject but almost impossible to cover or even talk about sensibly without people’s eyes glazing over.

    Better stick to practical side of life for now.

    I will read the posts continuing on this theme with great interest.

    I want you to know that when I post comments on your blog they don’t always appear.

    That is fine if you reject them. But I think there could be some other issues.

    Because of that I now save the comment I give into a text file in case it gets lost because I tend to pour my soul into the comments I give and don’t want to waste energy.

    So I thought I’d try to post the comment again and your Word Press showed a window saying that I had already said that. That means my post is somewhere but not showing here.

    I do wonder about this because I see comments posted after the date I posted mine.

    And now to your following post about change.


  • This is a great article i need to apply this to my life to change and get where i really want to be =]

  • Your Message I felt good reading this article because it reflects a lot of my own ideals. I am not an established authority about the subject that I write about as yet but reading this article reminded me that if I continue to cultivate my ideas around my niche that eventually people will come to recognize and value my point view. If your intent was to inspire then you did the job because I felt what you said with my heart and inspired me enough to let you know that. So thank you keep up the inspirational type of articles because its good for my soul.

  • Couldnt have said better! love this post, its a good inspiration. I guess i am who i am and if i am not happy with my current situation, i would rather implement the new better things to make my life better than changing it as a whole 🙂

  • Paramahansa Yogananda said in one of his books.
    “Thought is the Matrix of all Creation, thought creates everything”

    Therefore if you “think” that you can change, and have the courage to “believe” that you can change and take the appropriate action, then it will happen, as Energy Follows Thought.

  • Yes, It is really possible but it is not very easy to change our lifes.

  • You were willing to gamble. That is a great starting point. Most of us get stuck in our comfort zones till it becomes a noose around our necks.

  • i started reading this blog a week ago. now its my most favorite…the articles are the best! The only thing missing is pixie dusts…

  • I forgot who said it, but it’s a great quote and i think it’s been referenced a couple of times already in the responses above. Here it is again, and I quote:

    “When you change the way you look at things, the things you look at change.”

    The way we think and feel are generally a collection of ‘thought habits’ based on memories of past experiences. It is only by breaking ‘negative thoughts’ and replacing them with ‘positive’ ones, that there is any real chance of changing for the better.

    All habits are hard to crack, some more so than others, but all habits can be removed and replaced with better ones, but only if you want the change bad enough, and that will require mindful and persistent commitment.

    Believe it or not, but some folks actually enjoy wallowing in self pity and failure even if they deny it. It’s what they know best (familiarise with), and therefore it gives some kind of warped comfort. I know that sounds daft, but it’s true.

    Such individuals will only be able to move forward when they want to improve MORE than they want to stagnate. Even if that desire for change is only slightly greater than the option do nothing, they can, and will, form new habits that will inevitably change both their attitude and their outlook on life as they see it.


  • Yaro,
    This is wonderful. Thank you! I recreated my coaching business after 20 years of doing leadership coaching in the corporate world. I found that my client’s biggest frustration and greatest pain came from trying to change what they were doing and how they were being in the corporate environment. They found change hard and usually, at first, blamed the culture, their boss, or some other external factor. What they discovered was that their lack of success was, as many others have mentioned, their fear of the unknown, an unconscious desire to stay in their comfort zone (we say we’re willing to step outside of it but, when push comes to shove, we retreat to safety), and, the biggest barrier of all: habits. We do what we’ve always done, because, well, it’s what we know to do. We live so much of our lives on autopilot, we don’t even know what we’re doing and therefore can’t change it. And, of course, the definition of insanity is to continue to do what you’ve always done and expect a different result. So, I ramble… think I’ll go write my own blog post about this… I do think change is possible… it occurs from the inside out and it requires structure, support, accountability more than willpower… and, it opens up worlds of possiblity. Once the genie is out of the bottle… as you so wisely said, it isn’t about the specific change as much as about the sky rocketing self confidence that comes of making it.

  • Yaro. Thanks for an outstanding first article on change. This helps me put my own change in perspective.

    What I have found over the past few months is a complete paralysis to the action needed for real change, happiness, and success in my personal life. I want it. That isn’t the trouble. The trouble seems to be with my mind. It is resistant. It is resistant to the possibility of success and failure. I need to engage the clutch and get out of nuetral and begin driving my own change. Ain’t no one gonna do it for me.

    Thank you. On to article two.

  • Hi Yaro,

    Change is living. If we go through life always doing and being the same, there is no growth to our lives. New experience provide change, new people in our lives provide change. We learn from each other.

