Buying And Selling Websites – David Jenyns Asks Yaro The Tough Questions

While attending Ed Dale’s coming home live event in Melbourne last month, I met David Jenyns a serial entrepreneur and SEO expert.

David asked if I was willing to do an interview with him about buying and selling websites, however we ended up talking about a lot more.

Listen to this interview and you will hear how I first began buying and selling websites for profit, including several case study examples, how I structure my life around the 80/20 Rule, what key lessons I’ve learned over the years as an entrepreneur, and a whole lot more.

As usual I went a bit deep at times, so you’ve been warned! Press play to begin listening…

Yaro Starak Professional Blogging Video Interview from david jenyns on Vimeo.

David also published this interview in smaller junks on YouTube, which you can watch on his blog here – Professional Blogging Video With Yaro Starak.

Make sure you drop by and check out David’s blog too, he has lots of interviews and related content on SEO and online marketing –

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  • I think it is interesting how he stumbled upon selling the website as an asset and almost by accident made it a fairly passive activity. A capitalist is born!

    • Yes a capitalist is born. He is one of the “nice” capitalists whose simple explaination of how he started and how he works inspires me very much. Thank you Yaro – I will try your way of doing internet business.

  • Passive income has changed my life! So inspired after listening to this..

  • OK, I have an idea about an amazing website but i can’t find someone who is ready to invest money and time building the site!

    i’ll be happy to share YARO or any successful entrepreneur for the IDEA.

    my email:

  • I saw this interview some time ago now, and have since been working with David on selling his old niche websites.
    What more can I say… This is a boom business to be getting into right now, you really need to see for yourself.

  • Hi Yaro, do you ever do transcripts of this and other interviews? I know you seem to be favoring the multimedia / social networking strategy right now, but at times like this when I’m on my phone or for people with a limited amount of internet usage avalible to them (My cousin has a dongel with allows him 3GB per month. That’s 100mb per day. Consuming your interviews will mean a couple days of internet allowence for him lol) it would be nice to have a text version. Keep up the good work though, this is still one of my top 4 Internet Marketing blogs I check regularly.

    • Hey Shaun – I’m looking to get the MP3 and perhaps the transcript from David, but generally for the free public ones I don’t do transcripts unless they are part of a launch. All my paid coaching programs have transcripts though – this is another way I reward my members.

    • LOL, are you South African? I’m also bound to the 3G Data bundles I purchase for my dongle. It often means that I am unable to download or view the bigger clips especially, as this will exhaust my monthly allowance too quickly!

      • I know what you mean with those allocation limits. They really annoy me too. 🙁

        Till then,


  • Hey Yaro,

    Just sent through the MP3 as requested and will get the transcript asap. Thanks again for a rocken’ interview – the deeper I seem to dig the more I find I like your stuff. Keep up the top work and when you’re next in Melbourne be sure to give me a yell… I think I owe you a dinner.

    Dave Jenyns

  • I love how you still mention that entrepreneurs-journey is a difficult domain name for people to remember or to type in. It cracks me up whenever you mention it because your choice of a name is having little (negative) impact. Good on you for choosing a name that you wouldn’t advise anyone else to choose and making your site hugely successful anyway 😀

  • Great video. It’s powerful to see how you got your start and a few things that almost any entrepreneur can take away to add another income stream to his/her pipeline.

    As with any investment, the price has to be right for the amount of revenue that the business brings back in return.

    -Joshua Black
    The Underdog Millionaire

  • Great topic! It’s funny because my economics teacher just recently brought up the 80/20 rule during one of her lectures so it’s cool to see how everything’s connected and how we can make relations in many different fields.

  • I always love to get the back story on people who have made great success from the internet. It makes it so that it is easier to relate to the person or even learn from them. I’ve never even thought about buying and selling websites, but it is a truly great idea. I’ve heard about it, but never put any thought into it. I will have to look into it further. Thanks for sharing that with us!

  • wow..awesome story. I like the idea of having forum where you don’t have to touch it and money still rolling in. Yaro, why don’t you create a site flipping course? I’m pretty sure its gonna rock.

  • I totally agree with Cheryl. Your domain name may be longer than most of the sites I know, but the quality of your posts are truly enough to make us visit the site frequently.

    I also like the interview a lot, although buying and selling sites isn’t going to be one of my projects. I know someone in our city who’ll be truly interested in listening to the mp3 though.

  • Very interesting interview. Some hardballs thrown, hehe. Had fun watching that. 🙂

    Till then,


  • Very cool audio file indeed. I too believe that the length of domain names might be nothing to be corned about, as long as the sites are found when people search the net and use portals like Google, Yahoo plus Bing.

    Perhaps that is why I really do not recommend spending a lot of cash over buying websites based on domains having only a few characters because the TLDs and domains length might not be that significant nowadays.

  • I want to earn money as an affiliate and I want to find the best website to do that for if I drive traffic to my affiliate link for that website. Is there a way for me to find out the top-ranking sales websites with free affiliate programs and maybe even what the best-selling items are?

    • Making money online by joining some referral programs could be really cool but the main issue in here is having traffic.

      For example, running a site and reselling web hosting products could be really lucrative and bringing you a lot of cash on a monthly basis but thousands of people have already begun doing this and so your site is going to compete with them.

  • The key however is to determine who your visitors are, what types of products or services are they looking for and likely to buy or sign up for — then you can start narrowing your choices for affiliate programs. That is how you are going to earn a lot from affiliate programs

  • I’m a believer in the pareto principle, especially when you combine this with spending more time in your strengths or giving your best where you have your best to give.

    I like the fact you dive a bit deeper … I think surfacing the depth in a way that’s approachable, useful, and meaningful is a skill … and increasingly valuable for today’s world.

  • Ron

    One of my favorite inspirational and guide giving video of today. While listening to this one, I made sure that I can jot down all important things that I learned from here.

  • David Jenyns gave a great introduction to the video, I really felt he nailed it dead on with how Yaro approaches this blog! Great interaction threw-out the video by David and Yaro, I liked some of the ideas David tossed out to Yaro, like the one about buying current websites by contacting owners and then reselling it for a higher profit. Yaro you also put a good question in my mind and I am sure the others too about after we’ve made the money which is something we all seek.. to be financial secure, what it is we will do afterwords, hehe.

    On a different side note… about your domain name that you mentioned in the video… have you ever thrown any offers to get the domain name without the dash in it? I am sure though… those who own the domain are probably holding a pretty price to it 🙁

  • I saw this interview a little while ago. Do you have any speaking engagements arranged this year, and if so, where?

  • saw this interview and it was great.Your tips were valuable and david is a great guy.I bought his seo method recently and I was impressed.Great for beginners and may also be helpful for pros as well

  • great topic, I’m starting my journey in buying/selling domain, hopefully I can implement some of the tips.

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