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I was recently contacted by Stephanie Yeh, co-author (with Raymond Yeh) of a brand new book about to be released called The Art of Business. The book is released on Wednesday 27th of July in the USA so hopefully by the time you read this it will be available to you at I was lucky enough to be offered a pre-release version as a preview – one of the perks of business blogging!

As a special offer for the release of the book Stephanie has gone to a lot of trouble to create quite an amazing array of bonus materials from some very prominent authors and experts available only if you buy the book on release day (today). Here is the blurb about the release:

Do the Right Thing for You and Your Business

In just 2 minutes you can get closely-held secrets from the world’s greatest business leaders and experts, and after doing so it may be impossible for you to ever “do business as usual” again.

Michael Gerber, Harvey Mackay, Jay Conrad Levinson, Faith Popcorn, Tom Hopkins, Keith Ferrazzi (plus a few extraordinary authors and experts) are ready to give you their timeless business secrets plus much more if you do one thing today, July 27th!

Here is a excerpt from the book to wet your appetite.

The Art of BusinessSWA is the envy of every other airline in the industry, but very few have been able to emulate this fun-loving airline’s record performance or deep stability. Kelleher asserts that the spirit of SWA employees is the hardest thing for other airlines to copy or create:

“We recognize that the esprit de corps of your people is the hardest thing for a competitor to imitate. In other words, I always tell our people that the intangibles are much more important than the tangibles because your competitor can buy the tangibles, but they can’t buy and easily create the intangibles.”

That “esprit de corps” is a deliberate strategy that the airline’s founding members cultivated since the beginning. SWA has always hired people with the right attitude and values that fit easily into the culture of accountability, initiative, and caring. Colleen Barrett speaks of hiring for attitude and training for aptitude. At SWA, no amount of training or aptitude can make up for a lack of attitude. She tells every new group of pilots:

“You could have come to us with 22 letters of recommendation from top gun pilots, from the President of the United States, the generals, and all of that. We still wouldn’t hire you if your attitude or behavior turned us off during the interview.”

Jim Wimberly, Executive Vice President of Operations, adds that SWA hires people who put the needs of others in front of their own. In other words, the airline hires only those with a service mentality and fun-loving attitude, and trains them with additional professional skills.

New recruits at SWA are constantly indoctrinated into the SWA way–history, philosophy, the Golden Rule,
accountability, discipline, operations, and more. Barrett points out that the SWA culture is so strong that peer
pressure is a significant training influence on new hires. To emphasize the SWA way of life, she tells every new hire,

“If you are looking to become tremendously wealthy at Southwest, probably this is not the place that you want to be. But if you are looking for a cause to join versus just a company to work for, then we have got something that will set you afire.”

From the early days, the company’s officers worked hard to acknowledge and stay in touch with field employees. In fact, Kelleher instituted what he called a “Day in the Field,” a concept he learned reading about China, in which executive officers spend the day out in the field working alongside regular employees. At 72, Kelleher acknowledges that it’s getting harder to haul baggage, but he does it anyway. Such “Days in the Field” keep the SWA spirit alive not just in the field, but in the executive offices as well.

From Raymond Yeh’s “The Art of Business”

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  • looks like SWA is interesting thingie… will try to read this book

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