    Living in our comfort zone stops growth. You are one of the lucky people in the fact that you are not scared to get out of your comfort zone and that is wonderful.

    You are very good at teaching people how to blog and have great authority. It is no wonder that now you are getting into the field of self imporvment. There is a great need for it and everyones input helps another person.


  • Hey Yaro,

    I like the sounds of your mother – I too prefer the more hermit like existence over socializing, and yet… You get me around folks and push-come-to-shove, I am plenty opinionated! Now… if only I were to educate my opinions:-)

    Some years back, I had a dream. Scared the be-jeebers out of me. Course, I had it coming since the night before, near despair, I asked for clarity. Gloooory be!

    Everybody dreams, nobody remembers ALL of their dreams, some remember many and some (me) rarely remember any!

    You said – “You want to be the driver in your life, even if you can never be sure where the road is taking you or what you will pass through on the way.”

    Ha! To this day, nearly 4 years later, I still remember that dream quite vividly and I am still kicking and screaming and dragging my heels or often, I am being dragged. I am most definitely not the driver – not yet anyway.

    Looking forward to reading the other articles on this topic.

    You picked a doozy!

  • I agree, the difficulty is to find the exact direction for change, the what-is-it that “my previous self wanted to feel oh-so-much back then” as you call it.

    I started a blog a couple of year ago about my work and had lots of hits for little effort (it was very technical and not much info was available for free on the net), but since it is not moving me it is now dying from lack of interest and investment.

    Having family responsibilities is what generally what stops us from changing, but I feel strongly the urge to satisfy the corner of myself who once was a little boy who wanted to help. I have now started a new blog about people who are working to make a better world.

    I don’t know where this is going to lead me, I don’t know if I can monetise it, but I know I have a lot more interest in that than in my sit-in-the-office-with-a-tie current job.

  • “no human ever masters change or remains content with how things are permanently, unless they are enlightened or dead”

    I kinda like your word here Yaro..

    as in my perspective, people live only once why don’t we make the best of it in every step we take..


  • It’s interesting how we are often are called to teach that which we want to know. its sometimes the the preparing to teach someone else makes us sit down and do the work that is needed to make it to the next level.

  • Hi Yaro,
    I really like your series on self development. One underestimates how important it is to look at oneself before you can add value to others – understand oneself before you can understand others.
    The practical approach works really well for me and brings the message home so much faster and applicable.
    Thanks for sharing such a personal experience it’s very much appreciated.
    The way is the goal.
    Keep it up and thanks Johanna

  • Hi Yaro,

    Just to answer the title personally, yes it is possible.
    I think change in inevitable and we all have to get used to it. It’s not easy but when you get to the bottom and the main purpose of the change, it’ll be less hard.

    This is one of my favorite topic to discuss and I’m honestly enjoying your thoughts about it.


  • Thank you. I am very grateful for all that you share.
    I love learning about self-grown and have been reading and learning about this for a few years.
    I actually stumbled on a few things here and there and love everything I have read so far.
    I created my own blog and learning to write from my heart and allow audiences to come if they want to learn about proposal writing.
    Again, thank you.

  • Hi Yaro

    Taking personal responsibility for the changes you want to make in your own life is a great start. Often individual beleive that it is up to others to change and they spend their time complaining about it. I spend a lot of my time helping people to accept that if they want to create chage in their lives it is soley up to them. What stops people from change and doing and being exactly who they want to be is often the fear of change itself. Its take determination and committment to change.
    Well done
    Kind Regard
    Mel I have just started bloggong with you help and advise. Thanks again.

  • for me it is possible…. you are the only one that can change your life….

  • Change can be scary and unwanted (as post #28) mentions, and change can be difficult in a couple of aspects: breaking away from habits is always tough and achieving certain goals can take time … but in both cases you have to set your mind to move forward (there is nothing to it, but to do it).

    The beautiful thing about change is that you “always” grow and improve from it. Of all the experiences I’ve had in my life I would not change any of it as you are who you are because of it.

    Without change you become a one-sided person. We need experiences/change to shape who we are.

  • […] do not. In some cases this is true, but by and large you become successful by repetition (I am stealing this premise a little from Yaro as I think he said it […]

  • I appreciate your open-ness. I am a fellow blog writer and find it easier being open in text than in person also. I also agree teaching is one of the best ways to learn. Looking forward to reading the next 4.


  • Change is definitely achievable. I think many people are comfortable with who they are and in their own comfort zone. Great article and I look forward to reading the other articles in this series!!

  • This is an interesting post. I like your series on personal development topic.

