Do You Want A Copy Of My Definitive Guide To SEO For Bloggers?

It was early 2006. I had been blogging for over a year and felt I had achieved something.

My blog had recently surpassed 1,000 RSS subscribers (what is RSS), making it at the time the most popular website I had ever built. The income was solid – up to $2,000 a month at best – and it was growing. I loved what I was doing.

My plan, based on all the Internet marketing advice I studied from the experts to “create a product”, was to start by releasing an ebook to test the waters as my first product. I had already begun to grow my email list, focusing on the idea of teaching other bloggers how to build traffic, since I felt that was something I was becoming good at.

One of the keys to my success with traffic was how well I was doing in organic search results. I was literally famous in the Internet marketing space because all the top Internet marketers would find my blog when searching for their name or their products or terms related to our industry.

This is incredibly powerful leverage, if you want to meet important people in your industry, or as an affiliate marketing technique, because you can just write about something often enough if you want a top ranking for a certain term or name.

My blog’s solid search engine performance has continued as a trend today, with about half the traffic I attract to this blog still coming from Google search queries. Considering how much more competitive the environment is now, with so many blogs on the same topic as this one, I consider my consistency an achievement.

I don’t really talk about Search Engine Optimization (SEO) much on this blog anymore, mainly because I don’t believe much has really changed over the past few years. The fundamentals are still the fundamentals. You will find plenty of articles on SEO in my archives under the SEO category if you’re keen for study materials.

However, SEO was a huge part of my early studies of Internet marketing, primarily focused on attracting more traffic to the business I used to own,, a proofreading service. When I was running that business, 50% of new client acquisition came from Google search, which was important – it made the business much more hands off for me to run when you have a steady stream of customers coming in without advertising expense.

As a result of the focus I had back then and the results with my blog, I considered myself half-decent at SEO. By no means was I an expert, and I certainly didn’t pretend to be one, but I felt I knew enough that I had something to share.

SEO For Blogs by Yaro StarakAs a result of this, my intended first product, was to be an ebook called “The Definitive Guide To SEO For Bloggers“, which as you can guess, was designed as a guide to help bloggers improve their search engine rankings and attract traffic from Google and the other search engines. The ebook was almost complete and I even went so far as to have a cover created for it, which you can see inset (including the big haired, old suit photo version of me).

The book was never sold publicly because I decided to release a course on traffic. I can’t really remember why I decided to switch gears so late in the development of this product. It could have been because I thought selling a course at a higher price would make more money, but it was more likely due to some kind of fear based decision making or distractions. I just didn’t have the follow-through at the time to do a launch.

I registered the domain name, which I still own, and focused on releasing that program instead.

Of course if you know my story, the product never saw the light of day either, so I ended up having a 75% complete course on Blog Traffic, and a near complete ebook on SEO for blogs. Thankfully the third time I finally got something out the door, and released Blog Mastermind as my first product. The rest is history.

Definitive Guide To SEO For Bloggers – Revamped And Ready For Release

I recently began reviewing my ebook on SEO for blogs and was quite impressed to see that it’s still full of fantastic advice. It only requires about 10% revision work and I believe it could become one of the most helpful, and true to my style – simple guides – to follow on how to get more traffic from Google to your blog.

The book is over 100 pages and includes insights into how search engines work, how to optimize the internal structure of your blog, some very solid advice on linking strategies – including 75 link building techniques, with some case studies of my own experience using them – a quick launch checklist, and more.

It’s all content of course, direct from my experience and research, into your hands.

So do you want a copy?

I will release the book for sale later in the year, however I have some good news for you if you want a copy now.

I’m going to include a fully revised and updated version of my Definitive Guide To SEO For Bloggers to every person who joins Membership Site Mastermind by Tuesday the 16th of March at midnight Eastern US time.

This is the primary bonus (there’s more below) I’m throwing in as an enticement and I can’t think of a more powerful companion ebook to go along with the membership site course.

To launch your membership site you’re going to need an audience, and using a well search engine optimized blog has to be the most affordable (almost free) and long-term viable technique available. You just need to do the work, and the Definitive Guide To SEO For Bloggers explains this in some detail.

As one final enticement to make this an irresistible offer (or bribe!) to get you into my membership site coaching program, I’m going to throw in my entire mega-bonus pack, which I’ve outlined below.

