Why You Need Your Own Product – Membership Site Mastermind Open

Rather than throw you head first into my very long sales page for the opening of Membership Site Mastermind, I’m going to show you just the video here on my blog, to help keep you on focus 😉 .

This video was taken directly from my sales page, however it’s full of great content – not just a pitch – including my story about why I decided to launch a membership site after spending the previous year writing an ebook (which I still haven’t released!), how I launched my membership site and why I think it’s so important you sell your own product online if you want to make serious money.

Here’s the video, just press play to begin:

[flashvideo filename=http://membershipsitemastermind.s3.amazonaws.com/msm-promo.flv&image=http://www.membershipsitemastermind.com/signup/images/video-msm-intro-1.jpg /]

I encourage you to watch this from start to finish whether you want to join my membership site training program or not and even if you have seen it before.

After watching this video if you’re keen to join the program, you can sign up here –

Join Membership Site Mastermind Here

Or if you want to read all the details about the program, you can view the full sales page right here –


If you have any questions, please leave a comment to this blog post and I will reply as quickly as I can.


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  • I am currently working through your free ebook now. The idea of having my own product is something that I am really aiming for and maybe a membership site will be the way for me. Best of luck with the latest launch.

  • I want to have my own membership site too. I even found software for it. Now I have to find an idea for my content. That it I have an idea, I only need to put it in right words. Good luck Yaro. Good chances I’ll join you soon too! 🙂

  • But I’m an affiliate selling others high priced, questionable quality, health care products to financially challenged people. Do I still need my own product?

  • I too have been considering selling my own product soon. Me and my partner own a small business. We shall definitely be considering signing up. 🙂

    Till then,


    • Here’s why I give little thrift to ANY blog that is clearly about marketing, how to market something.

      Little if any content is ever really interesting, and is geared solely towards getting me to open my wallet.

      The few times that I have taken the time to do more than cursory research, it turns out, that the product is generic, repackaged basics that have a few twists added to try and make it appear different or special. Rarely is it something that isn’t freely available to anyone willing to take the time to do some basic research on their own.

      I’ve spent the last year working on my understanding of marketing, ranking, monetization, and visitor stats. I run a web store, write commercially, and do a lot of SEO work for friends.

      I’ve come to understand a few things.

      The internet is no special environment when it comes to selling a product. The same rules, necessities, and strategies apply as they would for a brick and mortar store. I like to think of my presence online as just being my virtual building where I do business, and that I would be doing the same thing if I were to drive to an office everyday.

      The internet only presents a DIFFERENT way of reaching customers. Rather than publishing flyers, buying printed adspace, and other parts of traditional marketing advertising strategies, you are doing the same exact thing, only in a virtual envrionment.

      There is no special strategy, no perfect methods, and there are no secrets to monetizing your presence on the web. It’s no different than a real brick and mortar business. You have a good product or service, you offer it to as wide an audience as possible, and you maintain a high level of customer confidence and satisfaction.

      I’m on Twitter, Facebook, and the like. The more I engage in marketing myself, the more I am amused at how so many view internet marketing as some complex process, that requires an individual have special knowledge and insider secrets in to successfully use it. 80% of the followers that join the various Twitter accounts I manage, are constantly tweeting secrets for getting rich online.

      My spam filters get overloaded on my blogs and domains with one “expert” after another trying to sell me “an amazing tool that I honestly have to admit is the best thing I have ever come across for making your website a money making machine!” and the like.

      It’s amusing, because knowing what I know, they are 99% of the time full of it. If these secrets and tools are so great, why are they selling them instead of using them themselves?

      I tell everyone the secrets to making money online all the time. Few ever listen. The ones that do, usually don’t pay attention until they see me start a campaign, how easy it really is, and are around a couple months later when it starts to pay.

      I’ll tell the secrets right here, free of charge.

      Educate yourself, produce quality content, be consistent, and followup.

      Follow those four things, and you WILL succeed. The only determining factor is how willing you are to work. In other words, there are no secrets, the internet is not a place to get rich quick without hard work.

      • Seems like a strange comment, why would you bother coming on here if you think its all baloney?

      • Hey Paul, I agree with most of what you said.

        You can educate yourself without the help of anyone, become an expert, then produce quality contents for everyone. But, this took some time. If you want to accelerate your learning process and minimize the trial and error, having a mentor and joining a course might not be such a bad idea. We all learn differently after all.

        • I agree having a mentor is always nice. The hardest part about any of this is learning the nuances of internet marketing, and if someone can show you how to do it properly then great. Problem is, what works for one person, does’nt always work for another, and there is no set program for making things work online. Just like in real life, no business is gauranteed to produce, and thinking because you bought someones system that it will work for you is unrealistic. If someone ran a bakery in real life, and made 100,000, then told you all you had to do was buy their program on how to do it too, do you think it would work? Do you think that ANYONE could do it?

          Course not. Maybe this program would work for a few folks, but I doubt it would be many. If it did, there would be quite a few folks here making some nice income using these programs, instead of selling them.

