2009 In Review: Did You Focus On What You Really Wanted?

I’m sitting at a Max Brennerchocolate by the bald man” shop, slurping a dark chocolate iced frappe in Melbourne as I type this on my macbook air.

Yaro at Max Brenner MelbourneThis is the first chance I’ve had to get some laptop time in the past three days because I’ve attended a wedding of a high-school friend. What made the wedding unique is because it was an Indian wedding, which means it’s a big occasion, with over 250 people showing up at different ceremonies, held over three days.

Melbourne is a great city, my second favorite in Australia after my hometown of Brisbane. I love the trams, and although the weather is a bit unpredictable, I like how much cooler it is compared to Brisbane. It’s like Brisbane winter temperatures in summer at night in Melbourne – that means long pants and no sweating, a welcome relief from what has been a hot summer in Brisbane so far. Most of the biggest events come to Melbourne, including the Australian Open tennis, my favorite tournament of the year.

The wedding has been an amazing experience, with such a variety of ceremonies, including traditional Indian customs, food, dancing and clothing. I have a small family, so seeing such a massive group of people come together essentially just for two people, along with all the emotions involved, is at times overwhelming, yet an inspiring experience too.

If you want to see photos from the wedding I’ve tweeted a few of them, so just check out my Twitter profile for the links. And if you’re reading this – a big thank you to Venkatesh and Nishi for the invite to your wedding, and congratulations again.

The Year That Was

Now that the wedding is over I’m back to the real world, thinking about what’s coming next in my life. No doubt you’re thinking about what’s coming up for you in 2010 as well.

This is the last blog post I’m going to write this year, actually – this decade. That makes it a great time for reflection.

In 2009 I turned 30, and celebrated that milestone on this blog with a reflective blog post looking back over the last ten years of my life. You can read it here –

How To Become Comfortable With Yourself

Since I’ve already covered the highlights of the last decade, and this blog is a chronicle of the last five years of my life, I’m going to focus now only on the year that was and also what’s coming up next.

Looking at small time-frames works a lot better for me. I don’t make five year plans. I don’t even make one year plans. I do look to the past to help me frame my future intentions, however they serve more as learning tools and reference points for what I want now more than anything else.

2009 has been a particularly inspiring year for me because I realized how completely in control of my reality I am. Sure I’ve understood that idea long before this year, but it was more a concept to me, something that made sense but didn’t always manifest exactly how I would expect it to if I was in control. In 2009, especially now in December as I look back, I realize this year more than any other year, was a reflection of what I wanted to experience and thus made physical.

The Law Of Attraction

Earlier in the month I attended a live one day seminar by Jerry and Esther Hicks, who you may know as major players in the movement that is the law of attraction. The Secret DVD featured a lot of content from them, though I should clarify, it’s not specifically these two people who teach, it’s an entity named Abraham, who speaks through Esther, who does the teaching.

If you’re skeptical when you hear the idea of someone “channeling” another being, I don’t blame you, I’ve felt similar judgments in the past, although it’s not such a big deal for me any more. I don’t care where people say information comes from, we just put labels on things to give different meaning. Whether it’s experts, channeled entities, or even god who is speaking to you, it’s all the same thing. Listen to the message, not the messenger, and if it resonates, take it on board.

If you need the messenger to help lend credibility, that’s fine, just don’t be too quick to judge before you listen to the words. Far too many people miss out on potentially life changing insights because they refuse to take on ideas simply because of where the information is coming from. If something challenges your way of thinking, don’t reject it on principle, keep your eyes and mind open, listen to the words, see how what is being said can fit into your world view, and grow from there. You don’t have to like or even trust the messenger, to benefit from the message.

Setting Intentions

Seeing Abraham speak live on stage was a great experience. However it was the days that followed the event that I realized I had turned a corner in my ability to control what happens in my life.

What was interesting about this awareness was not that I suddenly could manifest whatever I wanted, it was that I had already done it – and in this case, manipulated aspects of my life that I previously struggled to change. I’m talking about aspects of my personality and life that had remained rigid for years, which in the space of months had completely changed, and it was all thanks to what I was thinking, the actions I was taking as a result and what thus manifested in my physical world.

Since we are reflecting, it’s worth taking a moment now to look back over the previous 12 months of your life and ask yourself these questions –

  1. In January, what where your big goals, the big changes you wanted to experience in 2009?
  2. Regarding the big changes, how did you think about them – what was your attitude and thought patterns about what you wanted, and how consistent was your thinking?
  3. What actions did you take to realize these changes? Where your actions congruent with your thoughts and how resilient were you to perceived setbacks?
  4. Did you get what you wanted by the end of the year? How quickly could you manifest what you wanted?

In previous years the gap of time between desiring something and experiencing it has been quite significant for me. It could take years to get what I wanted and it often wasn’t exactly how I expected it to be. Although you’re never sure what you are going to get, I’ve found lately, this year in particular, the speed of results and the accuracy of getting what I’ve wanted, has improved significantly.

What Made A Difference?

Below are adjustments to my life and my mindset that I made this year, which I consider most responsible for the significant shift in results I’ve experienced.

  • Remove your roadblocks. By choice and often in full awareness, I’ve carried roadblocks with me for years, which stop me from moving forward. This year plenty of roadblocks were eliminated. These changes required instilling new behaviors that often required facing fears. Sometimes I had to make choices not to do something I would have previously done.

    The Theory of Constraints applies here. If you have something holding you back, you’re not going to move until you drop the baggage. Letting go of something is mandatory to make space for what you want.

  • Solidify your belief in the power of intentions. Although I’m open minded enough to believe that I can get what I want and the universe will even conspire to help me, it has been more conceptual for me than practical.

    This year I started to believe, and I mean really believe. Consequently I started to see proof everywhere. Now I’m such a strong believer that I find myself just asking for how I want something to play out and everything unfolds pretty much that way. It’s not foolproof of course, the universe loves to remind you that mystery is still the guiding principle, but you have more power than you think you do, once you believe you do.

    There’s a sense of inevitability in believing in what you ask for you will get, but it has to be pure or you’re going to get results as wavering as your belief.

  • Mystery is in control, so flow with it. Although you’re given power over your universe, the underlying force behind everything is too complex for us to understand given the limitations of our physical experience. In other words, your body and mind aren’t complete tools for interpreting the universe – most of what goes on is incomprehensible in physical form. As a result, it’s important that you surrender to the flow of events rather than try and control them.

    This might sound counter intuitive to what I’ve been saying. If setting intentions and believing in your power to control outcomes results in getting what you want, how can I now say that we are not in control? That’s one of those wonderful dichotomies we operate within.

    We have control in the sense that we can move towards what we want, but we have to understand that we can’t force it to come to us. Flow is absolutely critical. This is why it’s so important to live in the now, be content with what you have, work within your current reality and follow the natural pull of things. Acceptance is vital.

That last point is so critical I can’t emphasize it enough. As I’ve grown up I’ve often “fought” for what I thought I wanted. It has felt like a struggle, as if I’m in battle, beating away rejections until I find what I want. This is the wrong way to go about things because you can’t get what you want by fighting against the universe.

I used to hate the expression that you only get what you want when you stop looking so hard for it. I hated it because I knew it was true, but felt helpless in my ability not to respond emotionally to NOT having it. I was upset, depressed, sad, angry and above all else, frustrated, because I wanted something so badly, yet seemed unable to make it a reality.

Living with intention rather than fighting with life is the way to go. Let your life play out by following the sign-posts that flow to you when you’re open to seeing them, rather than fight and struggle only to find one frustration opening a door of more frustrations. If you’re not having fun, then you’re doing something wrong.

What Exactly Did I Want In 2009?

Some of this might sound a bit abstract to you since I haven’t been very specific with what exactly I wanted 2009 to be about for me.

At the start of the year you may recall I wrote how many of my financial goals were met. I spent the majority of 2008 traveling, so I felt that staying put in my home city was what I wanted to do this year. As much as I like traveling, I enjoy staying in one place more as I can focus my energy on doing exactly what I want and not be distracted by organizing the next hotel, flight, train-trip or site-seeing experience.

Sleeping in my own bed is also one of the most wonderful pleasures, so I was keen to make that the standard for the year, rather than the exception.

Many doors opened up to start new business projects during the first half of 2009, which were potentially very lucrative. The problem was that I didn’t want to focus on projects that while no doubt would be fun, were building upon an aspect of my life I felt was running quite smoothly.

I made choices this year to NOT do things that most people would think I was crazy to reject. I said no to doing a live event joint venture that would most likely have led to making multiple six figures – even a million dollars – from just one weekend.