How To Claim The Bonuses

All these bonuses will be sent in an email to all members of Membership Site Mastermind (including any person who has already joined this week and all my previous members – see I look after you too!) on Wednesday the 17th, that’s next week.

To make sure you get that email with all the bonuses, you have to join the program by Tuesday at the latest, if you join after, you will miss the email.

Note you won’t get the bonuses immediately after joining, you get them on Wednesday, so busy yourself with the course itself until then.

Here’s the sign-up link when you’re ready to go –

The Definitive Guide To SEO For Bloggers Plus Mega Bonus Pack

Here is a break down of all the bonuses –

Bonus 1: The Definitive Guide To SEO For Bloggers (Revamped for 2010 and never before released)

SEO For Blogs by Yaro StarakYou score the entire 100+ page ebook written by me (Yaro) as a complete guide on how to optimize your blog for search engines and attract waves of free traffic.

Inside the guide you will learn –

  • My simple three step secret formula that is the foundation of my blogs search engine success
  • An outline of how search engines work so you can give them what they want, rather than fight them (this is so simple when you think about it, yet incredibly important too)
  • A guide on how to optimize the internal structure of your blog to give it the best chance of ranking well – and you only need to do these things once, it all happens on autopilot after that
  • A link building guide, including 75 detailed link attracting strategies where I explain techniques I’ve used to attract authority links to this blog
  • How SEO fits into the overall blogging formula, which if followed, can result in life-changing income, fame and real recognition for your work

Bonus 2: My Live Presentation On Buying and Selling Websites

I very rarely present on stage, and besides the people in the audience when I’m on stage, most people never see me talk in person.

This presentation is from an Andrew and Daryl Grant 4-day workshop held in Brisbane, Australia. My talk was about how you can buy and sell websites for profit, and includes –

  • A breakdown of my formula for website flipping, which focuses on a certain type of website
  • Three real life case studies where I show you what websites I purchased, how I made them more profitable, and then sold them
  • How I automated the management and “renovation” process so I could flip sites as a passive income strategy
  • Where you can go to find websites for sale and how to get the most money for your website when you are ready to sell

Bonus 3: My Live Presentation Of How To Build A Massively Profitable Blog

This presentation is also from a Grant’s workshop, but this time in Sydney and the topic is all about making money from blogs. This is a comprehensive presentation, talking about the foundation of a successful blog and includes –

  • What structure you need in place to start blogging the right way
  • How to create powerful blog content that attracts people like a magnet
  • What methods are available to really ramp up your income from blogging, that goes way beyond just adsense
  • How to use your blog as a lead generator for a proper online business, not just a hobby

Bonus 4: The Keys To A Powerful and Profitable Blog Training Videos

These are special recordings of some of the key concepts that go into building a successful blog. This content has only ever been viewed by the paying members of the Become A Blogger Premium program and features 100% content from me, Yaro Starak.

The focus of these videos is very practical training on how to build and then profit from your blog. If you are looking for the specific techniques I used to build my blog and still use today to profit from my writing, this series of 13 incredible videos will help you. Topic covered include –

  • The critical pages your blog must have if it is to succeed
  • How to find your focus when blogging
  • An in-depth look at what Pillar Content is and how to create it
  • 7 Quick and easy ways of getting Traffic to your Blog
  • How to profit selling advertising and promoting other people’s products
  • And loads more on Building Traffic and Making Money through blogging

This really is an incredible bonus, you don’t want to miss these videos.

You can join here –

Bonus 5: “How To Use The Power Of Video To Market On The World Wide Web” – Teleconference Recording With Gideon Shalwick

During this fantastic call with Gideon Shalwick I drilled him on how exactly he creates quality video using both PC and Mac. Gideon started off as a PC user and later switched over to Mac, so you’re going to learn why he did this, and what exact software and tools he uses to create video.

Here’s what you will learn in this audio download –

  • Exactly what kind of equipment you’ll need to record perfect video
  • The secret formula for creating powerful video scripts
  • How to setup your shooting area to increase the quality of your videos
  • How to capture and record your first video
  • How to edit your video using a free and easy to use editing program
  • How to get your new video onto your own blog or website

Bonus 6: “How To Boost Critical Conversion Points In Your Blog Business” – Teleconference Recording With Will Swayne on testing elements of your blog and email newsletter to improve conversion rates

Will Swayne and his company,, helped manage all the conversion testing for my business in 2008. They tested my opt-in forms and sales pages to increase conversion at each point in my business process.

