How To Profit Helping People Become Famous – Interview With Laura Roeder

Make sure you look out for Laura’s cat – she features in this interview too.

This interview is a great story, which for many online entrepreneurs will seem very familiar – as it was for me.

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Laura is young, but she’s not young in terms of how long she’s been running an online business. Like many people who got started online, her first “business” was freelance web design, however today she’s doing something a little more unique.

Laura has various products, but one area she specializes in is helping other people become famous in their niche using social media.

During this interview you will hear a great example of a podiatrist (foot doctor) who followed Laura’s advice and basically become that famous online foot doctor guy, leading to all kinds of cool things happening to him.

I recommend you listen to this story if you’re thinking of leaving your job so you can get a feel of how a person can progress from one business model to the next, all the while making money. You may not have your ideal business in mind yet, but that doesn’t mean you shouldn’t start one. Like Laura, who just decided she couldn’t do the full time work thing, sometimes you just have to take a leap of faith and make a change.

How Exactly Does Laura Make People Famous?

During the second half of this interview Laura explains how exactly she became good at making people famous, including how she uses tools like Twitter to accomplish this. She believes in the power of personality, which is something she runs her business by, with most of her clients choosing to work with her because they like her. That might seem obvious, but there’s a powerful marketing lesson in there too, which Laura subtly explains.

On an interesting side note – one of Laura’s best friends was a star for a full season of the show “Heroes” and Laura ended up helping her develop an online presence. You can hear that story along with lots of other interesting insights, inside this great interview. Just click play above to begin listening.

Laura is about to open her Backstage Pass To Twitter program, and you can download her 7-page report –

Why Being an “Expert” is Making You Useless on Twitter
(Avoid These Five Well-Meaning Twitter Mistakes)

If you want to learn more about Laura check out

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  • Jon

    I never quite understood the attraction to become famous for “famous’ sake.” There seem to be too many people who are famous these days for no particular reason other than being famous. Interesting video and some good advice but there has to be a purpose to your passion of wanting to be discovered as fame is rather fleeting and empty in onto itself.

    Jon @

  • Another great interview Yaro!

    I’ve found that my animal blog has taken me into the media and am amazed at just how many calls I get because (they tell me) I come up under the topics they are searching over and over again.

    Like Laura, as a whole, don’t like Hollywood which is why I left it years ago but I do feel that the media is a great place to get to the masses to share your message and information.

    By default, all that training I’ve been doing has landed me some niche jobs in the SEO market and I love working with a web design company helping small businesses get their blogs noticed.

    I think the great thing about the online business model, is that there are so many options and, beyond following the rabbit trails, when you lock down what it is that you love to do and find people (or tools) to help you get there, it is a great, great adventure.

  • Very good informative video.

  • That’s really great to hear. I’m already looking forward to watching the video! Thanks for the post!

    • seo

      That is intelligence, thank you very much 🙂

  • I don’t know what it is about your podcasts Yaro, but I think they are the best. With most podcasts I can barely stay awake listening OR they are soooo energetic it’s dizzying(LOL).

    I didn’t realize it at the time, but I remember reading about her early last year. I didn’t realize that she was just getting her start though. It’s really great to see how her business is blossoming.

    I’ve downloaded the podcast to listen again, and again and again:-). I need the inspiration!

  • Great Interview.

    Laura mentioned a marketer coming to Miami soon. I did not catch his name?

    Thank You

  • This woman is the real deal. What a personality!
    I was engaged during the whole 39 plus minutes. Great guest, well done!
    The principals of great blogging transcend a myriad of businesses.
    I don’t think that the majority of the population appreciates how powerful these principals are.
    I continue to study while I cry over my pathetic blog. But like the Phoenix, I will redo my blog, rise from the ashes mediocrity, and create a brilliant piece of work that will enthrall the masses 🙂
    Many thanks.

  • I learned early on in life that people remember generosity.

    If you help someone achieve fame, they feel obligated to pay you back in some shape or form. Either with new ventures or at least a nice night out on the town.

    This obviously doesn’t apply to Scrooges that you decide to help 🙂

  • […] be making in your quest for “expert” status. I’m the featured guest this week for Yaro Starak’s video podcast […]

  • Yaro and Laura, thank you for this valuable information. I am definitely going to try Laura’s formula and will let you both know how it turns out! I am anticipating great success! Thanks again!

  • Your Message
    Great podcast. This is the second time I’ve heard Laura and both times were right on. I appreciate the sincerity in her real life perspective.

    I also like hearing her view that quality content will eventually grow the following. That’s been my strategy in the few months that I’ve been actively participating on the web with my dermatology/medical blog and now involvement with social media. Skin care is saturated but I hope quality information on skin health will resonate with people.

  • A great interview and very informative, well the 5mins I have watched so far. Downloading it now so that I can listen to it on the bus tomorrow 🙂

  • It’s always a pleasant surprise to see two bloggers whose feeds I follow come together, seemingly organic, when I look at new RSS articles. Kudos for giving me two doses of yourselves in one post!

  • Very interesting, thank Yaro. Great to hear how small, but powerful businesses evolve.

  • Awesome interview! That is all so true, I heard that in a book as well… that Paris Hilton is a brand genius because she always promoted other people’s brands… thus creating her own.

    Great stuff!

  • Great find Yaro. Not what I was expecting. What a unique biz she runs. I like how your finding all these people who operate in such a variety of industries, the leed exam, fuzzy yellow balls, now this. How do you find these people? Keep up the good work.