I decided not to offer a high-end coaching program in 2009, which again was saying no to thousands of dollars of potential income. I will be offering elite coaching in 2010, now that I feel well and truly ready to focus on it, however it’s clear to me that in 2009 I made the right decision not to.

In short, 2009 in terms of business was sort of like a holiday, which is what I intended. I did go public with a new course, Membership Site Mastermind, which sold very well and is still the highest priced program I have out there. Blog Mastermind continued to sell well. Gideon and I had another very successful launch campaign for Become A Blogger Premium. My affiliate marketing efforts brought in more money in 2009 than all previous years, despite the so called global financial crisis, and of course my blog continued along a healthy growth curve.

This may sound like a lot of work, but it’s actually not. It’s incredibly easy, in fact 2009 was probably the easiest year of my life, the most fun year of my life and no doubt the most financially successful year of my life too. It was like this because I constructed it that way.

Most of the income I made in 2009 came from the money making machine I’ve built. I leveraged previous work to extract a high return from the assets I already own. Such a great return that I was able to purchase a new apartment and new BMW this year, despite working less.

So, if I was happy with my finances and business growth, what did I want to do with the rest of my time?

The one big area of my life I felt that was lacking and needed development was my social life. I said no to starting many new business projects so I could spend my time figuring out exactly what I wanted outside of business.

I honestly believe that your personal development is the single most important goal you have as a human being, which is an incredibly holistic undertaken, given how many aspects make up our lives. We all know this and we all know we have areas that are weaker than others. If you’re not physically healthy, you know it. If you’re financially restricted, you definitely know it. If you’re not creatively inspired you know it.

Your spiritual development is perhaps the most important aspect, yet is often the area people are not aware they need to develop. In my case, that’s not an area I felt I was neglecting – it’s an ongoing life study for me, something I do every day.

The area I felt lacking the most was in relationships – of all kinds. This was the area that I wanted to focus on in 2009. This is the reason why I said no to projects. This is the part of my life that most of my new intentions focused on in 2009.

Constructing A Social Circle

I’m a reasonably content person when I’m by myself and as an introvert I crave alone time, but I’m human, so I need interaction with other humans too.

In 2009, although I didn’t exactly realize how it would unfold, I managed to create an entirely new social circle. I made more new friends, had more intimate relationships and most importantly – had more fun with other people – than ever before.

I started the year intending to have certain experiences and work on the aspects of my self that would lead to those experiences. Although I didn’t realize it always in the moment, when I look back, it’s amazing how the right people came along at the right time to give me the tools to achieve what I wanted.

Although I was frustrated many times during the year when I hit roadblocks and felt I was still experiencing the same lack of results in certain areas that I had throughout my life, or stopped myself because of the same fears, gradually things changed. This month, the last of the year, as I look back, I’m amazed that exactly what I wanted 2009 to be about – happened. I experienced what I wanted, and learned more things about myself than ever before.

Of course experiencing what I wanted inevitably led to changes to what I want. That’s the beautiful thing about taking action – you always learn something, often creating an awareness that what you thought you wanted is not what you wanted, or after experiencing something, realizing that you had made that experienced out to be something more than it actually is. The important thing is that growth occurs, and for me, 2009 was a mammoth year for personal growth.

Right now there are very few aspects of my life I feel insecure about. Yes there are challenges and the same old fears are present, but having faced these challenges and fears, they now have less power over me and have allowed me to “dream bigger” about what I want from life. You can’t ask for more than that, and I’m looking forward to more growth in the years to come.

Find Your Life Balance

For the first time in my life I feel well and truly balanced and content with who I am. It’s been a VERY long journey to get here, and finding the right mix of all the different elements is tough.

It’s so easy to keep doing what’s working for you, or what requires the least of you, but that’s rarely the path of satisfaction. Leaving your comfort zone is a required practice for growth, and as part of that growth process, you come to appreciate even more what you already know you like.

In a wonderful way, the experience of evolving and growing, makes you enjoy your existing passions even more, because you realize they are what matter most.

In 2009 I’ve loved music more than I have ever loved music before. I’ve enjoyed writing this blog and teaching other people more than ever before. I’ve enjoyed the people in our industry, and the gift of freedom as an Internet marketer we experience every day, more than ever before. I’ve enjoyed learning from other people, in particular spiritual insights, more than ever before. Everything has just become that much more fun, enlightening and special, because I’m not fighting to feel a certain way, or looking to find something I feel I am missing.

There’s much more to do yet, but what I do know for sure is that my future is about two things –

  1. Enjoying more of who I am
  2. Helping others to find enjoyment in who they are

And if you look closely, you realize these two things are actually the same thing.

Happy new year, and I’ll see you in 2010.

Yaro Starak

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  • Yaro,

    Sounds like 2009 was a great year for you…I hope people remember you have put in thousands of hours in the years before 2009 to get where you are…and you deserve it all.

    It’s interesting you said ‘no’ to a few lucrative sounding deals. I just said ‘no’ to going back to the corporate world for 3 months for $1500 a day. A lot of money! But I love my online business and the freedom of working from home. Being in this business allows us to make such decisions.

    Thanks for all your help in 2009 (i.e. the course forums etc).

    Good luck to you in 2010 – I’ll be watching your progress.


    • Thanks Yaro for the inspiration. Will work towards enrolling in your paid courses. In the meantime most of the guidelines you’ve shared are read but not yet tried. I want to start 2010 by opening a blog on my granddaughter – A Gift of Sound- who’s a candidate for cochlear implant. Had been documenting her journey through digital pictures before she gets her bionic ears implanted. It’s also to source for funds for her surgery and also as a site to help others understand the plight of other children in the Philippines who who are profound deaf or are hard of hearing and would opt for cochlear implants. This will be my first week’s goal and with your inspiration will explore this portal. Happy New Year!

    • Great post again Yaro,

      With the help from you Jonathan Budd and Deagan Smith I started focusing on giving value instead of focusing on my opportunities and it is paying dividends. 2010 is going to be a big year for me to make my mark in the industry. Keep up the good work.

      To Your Success,

      Damon Jennings

    • Well said .He really deserve this. Hard work and dedication are two traits of leaders. The people who find success become leaders and are the ones who are looked to for help.

    • We should probably spend little time explaining the kind of freedom a work at home opportunity brings to a person’s life. First, imagine the savings that come with not having to commute. Second, imagine the time savings since you will not have to spend any amount of time commuting from home to a bricks and mortar office.

  • Happy New Year to you Yaro and everyone else who manages to steal themselves away from New Year partying!! Well done on sharing such fantastic information and blogging, I really enjoy catching up with these, and your Twitter comments. When I was looking at a very slow start to our Christmas gift orders in mid December, your email arrived and helped lift my focus and direction back to positive thinking and great results. Thank you.

    Welcome in to a fantastic 2010 year from Christchurch, New Zealand. Look forward to reading more great blogs next year Yaro.

  • Hey there Yaro. First of all I want to wish happy new year. I really hope both of us will achieve greater success in 2010.

    About your post, I find that success doesn’t come overnight. It takes a lot of work and time before you get paid back. Somehow, there is a shortcut if you want to be success. Which is “Follow what others success people doing”. I notice doing that have make me spend less time to learn from zero.

    What do you think Yaro? 🙂

  • Very inspiring post Yaro…I love reflective posts…especially heading into a new year.

    I am a fellow introvert who craves alone time but am looking to grow my social circle this year after toiling the past year away at my desk.

    Unfortunately I’m not quite in the same financial situation you are at the moment…but hopefully in two years time with positive thinking and hard work I can get my black BMW when I turn 30!

    Keep up the great work


  • Wish You A Happy New Year 2010 Yaro. I have just started blogging from this month and I want to thank you for the incredible knowledge you give in all forms. You are a true inspiration. Hope I could reach your heights some day. Once again thank you for everything.

  • Happy New Year Yaro!

    I just had to share here… I was reading your post and while I’ve heard about, “The Secret,” I’ve never actually seen the DVD.
    When you were talking about “visualization” and, “expectancy,” well, I’ve done that before with mixed results until just now when I thought to myself, “You mean, I just see a man handing me money for no particular reason and he will?”
    So I did.
    3 minutes later, as my husband is heading out the door to work, he hands me money and says, “Get something nice for tonight’s dinner so we don’t have to cook.”
    Wow! Isn’t that cute?
    Not exactly what I expected, but maybe it’s a first success that I can build on throughout the year!

    Wishing everyone a successful and healthy New Year!

