Squeeze Theme Review – The Ultimate Email List Building WordPress Theme

Squeeze Theme is the latest blog theme from the guys at Unique Blog Designs, who are the designers of some of the top blogs in the world, including the one you are reading right now.

Squeeze Theme is a premium theme for the WordPress blogging platform. Its purpose is to add significant additional functionality and scope beyond what the basic WordPress install includes. Here’s a video that explains the key features –

In Squeeze Theme’s case, its purpose is to augment WordPress so you can use it as a tool to create “squeeze pages” (or namesqueeze pages), which are pages that focus on capturing an email address of the visitor so you can build your email list. You can also use Squeeze Theme to create sales pages, and standard blog and blog magazine layouts.

Bear in mind Squeeze Theme is not a custom theme in the sense that you buy a certain blog layout style which you can then change or use as is. In this case you’re getting a tool to create lots of different types of websites more easily using the tools that Squeeze Theme provides.

The idea is if you are not a coder or designer you can buy a premium theme like Squeeze Theme and it makes it easier for you to create all the different pages your online business needs. Instead of having to play with the code, you get an easier to use back-end interface to control all the different elements like style, color, layout and design.

How Much Easier To Use Is It?

I spent a couple of hours playing with a demo version of Squeeze Theme so I could get my head around how it worked.

Previously I’ve also tested other premium themes like Affiliate Theme (also from Unique Blog Designs) and Joel wrote a review for this blog of the Thesis Theme.

My first impression, which has been a consistent experience for me with every premium theme I have ever played with, was one of confusion.

In order to offer lots of customization power you have to offer lots of options. This is why when you first log into the Squeeze Theme control panel you are overwhelmed. Expect to feel lost and not sure what to do next.

Squeeze Theme Control Panel

I immediately started to play with all the options to see what changes what, but if you’re not the type who likes to tinker to learn, you can follow the many how-to videos provided by the Squeeze Theme team to show you how to use their latest platform.

There’s a members resources area with the help videos, a support forum and more tools to help you get the most from the theme. There’s also a quick start guide to help you take the first steps to begin using the theme immediately, and a course called SqueezeCamp, which is a 12 week training program you can optionally purchase (available to the first 150 people only) to learn how to really get the most out of the theme, build an email list and make money from your blog.

I’m going to be completely honest with you though – you’re not going to instantly be able to understand how to use this theme. You will need to learn through studying the videos and playing with the options until you understand what controls what. I’d say you would need to commit to at least a few hours of practice before you will feel even basically comfortable with how it works.

It also depends how comfortable you are with control panels as to how quickly you become accustomed to the theme. If you play around with the WordPress control panel already, have some basic HTML or CSS skills, then the Squeeze Theme options will not take long to grasp. If you’re advanced, you will enjoy the high level of customization options Squeeze Theme provides, so this is definitely a theme that’s accessible and relevant to all user groups, except absolute technophobes.

The only group of people I caution is if you are completely computer illiterate. If you don’t know how to use something like Gmail effectively, buying Squeeze Theme is not going to suddenly allow you to build a perfect blog or squeeze page. There’s a learning curve here and for some people you’re just not meant to be a blog designer, no matter how good the tool is. If that’s you, hire someone to do your blog and squeeze pages for you, and if necessary, they can use Squeeze Theme for you, to get things done quickly.

Why Would You Buy This Theme?

Here’s why I really like Squeeze Theme.

My business currently consists of three types of web sites –

  1. A blog, like you are reading now
  2. A squeeze page like what I offer at http://www.blogmastermind.com
  3. And a sales page, like what I offer at http://www.blogmastermind.com/coaching/

You can use Squeeze Theme with WordPress to construct all three of these pages and run them off a single domain name and one installation of the theme.

It will take some time to build all three sites of course, but management of all the different elements will be under the one control panel. You never need to use FTP, code HTML or CSS or do any programming if you don’t want to.

If you like the sound of that and you’re prepared to go through the learning curve, Squeeze Theme is a great choice.

Ultimately though, what Squeeze Theme does best is allow you to create small pages that are designed to capture an email address.

