Last week I published two new articles here on EJ that explained how I was able to take six months off from my business and still generate $153,428 USD, thanks to the power of automatic email campaigns I have written over the last few years.

In those blog posts, I mentioned that I was about to teach a brand new short course called ‘Emails Revealed‘, where I would break down how each of the email campaigns work, and give you handouts of all the emails in the campaign, so you can use them as templates for your own campaigns.

I am excited to announce that today we just switched on the membership signup page for the Laptop Lifestyle Academy!

The Laptop Lifestyle Academy

This is the second and final public opening of the LLA in 2017. It will be open for one week, and then next week I will be hosting the first of two live coaching sessions where you can speak to me directly, and delivering the first part of the Emails Revealed course.

In the last week of September, I’ll do a second live coaching session and deliver the second live training.

What Is Emails Revealed?

Emails Revealed is a two-and-a-half hour, two-part presentation where I teach you why automating your email campaigns is the key to truly breaking free from running your business manually.

I take you behind the scenes and show you nine of my most effective email campaigns, including handouts of every email in my campaigns, plus you can speak to me directly during two live coaching webinars I am running this month.

If you currently spend all your time manually sending email newsletters, running exhausting launches, doing webinars constantly, sitting on sales calls, hunting for joint venture partners, or any activity that requires you manually complete an action to make a sale, you’re going to love this new short course.

So many online entrepreneurs get stuck using very manual methods of marketing. What I am teaching you here is a simple idea:

Let automatic email campaigns do the selling for you.

Bear in mind this is not a beginner course. If you don’t already have products or services that you sell, and some kind of audience, no amount of automatic emails are going to help.

(However, as you will see, as a member of the Laptop Lifestyle Academy, you get my best training to help you deal with all beginner issues too — from choosing a topic, to setting up technology, attracting traffic and product creation  — so you’re completely covered here!)

In Emails Revealed, I will show you are the exact email campaigns I use today, that I take people through after they find my blog and subscribe, which lead to roughly 90% of the sales my business makes.

You Will Learn…

  • How to setup email campaigns once, that deliver automatic sales for years to come (so you can finally live a ‘Laptop Lifestyle’)
  • 9 Advanced Email Campaigns Taken Directly From Yaro’s Current Business
  • Which email campaigns you should implement first, depending on what stage your business is in
  • The exact technology Yaro uses to deliver and automate his email campaigns
  • Printable copies of every email Yaro talks about in the course, so you can review them in your own time

Sign up for the Academy including the Emails Revealed course today.

You Also Receive FULL Membership Into The Laptop Lifestyle Academy

The ‘LLA’ as our wonderful members call it, has grown over the last couple of years.

By grown I mean in all ways…

  • This year two new premium short courses were added — Services Arbitrage (how to sell services other people deliver) and Emails Revealed
  • I also released another short course, my ‘Two Week Email Funnel‘ training – which is a beginner email automation course
  • There are another 25+ short courses to help you choose a topic, grow your traffic, launch a product, and more!
  • The forums are full of people helping each other every day with all aspects of growing a laptop lifestyle online business
  • Every month we do a live coaching webinar, where you can talk to me directly for personal help with your business
  • Success stories from active members keep coming, too many for me to list here (we have a forum dedicated just to reporting back successful results with over 5 pages of posts)
  • A 24/7 Slack chat, which you can take with you on your phone to communicate live with me and other members whenever you need help
  • And so much more!

If your goal is to build a laptop lifestyle business, a business you can take with you as you travel, that can support you and your family, but won’t suck all your time, this is the coaching community for you.

Join today and get immediate access to Emails Revealed, all LLA resources, and get ready for our live coaching webinar next week.

The doors close Monday, September 18th, 2017.

I’ll see you on the inside,


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