  • Thank you Yaro for sharing your review and mentoring the rest of us with this blog and your courses. I am learning so much and I thank you for being the inspiration.

    My goal for 2009 were to 1) launch my blog (manifested on November 9th). 2) Moved forward with becoming certified as a financial counselor (passed the 1st test, studying hard for the 2nd portion)

    How did I think about them? Constantly, LOL. I have been able to take a much needed break which has allowed me to pursue these goals.

    Actions taken – I was a little relaxed about the process at first, but realized that if I wanted to achieve my goals I had to put some fire under myself.

    Did you get what you wanted by the end of the year? Yes and no. I haven’t achieved what I wanted monetarily, BUT I do realize that these things take time. I am looking forward to seeing what 2010 has in store for me. I’m ready:-)!

    • Correction:
      My “goals” for 2009 were to 1) launch my blog (manifested on November 9th). 2) “Move” forward with becoming certified as a financial counselor (passed the 1st test, studying hard for the 2nd portion)

  • Well done mate.
    Inspiring as always.
    Here’s to a massive 2010.

  • Yaro,

    Your post made me think of the fact that it’s also the end of the decade. I heard someone say that we overestimate what we can do in a year, and underestimate what we can do in a decade. How would your reflections/retrospection in this post change if you considered the last ten years? And going forward… Couldn’t anyone accomplish just about anything in 10 years from now? (2020)
    Many major players (with massive revenues) in the Blog/Internet Media are only 4-5 years old.
    You’ll be counting down to the new year here in a few, so I’ll let you go.
    As always, thanks for the information.

  • Hey Yaro, Great that you talk about Law of Attraction, the Secret, Abraham, etc. No matter what you do in life, this is what will help a lot of people get happier and there for more successful. It has helped me so much, it is the subject of my blog … and then I found you in 2009. I am looking forward to 2010 … Happy Newyear everybody.
    ‘be your Real-Self and be Happy-Now’

  • Hi Yaro,

    First, thanks so much for the wondeful articles you’ve written this year. I have learned so much from you. It should be gratifying that so many people all over the world appreciate the time and energy you put into helping others.

    I would agree that the social connections we have with others is very meaningful. You can always earn more money, but when you’re sick, depressed or just need someone to listen to you, money won’t be there for you. Your friends and family will. You can’t take money with you when you go, but you can take the memory of the experiences being with your loved ones.

    All the best to you and yours in 2010.


  • Yaro –

    Thanks for sharing so honestly and hope you have a fun, social New Year!

    I sat in that same Max Brenner in late January 2008 at the start of my dream trip around the world.

    This year, I wrapped up 1.5 years of traveling with 6 months of living in Colombia. It was what I wanted, but it came at the cost of upsetting my family beyond anything I’d ever done before. It was hard, but I felt worth it (and still do).

    I began a new expat blog down there (http://medellinliving.com) and immediately found an audience. That’s when I realized I’m good at this blogging thing! I can recognize an opportunity, build something new on the web, find contributors, and monetize it. I began to follow your blog after returning home in July 09.

    Thanks in part to your membership site ebook from the Fall, I am one month away from launching my first digital product – a membership site aimed at coaching other travelers how to develop successful blogs. I’m super excited, and while it was more work than I expected when I came up with the idea, I’ve learned A LOT in the process, and strongly believe I can offer a valuable service to people.

    Thanks again for making that free ebook so comprehensive, and this blog. I’ll keep you posted on how the launch goes in 2010!

    • Hi there Dave! Firstly, happy new year to you and may 2010 be absolutely awesome! Secondly I’d like to comment on the fact that I am impressed with the caliber of people that Yaro attracts to his blog. Real people with real stories of being inspired by Yaro’s work is what makes this blog special. Best of luck with your launch, keep us posted as to your progress.

    • hey dave keep it up with the blog its awesome! I am from cali, colombia and I am also working on starting a blog I think Yaro’s blog is the best out there and I just connect so well with how he communicates and how he teaches people. But anyway happy new year and I hope that this year bring you a lot of success to Yaro and Dave and everyone in this community.

  • Yaro- Thank you for always having interesting and educational blog posts and I wish you the best of luck going forward in 2010. It seems like you’ve accomplished everything you’d set out to do and that’s a feat in and of itself.

    I would say that I did focus on what I really wanted to achieve this year and that was to 1) get a job and 2) focus on my family. I’m glad to have been fortunate enough to have successfully done both of those things. Happy New Year’s Eve and see you in 2010!

  • I enjoyed the premise behind the secret, but hated the fact that it was “channeled” from something that holds rather large red flags for me.

    Don’t get me wrong, I try to keep an open mind, but no so much that I lose sight of my guiding principles – which tells me to be weary of these kinds of things.

    But hey, while my mind may not be entirely open, I do keep an open heart 🙂

    Otherwise great stuff

    • Don

      Your Message:
      Hey not to worry about the “channeling stuff” Reed. Most of what was said (by channellers) is said just about the same way in the “Good Book” aka The Bible that our mothers and grannies taught us. Granted they did not have the “who-come” that comes with channeling but there were Truths. I have got off the organized religion (for profit) band wagon awhile ago, but the Bible truth are hard to refute. (Even if channellers polish them and sell them in a different package)
      Happy New Year

  • Yaro first and foremost Happy New Year and I hope 2010 is a great year for you in so many ways of life and business, relationships and experiences.

    I am still working on my own thoughts and plans for 2010 and I feel that the year is going to bring greatness and power to all who are willing to embrace it. 2009 was not the greatest year for me as many happenings occurred which left me feeling empty and in a state of mind of fear and not allowing me (what I thought was not allowing me) to take a good hard look at my life and do something to change my future results.

    I now know my life is my own strengths and weaknesses put together and embraced that make it possible for me to move ahead in life or stay where I’ve been.

    Reading what you have written here has also shown me a new look on how I might change and move myself forward to brighter ways of life because I want better relationships for myself and would also like to venture out and feel more of what my world and the world “out there” has to offer me.

    Thanks for a wonderful and inspirational and very friend-like post and once again, Happy New Year in 2010.

  • Building a social life can be done very deliberately.

    For example, I have a party every 4th Tuesday each month. Dec 22 2009 was the 47th in a row. Attendance is typically 12-20 people, we shoot for about 15 (harder than you think). My co-hosts and I could make it bigger (free booze!) or smaller (everybody bring a steak) very easily.

    We used to host only at my home. Now, people are clamoring to host at their homes. I hosted 4 times last year, and likely will only host twice in 2010.

    There is almost always 1 to 5 or more new people every time.

    We have had over 200 people attend in total.

    As I think about this, I realize that there are lessons here I should be applying to building my business.

    Kevin Kelly talked about 1000 true fans. Seth Godin wrote of moving 1000 people.

    I’m not there yet, but I can certainly move 15 people reliably. And that might be a very good start.

  • Happy new year to you Yaro! Thank you for your enthralling blog posts, I particularly enjoy your mix of business and spirituality, and by the looks of it I am definitely not the only one either!

    May 2010 bring you much joy and happiness, and may your work continue to inpire and empower people right across the world. Many blessings to you and your loved ones. Namaste.

  • I wish you all he best for 2010 Yaro. 2009 was a pretty good year for me. I achieved a lot of personal goals as well as worked my way up to being close to achieving some business goals, so it’s looking good for me. 2010 will be a bigger year for me than last year, in fact is has a big bearing on determining the rest of my life, so wish me luck.

  • Wish you happy New Year. I think 2009 was great for you. For me 2009 was not good but I am looking something doing different in my blogging career.

    What I had gained from my blog in 2009, I want to achieve more in 2010.

  • Happy New Year Yaro!

    What I like about your philosophy is that you have a wholistic approach to life. I agree that too much focus on just one aspect of our lives and ignoring others can have detrimental effects too. We need to have a more balanced approach to life.

    You have been a great inspiration for me this 2009 and I learned a lot from you. I just thought to share a couple of things of what I got from you and your work:

    – Your ebooks (Blog Profits Blueprint and Membership Site Masterplan) have largely influenced me to start my online journey. I’m currently in the process of setting up my own blog (www.thefutureisbusiness.com) about how to live a life of success and significance, which you are a prime example of. I’ll keep you guys posted on my launch. 🙂

    – Financial growth must be coupled with personal development as well. You are one of the few people I know online that preaches growth as a person in conjunction with teaching ways to earn online. Keep it up!

    – Lastly, I can’t wait to join the Membership Site Mastermind when it opens! I heard a lot of good news from people who have undergone the program.

    Here’s to a bigger and better 2010 for us all! Cheers!