In this recorded teleconference with Will, we reviewed the critical conversion points of a blog business, including –

  • What are the critical elements of a blog post to test to make more sales
  • How to sell more affiliate products by improving upon what you already do
  • Simple tweaks you can make to your email newsletter to improve open and click-through rates
  • How to change your newsletter opt-in form to boost how many people join your email list
  • And lots more simple tips to improve your conversion rates…

Mega Bonus Pack Available Until Tuesday Next Week

All the above bonuses are going to be sent via email to all the members of Membership Site Mastermind on Wednesday the 17th of March 2010. If you don’t join by Tuesday, then you will not receive these bonuses.

All the details about my membership site coaching program and the order form are here –

I can’t wait to see you on the inside of my program, and congratulations if you qualify for the bonuses.

Yaro Starak
Throwing In The Kitchen Sink

About Yaro Starak

Yaro Starak is the author of the Blog Profits Blueprint, a report you can download instantly to learn how to make $10,000 a month, from only blogging 2 hours per day. You can find Yaro on Facebook, Twitter and .

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  • Geez, how I wish I could join now. Maybe next time you open the doors. By then I will have the best soccer blog in the world.

  • Yaro, I will be keeping an eye out for this ebook (I really want this ebook!!!) … the thing that most interests me right now is “how to get and/or increase traffic” (with a key focus on SEO, since its a little bit more long term).

    I saw your video yesterday, an noticed you mentioned your first product that you scrapped (my interest was peaked), so its a pleasant surprise that you are positioning yourself to release it.

  • That looks really cool Yaro and I thinkit would be something that could help me out.

  • Looking forward to the release of your ebook! Many are looking for ways to make money online and I think you did just that so why not learn from your experiences?

  • Yaro, as an existing customer of your program I can say this is a big plus in developing and enhancing your relationship and kudos with your audience.


  • Wow, such a book with your all secret revelations?

  • looks very good, will get it soon ๐Ÿ™‚

  • Joy

    Hi Yaro,

    Any chance those of us who are already students might snag a copy? ๐Ÿ™‚

    And oh, I wanted to let you know that West just finished an interview with me…so I’m still moving forward, thanks to you!

    Joy – the Singing Master…..because You Deserve To Be Heard!

    • Hi Joy, as I wrote in the blog post, all current and past members of Membership Site Mastermind will receive the bonus pack email next wednesday, so that includes you!

      Congrats on the interview as well!

  • Yaro you supply great content and its always fresh thank-you for the great tips interviews and for your blog.

  • Ron

    That date is marked on my calendar. I might tell my friends about this release so wen can all have our own copies.

  • Definitely sounds like an awesome product. I’d love to get my hands on a copy.

  • Well Yaro, you are so kind to this. Your tips are always profitable
    and useful…. I have joined your blog master mind but not
    yet the membership mastermind.

    Well may be later since I’ve got too many projects
    on hand!


  • Hi Yaro … you go from strength to strength, and stay free.

    Is this mostly because you persevere? Maintain a standard line? or what?


    • I think it’s because I use simple systems and focus on my strongest leverage points.

  • I am need a company that will market my company directly, but not with spam, seo, . I want a way to get people talking about my website..

  • They say that their way of marketing will hype your website and drive people to it. I believe they use many of the techniques you’ve listed(bloggers, social networks, etc…

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  • Hi Yaro,

    It’s great to see you come out with your one of the best coaching program once again. What amazed me about you โ€“ the way you manage all of your different project-launches parallel to blogging so fast! If I am not wrong – you have launched your new private coaching, Become A Blogger and now Membership Site Mastermind within last 2 months. How do you handle all these things single-handedly? Though you have staffs to help you but all deliverables have to come out from your hands. It’s amazing!

    It’s always pleasure to refer your programs to my blog readers and subscribers.

    Regards โ€“
    Debabrata Dhar

    • Debabrata – One of the keys, and I talk about this inside membership site mastermind, is to create timeless content in your courses so the training doesn’t age quickly.

      It depends on your niche of course, for example a site on social media like twitter or youtube will have to keep up with the changes, but if you focus on fundamentals, and ultimately to have success with a blog or membership site, it’s the fundamentals that matter and don’t change, then your training can remain valuable and relevant across a period of years.

