The $9000 A Month From A Board Game Case Study Revisited

I’ve promoted many, many products over the past five years of blogging and if you were to ask me what sold best, I’d very quickly say – Product Launch Formula.

I don’t know the exact amount, but I’m confident I’ve generated over $100,000 in sales (probably closer to $150K) of just this one product through each incarnation its creator, Jeff Walker, has released.

This is a real testament to the quality, relevance and power of the strategies and tactics Jeff has taught us over the years. I personally have benefited directly and indirectly more from this one system than anything else I’ve ever studied in Internet marketing. I’ve applied the launch formula to every release of every product of my own, and learned a tremendous amount from other marketers using the techniques. It’s truly life changing stuff, when you apply it.

Simply put – if you’re selling something online you are CRAZY if you don’t know and apply what Product Launch Formula teaches. It’s fundamental training in online selling psychology, which I suspect is a very good reason why it’s sold so well for me as an affiliate product.

The End Of Case Studies

One thing I can unequivocally state is that my blog readers LOVE case studies.

Some of the most popular blog posts I publish are the podcast interviews I do with people who started with nothing, went to work to build an online business, and ended up making big money. These stories are inspiring, educational, and of course great marketing materials too when you use them as part of a lead-in to releasing a product.

This is a tactic taught inside Product Launch Formula, which makes sense, since Jeff uses lots of case studies to promote his own product.

Unfortunately due to the new rulings by the Federal Trade Commission in the USA regarding case study testimonials, Jeff’s decided to be extra cautious and remove the case studies from the web.

Before he does this there’s one particular case study you HAVE to listen to if you haven’t already before Jeff takes it down.

It’s called the Food Stamps to Six Figures case study, or sometimes the Horizontal Helix case study, but I prefer to call it –

The $9000 A Month From A Board Game Case Study

Food Stamps To Six Figures Case Study

Just enter your email on that page and you will have access to stream or download the case study immediately.

I also did a write up after listening to the case study myself, which you can read here – $9000 A Month From A Board Game?

Product Launch Formula 2.3+ Opens One Last Time Next Sunday

On Sunday and Monday, the final days before December 1st when the new FTC rulings come in that are forcing Jeff to take down his case studies, Jeff is opening up the doors to his Product Launch Formula 2.3+ version of his course (that just means it’s the newest version, lol).

I’m not going to push this too hard as many have already purchased this course. If you have the money for it, it’s a must-have training program, if you don’t, at least listen to the case studies Jeff is giving away before he pulls them down next month – they are free.

I’ll have some bonuses for those of you who order the course through my affiliate link, which I’ll tell you about via email before it opens on Sunday.

In the meantime, go listen to the $9,000 Herb Board Game Case Study before it’s taken offline –

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  • Thanks for the link Yaro, will read up on it.

    For those curious what FTC ruling Yaro mentions, it stipulates

    “Under the revised Guides, advertisements that feature a consumer and convey his or her experience with a product or service as typical when that is not the case will be required to clearly disclose the results that consumers can generally expect.”

    • That ruling actually makes sense and if needed you could have given expected results. No matter, even without it, for you it should not matter.

  • Hi Yaro,

    It’s my understanding that if you outline how the person GOT the results they got then it will be fine with the FTC. It’s making claims without the backup that makes it a no no ~ in fact, I’ve read others who say to have your testimonial people write up a case study and then link to the case study from your sales page (or wherever your testimonial is) so they can see how it was done.

    Dec 1st is going to be very interesting. Thanks for the heads up on Product Launch formula ~ I hadn’t seen it before. 🙂

  • I love case studies too sinc eI’m one of your avid readers Yaro. For this case though, I’m one with FTC when it comes to their new rulings. There are just a lot of products out there that people need to watch out for (lest they get victimized) and I belive this will turn out as a check-and-balance mechanism amongts marketeers not to overhype their products.

    The product launch formula seems to be really great, I’ve signed up on it already. Thanks 🙂

  • Most blogging advice sites are all fluff, repeating the same things in an echo chamber of other marketing/blogging sites.

    Case studies provide real information. You can learn how what you are doing differs or is similar to what someone else is doing. If there was a blog with nothing but case studies, I’d subscribe to it.

  • This whole FTC thing is really throwing a monkey wrench in the works. Excellent video and case study. I really appreciate the incites that are given there. Pretty interesting and scary about how he got and sold those board games. big leap of faith there but good technique. Thanks again for sharing.

  • An excellent vid and case study! I have downloaded it! I dont know what is FTC upto.

    • Protecting less tech savvy consumers from getting ripped off by fly by night operators.

  • Your Message

  • I am glad to see the FTC are now helping to make the internet more transparent, which in turn helps to improve consumer confidence. I hope the FTC draw up guidelines about the nasty looking 1-page sales websites–they are they are so unprofessional. I heard that now that several big multi-national organisations have jumped on the eBook/ blogging bandwagon (especially the eBook reader & sales companies) in a major way–that they are now lobbying google to enforce some sort of de-listing policy or some sort of vetting in their algorithm that can detect bad-consumer rated sites (appearance, gramar, font size, colours etc)–if this happens it would be amazing–no more disgusting looking 1 page sites! If 1 page sites REALLY worked doesn’t everyone think that the MAJOR corporations would adopt them also? Te fact os that they are very poor at converting compared to really professional websites. For instance if you every notice they way Random House promotes its books via mini-sites–it is far more professional than the majority of 1-man/ woman-band internet marketers. I am so glad the FTC are doing this! Go FTC! (Rant over)–great post Yaro-I thinj this blog is great. (Far from a 1-page site)!