    This is a bit off topic, but when the heck is twitter going to turn back on that flash widget! I might switch to the java version as I dont like having a big ass black box on my homepage. Anyway, this is getting long enough.


  • mmm….interesting interview. Thanks.

  • @Jon My focus is on the small business – so I teach people to be famous as a pathway to promote their business and share their products/services with the world.

    @Edge Girl – that is awesome! And it is kind of crazy how easy it can be to be featured in the media just by consistently putting yourself out there.

    @Patrenia – Yaro is a great interviewer, he keeps the energy up! And so cool that you got to see me kind of “before and after” 🙂

    @Mark – Thank you so much! And you know the first rule don’t you – there’s no crying in blogging!

    @Danielle – Thank you Danielle, keep me posted on twitter how you do!

    @Cynthia – Thank you for the compliment. Yes, keep at it! A few months isn’t long.

  • great interview.

  • Really great interview. Thank you to you both. What a coincidence, I have been reading about how to leverage social networking for your business and website. I have now saved Laura’s site in my favourites list and signed up to her weekly newsletter.

    Good luck Laura with the rest of your business.

  • The interview is sound good. The way Laura achieved is not that much major subject. Every body can achieve this target if they will make perfect marketing strategy before going to do market. In case of social media, it’s hot topic to spread business in short period. But creating social media strategy is most important.

  • I can identify with Laura. Awesome interview! Thanks Yaro for putting this out there. Every time I visit this blog, I leave with a ton load of info that I can implement. You rock!!

  • Very cool! Thanks Yaro for doing this interview… She ROCKS!

  • This is great what I[ve been looking for for a few months now, interviews with Laura Roeder. and my next lunchtime listen , thanks Yaro.

  • Laura has various products, but one area she specializes in is helping other people become famous in their niche using social media.

  • I’ve never heard of Laura Roeder before, but an introduction from Yaro means she is definitely worth the visit, and I am heading over to her blog right now to go and see more of what this lady is all about.

  • It is an amazing presentation alright. Many insights that Laura offers are good for all of us and I thank you for making this possible.

  • Some great ideas Laura, enjoyed learning from this. I have not heard of Laura either, but I am sure we will be hearing more in the future. Thanks for sharing this interview with us Yaro.

  • This opens up a whole new world of “offline” marketing ideas. Great info!

  • Thanks for the great video it’s alway’s nice to see that there are other personalities out there that are also working on business models other than only the trading hours for dollars model. That’s also basically what most of my blogs and blogposts are about. So for people looking for getting coverage on other online media – as Laura talked about in the video – feel free to offer me your permission for publishing your guest post(s), about entrepreneurial tips, – experiences or write your compelling comments, becaus it’s true I am alway’s looking for quality content.

    All the Best,
    To your Happy – HomeBusiness – Inspiration,

  • Thanks Yaro and Laura.

    I have only recently stumbled onto your blog Yaro and it is awesome. I have just started my own service based business and got so much out of this podcast. Like others have said, for the whole 39 minutes I was captivated! I love to hear other people’s success stories and Laura’s was great. I loved the foot doctors success story also.

    Thanks again


  • Yaro – was this interview conducted and recorded with Skype?

  • To piggyback on the previous comment – how do you manage to land these interviews with all of these bloggers? Did you ever get turned down, and are thwy quite receptive to doing interviews?

  • Ha ha! Laura’s story is pretty much my story. I’m a web designer by trade but I can definitely see a better model in online ventures, rather than working for clients.

    I too couldn’t see the point of working at an ad agency taking 10 years to get an art directors role, there is definitely a more efficient path.

    I also don’t really enjoy designing for others, I’m a better designer for my own ideas! Strange but true.

    The only thing… I probably wouldn’t air my thoughts on previous clients, even if you directly haven’t said their name. Any future clients maybe concerned that you will air your opinions on them in subtle way.

  • Awesome interview Yaro, great questions. It’s always great to see people succeed when they put everything they have into it.

  • Wow! Laura made podiatry sexy! That’s funny and brilliant at the same time. There’s something creative about being able to recreate something regular or ordinary into something that people would find interesting. Identify these Top Hot Stars by their feet – lol! Definitely food for thought. Great interview, Laura and Yaro.

  • This opens up a whole new world of “offline” marketing ideas. Great info!

  • This opens up a whole new world of “offline” marketing ideas.

  • This opens up a whole new world of “offline” marketing ideas. Great info!

  • You give meaning to delivering great content. Both of you give practical, up todate and down to earth advice. Also both come as genuine good people. Thanks so great advice.

  • nice informative video.

  • It is almost the same dish named paella in our place, but the ingredients is a little bit different except the rice.

  • Love Laura! I met her out in LA at Ebens event and we quickly found out that we were both social media freaks!

    My favorite this she said in the interview is that her niche is “people that like her”!

    That EXACTLY how I do business as well.

    Authenticity will ALWAYS win in Social Media!

    All the rigamaroe and all the work do to get “traffic” often is fruitless.

    If people just would be who they are and talk about what they do and love and then nurtured the following they start to develop they start to EXPLODE.

    It’s just not that hard to do and Laura is so DEAD ON about this stuff!

    Glad you had her for an interview Staro.

    Good stuff.

  • Awesome interview Yaro, great questions. It’s always great to see people succeed when they put everything they have into it.Good stuff.

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