  • I love your articles on personal development Yaro. I think change is possible in anyone. But, that person has to want it bad enough. When we want to make a change a lot of times we are unsure if what we think we want to do is what we really want to do or right. This causes us to never take that first step in what would be a change.

    We all have an absurd amount of fears, but if you are able to dominate those fears then change becomes a whole lot easier. Being able to make smaller changes along the way allows for those bigger changes to take place as well.

    Time to read part 2!

  • Yaro,

    Creating change is much easier than most of us think. The problem is we’re fed so much “Oh don’t do this”, “It will never work” by people (friends and family) who have never do it. I know – enter stage right my family!

    Yes, they only want to protect you. The irony is your body and unconscious mind does that for you anyway. What they really mean is I wouldn’t do that or I don’t want to do that or it will not work for me, so you had better not try it either.

    There are so many techniques to help you get over your own self doubt, limiting decisions, negative beliefs and emotions etc. Yet the faster I’ve found and APPLIED so far without a doubt so far has to be EFT (Emotional Freedom Technique).

    EFT is so quick, easy, pain free, no time off work, you can do it on yourself. It even helps me write articles and blog posts and complete a recent article challenge. You know when you have article writing paralysis.

    Happy Travels


  • Reading your post about what truth is made me want to revisit this post. I agree that significant change is hard to accomplish, but if we really want something related to that change, we’ll work hard for it.

    But there will be times when our value system would become different, so when we’ve acquired what we wanted, our minds may have wanted something else already. I nonetheless think that the lessons we got from this type of experience are valuable and can help us develop our own personality.

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  • Hello I loved reading this article and i will definitly read on. Thank you so much or taking the time to think and write this article on Change. I too am stuck in change…I am currently a male and for years ive felt like tha wasnt right.physically i am a male but not my inner body or spirit. My spirit is a female(yes strange i know). I feel like a female trapped inside a male body without a chance of escape. But I do not wish to remain as such. Im young…only 18 but my mind is very addapted to this chance. By now those reading are thinking “why not surgery?” but you must understand I do not resymbol or look like the girl I am on the inside as I physically do now. I wish for this change…I pray for this change…this change to become the girl I feel I am on the inside. To look like her physically. Honestly I don’t care if people remember who I used to be or not. I truly wish that I could change and remain in the same life I live now just with my physical change but I have come to terms that if I do change that I may not continue the life I once lived. I know that I could lose the love of my life, my mother father and whole family, my friends, school and life I lived and I understand that and have once again come to terms with that. but I feel I will never be truly happy until I have had that great change. I pray that I will sleep tonight and awaken wit my change a reality. I mean hey “change is possible” in my own beliefs and thats what matters to me. please read and post comment back or e-mail me at

  • I think you can create whatever you want…you just have to make the decision. It’s really that simple! 🙂

  • Your latest blog post led me back here, and I am sitting down and reading through the whole list today. Your work really resonates with me, and I am learning a lot from reading your blog. One just doesn’t expect a make money online type (especially a successful one) to have a serious spiritual bent….

  • Thanks for this Yaro! I love reading your blog and change in our life is something everyone could use. This definitively set me on a track forward.

  • Well, I am feeling quite discouraged at this point 🙁

  • I think life should be changed with times gone by.Maybe you used to live a life without any passion,desire or dream,the life is boring but you can’t do anything to change it.If you live this life,you should change your life into a better one.At least you should fight for something,for family or just for yourself.
    A positive life can make your life happier,so can you.
    So,it is really necessary to create the change you want in your life.Hope everyone can get what he really wants.
    Good luck to everyone.

  • Greetings Yaro –

    After a lifetime of worry and fretting over just about anything and everything, it has finally occured to me that many of us waste far too much time with issues or concerns that amount to meaningless junk.

    A healtier mindset now allows me to simply question the validity, or relavence of any negative thinking that may creep up on me. How important will this issue be in a week, a day, or even five minutes from now? The results of this simple new mindset are terrific and truly life enhancing :-).

    All the best,


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  • It’s been a while since I visit your website but every time I go here I think something that i must know about blogging or any online activities come to me.

    if not informative, this post is motivating. Yes what i need is hard work ( time + effort) to be successful online. The good thing for now I already know people who can guide me. You’re one of those. thanks!

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  • […] Is It Really Possible To Create The Change You Want In Your Life? […]

  • When you apply these 3 tips in your life, you position yourself for success.
    It is reported the shows have screened in 25 countries, yet it would seem they did not have very long seasons.

    Entrepreneurs know that they are 100% responsible for their results and assume any mistakes
    they may make.

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