          The really valuable knowledge comes from watching what internet marketers DO, not from buying what they sell.

          I’m not trying to down Yaro here. Maybe he really believes in his system, and that fine. I’m trying to point out to a lot of folks, that no matter what you try online, success means hard work and perseverance.

  • Hi Yaro,

    Amazing Video!

    Good luck with your launch, your content is second to none!


  • We forgot to mention (above) that product creation is by far the most profitable and recognised method of generating significant revenue as well as brand reputation and subject or topic authority.

    Although individuals may not be able to release books at the frequency we do, it is possible for individuals to create high quality electronic books, audio books, video programmes and other information publications within five to six weeks or less. We have even known of individuals who have created quality products within 72 hours.

    If a person does not like writing, there are excellent speech recognition software packages available that allow a person to speak their books into editable text/ type–this alone could cut production time by up to 75% or more.

    Best wishes


  • Thanks for the post Yaro. Although I do agree that making your own product is indeed the best way to go, remember that for some people they may not have the time / knowledge / skills / money to create their very own products from scratch.

    In my case, even though I own a blog, I still am using an affiliate program that’s actually setup to look like my own personal business. Why am I using this method? Because the creator of the program had to spend over $100,000 dollars to set it up.

    I doubt that new internet marketers have that sort of money just lying around 🙂 But thanks again for the interesting post.

  • Yaro, I am a customer of yours, albeit working very slowly through your “tick the boxes” program.

    You will be proud of me as I have set myself a deadline of 1st May, 2010 to launch my “Zero To A Hundred K in 30 Days” Blueprint. This is a Blueprint for wannabee and existing Lawnmowing & Gardening Contractors – showing them how to build a $100,000 a year business in 30 days.

    A tease description of the Blueprint can be seen at http://www.yourlawnandgarden.com/2010/01/22/the-zero-to-a-hundred-k-in-30-days-blueprint/

    The http://www.YourLawnAndGarden.com blog is an Internet Based Membership Site / Club for LawnMowing, Gardening and Landscaping Contractors where they can Learn, Earn and Save More – I will tell you more later in the Private Forum!

    The main purpose of this comment is to Thank You for your Membership Site Mastermind program, as it is worth every cent of it!

  • Ron

    I am a fan of you and I am still reading your free and awesome ebook. After reading this one, I might consider joining the Membership site mastermind.

  • Good and informative video, Yaro. I sure learn a lot from just watching that video an reading your Membership Mastermind ebook.

  • Great video. I have recently launched my first membership site and am eagerly looking forward to putting into practice your suggestions.

    Thank you so much

  • Yaro, that is one LONG-FORM sales video. I’d be curious to see a split test with this video and a shorter one in terms of conversion rates.

  • I wonder why paul is here is if he has the formula to success down pat? Yaro has always given quality content and I’m sure this time its no different.

    • I don’t recall saying I had anything “down pat”. I’m here because I noticed Caroline Middlebrook noted Yaro on her blog so I took a look. Didn’t realize I had to be an adoring fan to have an opinion.

      Let me put it this way. I have been personally running my own net business for just under two months. TOTAL. Thats from start up, to taking on jobs. I’m well past a couple thousand for 1 month of actual work, and am looking at possibly doubling or tripling that in another month. My blog in 1 month, without any real promotion, has over 1000 unique visits this month and it’s nothing but ramblings. Not spectacular, no. But, I did every single bit of it solo. No programs, no mentoring, no paying anybody for their “system”. Just me, my PC, and a lot of research and learning.

      Now, I have to wonder, how well would I be doing, if I had spent my time trying to make someone elses ideas work, instead of educating myself, and working with my own abilities?

      What happens if the system does not work for you?
      What happens if the platform becomes obsolete next month?
      Are you going to know how to market yourself, bring in traffic, optimize code or anything if the need arises.

      Point is, as I said, I’m not downing Yaro. The irony of it is what gets me:)

      And no, I am not advertising anything. I am not after leads, or looking to sell anyone anything. Just commenting on something that got my attention.

  • Its a very nice guarantee. You can not find this kind of offer anywhere specially you feel how yaro want his member to be successful.

  • Yaro, my girlfriend and I just signed up for your Membership Site Mastermind course, we are excited and looking forward to getting started … btw great way to upgrade users at the final purchase process, we happily upgraded to also get the Blog Mastermind course … looking forward to your SEO eBook, can’t wait to read that!

  • Yaro:

    Relying on advertisers can be risky because they may not renew, but isn’t that a similar premise for a membership site? In other words, members can cancel as well. I’m not sure how the two differ on that one point.

    Great post.

  • Great Post and Video Yaro!

    I like how you breakdown what happens and the steps to setting up a membership site. I am slowly but surely considering releasing and e-book. a membership site is another that I’m considering.

    Thanks for such great information!

  • Hey, I did it!

    I launched my own product to help people identify the source of traffic that becomes a buyer. Designed for ClickBank originally, but works with any affiliate network that allows a tracking id.

    Launch went well, now looking for more JV opportunities.

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