    • Couldn’t have said it better myself Jeric.

      Yaro is a true inspiration and I definitely wouldn’t have come as far as I have without some of his advice.

  • Wish you happy New Year 2010

  • Yaro, this is one of the best explanations of the true nature of the Law of Attraction I’ve ever read or heard. Here in the States, we’re currently excoriating a man named James Arthur Ray (if you’ve seen “The Secret” you know who he is) who led a sweat lodge for which he charged almost 10k per head, and three people died. Frankly, a lot of the criticism is deserved but many commenters seem to focus on his association with “The Secret” and LoA-advocacy, and then paint the whole concept and movement with the same brush.

    What Ray and others may have forgotten is what you mention specifically as “mystery” — that it’s not just us doing the creating, but ALL of us, individually, and yes, I do believe an even greater force at work behind *that*.

    So, yes, by all means, frame your intentions positively and hold those in your mind, but don’t lose grip of your God-given (or nature-given, for the atheists among us) common-sense or your sense of mystery. Both are essential, just as much as the positive expectation of good.

  • Awesome way to start 2010. Focus on what you trully want, then go after it. Yaro you been a big inspiration to me in 09. Look forward to killin it in 2010 with your help 🙂

    Happy New Year

  • In 2009 I did take two of Yaro’s program, Become A Blogger and Membership Mastermind. Both are excellent programs and my goals for 2010 are in place due to these wonderful programs, which I highly recommend! I have used the tools Yaro provided and I have created a goals mentoring membership program. Our first live program begins February 9, 2010.

    Thanks Yaro for giving me the tools and knowledge to reach my goals!

  • Hi Yaro,

    Great post to help me in my reflections. I was down and lost for the past 6 months…after reading your post, it helps to clear my thoughts.

    I needed something like this. Thanks for motivating!

    And Happy New Year 2010 !!!


  • Hey Yaro,

    this article was the reason I was thinking about my aims in 2010 and what I can do better next time. I went from Pagerank 0 to 3 in about one months, this was a great experience, and now I hope to get very good traffic until summer to monetize my blog. At this time I can see my first results and I want to thank everyone in the blogging community for all their information. I love that the blogging “masters” act together, without Michael Dunlops website I wouldn’t have found yours for example.

    Thank you very much,
    good luck for all of you,

  • Yaro,

    It is eerie reading this post as you want some of the same exact things I intend for this year….. I am looking at this decade and this year with a stronger spiritual foundation and ability to apply the law of attaction better than I have before. This was an excellent post and I am inspired by what you have accomplished. I am intending that my blog will take off this year and help others.

  • 2009 was a hard year but in December things finally shifted. The good news is after two years I am well…and that was my main goal for the year.

    Casualties were a relationship and forward progress but also an increase in my residual income online.

    So, 2010 goals? I am still pondering but have an editorial calendar done, and daily task sheet done, and a new book and new membership course to finish.

    The blue moon last night illuminated this new year in an exciting way–and my toast was may blessings abound us all as we move forward into a new and exciting decade.

  • Awesome post!

    I relate to the introvert and this year more than any other before it is has been the most important realization that I need to surround myself with a support system, a variety of good friends and social activity.

    I think it is equally important for introverts to nurture their social time as much as it is for extroverts.

  • Your Message
    Hello Yaro. It struck me, as I read this post, that I felt curiously happy for you to have landed so safely in 2009. (complete strangers and all)
    You’re right. We drag a lot of baggage around, rearranging our trunk space so we can cram our junk, and more, in; …and then we wonder why we never actually get onto the open road…exhaustion, I expect.
    Clearing that space for the good is harder than we all think. But man, once you get it…the road comes up to meet you.
    I can tell by the tone of your words that you have a long view ahead but are in a place of ease with the destination. Feels great, doesn’t it?

    Talk about The Law of Attraction can always create a stir…
    I prefer to work with the Principle of Resonance.
    You can feel the rightness of like energies in your body…the opposite is also true…we’ve all certainly known the resonance of wrong energies in our body…the trick is to remember to pay attention. Don’t know about you but me easier said then done for me…so I practice, fail forward and keep at it…Keeps me in the NOW so I don’t get so harried about THEN. All the best in 2010. Safe Travels. d

  • Hi Yaro!

    May 2010 will be the year you hope for. I’ve been reading your blog for two months & I like it so much. you spread your words the way i like it to be, simple & honest. For 2010, I want to be an entrepreneur just like you. keep enjoying your life yaro!

  • Good stuff bro.
    Wish you the best for 2010

  • 2009 was a good year for me. Although I wasn’t able to do all the things that I planned, I learned a lot and earned some good experience in various areas.

    The most important thing I learned in 2009 was the importance of taking action in the direction of our target. Without taking action, we can never reach it.

    I am sure 2010 will be much better for me and for all of you. Happy new year all!

  • Thanks for sharing this Yaro.
    I came full circle this year. I didn’t manage to monetize my blog Winterspells, and now I’m glad I didn’t — sometimes our seeming resistance is actually our deepest guidance. I started blogging as a kind of memoir- fodder for future writing projects and to see if it was possible to find readers for my fiction online. Because I had to take a J.O.B. on my return to the States after 9 years in England, I knew I had to be self employed and though I might be able to be that with a blog.
    I got frustrated with this plan because something in me just didn’t want to do.
    A month ago a publishing deal for my novel The Golden Stairs manifested. At last!
    I am back doing what I love, but I am also glad I learned all the stuff I learned with you and Gideon, because since the CRASH, we writers have to do our own marketing. Now I have the skills to be able to do that — something that would never be the case had I not thought I could make with a blog. I CAN, but in a more indirect way that I thought.

    One thing that can slow manifesting down is a huge learning curve. We have to study before we can implement and then we have to practice to make to go smoothly. So STUDENT can be a good thing to manifest — and I am so glad I learned this stuff when I did so I can move to make my novel a huge success!
    Happy New Year!

  • HI Yaro

    Just a big thank you for your comments to my questions on the Membership Mastermind programme.

    Also to thank you for putting my coming year into a one word perspective ‘relationships’ …. something that I have committed myself to doing more of.

    Have a great year


  • I want to thank you for really putting all your efforts into this blog because it shows and even though I have not taken much action that is my main goal this year. I hope to keep learning as much from you and keep in touch with you guys here so that you can see my progress. I think I have a lot of knowledge now thanks to all the great info in 2009 from Yaro I know that with all this info 2010 will be different for me and my family Thanks again for this blog Yaro.

  • Thank you for sharing from the heart as usual Yaro. It was a very inspiring read, and a reminder of the ebb and flow of manifesting. I take a step, and then the Universe takes a step, and so on and so on. I often have to remind myself to follow my inspirations, then hand it over as opposed to trying to figure out all of what to do next. I look forward to learning and earning more in 2010.
    Stay blessed.

  • Yaro,

    Happy New Year!

    “Leaving your comfort zone is a required practice for growth…”

    This is so true … you will never grow and develop if you don’t “move”. We must always set new benchmarks for ourselves. Always have goals and be working towards those goals.

  • Yaro…what a great way to cap the year/decade!

    Like you, I have becoming more attuned to universal law/power over the past year and, as you say, it really is amazing what can be accomplished when you get out of your way and allow the universe to work with you instead of trying to force results.

    January 2009 – I was sitting at the dining room table in my Mother-In-Law’s house in Michigan. I sat across from my wife, having just sold our house at a loss, both of us having just left our jobs and being on month 4 of sleeping on a sofa bed in the middle of the living room. It was at that time that my wife and I made the decision that we were going to fulfill an intention to move to California. We had no idea how things would play out when we got to California aside from knowing we had a friend to stay with for the first week after we arrived. Nonetheless, we made the decision, took the action and started our cross country adventure. From the onset of the road trip we just went with the flow and allowed things to happen, that road trip was the best trip I have taken with my wife (including our honeymoon in Hawaii). Sure, we planned a route to take and some sightseeing stops along the way. But, beyond it was just the two of us, no rigid plans, no ideas of what to expect, no deadline, just living in each moment.

    When we arrived in California this was a our M.O. We would take action and push our comfort zones, but let things happen as they were to happen without any pre-conceived notions of what should be. Each event was (and still is) and learning experience, no matter if it was in alignment with what we wanted or not, it was what it was.

    Now here we are a year later and I can happily say that things are working out nicely in California. I was able to find a great job very quickly after arriving in California and my wife is building our business, and both of us are living in the moment and learning all we can from all of our life experiences.

    As you said Yaro, when you eliminate your baggage and your self imposed limitations (both conscious and unconscious) you open up to an entirely new world where anything and everything truly is possible.