You might use video like this example page that was created using Squeeze Theme –

Squeeze Theme Dating Site

Or a page like this demo –

Squeeze Theme Weight Loss Site

Or you can use it for a sales page like this demo –

Squeeze Theme Sales Page

All of these sites would need content added, but you can get a feel for the versatility. Each of these layouts are completely customizable. You can add an ebook cover graphic, a video, align the opt-in box to the left or the right, include the opt-in box in a blog design on the top, bottom, left or right or do basically whatever you want.

It’s a very versatile theme, which makes WordPress into a complete content management system to create sites you can use to build email lists and sell products with.

What Else Do You Need?

Since we are talking about email list building (one of my favorite subjects), you’re going to need an email autoresponder system.

I recommend AWeber, as do the guys at Squeeze Theme, and many other top bloggers use it as well. Integrating your opt-in code that you get from AWeber to create the forms to capture a name and email, is a simple copy and paste operation with Squeeze Theme.

You can read my review of AWeber here – AWeber Review

You’re going to need WordPress, which you can get for free from WordPress.org, and you will need a place to host your sites too. I recommend HostGator as a good introductory web host.

If you don’t have a domain name, you will need one. You can try NameCheap for this.

If you’re not able to install WordPress and the Squeeze Theme, there is a service provided by the Squeeze Theme team where they will set-up and configure the theme for you for an extra one-time $97 fee, or you can buy one of the bundles that includes the installation. This is a good option if you’re not good with playing around with servers and just want theme installed ready to use.

How Much Is Squeeze Theme?

As I write this review Squeeze Theme has just launched and they are offering a 10% to 34% off promo.

Prices range from $97 to $274.30 depending what bundles you take. I expect these prices to increase once the opening promo is over.

SqueezeCamp, a 12 week bootcamp training program on how to get the most out of using Squeeze Theme to build your email list and blog, and make money from both of them, is available as long as you are one of the first 150 students (the camps closes on the 1st December 2009).

If you want all the details on the different bundles and the current pricing offers, check out order page –

Do You Really Need This?

There is a certain type of person who stands to benefit from a premium theme.

In my case I don’t need them because I have other people who do my blog design work. These people might choose to use a premium theme to make the work they do for me easier, but it’s not something I personally need to make use of.

If however I was just starting out and didn’t have the funds to have people do all my tech work for me, and I was prepared to take the time to learn how to use a premium theme’s features, they make a great choice.

WordPress itself is a great tool, but as soon as you want to make use of it for anything other than a blog, things are limited unless you add clever plug-ins or purchase premium themes.

Squeeze Theme is a great choice if you want to build squeeze pages and use the same system to manage your blog and sales page.

Affiliate Theme is a great choice if you want to create mini-sites and landing pages that direct people straight to an affiliate offer.

Thesis Theme is a good compromise between the two, having the power to do it all, however there is a learning curve here too and it’s not as focused on a particular type of website (affiliate sites or squeeze pages) as the other themes.

All these themes are great choices, supported by excellent developers and I would recommend you investigate them all.

In my opinion, email list building is the most important thing you will ever do online for your business. If that’s an area you are currently working on, Squeeze Theme is a good choice to help you build the pages you need easily, once you figure out how to use the tool.

You can buy Squeeze Theme here –

Yaro Starak
WordPress Blogger

P.S. Gideon Shalwick did a great little video to show you how he put together a quick squeeze page using the theme.

Check it out below –

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  • Hi Yaro!

    Great review! Do you think it is possible to use the theme also for a membership site?
    That would be great to be able to create squeeze, sales and member pages with it.

    • Hi John – That’s a good question, one I’m thinking about too because that would basically mean you can use it for absolutely everything.

      I think it should be possible. The only possible clash is password protection of the theme and whether it would clash with any of the scripting. It’s doable, but it might take a tech person to get it absolutely right.

      • Great review! Do you think it is possible to use the theme also for a membership site?
        That would be great to be able to create squeeze, sales and member pages with it.

  • So, if I already have the Thesis theme and am technically pretty advanced I can pretty much achieve everything with Thesis that I could achieve with Squeeze Theme?

