Do You Want 2010 To Be A Big Year For You And Your Business?

It’s About Time You Created Your Own Product

I expect you have some pretty lofty ambitions for next year. You probably have a lot you want to get done in the rest of 2009 too!

If you’ve done your research then you know to really ramp up how much money you make from your online business, you need your own product.

If you’ve made the decision to create an information product like a membership site, ebook, coaching course, or some form of expert based service as your path forward, now’s the time to get help and get educated.

Back in April 2009 I did the first public release of the Membership Site Mastermind coaching program and it was a huge success, and a lot of fun to teach.

I’m now ready to invite the next group of students to participate, and this will definitely be the last time this program is open for 2009, so if you want to take part, you have to join next week.

The doors open Tuesday October 27th.

Have You Decided To Make Changes?

I’ve published a very popular series on creating positive changes in your life in the articles on my blog that came before this one.

I love talking about personal development and mindset, as I believe they are keys to creating financial success in your life – they certainly are in my life.

I’ve been through many periods where I didn’t know if I would ever reach the financial goals I set for myself and at times it has taken a monumental effort to stay on course. This is why your mind is so important to your success as an entrepreneur, but you don’t have to go it alone all the time.

If you’ve been reading my series on change then you know one of the keys to getting what you want is to make smart choices. One of the other techniques I talk about is getting help and following success patterns from people who have done what you want to do.

Making the decision to take my coaching course could be a smart choice for you. If you have an intention to create and launch an information product, you want to make at least $100,000 next year and you want to follow by far the simplest system taught today, then you are a good fit for what I teach.

This is not training that you will find anywhere else online, nor is it taught in any university or college around the world. This is practical advice based on what’s actually working online today, with a focus on the simplest implementation process available so as to avoid as many technical challenges as possible.

Of course you don’t have to make a decision now, you can decide after you do some homework on what I offer. What I do and teach is not for everyone, so I’d like you to first make sure what I have will take you in the direction you want to go.

Your Homework Today: Study The Masterplan

Membership Site Masterplan If you have not already downloaded your copy of my free report, the Membership Site Masterplan, you need to do so today and study it before next week.

The Masterplan is the most comprehensive free report on the Internet for launching your own membership site. If you have any intentions of ever releasing your own information product or online service, you should read this report.

I have a reputation for producing free reports that people tell me have more value in them than most paid-for ebooks on the same subject. I do believe the Masterplan is a really solid report and is enough of a starting point to get you going towards earning your first $100,000 online selling your own products, and then a whole lot more.

The Masterplan is also a great introduction to my system and teaching style, so if you like what you find in the report – and it won’t cost you a single cent to download it – then you will be in a much better position to decide whether taking my full coaching course is what you want to do when it opens again next week.

So right now you only have one action to take: go and download the Masterplan free report.

You can get both a text copy in PDF and an audio version in MP3 (I’m the narrator) for free from here –

Download The Masterplan Free Report

Make sure you mark down October 27th (that’s Tuesday next week!) as the day I’m taking enrollments for the final time this year.

About Yaro Starak

Yaro Starak is the author of the Blog Profits Blueprint, a report you can download instantly to learn how to make $10,000 a month, from only blogging 2 hours per day. You can find Yaro on Facebook, Twitter and .

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  • Jon

    Hi Yaro, I’m sure your product release in a little over a week will make many people some very good money next year, I do completely agree with you… building your own product(s) is the way to go!

    Jon @

  • I can;t believe I haven;t gotten around to downloading your latest report! I am definitely aiming to make 2010 a big year and launching a product is hopefully in it somewhere.

  • Is this new report/book free???

    • Yep, sure is!

      • Yaro is the undisputed master at giving away free stuff that actually has value. Now just imagine what his paid-for offerings can deliver!

  • Good luck with the relaunch Yaro & thanks for the reminder. I’ll be re-reading the Masterplan report as there are many great tips I haven’t put into action yet!

  • Great post. I took a very profitable leap about 4 years ago, and just wrote about it in my new bestselling book, The Leap. You have to open yourself up to a great future, and the path will often reveal itself.

    Rick Smith

  • KSS

    Yaro, I have a question : Is the “Blog Mastermind” coaching on 10/27/09 different from the “Membership site Mastermind” coaching available on your site now? How are they different? Sorry, if these are silly questions, I am a newbie? Thanks!

    • You’re a bit confused KSS. Blog Mastermind is a coaching program on how to make a profitable BLOG. That program you can join anytime, it’s been open for all of 2009.

      Membership Site Mastermind is a coaching program about how to create and launch a MEMBERSHIP SITE and is run over six weeks. I open it twice a year, with the next one coming October 27th.

      • KSS

        Thank you for clarifying Yaro! I look forward to joining on the 27th!

  • I started reading this but never finished it. Maybe it’s time to revisit.