    Here’s to our continued growth and kick ass New Year.

    Cheers Mate!

    • I am so glad to read your comment, that it is difficult to articulate. It is inspiring and I hope that many others will find its message too. All the best to both of you.

  • Happy 2010! I’m sure your success will be completely off the charts this year as well. My 2009 wasn’t near as financially successful but I learned alot and did some decent traveling. 2010 will be my breakout year though.

  • Hi Yaro from across the ditch , here at Auckland NZ . where we are enjoying summer time & School Holidays at last, Happy New Year to you and friends.

    Many thanks for inspiring me to start our own Blog, it was like a light bulb switiching on, why did we not try this before ???, its so easy once you have learn’t a few tricks.

    I was already hosted a GoDaddy, with my web site, i wiped it clean , and starting the Blog was extreemy easy with them, it was already included in my account, all i had to do was switch it on, and start.

    Thanks for all your wonderfull help and content , along with Gideon, you guys have been a great help , in getting me started…

    Cheers Theo

  • Hey Yaro

    It was both comforting and inspiring to read your post and it was great to read a blog so honest!

    Your 2009 sounds like it is going to be very similar to how I’m intending my 2010 to be. I’ve just returned to Brisbane after 7 months of travel (working travel…) and can’t wait to get back to Melbourne to get a house, a car and build relationships. Just yesterday my girlfriend asked what was my biggest goal of 2010 (we almost always make them business goals) and she was a bit surprised to hear that relationships goals made up three of my top five.

    Similar to you music was another of them!

    I’m so excited about 2010 – I think it’s going to be an absolute belter.

    I am completely convinced that you move towards what you focus on and am determined to implement a lot more of the knowledge that I have in this area this year. I’ve been to enough Tony Robbins gigs to know that there is much more potential in me than I’m living at the moment!

    Good luck to you buddy – have a great year!

  • Thank You very much. Great post as always. My 3 goals for 2010:

    1.- Loose weight 12 Kilos (about 25 pounds)
    2.- Do Rubik’s cube blindfold.
    Still thinking on my 3rd… something about webs an internet.

    Thanx again.

  • I find it interesting that the two key people re the Law of Attraction would have biblical names – Abraham and Esther.

    What we think about – both negative and positive – can affect the way we live our lives and what happens to us in our lives. I wrote about this at my VA blog in 2008 and also on another blog relating to passages in the bible on the same topic.

    Every year I put aside a day to plan and pray over my goals for that year. I have the goals printed off in colour and laminated and stuck on a wall beside my computer monitor so they are seen on a daily basis. Goals kept foremost in the mind are more likely to be met. Perhaps this new year I should be planning/writing them at Max Brenner’s! Great location by the way.

    Perhaps it’s time for me to revisit those posts I wrote for my newer readers. Thanks for the reminder Yaro.

    • Among the things that put me off LOA are such names. I have serious doubts that they are genuine.

  • I’m happy for your success and you provide a lot of value to internet entrepreneurs everywhere. Too bad you’re falling for that stupid LOA bullshit. I don’t say that out of ignorance, either, because I’ve studied it. Don’t be surprised if you feel like you’ve been had down the road.

    I know 2010 will be a great year for you and it’ll be great to see what you do.

    Happy New Year! 🙂

    • Hey Michael,

      How about think and grow rich – have you read that one?

      • The Secret makes me angry and I don’t hold back when I rip on it. That anger isn’t directed at you or any of the other commentators. I have the highest respect for you and everything you’ve built here. None of this personal. 🙂

        I have indeed read Think and Grow Rich. Fantastic book. And nowhere in it will you find mentioned the so-called law of attraction. What Hill describes is observable and based on solid principles of cause-and-effect combined with a keen understanding the conscious and subconscious.

        Hill did not use laughable junk science to try and explain his observations and ideas. He brings up the “sixth sense” but he doesn’t try to rationalize it, he simply accepts its existence based on what’s observable. Think and Grow Rick belongs on every entrepreneur’s bookshelf. The Secret belongs in the trash.

        To many people, there may not seem to be much of a difference at all between the two books and the ideas they contain, but if you look at them closely enough you cannot but conclude they’re very different in subtle and powerful ways.

        Think and Grow Rich is like having an instruction manual for the mind. For translating thought and imagination into real world results—through action. The Secret is poisonous in how it switches cause and effect with each other and tries to bring in cringe-worthy misunderstandings of quantum physics to “explain” it.

        Think and Grow Rich can be used to actually gain wealth. The Secret seems more like a tool for people who have already become wealthy: they use it to assuage guilt, fear, and feelings of inadequacy and undeservedness by taking shelter in a modern myth designed to explain it. And when they do, people who desire to become wealthy see them as living proof The Secret works.

        The insidious beauty of The Secret is that if people try it and fail, they simply blame themselves because they didn’t believe enough.

        It’s enough to make me throw up in the back of my mouth a little.

        About the only thing The Secret proves is that crap like this will always be used to successfully deceive and fleece fools of their money. It’s as perfect as a conspiracy theory—in reverse.

        I don’t expect you to agree with me or see things the way I do. I respect what you said about the message vs. the messenger, and as an artist and writer, I know what it’s like to simply be the vessel for the flow of art. I can dig that.

        I could have saved myself a lot of time by not mentioning The Secret at all, but I feel that well-meaning people are being genuinely damaged by the thinking in it. When it comes across my path, as it did tonight, I can’t let it pass in good conscience.

        Thanks for replying to my comment and for all the great stuff you do here. 🙂

        • AP

          G’day Micahel,

          I made an analogy up for you that sums up your “Love” for the Secret.

          “The Secret is to Entrepreneurship what the infomercial spruiking
          “ab cruncher or ab twister” is to losing body fat.”

        • Fair enough Michael – it’s worth having all opinions public.

          I found plenty of the messages in the secret helpful, on par with think and grow rich, but I can see where you are coming from – it’s open to abuse, as are all things.

        • Michael, thanks a bunch for channeling me ;-). Even more so because English is not my mother tongue (nothing against the frogs? Don’t mean to put you on the verge of throwing up again). I would have struggled quite a bit, hadn’t I spoken through you mouth. Btw I learn a lot from you too, thanks.

          Yaro, although I think I understand what might “resonate” in you in this s…tuff, and thus why you “take it on board”, I also think that you deserve more, better than that. Have you read “Mindfulness @work” by Jon Kabat-Zinn and Daniel Goleman (none of them self-styled Doctors, Professors, btw)? Another “dimension”, IMHO. And these gentlemen have got nothing against making money.

          Please tell me you will never become an affiliate of the above-mentioned bull$hit (I’m being careful not to use any related keyword…), however strong your interest for internet marketing and affiliate programs. That would not kill me but it would certainly hinder my focusing on what you teach in your great Blogmastermind program (keyword intended).

          All the very best,


          • PS: for those interested “Mindfulness @ work” is avalable in audio-book format, narrated by the authors themselves, which is great: there’s so much in a voice.

        • Hi,

          Naturally i have seen the secret, read most of the LOA books and also own
          Think and Grow Rich.
          Honestly I would say all of this information has benefitted me equally.
          I now know we definately do manifest our thoughts into reality.

  • Hi Yaro,

    Thank you for being such an incredibly inspiration. I love reading your posts as they are always an enlightening read. I am currently going through your blog mastermind course and will never be able to thank you enough for putting together such a wonderful program.

    When I started, I was clueless as to what to do. I am currently on lesson 4 and truly believe I could make the amount of money I need to make to buy myself my first home and live the life I want without going any further in your program. However, I have 23 lessons plus the bonus lessons to get through! What can I say?!?!

    I am an introvert as well. I had no idea what that word meant but decided to look it up and it describes me to a T. But, I have wanted to build stronger relationships with my current friends and to grow my social circle like you have done. So, this is one of my main goals for 2010. I also plan on buying a home, traveling, and going from 3 subscribers on my blog to more than 10,000 before 2011 strikes. You make this possible.

    Happy New Year Yaro and everyone else reading this! May 2010 be the spark you need in life!


  • It’s always interesting to see how different a year can be for others. For me it was the worse year ever, but you know what? Every time I think about it, I think ‘Who the f… cares?’
    And to be honest, thinking about people who did even worse than me, didn’t ease the pain. In the end it were probably this facts that I kept walking from my road less traveled to the road the masses are traveling. However, I made it one of my life goals to escape that boring path again, that 96% of the worlds population is walking, as soon as possible.

