My Notes From The Ed Dale Internet Marketing Seminar

Over the weekend I attended Ed Dale’s 30DC Coming Home three day event in Melbourne.

Ed Dale, if you don’t know him, is one of Australia’s most well known and likable Internet marketers, who adds a uniquely Australian flavour to the industry. Currently he is most well known as one of the founders of the 30 Day Challenge, an introductory program that aims to take any person from absolute beginner to making their first few dollars online, and beyond, within 30 days.

Ed also has a rep for website flipping, having earlier in his career sold his website portfolio for $5 million dollars. He then moved on to teach how to build niche sites with Frank Kern using the “Underachiever Method”, which focused on creating small sites that each earned a few hundred dollars a month, and then pumping out as many of them as you could.

Ed is one of those types of people who likes to keep up to date with everything and anything going on online, with the eyes of a marketer and a geek. He’s constantly talking about the future before it gets here, and it’s clear this is a passion of his more so than a business interest – he just likes to geek out on technology, marketing, social media and the web, but always refers back to how it could be used to make money.

The seminar on the weekend was by far the most relaxed event I’ve been too, led by the TubbyNerd himself (Ed) wearing his sandals, shorts and geeked out shirts. This wasn’t a formal seminar with suits, or people attempting to keep up professional appearance or sell you anything. It was a bunch of experienced guys and girls coming together to teach a bunch of up and comers how to make money online, in the format of a casual conversation. Just how I like it 🙂

What Are We Talking About

Going into this event I wasn’t exactly sure what the topic was, since Ed and his team dabble in all kinds of subjects, from niche sites, to SEO and website flipping. It turns out what we got was all “of the above” – a broad range of presentations on keyword research, domain and website flipping/investing, offline and online lead generation and plenty of advice about search engine optimization (Leslie Rohde from the SEO Braintrust was a special guest).

At the end of each day hot seats were offered, where members of the audience could nominate their website for review by the speakers, which depending on how you look at it, was a brave thing to do. The experts really hammered some of the sites, but in all cases they deserved it! Most of the websites submitted needed some significant improvement.

I featured on a panel interview on the first day of the event, with Darren Rowse, Lynn Terry and James Schramko. Our subject was the “Third Tribe”, the idea that there is a spectrum online of people who are Internet marketers and do “evil things” to make lots of money, and then social media people (including bloggers) who sometimes on principle prefer to stay in the struggling artist category and not make any money.

The Third Tribe is supposedly somewhere in between on the spectrum, using money making ideas from Internet marketing, but not in quite so evil ways (this is very subjective of course) and leveraging social media as well.

It was a fun panel to be a part of, which although perhaps not overly practical, helped to debunk some myths regarding attitudes people have about making money. If you attended the event, I’d love to hear what you thought of the panel discussion.

The Cutting Edge Of Internet Marketing

One thing Ed Dale and his team are known for is staying up to date with the various new trends online and actually testing them as viable techniques to build traffic and make money. For example, Ed was one of the first marketers to heavily test Facebook Flyers (Facebook PPC Advertising) and then report back his results.

As a result of this I was excited to hear what the speakers would talk about, expecting to learn what’s new in the Internet marketing space.

It’s worth mentioning that this event was targeted at beginners. While there were some good nuggets here and there during the presentations I sat in on (I didn’t make every presentation – sometimes I hung outside with other speakers or slept in 🙂 ), the majority of the content covered subjects I was familiar with (the advantage of having ten years of online marketing behind you).

That being said, it was interesting to see how people apply techniques, even if I was already very familiar with what they are doing, because the secret is in the implementation.