    • I think the answer is definitely yes, though I’m not a pro with either of the themes. Thesis can do pretty much everything, although squeeze theme has more email capture specific features.

  • I’ve been looking forward to Squeeze Theme getting released – I think I’ll be picking it up.

    I’m also developing a wordpress plugin to handle membership sites in the format that Yaro uses for his programs (where you basically just get a link in an email to a hidden page which then links to all previous lessons.)

    There are a few enhancements that it will take care of to make the pages a little easier to get up on your site and to manage the order of lessons, but I’ll be designing it to easily fit into these types of premium themes.

    • Great stuff Blaine – can’t wait to see the plugin!

  • Sometimes I wonder why so many marketers use WordPress when it clearly doesn’t have the marketing automation functions that marketers really need built in (as evidenced by the need to build out all this extra functionality just to make simple things like squeze pages.)

    I personally use and sell Business Catalyst which I encourage all online marketers to try for free on my website: http://onyva.com/tools.html

    Business Catalyst in an integrated platform for web design and marketing automation and it makes easy work of creating landing pages, web forms, and lead tracking.

    You can also easily segment your customer database into lists and send email campaigns to them.

    My message to serious marketers is skip WordPress all together and upgrade to a system that was actually made for marketing.

    Give it a shot, it’s free to try:

    • It’s a pretty simple reason Ben, because wordpress is a great free platform to work from. And the extent to which it can reach is huge, over 202 million websites worldwide use the wordpress platform, so obviously it must work 😉

      Till then,


  • Wow, that’s actually pretty cool. They did a great job at putting together a great product. I know a bunch of people who get stuck with trying to put together Squeeze pages. Seems like once they get this set up, they should be set.

    Thanks for the review.

  • Hello Yaro, It Squeeze seem to be a very good theme, very easy to customize! I will put it on my plans.

    I really appreciate your great work. and looking forward to join your course, I am sure I will learn more interesting stuff with you.

  • Nice review Yaro.

    My blog is mostly about giving technical and tutorial about internet and computer related technologies, now would this theme be suitable for that too? Or would I have to create another blog just for squeezing emails? Because I am using Headway as my blog template, now how would I integrate another theme on this? because if it ware a plugin that would be as easy as that.

    Do you or anybody have a suggestion to this?

    NOTE: I want the Squeeze theme functionalities, but I don’t want to lose the Headway theme rich functionality either.



    • Hi Phesto,

      I’d say you can combine Headway with Squeeze theme, perhaps using squeeze only for the email capture pages and not the blog layout since you already have headway.

      I’d have a think about whether you need to use all the features though, as if you just want to make one squeeze page and not use the theme for your blog/sales page, other blogs etc, you might not get much from it.

  • While I am sure it is good, the guy that they got the idea from and have apparently copied two of his themes from so far is http://www.flexibilitytheme.com/flexsqueeze/ .

    Ryan offers a free version of his and since his is the original, I think it is actually a lot better in my book.

    He has another one that is coming out that is killer and blows anything that I have seen away…

    Not sure if this will make it as a comment but Yaro you owe it to yourself and your readers to go check it out give him a buzz and chat with him. He is a really cool guy down to earth and honest guys. His stuff rocks and he is the brains behind all of the original ideas.


  • Hi Yaro, did you get a chance to check out the content for Squeeze Camp yet? Is that part of the bundle worth buying?

    • Hey Chris,

      I only saw the course curriculum, not inside the course itself, so I don’t know what it’s like. I think for the specific tie-in with squeeze theme it’s worth it if you don’t already have education on these subjects.

  • Very good review, now I plan on getting it in the near future.

    Thank you

  • WoW thats just easy way to build a good email list. Now a days most of webs based on wordpress. So, lot of benefit

  • Thank you, Yaro, for such a comprehensive review (as if I’d expect anything less! You’re awesome!).

    I’m impressed with the product, and was just thinking about re-reading your Thesis Theme review when your email came announcing Squeeze Theme.