      Hence when I do launches I can focus on the launch without worrying about the content of what I’m selling, if I’ve already created the product.

      There’s actually a lifecycle system I use with the launch of my products that I’ve pretty much replicated now across all three of the courses I’ve created. It’s a fairly good system and means you can leverage a lot out of about six months of hard work.

      I explain all of this inside membership site mastermind by the way ๐Ÿ˜‰

      • Hi Yaro,

        Thanks for your clarification.

        Yes, you are absolutely right. You are talking about timeless content, which is time independent fundamental content that continues to remain valuable and relevant over a longer period of time in a specific niche although you are dealing with fast changing niche.

        In addition to that your system is perfectly tuned and your processes are well defined.

        Thatโ€™s why you are so much relaxed even if you have to launch so many things in a short period of time.

        But the interesting thing about you – that I noticed – you are doing all your product launches on your prescheduled calendar with some modifications and enhancements and at the same time you are continuously blogging at the same pace on some other topics which are not essentially related to your product launches. Thatโ€™s really great!

        Regards โ€“

  • Yaro,
    Sounds like a really good bonus to go with your course,

    It’s one thing getting a membership, or any other website set up, but a lot struggle to drive traffic to them afterwards. Maybe that should read attract traffic instead?

    You could obviously try PPC but I prefer free traffic as well, less to control and no managing campaigns is always nice,


  • […] just released news of a huge bonus pack he is offering to bribe people just for giving his popular Membership Site Mastermind a […]

  • On a marketing note, have you found that adding more bonuses helps more?

    Personally, I trust the quality of your core system and at first blush, the bonuses distract me.

    I vaguely remember a guideline in argumentation that a compelling case gets weaker when you add on arguments for it (people start to question the value of the original argument.) I bet there’s a marketing parallel (but I suspect it depends on whether it’s for emotional appeal vs. logical thinking …)

    Nonetheless, I’m glad to see you finish off and package up your SEO wisdom from the real world … nothing teaches like experience.

    • Frank Kern teaches a “stacking the cool” method where he believes more bonuses built up until the prospect can’t say no works wonders.

      The important thing is to demonstrate the value and relevance of the bonuses. They shouldn’t compete with the product, rather add to it and fill out any gaps the main product itself might not cover.

      There is a point of course where too many bonuses might hinder the offer purely because it’s a distraction to figure out what is what.

  • You say not much has changed in terms of SEO in the last few years, maybe so, but how about some new ideas of succeeding in this online environment with more and more sites competing in the same niche.

  • This does sound like a great product. I think we might be on the verge of some revolutionary change in the ways of SEO. I dont believe the future will be all about backlinks…

  • I’m sure even though it was your first book, it is every bit as good as the other two that you have written. look forward to reading it

  • Awesome, Yaro! Can’t wait for the book to be released!


  • Do I want a Copy? Heck yeah! I’m already signed up. I’ve really enjoyed reading your blog recently and I can’t wait to see what you do in the format of a book. Many thanks!

  • Yaro, the best thing in your article is how you are confident enough to admit your procrastination. Your first two attempts. There is great value in sharing that because in life we all procrastinate, no matter how much we hustle. Even the most successful people (whatever that means) procrastinate in their lives, have false starts, come back to something they thought of years prior. It’s all part of a persons development and process, so long as they continue following their long term vision. I commend you on your honesty my friend and I appreciate you sharing this and giving me inspiration. I have been blogging for a few years now and I know your work long enough to say it is coming from a good place. I wish you continued success Yaro.

  • Ed

    Hey Yaro,

    I am off to sign up right now for your membership site – this is another nice bonus – I look forward to learning how to get a membership site going and how to bring readers on board – or if the topic I am using will bring people on board at all. SEO ranking help sound good too!

    Anyways, good luck to all – I know I am going to be one of those case studies that Yaro shows some of you down the road – so here I go!

    Ed Swing It Right

  • That ebook sounds like something that I could benefit from. This is my first time visiting your blog and have learned some incredible information that will be helpful to my business. Thanks

  • Great deal, thanks Yaro!

  • It would definitely be something I could use, Yaro. ๐Ÿ™‚

    Till then,


  • It is good to see that nothing went to waste with your SEO guide…are you going to use the same cover? LOL!! Jokes aside, some truths will pretty much remain the same, and a rock solid foundation is required if you want to explore the world of SEO. Thus I feel that by going on Yaro’s track record, that there is definitely some good value to be had here.