So what did I learn? Here are some notes from what I took away from the event –

  • Much of the conversation talked about search engine optimization and traffic related advice, which fundamentally hasn’t changed. We’re still talking about title tags and incoming links as the most important SEO variables to focus on. In fact you can go way back to my series on Top 8 SEO Techniques from 2005 and much of what was written there still applies.
  • Video is definitely a key factor, with it heavily endorsed as an easy tool for landing and sales pages and very strong when it comes to user engagement. What’s not clear, is how exactly to rank video based pages well in search engines. Transcribing video content is an option, and the core SEO principles still apply, but it’s not as clear cut as text since the search engines can’t actually see what is in the video.
  • Based on the website review hot seats, most people have a long way to go with their websites. Nearly every hot seat featured a brochure style website with no or a very micro content strategy, thus very little traffic coming in organically, and a user “unfriendly” design, making it difficult to even figure out what the purpose of the website is.
  • People are still eager for “opportunities” to make money, for example, buying and selling websites and domain names both featured as presentations at the seminar. I’m all for those ideas of course, but there’s nothing new here that should force you to jump ship from what you are currently doing unless it’s time to try something new or you haven’t started something yet. Beware becoming a serial “ship jumper”.

Why Only The Few Succeed

Since I spent time talking to some of the experts in attendance, who all make significant money, and also people from the audience, some of whom are still finding their way, I was able to clearly see what separates the money makers from the dreamers who make no money.

The answer: focused repeat action

Take James Schramko for example. This guy has an idea and just gets it done. Anything he thinks could make money he tests by actually creating a website and driving traffic to it. The more he does this, the better he gets at figuring out what elements matter most.

Where I think most people go wrong is they become paralyzed with indecision, which results in little action to change what they are doing. This stems from fear of course, stories in your head which stop you from succeeding.

As I see it, people who don’t get results have a fundamental error in their thinking process. They believe they don’t have enough information or don’t know how to do something or fear failure, which in fact are all possibly real conditions. Instead of using those elements as motivators to go and do an experiment to learn and eliminate the fear of the unknown, they use that fear as an excuse NOT to do anything and instead, distract themselves with tasks and thoughts that don’t lead to success.

This is a pretty insidious thought pattern, but it’s very easy to fall into when you feel insecure about what you are doing. Doubt, disbelief, skepticism – fear – these are all very real feelings when you are building a new online business.

The act of studying more is commonly applied in situations, the idea being that education can shine a light on the unknown and other people can tell you what to do. This can be dangerous however, as often studying makes you feel like you are getting closer to your goals, especially when you hear the success story of other people because you “taste” the success, even though it belongs to other people.

In reality you only move closer through action, and while education is important, taking action is the only way to get a result, so sometimes you just have to jump in and start making mistakes until you succeed.

The Blogging Advantage

I’ll end this with one last insight I took away from the event that should make my members and fellow bloggers feel good.

Repeatedly throughout the weekend the advice given was that you need content to succeed online. Content is the catalyst for traffic and traffic is the catalyst for sales. As a reader of this blog you should definitely get this – it all begins with what you give people in exchange for them giving you attention.

As bloggers this is what we do best and throughout the weekend many of the experts kept saying “add a blog” or “start blogging” as a path forward to capture traffic from search engines.

In the context of the event, often the advice was to use a blog as the tool to execute a content strategy to improve an existing website, or as a means to start bring in the first visitors to a niche site.

There wasn’t much talk about going deep or building authority within a niche, which is largely because most of the focus of the event was about getting started online or entry level best practice techniques, which blogging certainly is – but it can go much further than that, it can be the center-point for your entire business, as is the case for myself and many other bloggers.

In other words, if you don’t have a blog, you’re missing out on perhaps the most powerful online marketing tool we have available today, regardless of whether you are focused on dominating one particular niche, or entering multiple small niches, or helping clients with their online marketing, or all of these things.

This event once more reminded me, that if I do one day finally run my own event, the opportunity to sell to beginners is always there, if you have the patience to share what you know and answer even the most simple of questions.

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  • Where about’s in Melbourne was this Yaro? OMG, was this advertised or promoted, did not here a thing.

