How To Launch Membership Sites: Your Questions Answered

I just spent several hours reading through and replying to some of the 300 plus comments left at the original Membership Site Masterplan blog post I did back in April 2009.

Back when I first released the Masterplan I couldn’t keep up with the waves of comments coming through as I was busy preparing to open the Membership Site Mastermind coaching program.

Today as I prepared for the final 2009 opening of the coaching program next week (October 27th) I had some time to address some of the comments.

If you have any interest in launching a membership site, or creating and selling your own information product online or you just want to see what problems people face when striving to do these things (it’s very interesting market research), then have a read of the comments and my replies at this blog post –

The Membership Site Masterplan Is Now Available

A word of warning – with 300+ comments it takes a while to load the page and it has been known to crash some people’s browsers (it works for me in the latest Firefox), so give it a chance to finish loading before scrolling down to read the comments.

I’m still going through and responding to the comments now, so new replies from me are going to pop up over the next few days. You can leave your question as a comment too, and I’ll do my best to reply this week, just make sure you stay on the topic of membership ship sites and information product launches.

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  • I want to set up one, thanks for tips, Yaro will check it out.

    • I found your article interesting and wanted to know what’s happened in the last year? Do you have a follow up article or a more recent article I can check out? I’m interested in finding out more.

  • Good to see such a great demand Yaro. All the best with your endeavor…

  • Great to hear that you are willing to take the time and effort to respond to 300 comments!

  • very good product given for FREE. Congrats Yaro.

    Also i would like to comment on the Report about not mentioning the Freelancer websites that exist on the web for the possibility for information product website owners to use and get most of their tasks done cheaply by various providers globally.

  • I’m still struggling with exactly what I offer, and who my audience is. In the meantime, I’m cranking out the content and letting the commentors, readers and mailing list guide me on what people want. No shortcuts yet… I’ll get there no worries. Going back to read the original blog post now.

  • 300 plus comments must rate as somewhat of a record. It just goes to show the quality of your work, Yaro. You are undoubtedly my favourite blogger!

  • Its looks like great product and even for free.
    Thanks Yaro i sure will check it out.

  • Thanks Yaro, this could be exactly what I need with our membership site getting closer and closer to it’s final official launch 🙂

  • Thanks Yaro! I may open up a membership site in the future. I’m sure this information will be helpful.

  • Your website crashes my browser.

  • Yaro – I am really glad to hear that you are re-opening your membership site mastermind. I have just launched a small coaching program and I am just getting my head around a structure for my membership site. I recently read (and listened to) your “Membership Site Masterplan” and in fact wrote a post about your program on my blog.

    There was so much value provided in the free report, I can’t imagine how much time and frustration one might avoid through the benefits of mentor-ship and a mastermind community.

    Thank you for the value you provide!


  • Thanks for giving us yours precious time. This communication impact readers to be in touch with you. Thanks for giving us this opportunity.

  • Hey Yaro,

    I am happy at the launch of the Membership site masterplan.

    I have been eagerly following your posts about the membership sites. This is a wonderful concept and I am into it completely.

  • Hey Yaro,
    Thanks for the information. I am giving thought to a membership based site.

  • The problem of clearly defining both your product and your customers/visitors is one of the most difficult ones you have to tackle at the beginning. It’s great that Yaro is willing to share such insightful artcles for free. Many thanks to you, Yaro!

  • Yaro, you do a great job of personally replying to people’s comments. Your personal touch really helps the blog succeed. Many other blogs fail because the blog owner neglects their readers.

  • Thank you for the tips. You just cannot fail if you follow the master.

  • Responding to all comments, WOW! That’s dedication or craziness!? :0)

  • Ami

    An awesome resource, thanks Yaro.

    Membership sites are a great way of earning money – even better when you can get a recurring membership fee.

    It’s coming up with the concept that I struggle with, finding a niche that you can operate in that is competitive enough to generate decent traffic, but not impossible to crack is hard work.

    Have you any advice on finding Niches?

  • I am planning to make a membership site but i don’t know how to manage registration process.your post is so reliable and useful.Thanks

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