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The Laptop Lifestyle

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The Laptop Lifestyle Origin Story

Many years ago I was in the process of redesigning this blog, Entrepreneurs-Journey.com.

Prior to this redesign the slogan I used under my logo was Down To Earth Advice For Bloggers And Internet Marketers or several similar variations.

I decided for the new design to change the slogan from the more descriptive phrases I had used previously, to something more aspirational.

I wanted my new slogan to present an ideal, a way of life that people aspire to, which I personally have lived and taught for over a decade.

My new slogan came easily to me because I had used it many times previously in blog posts.

I called it the Laptop Lifestyle.

From Slogan To Community

Adding the phrase ‘Live The Laptop Lifestyle‘ to my blog as a slogan was easy enough, however I still didn’t see this as more than a concept to help describe what I do and help others work towards.

Fast forward to 2015 and I was having a discussion with three friends, Gideon Shalwick, Walter Haas and Nathan Chan during one of our Skype mastermind sessions.

I was talking about wanting to re-boot my membership community. I felt that I had not done a good enough job with it and I was going to refresh the program with a completely new software system, new resources and a new brand.

During the call Nathan said something that stuck with me. He talked about having a brand that can represent your movement.

My membership community brand at the time was the ‘EJ Insider Community’. It was a brand extension, building off the name of this blog. However I felt it really didn’t have a standalone meaning, especially to people who have no idea what the ‘EJ’ stood for.

As I thought back over the many years running my business I came to the realization that the most common phrase people used when talking to me about my work and their own business was about living a laptop lifestyle.

People would say they are working towards the laptop lifestyle like me, without any prompting on my part.

While I can’t claim to be the person who first used the phrase, because it was in my logo and because I talked about it in many articles, people started to see this as the ideal I represented.

It also helps that as I travel around the world I take a lot of photographs of myself sitting in cafes and other locations working on my laptop and share them on social media 🙂

The Laptop Lifestyle Brand

It was clear that the Laptop Lifestyle was going to be my new brand, my new movement.

First of all my audience had already associated me with it. That was a BIG sign. It also very much represents the kind of business I have spent my life focused on.

Long before the 4 hour workweek or phrases like ‘lifestyle design‘ or ‘lifestyle entrepreneur‘, I came to the conclusion that as an entrepreneur my goal was freedom, flexibility and lifestyle. My business was there to support me, not the other way around.

On a practical marketing fundamentals level, the Laptop Lifestyle has good cadence and alliteration. It means something just by reading it alone, plus it emotes a feeling.

Everything wasn’t perfect though…

The big problem was the .com domain name was already taken. The best alternative I could find was LaptopLifestyle.me.

I also wasn’t sure about the phrase sounding too ‘spammy’ — like a make money online scheme.

In the end though, these were not good enough reasons to not run with it. I made the choice to fully embrace this movement.

Bringing The Movement Together

Around the same time that I decided to rebrand my community I also saw very clear signs that I needed to start a Facebook group.

Several people like Kimra Luna and my new friends Jill and Josh Stanton had risen to success off the back of their Facebook groups.

I also noticed that my update notifications in Facebook were constantly related to groups I was in. It was as if Facebook was promoting groups more than anything else, which I am sure you have noticed too.

Considering how Facebook treated business pages (basically forcing you to spend money to get your content in front of people), I was slightly surprised how much emphasis Facebook was giving to groups.

While I simply don’t trust Facebook in terms of changing how they decide to distribute content, I personally like and use Facebook the most. It is my main social media channel, so starting a group made sense.

I could have started an Entrepreneurs Journey Facebook group, but I felt as a movement, the Laptop Lifestyle was more powerful. It felt like a goal, a destination, a purpose, something that people in my community desire.

As a result of this decision, I realized the Laptop Lifestyle was about to become a significant part of my business.

The Laptop Lifestyle Facebook Group

In January 2016 I created the Laptop Lifestyle Facebook group. You can join now –

The group started with just a few friends I hand picked to invite, then started to grow as I added an invite to join the group on the thank you pages of my blog (after a person opts-in to an email course).

In February after my Blog Mastermind 2.0 launch was over, I invited everyone on my list who did not join the course to stay in touch via the Facebook group. We instantly jumped to over 1,500 members after that and some real discussions began to occur (it was really just the ‘Yaro’ show in the group initially).

Another new friend I met in Toronto, Scott Oldford, was also doing some interesting things with his Facebook group. In terms of raw numbers his group was much smaller than others I was a part of, but this was deliberate. Scott had put in place a multi-form application process to help curate the type of member that joins his group.

I liked this idea, especially as we started to get quite a few spam members in my group.

We put together a new page at LaptopLifestyle.me, with a short form to apply to join the group. It’s still free, but this helps us to keep way spam/lazy people, and also learn about who applies so we can tailor the experience.

The Laptop Lifestyle Academy

To complete the full strategy that began back when I decided to reboot my membership community, I registered the domain LaptopLifestyleAcademy.com.

The plan was to transform the EJ Insider Community into the Laptop Lifestyle Academy. The ‘Academy’ would be the perfect next step for those in the Facebook group who wanted more support, more training and more personal attention/coaching.

My team and I spent several months completely rebuilding the community platform from scratch.

Laptop Lifestyle AcademyThe rebuild process began by moving to the Invision Power community forum platform (the EJ Insider Community was running off of the bbpress plugin for wordpress).

This new platform came to my attention after Josh and Jill Stanton raved about it (they use it to run their paid membership). At first I was shocked – Invision Power was the same forum/community software (previously known as Invisionboard) that I started my first ever forum about Magic: The Gathering cards back in the year 2,000! This was a huge blast from the past for me, but mostly I was surprised the software was still going.

The nostalgia factor, taking a look at what Jill and Josh had done with the software, having a good read of the features and the low cost pricing model, made selecting Invision Power an easy choice.

The software upgrade delivered the biggest improvement to my membership site, but we didn’t stop there. We cleaned up the navigation structure, created a much better organized training area, added new training programs, created incentives to reward active members, added hot seats, meetups, and a live chat powered by Slack.

The Laptop Lifestyle Academy really was a jump to a 2.0 membership compared to my previous setup. I also made sure to fully support the membership with a better followup email sequence to make sure members know about the resources available, and a dedicated person in my team looking after the membership.

All this rolled out successfully over the previous months, with the Academy going live to my existing membership (I’m going to publicly open up the Academy soon – Facebook group members will get the first opportunity to sign up under a special deal).

We Want You In The Laptop Lifestyle

Early in my career online my motivation was pretty selfish.

I wanted to avoid having a job, make good money, and have freedom to travel and do what I wanted with me life without worrying about money.

As I slowly achieved these goals, my focus became less ‘me’ centered and instead I started to see my purpose as helping to free as many other people as possible from jobs they don’t like.

I want to help as many people as I can follow in my footsteps, to never need a job again, and enjoy the freedoms that come from living a laptop lifestyle.

If you share these goals and you want help and to surround yourself with like minded people, come join us in the Laptop Lifestyle.

The Facebook group is free, all you need to do is spend one minute to fill out this application form the on the next page, click through to join the group –

When you are ready to get really serious and you want to work more closely with my team and inner-circle members, the Laptop Lifestyle Academy is your destination –

I look forward to learning more about your Laptop Lifestyle business goals.

Yaro Starak
Living The Laptop Lifestyle

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