  • Hi Yaro,
    I really want to sign up for both of your trainings. My biggest challenge is poor internet infrastructure – i live in Nigeria and it took almost 13 minutes to access this page your blog!!!

    I ‘d just like to know what happens if i can’t catch up due to this. Things set to improve soon later in the year/early next year since a company just installed undersea optic fibre cable. I missed the one in May for the above reason and when i think of another 6-moth wait i almost choke.

    Eager to hear from you.

    • Hi Segedoo, You have lifetime access to my course as long as I am the owner and you complete payment, so you shouldn’t feel any pressure. You can join this class and study the materials whenever you can.

      All the video content is available in text as edited PDFs as well, so if you can’t watch the videos due to your Internet, read it instead!

  • Hi Yaro,

    I’m a big fan, and I loved the Masterplan when you released it earlier this year. I’ve been researching and planning, and I’m ready to make a move soon (this month), but I have a question.

    Would you recommend a membership site as a first product? I have content planned for a membership site, but I wonder if it would be better to release them as individual products while I build up a bigger fan-base.

    I’ve got around 200 RSS readers, 400 newsletter subscribers, and 400 Twitter followers. Not huge numbers, hence my question.

    If I’m asking for too much free information, just say the word. I don’t know if I can swing your Membership Mastermind course this month, but I’d be interested to know if you even think I should START with a membership site.

    Thanks for all you do.
    Joe Gilder

    • Hi Joe,

      A membership site was my first product, and it changed my life, so you know what I think ­čÖé

      I don’t think chunking things down into smaller products will make a difference and help since you have small numbers. What you need to do is focus on your traffic generation to create a better platform. The more people you can reach, the more money you can make. What format the product is in doesn’t have as big as impact as traffic and influence.

      • Thanks for the response, Yaro. If I’m understanding you, are you suggesting not releasing ANY product until I have a bigger list? I’d like to start generating some income now. Would releasing individual products HELP build a list?

  • Hey Yaro,

    I have worked on the membership once, and that was the time when I didn’t had much of the knowledge about it. And as a result me and my fiends have to leave the project in the mid and concentrate on out main business that was blogging.

    I still want to learn this membership site business, and this is one of the reason for which I am opting your course.

    The master plan made the picture really clear.

    Thanks for introducing it.

  • Yaro’s Membership Site Mastermind training program has helped me get my freelance writing course up and running. With detailed assistance offered throughout the course I picked up useful information on everything from pre-launch tips to dealing with members, and much more.

  • Yes, I do want 2010 to be a big year for me and my business! I have read the Blog Profits Blueprint and Membership Site Masterplan and I just want to thank you for your leadership and your excellent products. You deliver more value than anyone else that I have come across.

    Thanks Again!
    Jean Young

  • Sounds like anyone can go into creating membership sites if properly guided. But I noticed that most membership sites involve the topic of internet marketing, and how to make money online. I have a pet blog but am not actually an expert on the field. How can I create a membership site on the the pet topic? What should I offer to my members – products, advices, articles? I really want to venture into creating my own membership site using pets as topic. I am hoping the membership site masterplan has the answer to these questions of mine.

    • Did you watch this video Ernesto?

      Watching the second half where I show two case studies of people building lists in the niches of acne treatment and magic illusions.

      This is definitely not a system only for the make money online niche – in fact that’s one of the harder niches to tap into because of the quality competition.

  • Hey Yaro,

    I am honestly curious… You have written and spoken about writing a blog or website and, in general, running a profitable internet business by working only a few hours a day… Does it really take you so little time to work on all these projects?
    Somehow I can’t believe it. Anyway, thanks for all the info. I read your blog and I am very grateful for all the info!

  • Yes I think 2010 is finally the year that I get around to taking my business to the next level. I have sat on it for too long, but I am starting to move things in the right direction. I just need to stay focused and ensure I don’t lose motivation again. It is too easy to get frustrated and put forth less effort when things aren’t going well. I really should look into the idea of creating an information product. I had considered it in the past, but ended up making a website instead of an ebook.

  • I hope this year is my own product year Yaro. This economy is really messing things up which is why I couldn’t join membersite mastermind. I’m glad I can be in the blog mastermind program though, hopefully by the time I am done I will be able ot join the other program. thanks for all your help in the forums.
    Darkmans Darkroom

  • I have already read some of Yaro’s materials and I’m definitely going to familiarize myself with this one. I have no doubts that it will make 2010 a better year. Yaro’s eagerness to share such materials for free still amazes me.

  • I have big hopes for 2010 too. I am taking on several partners to help bring my business to the next level. This year I realized the true value of using freelancers. Now I’ll see if I can also have success with a full on partner. I think it will be the key to freeing up time to finally get an ebook going.

  • I assume the two hours daily mostly refers to a situation in which you have already established some useful value of the blog and gained some audience?

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