    Just like you I like to watch the movie ‘The Secret’ so now and then, though I realized quickly that the ‘doing part’ that makes the whole thing working is skipped by most people who watch this movie. Sitting on your butt and thinking great thoughts without doing anything will not change your life. Do what you are thinking. To make it short, I agree with you when it comes to the Law Of Attraction.

    I also agree that the message is far more important than the messenger. Especially in the case of Esther Hicks (I saw the ‘The Secret’ without her). You see, when I hear or see her talking (channeling this Abraham guy) I think by myself: Gosh, you have so much interesting and valuable stuff to tell, why not cut this channeling part? What would make the difference? I think her audience would grow.

    In the beginning I believed this channeling stuff, like Ramtha, who has much very wise things to say as well, though her/his white book was the most boring one I read in a decade.

    Anyway, often I realized that I was focusing on the wrong things in 2009 and that were probably the things I attracted. But Yaro, as you know like no other panic attacks can kill all your creativity. This was the biggest obstacle to overcome when my whole personal and financial life was on the verge to collapse.

    I don’t have any resolutions for 2010 and this way everything I achieve will be a reason to celebrate, focusing on it and attract even more of it.

    I’m very curious if I’m able to comment on your first article of the year next year.

    Happy New Year!

  • Hi Yaro,

    Happy new year to you. I am a real fan of Ester and I have read most of her books. Your article is very inspiring, keep up the good work.

  • Hi Yaro,

    Happy new year to you. I am a real fan of Ester and I have read most of her books. Your article is very inspiring, keep up the good work.


  • @ Yaro @everybody

    Sorry for the typos in my previous comment.

  • Happy New Year Yaro – Firstly thank you so much for the impact you having on my family’s lives. My wife, my children, my brother and his family and our grandchildren.
    Through you we have become fans of Tyrone Shum, Gideon Shalwick and Darren Rowse.

    In October 2009 I did not even know you existed let alone heard about Entrepreneurs Journey and it was my 24 year daughter who inspired me to find you. Let me clarify. She hadn’t heard of you either.

    However her passion is writing and she said to me “Dad I have been writing in my journal about the changes I have going through since my separation from a bad relationship. I want to make breakthroughs in my life and my passion for writing is all I have.”

    I was impressed and she inspired me to find an outlet for her to express her thoughts and challenges. So I went to the internet and asked my best friend Google for help. And after some searching I somehow I came across you.

    Better still I saw you were from Brisbane (we are in Perth) and your names – Yaro as well as Starak – stood out. Names are important to me (every has one) and they give meaning to life. (The Law of Attraction?)

    I spoke to my daughter and said “I’ve found this site and this guy who has a “blogging program thing for sale” called Blog Mastermind and why don’t you have a read and then tell me your thoughts?”

    Two minutes into reading it her whole being just lit up! “Dad … I love what he has written!” and all I was focused on was making my daughter happy. I asked her again “Is this what you want to do?” She replied “Yes but I can’t afford it and I not really interested in the making money blogging part either, I just want to write and for people to read what I write.”

    I determined the fact that others could read what she writes is what lit her eyes up!

    My heart sank and I thought … Hmmm what can I do? I snuck off to the other computer and read through your content myself, watched the videos to see what it is that made her eyes light up and what got me was the work 2 hours a day and make money.

    Since then your thing on the 80/20 rule set me free. I have always thought something was wrong with me because like you most of the people I know seem to work all day, have different values and they look at me as being lazy.

    After checking with your staff I got the go ahead to buy the package, bought it and then gave my daughter permission to go ahead and start writing. I also started to pay attention myself and started my blog (my mindset began with getting a return on my investment) and seeing where this will lead us.

    As I write this it is 2nd January 2010 – Looking back and reflecting upon my 2009 has been exciting. My mindshift has matured because I like you turned down so many things I would normally do to focus upon my personal changes.

    You see in 1986 I made a decision to significantly make changes in my life (my daughter was 1 year old then) and I set a 20 year goal for my family. 3 years ago the 20 year plan came to completion and 80% of what I set out to do became a reality.

    So it was a no brainer to set another 20 year goal. We had to re-think, re-plan and set some new goals and this time I have decided to add on things far bigger than myself. More than I could think or imagine. It has to be bigger than me. We can’t repeat the last 20 years we have to do something fresh, something new, something bigger than ourselves and something we can pass on to our grand children.

    The bible says … ” A good man leaves his children’s children and inheritance …” and that is our goal. We have 4 grand children with our 5th one due in 3 – 4 weeks which means our goals for the next 20 years are in accordance to the trends of today and what is ahead.

    The 80/20 rule, outsourcing all resonate with us – thank you Yaro our family really appreciates you for following your passion. Blog Mastermind provides the How To process and Self Examination and Personal Development provides the Why?.

    That way when the new goals etc come to fruition who gets the credit?

  • Tim

    Hi Yaro,

    I’ve been following your stuff for a while now, and I think your blog is the most authentic I’ve ever seen. I keep coming back to it, because your stuff is interesting and relevent. You deserve your success.

    I am looking for that same breakthrough that you’ve realized in 2009. I am 50 years old and still not sure what I am looking for, however I am aware that what is holding me back are my THOUGHTS. I’ve been listening to a guy named Karim Hajee, and his stuff makes a lot of sense to me. He calls the conscious mind THE GREAT DECEIVER, and I am aware that I constantly fight my own mind.

    I like your thoughts on following the flow, but I can’t say I actually know how to do that yet. For all the great ideas that I get, as soon as it comes time to take action, I freeze up in fear. Then it’s on to the next idea, until I freeze up again, and the cycle repeats itself over and over again.

    I am terrified of commitment, and all my life I have been attracted to instant gratification types of activities. I actually had a successful computer business at one time, but I sabotaged it. I have done this with most of my intimate relationships too. For me, there’s always something better just over the horizon, and I can’t get comfortable with what I have right in front of me. Call it perpetual restlessness.

    Anyhow, bla bla. Thanks for the words of inspiration.


  • Thank you for this article and how it makes me think of what I did accomplish last year. It was a very full year and I hope will be fantastic this year. I finished four novels last year and decided to give back some this year to others and will be editing some new aspiring authors work. This should be very interesting. I will only be offering the editing the first two months, then back to working on my next novel. I enjoy your post and look forward to reading them all year.

  • I learned a lot from you! Thanks for always sharing. Happy New Year

  • Yaro,
    Thanks for an inspiring post and for your thoughtful posts all year. I also want to thank you and Gideon for excellent content in your Become a Blogger program. I am putting into practice, albeit slowly, but I’m going with the flow, techniques I’ve learned from you both.

    I wish you a very happy and amazing 2010!

  • An Indian wedding seems like alot of fun to attend 😀

    Looking back at the goals that I had wanted to accomplish in 2009, the results were mixed at best, there were good times and bad times, but definitely more good times than bad times. I think though I’ve been personally getting a broader vision of what I want, and I think in 2010 things for me will only continue to go up.

    Till then,


  • AP

    G’day Yaro,

    Nice post.

    Test question: Which Australian city held the most successful (cultural or sporting or musical) event ever held in Australia – the year 2000 Olympics? Brisbane? Melbourne? Adelaide? Why it was the magnificant harbour city of course! You can challenge the greens in the morning, surf the waves in the afternoon and go to the Opera by the harbour (or hard core clubbing of course Y.S!) in the evening!!!!

    Na just kidding – they are all wonderful cities in a very livable Country (ozie-ozie- ozie-oi-oi-oi!).

    Have you read The Celestine Prophesy Yaro? You probably have, but if you haven’t, I think you would like it. It’s a fun read with some nice psychological and spiritual principles dispersed throughout – which can be applied to everyday life.

    Have a great 2010.

    Sydney Tourism Board

  • Wow… it’s not always easy to come out so publicly in admitting that one is lacking in every aspects of relationship. It becomes more difficult espescially being alone is a true comfort zone. I know cos I am like that too.

    So I truly applaud you for your bravery.


  • Yaro,

    A simple question – are you really only 30 years old? Your wisdom belies your age.

    Thanks for allowing me into your life – I appreciate it.

    Michael Martine,
    I understand your concern about those that take the LOA too seriously. I, myself, have seen empirical/personal evidence that it doesn’t work and I’m glad that it didn’t. You see, in my late teens, twenty’s and thirties, had it worked, today, I would be a woman ’cause that’s all I had on my mind at the time.

    All joking aside, success equals presentation + preparation + implementation + persistence (because of another law, LUC, the Law of Unintended Consequences, throw in a little luck too). All steps require thought. Unfortunately, too many people feel that thought alone will get one to the promised land. That, my friend, is the false promise of LOA.

