Teenager Makes $5000 Per Month From Blog

Jon Gales is a 19 year old and runs a blog using Movable Type. It’s called Mobiletracker.net. According to the webstats available from his site he gets about 8000+ unique visitors per day which is well over 200,000 per month. He delivers about double those stats in pageviews. His site has a PageRank of 6 and according to his archives the site has been operating since at least February 2003.

He runs one Google Adsense ad at the bottom of his site. Currently Google sends him cheques for about $5000 USD per month for the clicks that AdSense banner brings in. Not bad for a 19 year old still living at home.

This is a great example of a good quality site with a solid niche built up over time that targets an obviously lucrative market for AdSense/AdWords. Building a site that brings in 8000 unique visitors per day is not easy, but certainly attainable. Anyone that builds up good content, has a differentiation strategy and a focus on a niche market AND sticks to it over time can have success of this magnitude.

Fortune: Jon Gales loves Google, but not for the reason you might think. It’s a terrific search engine, sure, but what Gales really likes is that Google is making him money. Gales’s website, Mobiletracker.net, is a compendium of news and reviews about cellphones that after a year and a half attracts about 200,000 users a month. Google supplies the ads for the site, visitors click on the ads, and because of the site’s popularity, Google sends Gales monthly checks of $5,000 or more. That’s a decent chunk of change for any sole proprietor. But for Gales, the numbers are eye-popping. He’s only 19 and lives expense-free at home with his parents in Tampa, posting four or five items in the course of the day while parked on the living room couch with his laptop. Says Gales: “If things keep going the way they are going, I’ll be making more money than my dad next year.”

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  • I thought about your post while driving this afternoon Yaro – and it struck me why Jon’s income could be so good…then I realised how smart he really is.

    He has a subject that has high value adwords – so he is earning healthy mony from each click. Pick an obscure topic that people are only paying a few cents for adwords, and the income level would be totally different.

    Of course that also places the challenge of his site/blog being found in the crowded marketplace – a feat he has obviously achieved – and he is reaping the rewards!!

  • Exactly Matt. I believe terms like webhosting are some of the highest paying keywords but of course with that much competition getting a site focused on webhosting high in the search rankings is darn near impossible.

    It would probably be a similar case for mobile phones.

    I’m not sure though if Jon deliberately chose that topic for the profiteering. I would be more inclined to believe that he had an interest in mobile technology and went and built a blog around it. He kept at it and maybe through in some luck, some PR coverage and bam, instant popularity. Way easier said than done of course.

  • I chose mobile phones because I had an interest in them, not because the keywords were so hot. I actually started the site before AdSense existed, so that should tell you something right there.

    Also, that article is about six months old so I’ve had a birthday and some direct ad sales that have been on CPM/monthly basis. The income is now more a mix (the AdSense income hasn’t changed, but there are now other types of ads on the site).

  • Thanks for dropping by Jon and explaining the motivations behind your site. I thought it would be more about what you enjoy writing about than actually picking a topic based on potential adword profits.

    Do you have any particular insights on how to get a site as popular as yours is now?


  • “Do you have any particular insights on how to get a site as popular as yours is now?”

    Stick with it! There will be low points and high points. You have to keep going through the hard times when there isn’t much traffic (take your knocks).

  • luis

    hi guys i like all your comments but i wanted to know where to go to start up ur own blog and how much can any one help

  • Hi, i’m from Polnad… I earn money via google ad sense to…, not $5000, but about $3000 /month. In Polnad it’s a nice sum.
    Google blocks some clicks, becouse theirs reason is spam on my website. My website (not WiCiU.Com)…
    greater good 🙂

  • Thanks jon this is really inspirational for me you hit on key things I’ve been saying to my wife for years. As w/ any career or hobby you gotta stick w/ it for it to pay off, and get involved in things that interest you and that you have a passion for. She thinks there’s no money to be made on the internet at all, and uses the computer for games only. I dissagree and your proof i don’t believe in getting rich quick but I do believe in hard work. Thanks again
    Charley T

  • It is always inspiring to see a young man succeed. I see that Jon has being active since at least 2003, and, he was and is following his passion, which happens to be a very profitable niche.

    Thank you for the lessons.


  • If he’s making $5000 a month then it’s time to move out.

    Sure, Google Adsense is profitable if you can get at least 1000 unique visitors a day. If 8000 unique visitors produce 5000 dollars then 4000 would produce 2500. dollars a month. 2000 unique visitors a day would make 1,250. Finally 1000 visitors a day would produce 625 dollars a month. Of course, I’m using cell phones as the product. Other products would give different results.

  • Yeah, very tempting article.. Anyway Yaro, do you have a music blog earn big money?

  • Damn.. I am jealous to read this article. I can only gain about $28 with my first blog talking about iphone.. But i am truly inspired..

  • We can assume from this article that cell phones are a profitable niche. However, it might not be as popular these days with the bad economy.

    Ad Sense is tough because getting traffic is tough. The keyword research tools are often misleading.

    • Thanks for this information, it is tough sometimes to convince people that it is worth the effort to create good blog content. I wonder since this information is a few years old is there an update, are you still making profits in this range? Let us know if you get a chance, Thanks

  • Not bad, I’m 20 and making around $4000 a month with Adsense. Best advertising program ever.

  • Hello,

    great story! But how he make it, to become that sum of traffic?
    Only article marketing (directories) and so,how article he writesand submitted?

    Only with social traffic? When yes, which social portals he submitted articles and news?


    PPC campaigne?

    He had a link wheel?
    Psoting his news/blogposts, article to google news???

    Thats the right questions about to make 8000 visitors a day raffic, but target traffic. Its true that social traffic not convert with adsense, they dont click, or tehy dont convert with afflilate products.

    How he make it, to become this sum of traffic every month???


  • This is really shocking news for newbie like me, i never imagine about 5k per month from adsense. But this give me some motivation for work harder. Thanks for the article

  • At first i doubt people make thousand monthly from adsense, although one of my friend told me he earn 10k monthly on adsense from his site. I just newbie here and got my adsense account about 4 month ago. Get my payment after 2,5 month (so long) and now i know how to make it faster and bigger…thanks for this article which give me motivation work harder….

  • Hi Jon I’m Matt and you got me thinking about how good idea this is. I’m 14 and even $50 would be awesome. So thanks! ((That private island is as good as mine :3 ))

  • I haven’t even made $5 a day yet but this story is pretty inspiring. I should probably start blogging all my interest too

  • shana

    Totally wrong! this guy is spreading this article to promote his website. I had personally checked his daily page views and daily Ad revenue. His daily Ad revenue is $4.61 and page views are 700. So, how he is saying that he is earning $5000 per month.
    Mr. Jon Gales don’t be shocked with your real stats coming in front of people because I had in depth gone through your website stats through special program.

    • John Ruberto

      That’s called hacking, so he should report you, instead of you reporting him.

  • That’s really Cool..5000 USD/Month is really a very Good amount. I’ve 2000 Unique visitors daily, But I’m getting hardly 100-115 USD! I don’t know why!

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