  • I have created some of these types of websites, and they do make $100 to $500 a month, but I found it dispersing while I was trying to do it myself. In fact I have to admit I have plenty of these websites sitting around as incomplete projects. I could never give enough attention to all them to give any one of them the care I felt it deserved. And at the same time, I did not want to only create one of them, putting all my eggs in one basket, lest it might not succeed.

    I’ve also had a membership in Niche Profits Classroom in the past, and have some websites in the works (set up a few months ago) using the techniques taught there. But in the meanwhile I have become so busy with my other online business activities which are making a lot more immediate income, that I have barely had time to think about them.

    I’ve finally come to the conclusion that it is workable to create these sites for two purposes:

    1. As practice sites, to learn internet marketing, web development, SEO, etc.
    2. Once you have learned enough about internet marketing that you really know what you are doing and are earnings some income, use that income to outsource as much of the work as possible on those sites. But still take the time time check quality – edit content, check facts, train your assistants, search for and find the best people, etc. Otherwise, trying to handle everything yourself becomes insane. Way to confusing, too many plates to spin.

    I personally now prefer to consider these sites as side projects, while I focus my primary attention on generating the income I need to grow my business. I also sometimes set some of this income aside to outsource more work on my smaller sites, but they are still very much back-burner, particularly now when I still have plenty of other start-up costs for my primary online business which earns the most money.

    When I have time to write, myself, I now prefer to dedicate my energy and ideas to my own blogs which are very personal to me and which are on subjects I am passionate about. It’s hard enough for me to find time to write at all these days.

    So when writing is needed on one of my “satellite” blogs or websites, I have a very good writer to assist me. And I get her writing edited by a native English speaker as needed. She is a great researcher and writer, she enjoys what she does, and she is very reliable and fast. And yes, she does live in the Philippines!

  • You basically compiled all the internet business experience into one programs which is a very comprehensive trainning to a startup or an experienced internet marketers.

    You are idol for many internet entrepreneur, you are the best!!

  • Yaro is the real deal and i’d love to get my hands on this material.

    Cheers Yaro!

  • It’s absolutely necessary to learn about optimizing a blog for search engines as there are differences between a blog and a site. Structure and use of keywords are similar, but certain factors are involved in blogs that require improvements. Those are the points that are principally designed in different ways and you have to change them to match search engines’ criteria.

    Such a guidebook could definitely be essential for those who are not that familiar with SEO or specially with blog platform inefficiencies!

  • G-Day Yaro

    A friend of mine told me to get onto your website ASAP. I’m about to release my first product but it’s NOT a blog–it is an eBook called The Big Yellow Fat Loss eBook (named after me)! However as I just got made redundant from the investment banking sector and I am literally starting from ZERO/ SCRATCH with nothing I was wondering if your SEO can be used for normal websites instead of blogs? Because I have never set up a blog before but have set up a website. I am desperate literally to find out about SEO as I really do not have a clue and time and money are running out for me. I’ll look into your course just now but I’d really appreciate it if you could tell me if I can apply your SEO to websites instead-thanks dude! All the best,


    • Hi Bob,

      Nowadays you’re better off using a wordpress blog for a website anyway, if you don’t intend to “blog” with it, it’s a great content management system.

      Bear in mind if you plan on attracting traffic from search engines you will need content, so writing a blog is part of the SEO strategy I talk about in my book. I suggest you do some research first to get an understanding of the basics and avoid making any drastic decisions based on desperation.

  • EIN

    Would be an interesting read, Im hoping over the coming year I will get time to get my blogs up and going, dedicating the time to them that can actually bring in some income. Makes me wonder how you guys do it when your saying things like $2000 a month! seems crazy.

  • glad to read im not the only one that has a half finished potential nugget of gold sat waiting to be finished.. if i wasnt reading blogs perhaps id be a little closer to releasing my book myself.

  • I am too late to know this great info, so I missed the bus ๐Ÿ™ But, It’s ok, I still can follow others great topics in your blog ๐Ÿ™‚

  • I know this post is a year ago but I’m wondering if this guide is still available. I’d love to get a copy of this. I’m still new with SEO and i’m collecting as many guides as i can.

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