  • I couldn’t agree with Reed (Below) more. I wrote a long post on my previous website about the necessity of taking responsibility for not only everything we do, but also everything we expect to have happen to us. Imagining some mystical force that spreads good things is insulting to the many good people who have awful, unpredictable things happen.

    I am making a website in an unusual niche right now and one thing I know is that its success (Or otherwise) will come mostly from hardwork!

  • Well done mate.

  • You hit on so many things I discuss with myself daily, most of all how to enjoy life more, focusing on what is essential as well as spiritual, how to avoid being too introverted (as internet work can do that) but finding time to develop myself so that I may continue to grow and learn. Life holds so much for us if we are open and listening.

  • Couldn’t agree with you more Yaro when it comes to focusing on your social life. The value of putting people into your life is tremendous. Our business is all about people and whatever we do, it is for or about the individuals around us.

    You reminded us, in this post, that though we can achieve things individually and succeed on our own, with wits and technology at hand, the value of deep and intimate relationships is essential in making us the person we want to be.

  • I’ve read quite a bit about the Law of Attraction, and I honestly don’t think I’ve ever seen a better summary written. Well done Yaro! All the best to you and yours for the New Year.

  • I almost reached my goals in 2009, and I did much better in the last 6 months, than the first half of the year. But I’m cranked up and ready to go in 2010….so let’s get to it!

  • Yaro, you spoke about solidifying your belief. How exactly did you go about doing that? I think I really need to do that myself.

  • happy new year yaro, i hope you wish in 2010 can reached

    i wish in 2010 i can build my blog like entrepreneur – journey 🙂 because i really want like you can got a lot money from blog, i was change my blog topic from seo motivation to seo motivation for online income but my blog in indonesian language 🙂

  • Personal Development has helped me immensely in the last few years. Although, I did not set-out and do everything I hoped for… I did do a lot of the things I set-out to do. It’s interesting though, because now I am having a bit of a road block, but you know what those road blocks mean? Eventually some sort of clarity – he he!

    To be honest I saw a few videos on youtube of Abraham and I could never get into it, but one day I was in a book store and saw “Ask and it is given” and started reading it. It was quite an interesting book…not sure if Abraham is really an entity, but the words written were quite insightful.

    I definitely believe there is a lot to the idea of the power of positive thinking.

  • Very reflective and deep post indeed! You are an inspiration to many around the globe and that too at a young age – you most often do not sound your age – hey, in a very good sense 🙂
    Have a great 2010.. your readers love reading inspiring and motivational posts from you and of course great to know that 2009 was a good year for you…
    you have already inspired me to a new post on my blog – will surely acknowledge this post!
    This new year and always the few things that one can do for oneself ..

    1. Health – your foremost responsibility
    2. Enjoy – what you do, if you do not then act on doing what you enjoy
    3. Priortize – nothing great is achieved without planning, pratical implementation and Priortization – what do you want to do that matters most?
    4. Make Friends – it is human relations that counts the most in our lives – we cannot be complete without good relations that we build
    5. Be Positive – mental happiness and giving happiness is great – but for all that be positive – be an optimist – be hopeful for the best – ALWAYS….

    Best wishes,
    Shweta @ Careerbright

  • Hi Yaro,

    Thanks for sharing and inspiring us to think what we want to say ‘yes’ to in 2010.

    I especially like what you said about taking action, learning something and actually growing. No matter what it is we want to achieve, without the action, nothing happens.

    May your 2010 bring you every success you wish for.

    Thanks again and I look forward to your blogs throughout the coming year.


  • Yaro, first of all “Happy New Year” and all the best in 2010. Your blog has been my inspiration for a while now and the information you provide here is priceless. Thank you so much. Heres to even greater success in 2010.

  • Yaro,

    I think the bit that struck a nerve for me was building the social circle. I’ve built a fantastic crowd of people around me who I’m in communication with daily via email, skype messaging etc, but my circle of ‘physical’ friends is sorely lacking.

    Working from home can be quite a solitary job and it can easily take over your social life. You can soon forget why it is you started in the first place . . . to create more freedom.

    My goal this year is to build a better social life for me and my partner, friends that are near enough to be invited round for a dinner party, or meet at the restaurant. And get back into some of my passions which I’ve neglected, such as my fitness.

    This year it’s time to concentrate on the immediate goals of 2010 and not loose sight of them by dreaming too far ahead.

    All the best for 2010


  • Predictions are always made at the end of the year.
    Whereas the only constant in life is CHANGE.
    Wouldn’t it be better to look forward and change your intentions for the next coming months every several months – maybe every month (depending on your business).
    Keeping the same goals over a long time span can be wrong as you are aiming for a moving target.

    • Hey Peeter, you’re absolutely right. MAJOR goals should be reviewed every 3 months minimum. This would be the equivalent to a quarterly review in any company. Smaller goals, or action steps that need to be taken to achieve your goals need to reviewed daily or every other day. I think it’s good to review your major goals on a monthly basis.

      I advise NOT to review your MAJOR goals and vision too often (ie everyday), because after a while the law of familiarity sets in and it doesn’t serve to inspire you as much as it initially did. At the end of the day, always go with what seems comfortable to you. Remember, advice is just that…Advice. It’s not a law that has to be followed to the “T”. After all, what may work for me, may not necessarily work for you…you may have to tweak it a bit. I learnt that lesson after trying to use systems by Tony Robbins and other leaders in the Self Help area. What worked for them was a good starting point for me, (ie: saved me the hassle of trying to reinvent the wheel), but I had to try variations, and in fact I still keep adjusting when I feel it’s necessary. Hopefully this helps…

  • I am very happy for you, Yaro. Your inner development is admiral and I know how good it feels so I am very happy for you in your spiritual and emotional growth. I am also happy for you on the financial side and know that you will continue to do well. I hold you in my heart and know that you will continue to grow and excel. You are an inspiration. Thanks for everything!

  • New Years Resolutions?

    Whatever you do,don’t make “New Years Resolutions” for the sake of making them, or just because it’s the norm. You should do this because every year represents a significant time increment in your life. It’s a convenient time to review your life direction, and to assess what worked, and what didn’t. And for the things that didn’t work, why didn’t they, and what can you do in this upcoming year to overcome those barriers (be it internal or external).

    Your goals and visions for this year should act as a stepping stone to help bring your ultimate life vision one step closer, and if you don’t have an ultimate life vision, now might be a good time to make the time to think about that and record it so that you can continually review it and change it as necessary. Be sure to develop visions for each of the areas of your life…Financial, Physical, Family, Career, Spiritual, Personal Growth.

    “As you climb the ladder of success, make sure it’s leaning on the right wall!”

  • Happy New Year!

    Yaro, I really enjoyed your post. I am using it as a springboard to ask myself some important questions about my passion. When I fist started my blog I was full life vigor but as time passed I let myself get distracted and I lost the feeling of fun that I had when I was posting – My blog also lost focus and as a result I lost readers and I slowed down on posting.

    Now a new year is upon us and I am trying to refocus my energy as well as my blogs point of view and purpose.

    I was wondering if you you could point me towards some of your past posts that may have dealt with finding or re-finding your passion.

    All the best –

    PS if you get over to Ponchos ask for Jon and tell him I sent you.

  • Hey,I am a stranger here and find this article inadvertently.
    Here Wish you Happy New Year and everything you want will go on smoothly!!!
    It Inspire for me that 2010 has come,and we will process with working,learning,living and so on.We should thought about what we had done whether it is right or wrong,but the most important is we will better and go further in 2010.

  • Hey Yaro

    Great to catch up with you at Nishi and Venky’s wedding. Thanks also for directing me to your website. I have already learned much more about my website building and possible future blogging than I have achieved in several months of trying to get my website functional by stumbling through (even using a WYSIWYG editor). I am looking forward to heaps more tips and ideas. So thanks for the encouragement to check it out. Jeannet
    Happy New Year

  • Great Scott man — what a cutting question! .. it cuts right to the chase.

    It’s like a mini-version of the rocking chair test or the death-bed test — did you spend time on the things you wanted to? … did you lead the life you wanted to live? … did you make it through your “bucket list?”

    You’re a thought-provoking bloke, but hey that’s what we like about you.

    Wishing you the best in 2010!

  • Yaro, I have been following you for about a year now and it is amazing to look back at how you have changed. You have become more of a teacher, rather than a marketer.

    I look forward to following you in 2010.

  • I also wanted to wish you happy new year. Moreover, as Gordon noticed, many of us prefer to look at your articles as a kind of teachings. Thanks! and keep it up!