    I perked up even more when I saw that Blaine is planning to purchase Squeeze. (That plugin you’re working on sounds awesome, btw)

    Would there be any reason to purchase Affiliate over Squeeze? At first glance, it appears you can create mini-sites just as well with Squeeze.

    • Tshombe,

      As far as I can tell, affiliate theme isn’t focused at all on email capture, instead you get some solid template designs for setting up niche specific landing pages.

      Squeeze theme doesn’t have that type of template, it includes email capture and sales page templates (plus standard blog and blog magazine layouts) as templates you can apply straight away.

      The question really is what type of marketing strategy are you using, which will help you determine which theme(s) you apply.

  • Hello

    Can the Squeeze theme be integrated with the shopping cart and an auto responder such as AWeber.


    • Yep – it sure can Naveen – it’s meant to be used with email autoresponder, that’s the whole point 🙂

  • Yaro! You cut your hair!
    Looks good but, what about your image dude?

    Thanks for the tips. this is out of the ballpark for me.

    Always curious though.
    Take care!

  • I bought the theme because I think it will help me build an email list for a client. It looks great. The only drawback is that I’m going to have to install it in a subdomain to get it to work with the rest of the site’s main theme. I don’t want to lose the impact of Thesis.

    It’s good to see someone offering a different kind of Premium theme. This is what makes WordPress such a great option.

    • Yaro and Jon, My question is about integrating Squeeze theme with lets say a studio press and/or ithemes blog. In my mind I would love to use the Squeeze theme in conjunction with the other themes which I use more so for blogging and creating a newspaper resource type blog.

      Jon, I think this is what you are alluding to with the subdomains. Is that correct? And how hard will that be?

      Thanks for you responses gentlemen,

      • I’m not familiar with studio press or ithemes, so I can’t commit about them. Maybe Jon can help out…

  • Hey Yaro, This is a great find. All that time spent on creating squeeze pages now no longer a problem. I can see so many applications for this little guy. I’m totally thinking about buying it even though I create my own pages pretty quick.

  • Thanks Yaro. I’ve been searching for a tool that allows me to create squeeze pages easily. Outsourcing may seem like a good idea, but if you need to outsource to make the smallest of tweaks, that just doesn’t make a lot of sense. So it’s really great for any Internet marketer to be able to create his/her own simple squeeze page and make any changes as and when necessary without having to depend on a third party. And this seems like the tool to solve the problem. I’ll check it out for sure. Thanks again for the recommendation.



  • So Yaro did you use the Squeeze them to Squeeze your “curls” in? LOL

    I love the new look. You look kind of mainstream now – kind of corporate.

    You must be positioning yourself for something big.

    Thanks for the inside look at the Squeeze page, it will definitely solve some of my problems.

  • Hi Yaro

    One question – does the theme create squeeze/sales pages separate to the main Blog or are they appended to it so as like another page?


  • Good question, Peter! Looking forward to that answer, too!

  • oDn

    How about selling YOUR theme (the Yaro theme)? Kicks butt on the Squeeze one! I’ll pay…need all the plug-ins and everything…..

  • Nice review Yaro,

    No wonder the guys from UBD did a RT of your review on Twitter. By the by, which of the UBD themes are you using here on your blog? For some strange reason, I had issues installing Headway which was very unfortunate, because it met my needs and then some.

    – Neil

    • I believe Yaro uses a custom UBD theme. When you’re as big as Yaro, you need something unique 😉

  • Hey, Yaro,

    Have you ever reviewed the FlexSqueeze product? It is also a custom WordPress theme that builds squeeze pages and sales pages, etc… If you have looked at both products, I would appreciate any feedback or insight you have over which product might be superior.



    • Hi Gary, no I haven’t checked out FlexSqueeze, it only just came to my attention as a result of the previous comment to this post. It certainly looks interesting, but since I have not used it I cannot really compare it to Squeeze Theme.

  • Thanks Yaro. This really helps.

    Does this mean that I no longer will have to settle for .html at the end of my pages?!

    For example, http://www.yourdomain.com/sales-page instead of (what I’m currently doing because I couldn’t figure out how to do it on WordPress) http://www.yourdomain.com/sales-page.html?