  • Definitely do your own event, but I think much better would be a Yaro world tour 🙂

    • Lol – traveling is for the birds Chris 😉

  • LOL Yes, a Yaro world tour!

    I’ve been involved with Ed Dale & Dan Raines online for just over two years as a member of their Immediate Edge. It is chock full of info and the reason I am still a member is because they are on the edge of all things new.

    Since I studied with you (still one of my favorite programs), I’ve keep plugging along. My results are not as grand as those of some people, but I am still moving forward and seeing my online income grow.

    I’ve been checking out the Third Tribe forum because I respect some of the people involved in launching it.

    At the moment, I find great resources member have shared and subtle but useful information in the forums.

    However, as for the actual membership value–not sure if I will stay. I’ve read some scathing commentaries outside of the Third Tribe and know that Ed and the crew from Internet Marketing This Week will be discussing it again in depth–complete with interviews.

    Online marketing will always have people on different ends of the spectrum but it is what you do with it AND what you make of it.

    One of the things I’ve discovered through participation in different online events (still have yet to get to a live one) is that I can take away something new usually–even if that program is pretty basic.

    But also, the benefit of networking and working with the synergy created by a collective group, as Ed would say, is “awesome.”


  • Sounded like a great event. I have learned a lot from Ed and his 30 day challenge. His videos turned me onto to market samurai which has really increased traffic to my blog.

  • I really wanted to attend this but am travelling at the moment… thanks for the notes!

  • Take action! I’ve been hearing that a lot lately and with good reason. Probably the biggest hurdle for me is to read/study less and take action more. I have a ton of great ideas (well I think they’re great) that I need to put into action.

    I did action a few of my steps for instance, starting my blog, producing content, monetizing,…now I need to start working on creating my own product. Hopefully that will get started in the next few weeks and completed in the next few months.

    Thanks for giving us the update on the event. I like following Dan and Ed and try to complete the Thirty day Challenge every year.

  • Sounds like you and I are able to learn a lot from Ed. And it’s cool how he covered a broad range of topics rather than anything specific that way it keeps things fresh and you are able to have a general knowledge about various subjects as well.

    • Thanks for the summary and your take on the seminar. As one of the beginners at 30DC Coming Home, I found it a great mix between the technical skills, marketing, running a business, photography and video composition, SEO, current “best practice”, outsourcing and lots of examples of what can be achieved. Internet marketing brings these elements together and the seminar did a great job of presenting the jigsaw of skills needed to be successful. 🙂

  • Thanks for the summary and your take on the seminar. As one of the beginners at 30DC Coming Home, I found it a great mix between the technical skills, marketing, running a business, photography and video composition, SEO, current “best practice”, outsourcing and lots of examples of what can be achieved. Internet marketing brings these elements together and the seminar did a great job of presenting the jigsaw of skills needed to be successful.

    I’ll keep an eye out for the Yaro world tour!

  • Hi Yaro, very interesting read.

    I was wondering, what where the new online trends Ed talked about, this sounds to me like something worth reading, maybe you can post a bit about that, I’m very curious to know.

    Thanks for the update.


  • good summary. I liked the point on indecision and not actually doing something.


  • What a coincidence that you wrote on this subject at this time Yaro…

    Love the last part of this post, On why people succeed online and not.

    It’s so true how one can get caught in believing that you are “getting closer” to Online Success just because you consume information, but in reality, this can be a lethal, unproductive pattern robbing you from your Most Desired Outcome.

    I’ve been hearing of so many people lately who have all these great Online Business ideas, but it seems like they can’t get themselves to take action.

    And frankly, I’ve been struggling down that road before myself…

    So to specifically help those people out, to help Smart, Ambitious, but Struggling Online Entrepreneurs turn their dreams into reality, really help them stop just consuming more “what to” and “how to”-stuff… I just recently launched my newest project…

    To dig further down on this I would really love your thoughts and perspective, your practical tips on HOW TO DO SOMETHING ABOUT THIS.. How to break out of the info-consuming spiderweb, how to break the paralyzation, and how to start implementing..Doing, producing.. Taking Action..