    • Ps. pardon my spelling LOL it is 1am here and my fingers are numb–can’t type 😉

  • Jeff’s 2.3 PLF is going to be nice, wish I had the budget for this time as well as the time to go through it like i would need to but concentrating on other online studies i am completing now.

    In any case, I was very curious about what the new FTC rules entail as i’ve seen them popping up all over the place. Unfortunately, this will hamper only those that follow the rules, real spammers won’t blink an eye. I would also recommend to others to watch the food stamp video that Yaro is promoting, it is very interesting yet inspirational of how Jeff really helps his students as opposed to selling them ‘snake oil’.

  • Yaro,

    Could anyone really make out the main points in these two videos by Jeff? I came away yesterday evening frustrated and totally confused by Jeff’s presentation on the Product Launch Formula. The Helix analogy was a mess – there was no clarity in anything he was presenting. Also the interview with the herbal guy was also a complete jumble. The title of the video was off putting – I don’t care that he sold out his seminar…I almost didn’t listen to it because it didn’t tell me what the seminar was about!! The videos were a true demonstration in how NOT to present!

    If you decide to put video together and present like this, remember to be CLEAR, CONCISE and LOGICAL and sum up on points made. Readers or potential customers on the internet like me don’t have time to waste – we want the information ‘grab and go’, not have to sit through fluff and then have to struggle to weed out the points.

    Thanks Yaro – will see what you’ve summed up on the videos and print this off – should have done this first!

    • Hey Becky – My summary post is probably a better choice for you. I know with video/audio content like that, especially interviews, often they can go all over the place and ramble. I’m certainly guilty of doing this with interviews too. Some people like this though, so it’s always worth remember not everyone perceives things the same way.

  • Whilst I agree in principle with FTC guidelines, we shouldn’t forget that the FTC is purely an American agency, who can only regulate business conducted within the USA. What about the rest of the world? – or are Americans so insular as to think that nothing exists outside of the US?. The FTC does not mandate for the rest of the planet!.

  • How about you live outside the U.S.A but your webhosting and your target is also U.S.A do you still need to write a disclosure for the FTC?

  • Hey Yaro,

    I got this from Paul’s list and it’ pretty damn good.

    Well, you can expect that from Jeff, time and time again!

    He just delivers.

  • Hi Yaro,

    Just came across your board. I know how you feel about the FTC. I am a Chiropractor and I can tell you we are regulated by every organization out there. Its pretty sad that Government agencys have their nose in everyones business. If I wanna practice Chiropractic I don’t need agencys with every letter in the alphabet telling me what I can and can’t do. Good luck..

  • What am I missing? I came to hear the $9000 board game study and all I get on every link I click in the blog is the sales page for the product launch formula (including the video). Needless to say, I’m not feeling well treated – the carrot seems to be one of those plastic things my grandmother warned me to stay clear of.

    • Hi Ariane, you are about 24 hours too late – Jeff switched the link over to his sales page on mid sunday and it will close on Monday night. If you email Jeff I’m sure his support staff can get you a direct link.

      • I have to agree that you are pushing the product launch formula a little too much. It seems like every post no matter what it is about has some kind of plug about it.

  • This might be offtopic, but I’m getting ready to launch an online board game in order to make some more money. All these case studies can only help me in this quest. I think it’s agood idea to heavily promote a game like this.

  • Online marketing without case studies – what a weird thought. The FTC guidelines will have a lot of benefits (like it was mentioned above, they’ll probably promote consumer confidence in the long run) but in the meantime online marketers are going to have a difficult time. Like it said in the video, what count as “typical results”? It would be impossible to survey the results of every purchaser of a product. Let’s hope the guidelines get a little more specific (and realistic) in the future.

  • Oh!! Really it is true that $9000 A Month From A Board Game Case Study Revisited.I have to create a board game with a theme. Is there anyone creative out there?

  • still confusion about FTC

  • good marketing and as you put it online sale psychology are the key issues which you have to deal with when selling any kind of products online. Anyway congrats on the amount of money – it’s really impressive!

  • One stupid (yea, I didn’t google at all) question. How does that FTC regulation reflect on people from other parts of the world. I am from Croatia, and I am running an ebooks blog on free platform, which is located in USA. So, does it mean I have to comply with that FTC or not (haven’t read it yet)?

  • I have come up with a board game to play using an existing board game product. I want to send my idea to that company so that they can add it as an alternative game to their product, increasing sales and paying me a small share.

  • i am confused yaro…:)

  • I loved my experiences there, but it would be great to expand my horizons by seeing a different country–and maybe one that isn’t quite so familiar.

  • I am not yet ready. I am afraid that I have to give it a miss. sorry.

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