  • Before I proceed any further with reading this mighty long post, let me wish you, though belated, a very happy and prosperous new year.

  • Next, please permit me to go subject by subject. I suffer from ADD!

    Indian weddings when held outside Indian but in Indian style are spectacles. In India, they are productions. If 250 people came for that wedding, in India, the same family would have been very disappointed if less than 2500 people had come.

    It is an experience not to be forgotten. One tends to be overwhelmed by the noise, the hospitality and the general mayhem.

  • The next item, The Secret and the Law of Attraction. I am cynical about the whole thing. The old fashioned prayer system has now been repackaged and sold with mixed results. For some it works and most it does not. It did not for me.

  • Your review of the year gone by is very interesting and dare I say, inspiring too. I am happy for you that so many good things happened to you and I hope that the new year and the decade do the same again.

  • A much needed message for me Yaro, thank you. I have been following your blog for quite some time and this post hit me that I just had to comment.
    I am a fan of Esther and Jerry Hicks but I struggled with the messenger, I thank you for putting that in.
    In 2009 I have done alot of soul searching and this post fit in to securing my beliefs that have been changing over the past year, thank you!

    Have a great 2010!

  • Hi Yaro,

    This is the second time I have visited your blog. Both times, your messages resonated with me! Why? Because you are sharing with others the importance of operating from the inside out! You’ve given your readers a great outline on what it takes to control one’s own destiny. Now, it’s for them to color in the details of their dreams! FREEDOM is POWER! If we truly understood the POWER we had, we would all be unstoppable!

    I hope that you LIVE YOUR VISION more richly and fully in the New Year by building upon your successes in 2009!


  • Nice Post Yaro and the wedding was interesting.

    I live in Brisbane – never been to Melbourne (yet) but will plan to go as many people say it is a great place. I haven’t found the summer in Brisbane this year too bad. A bit humid but not unbearable. Mind you, different people, differnet constitutions.

    Anyhow, all the best for 2010 and thanks for the article. It’s so important for the coming year to take a look at what you’ve done and achieved previously.

  • The new year is always an inspirational time for me. It’s definitely time to gain some more knowledge towards achieving my goals, and putting the effort to make them all happen! But I definitely agree with you about building relationships. I’m too young to not enjoy the time I have right now, but can definitely juggle it with my dreams.

    Wishing you continued success 🙂

  • yeah in last year i focus at what i really want and i had good outcome to from that action. i hope in this year i can do my best and get more outcome than last year.

  • I have never had the patience to set myself new years resolutions – I don’t mean that negatively. I mean when i decide to do some thing like change my diet, give up coffee etc i do it right away. That means my life is improoving pretty quickly.

    But yes it is good to reflect on ones life to see where one is going. Too many people are like boats at see with no captain.

    And I love Esther and Jerry too! They were my first law of attraction teachers.

  • Im a plumber newcastle and im currently concentrating my efforts on online marketing, i understand all the basics and principles involved, but cant seem to find a reliable seo guy to do the work properly, all the good ones are out my budget, so i would like to learn it myself, can you advise a good course i could do, im based in newcastle (UK)

    p.s great blog by the way


  • Looks like one of my fav bloggers discovered Abraham. Awesome…. Peacce.

  • We all expect to start making money right away. But normally that´s not what happens, simply because we are not promoting effectively or we just don´t know the right places to do it. I know that when you start you want to see money fast, just to be sure that really works. It works, but you will have to spend some time preparing your business.

  • I am kind of interested in your comment about an indian wedding! You really didn’t go into much detail about that. What makes it an indian wedding as opposed to lets say a wedding with tourists or whatever?

  • Most of the year I did not – so it was a very unproductive year for me. Hope 2010 will be better for me…

  • Good post Yaro and here is to a great 2010. I think an Indian wedding is a must attend for everyone if they have the opportunity. 2009 was a decent year but 2010 is setting up to be a better year.

    Chicago First Time Home Buyer

  • Great Post Yaro, It’s so cool to see someone so young get a grasp on the truly important things in life, keep up the good work. I will be purchasing some of your products/services in the very near future.


  • Your MessageI’m making a video that is a Year in Review of 2009. So, what events should I mention in this video? I’m asking this question on Yahoo, just to make sure I don’t forget any important ones.

  • 2. Helping others to find enjoyment in who they are
    You can add me to this list. You have been a tremendously positive influence in my life. Actually I would say that you are number two – right behind Abraham!

    And for anyone curious about Abraham-Hicks – Yaro’s right – focus on the message. That’s where I was at first but now I’m a devoted student of Abraham and the change in me and my life is nothing short of miraculous.

    Thank you Yaro for all you do. I appreciate you.

  • Good post Yaro and here is to a great 2010.

  • I applaud your efforts to pursue good feeling experiences, Yaro. One of my first blog posts at http://www.goodfeelingplace.com/how-i-created-a-good-feeling-day/ was about the same subject (though with a different time scale).

    It’s interesting to me to read about the strong emotions that are elicited by mentioning the secret movie. Strong emotions are indicative of strong desires, according to Abraham. I’ve learned to point that out and call it a good thing when my wife feels strong negative emotion towards me – viewing arguments from that perspective allows our relationship to only get better. 🙂

  • Thanks Yaro for the inspiration and knowledge.
    Best Wishes for the 2010!

  • I have been working on developing my own social circle, I just moved to the area a year ago to be with my girlfriend, but i had to leave alot of my friends behind. I am looking forward to have friends to “hang” with again. It is one of my goals for the new year.

  • A much needed message for me Yaro, thank you. I have been following your blog for quite some time and this post hit me that I just had to comment.

  • 2010 is here and I am rearing to go. Just saying it sounds so science fiction. Wouldn’t believe it would be like this. Thought it would be a little bit more like the jetsons, but we have made a lot of progress nonetheless. Here’s to hoping that 2010 will be even more productive than 2009!

  • Its great to see that you were able to build new relations and were able to find your balance in life. I wish you the best of luck in 2010 and hope your success continues into this year.

  • just moved to the area a year ago to be with my girlfriend, but i had to leave alot of my friends behind.

  • Pua

    Thanks for emailing this post to your newsletter community. I might have missed it otherwise.

    Well, I did not turn down a 6-digit income making job in 2009 but I most enjoyed your 2009 retrospects and resolutions for the New Year 2010.

    I am not a big ‘retweeter’ but this one I did http://twitter.com/puahawaii I wanted to share your experienced + successful blogger knowledge with all my Hawaii blogger friends. My thank you to you for all your useful blogging advice.

    Hau’oli Makahiki Hou – Happy New Year, Yaro!
    Aloha Pua
    Best Hawaii Vacation Blog

  • I always enjoy your posts, Yaro. Congrats for finding some balance in life. I think it is one of the most important aspects of finding true success. As things around us always change, re-balance is something to continually strive for, as we learn, grow, and share our lives with others.

    I’m looking forward to many new insights from you in 2010 and beyond. Cheers!


  • I really enjoy your posts and videos, and the way you honestly open yourself in each of them. Every word that you have said is absolutely true, I very often listen to Abraham-Hicks and what they teach to us is so pure and good. And now I see how life connects all the points. I was subscribed to your blog to learn about blogging, and now I see that you also like their teachings. I wish you all the best for 2010, you really deserve it. This is sooooooo good !


  • Happy 2010! I’m sure your success will be completely off the charts this year as well. My 2009 wasn’t near as financially successful but I learned alot and did some decent traveling. 2010 will be my breakout year though.

  • Hope that you have a great and successful 2010. It is looking up for me thus far after the last two years were affected by the economy.

  • I love Australia! a friend of mine live in Adelade. I have yet to go to an Indian wedding but I have heard they are quite the event. I am a strong believer in the laws of attraction as well as Karma. As long as you are positive and work hard at everything and anything you do, success will follow.

  • I’ve been living in the flow for the last several years….it led me to Abraham and now to you! Awsome!!! I was thinking about blogging as an extra income….you pop up and than I find out your spiritual side! This tells me I’m on the right path! It’s those syncronicities that occur like magic….like this! Nice Post!!!

  • Very inspirational. It is very hard to change. I have had dealings with people in the past that if they could only tweek their outlook just a bit they would be better off. I think we are all on a journey to better ourselves, some just stick to it more than others. I find in this day in age it is hard, people have become callous mean and rude. Hopefully this will all change but highly unlikely.

  • Having a great attitude is so important. I am in one of the toughest industries around but I come to work every day with the intent on succeeding. Attitude in life is everything.

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