    I know you’re terrible busy and value and invest your time carefully, but I would love to make an interview with your thoughts on this topic…

    Sorry this one became horrible long, but thx again, Love your stuff! Thx for still blogging 😉


  • You should do a seminar in Brisbane! Then I could come, and you wouldn’t even need to travel!

  • Just to add to the facebook flyers part that it’s essential these days for a business to have a facebook page, i was just at the food court of ab shopping center yesterday n they had a gigantic screen ad promo for coca cola and the bottom of the ad it showed the coca cola fb fan page instead of an unique promo landing page telling me that if the big players are doing why shouldn’t we?

  • Hi Yaro

    Great review. At first I thought “oh crap I have paid a thousand bucks for pretty low level content …” but by the end of the second day, while I was still feeling that way, even though I had found some great pearls of wisdom … it struck me that I really do know this stuff and that the learning treadmill is a safe place to reside. It offers a legitimate excuse why you are ‘getting there’ rather than a doing it. I think I mentioned that to you on the Friday night at drinks.

    So my main take away was that the looking for more information so I can do something is over. There is no more? The content at this seminar was all that you really needed to do it … really. And you have put it very well in this article.

    So my money was well spent in the end if only to get a kick in the pants 🙂

    PS: Was nice meeting you.

  • Firstly I like the concept of a third tribe of “honest” online folks who work hard to make a fair living for their efforts…..

    and then while we are on the subject, some cretin whose URL is hekimogluevdenvenakliye or something similar has hijacked my Nickname…..what kind?

  • Thanks for the summary Yaro.

    Myself and my business partner have just started our business and designed our website through Word Press. It has come up really well and now we have the problem of driving traffic to it. It was interesting about what you said about the website analysed in the ‘hot seats’, I hope our site isnt too bad! We are reasonablly new to online marketing and this this article and your site has given me plenty more ideas.

    Bring on Page 1 Google search results!


  • It’s great news. I think it would be nice event and definitely you would be presented unique topic.

  • What a pity that I am not anywhere in Australia!

  • Just take a look at the Warrior forum (WSO section) and you’ll see how people are making money in the beginners’ (and even with experienced people) market. There is truly money to be made there.

    • There is always money to be made in teaching newbies how to go about things…..let’s face it 😉

  • I find this whole topic of how to succeed in Marketing very absorbing. I agree with your point on fear and indecision and wonder if this is a particular feature of the Internet?

    I have a Physics degree and can quite happily do calculations in Relativity or Quantum Mechanics but found I.M. harder and it’s taken me longer to truly understand.

    Baffles the heck out of me why this is so hard to get a grip of!

  • Great recap Yaro. Ed was talking up the event for months and it sounds like it was a big hit.

    If anyone is interested, here’s the Twitter hashtag for those that attended. Some good nuggets in there:

  • I agree — throwing massive action, doing experiments, learning and responding are the keys to great results … it’s the agile way.

    You just can’t steer a sitting ship.

  • Thanks for sharing Yaro…the one about focused repeat action is definitely huge – persistence – BTW Yaro, isn’t this your 5th year now on your journey? Now that’s persistence! I remember following you since 2005. Wish I had been commenting on blogs since back then – would have been like getting into an IPO! Anyhow thanks again and please continue to share.

  • I was very interested in the Third Tribe discussion and agreed with the comments that it was very clever marketing….not sure who said that now.

    I wouldn’t consider myself a beginner and I still got a great deal out of the event. Leslie Rohde in particular cemented a few things in my mind once and for all.

    You might recall Ed talking about ‘just get something out there!’ Well that sort of goes hand in hand with what you’re saying here, about focused repeat action. Well I had a lot of fun at the event literally launching a product from my lap top at the same time as learning….throwing ‘perfectionism’ to the wind and taking massive action! I took your membership model of building out the content after launch and gave it a twist to suit a mum with children (think seriously time limited!) and it’s an awesome feeling, so thanks for all your advice! Gideon, the video legend, helped me no end too.