    • That’s right Tshombe, though you don’t need the theme to do that, you can set up index files in folders if you just want /sales-page/ without the .html.

      • Hi Yaro You said that you can also do a basic blog. Can you explain what you mean by basic. I would like to get and learn one program, but I would like to have one that does blog, squeeze and sales pages if possible. On a blog I would like to have a custom header, and also have ad banners for products or sponsors. Can that be done on this blog?

  • The blogosphere is currently awash with blogmeisters posting about Squeeze Theme, and I only got to read your post after having been dished the same fare on at least five other blogs. All I can say is WOW!

    Yaro, you’re the only one who has actually gone to any sort of trouble to work with and rate the product, rather than just rehashing the marketing splurb. This attention to detail and care ios what makes you unique. Putting in the extra 50% makes a huge difference!

  • Hey Yaro,

    This may be a silly question, but I wonder if Peter is wondering if you can create a squeeze page without it looking like a WordPress blog page with Squeeze Theme.

    In the examples, it appears that the navigation bars are still present, whereas a squeeze page more often than not doesn’t not have these present.

    My assumption is that the Squeeze Theme does this without a hitch.

  • Hi Yaro,
    Just a question I forgot to ask you at Andrew and Daryl’s Gold Coast event about Membership sites.
    I read about the Membership site model that is far superior than the standard method. It is the Fixed-Term Membership (FTM) sites method. I read this at site called membernaire.com
    Do you have any views on this that you can share?



  • That’s all I have to do? Wow. That was easy.

    Though everything seems easier with Squeeze.

    Thank you!

  • My blog theme is “Theme Wars”.

    Would “Squeeze Theme” work well with many affiliate programs that I pormote.

    Thank You,

  • UBD are going from strength to strength I see. Very encouraging to see them do well like this.

  • The review makes it sounds nice. I’m still waiting for the performance of my previous theme. If it doesn’t show any better, I’ll give Squeeze a shot in the near future.

  • This definitely looks promising. It will make it a whole lot easier integrating your salespage into your website. I will probably look into the possibility of adding the squeeze theme into my own blog in the future.

    • Hi Yaro,

      I am attempting to access Gideon’s video, but there seems to be an error going on, even on YouTube and Gideon’s own site. It may be a problem with YouTube….or an embedding issue???

  • Brilliant introduction into a great wordpress theme. So far I was more than satisfied with my current theme, but after this video I’m starting to reconsider.

  • Yaro! Thanks for all of your effort to put together such a comprehensive review (as you always do!) and for answering all of our questions. I just purchased the Squeeze Theme and am very excited to put it to work on my sites. It was also a nice bonus to get a few extra dollars off during the check-out process!

  • Hi Yaro, I’m impressed by the themes that UBD have created to date…so I will definitely be checking this one out based on your great review. Thanks.

  • Yaro! Thanks for all of your effort to put together such a comprehensive review and for answering all of our questions.

  • Thanks for the tip about Squeeze theme, this is exactly the kind of thing we’ve been looking for to allow fast deployment of a new targeted sales page. Thanks again.

  • Great stuff Blaine – can’t wait to see the plugin!

  • I will definitely be checking this one out based on your great review. Thanks.

  • awesome wordpress theme, really unique and great design, i hope can buy that’s theme…

  • Don’t be crazy Destiny. You made a great impact with your post, bigger than you possibly think. About the series …

  • What up Yaro,

    Thanks for the GREAT review of the new Squeeze Theme. You truly took this one above and beyond what I was expecting to see here.

    I think Squeeze Theme is the solution to newbies who are trying to create capture pages but really don’t have any knowledge of HTML. This one a unique breed and something every marketer should have within their arsenal…

  • hi,
    I just want to ask how to add categories in navigation bar? Thanks!

  • Yaro! Thanks for all of your effort to put together such a comprehensive review and for answering all of our questions.

  • Great stuff Blaine – can’t wait to see the plugin!

  • Hi Yaro, did you get a chance to check out the content for Squeeze Camp yet? Is that part of the bundle worth buying?

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