    I fully agree that sometimes you just have to jump in and start making mistakes!

  • Ya man, Facebook Advertising has been heating up a lot recently. Its all for good reason though. It’s almost half as cheap as Google, you can target your market WAY better, and people are more responsive because its FACEBOOK!

    • Matthew, I read recently that Facebook will start to manage their advertisements themselves and no longer have Microsoft do it for them. Should be interesting to see how that comes out.

      Till then,


  • Sounded like a good event. Thanks for the feedback and maybe we’ll see you at another one soon if I don’t see you in Brisbane soon.

  • Great post Yaro…Ed Dale is very laid back these days, but he does know his stuff :).

    I would love to hear more on your own strategies for using video and attracting more traffic.

    Love your blog!

    John Hutchison

  • Hi,

    I like your post about driving traffic! But how do you drive traffic to a site that does not have a blog?

    I set up my business site for fashion accessories two months ago and still have organic traffic to see!

    Does anyone have any suggestions I could use to boost traffic to my site?

    Any help is much appreciated! Thanks in advance!

  • Ed

    Yaro, am I right in thinking then that all you need is a blog and then just build off of it – instead of a main website platform?

    I liked what you were saying right away when I began looking into blogging = again for the third time – simple makes sense…create content and go slow and steady.

    I really like the informatin on your site anout advertising and showing the way you make money on advertising…thanks for this – Ed

  • I would love to attend seminars such as this one, but I can’t afford the expense. Which is why i try to absorb as much of the free info. available. Yaro: I think you should do your own event – if the price is right I may attend (long commute to Australia for me though).

  • I love the new hair it looks great on you and yeah the car looks great too!

  • I also want to attend internet market seminar. can you tell me Where can i attend a good internet marketing seminar to increase my knowledge……

  • Sometimes even with a few gems of knowlege its worth siting in a beginer class. Alot of this stuff is rehashed anyway. so if you can find someone who can explaine it diffrent or better. thats just great.

  • Actually, some sites get to the top of the search engines without a lot of content. However, I would advise making a decent amount of content anyways. However, you don’t have to go over 10 – 20 pages. Nonetheless, if you can do more than that than it doesn’t hurt.

    The amount of necessary work depends on the amount of competition for a certain keyphrase. If work is necessary then it must be done to acheive top rankings.

  • Great section on “Why Only The Few Succeed” … I think so many people including myself fall into this trap. I’m the type who likes to be prepared before going into battle … but I think there is such a thing as being overly prepared … at some point you have to jump.

    And in the end jumping isn’t half as bad as you initially thought … I would bet that those who are successful would say that most of their knowledge came from experience vs what they initially learned/trained for?

  • Only a very few people succeed as information marketers for two reasons. First, they aren’t following the right “game plan”. Many so-called gurus give out BAD information and advice. Some people follow that advice and get nowhere. Find someone with a TRACK RECORD and follow their advice. The second reason people don’t succeed is because they lack the tenacity to keep things going for the long run. This business requires regular and consistent effort OVER TIME. It is not a one shot deal. Do these two things and chances for success are MUCH improved.

    Here’s one person who knows how to help you. He helped me, and so will you. You can check out his site, it’s

    Just a head’s up, he has been marketing and selling information products for 25+ years. To add, he’s the author of over 15 books, including “Selling Information”.

    I HIGHLY recommend his services. He’s certainly the BEST in his field.

    Cheers to your success!
    God bless.

  • Nice review and a few really good takeaways, Yaro. Thanks.

  • RTA

    I did Ed’s 30 day challenge for 2 years. In those times I did learn a lot from him and others involved with the challenge.

    I am one of the examples of those that did not succeed with blogging. I have moved on to other online ventures.

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