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At the moment I am putting together some information products to sell online. I’m working with some friends to record audio content and I’m writing and recording my own content that I hope in two to three years from now will amount to quite a collection of valuable resources and a steady passive income for me and some of my friends. Consequently any topic related to selling information products on the Internet is very interesting to me and I am spending a lot of time watching what other people are doing online to make money.

One of the most interesting topics to me at the moment is the methodology of making money online. Of course because I already run a successful Internet business it’s easy to understand why I enjoy this topic and feel this is an area I can teach in, however it happens to be a crowded market – it appears that most people that are making money online are doing it by teaching others how to make money online! That doesn’t mean it’s not possible to enter this area and make a living. It’s a huge industry filled with thousands of niches and I fully intend to try and find my place and I am eager to make use of all the new skills in I have learnt about online marketing in the recent months.

During my day to day forum visiting and website surfing I come across many links to yet another course/product/seminar/event/teleconference teaching people how to make money online. There is a fairly standard formula for selling these things. First you click through an AdWord campaign or link that takes you to a (sometimes extremely lengthy) sales letter landing page. It’s filled with big headings, lots of dot points, testimonials with photos of happy newly wealthy people, perhaps sound bites, video capture, guarantees, etc etc. You will likely find a free e-course or a whitepaper that’s been written to give you free value but really only provides a sample of what the paid-for product offers. This is fair enough, you want the real goods you have to pay for them and the free sample gives you a taste of what the full priced product offers.

Most of this is sound online marketing practice. You have to create a relationship with your potential customer before they purchase. You might have to educate them a little first before they understand the value you offer. You must “date” and go through the awkward getting-to-know-you stages first to carefully break down those lack-of-trust and insecurity issues that let your new partner (customer) feel comfortable to be with you (buy from you).

As I prepare to make use of all these online marketing tools I’ve been thinking about what I can do to be different. I feel this marketing format is overused and stale but that’s only because I’m exposed to it so often. There is a reason why this method is so prolific – it works. Online marketers use these “ugly” sales pages because they communicate and entice better than anything else we have developed for marketing online so far. Jane-average doesn’t see these sales pages as sales pages – she reads compelling writing that seems to “speak to her” as if it understands her needs and wants. The decision to join the free e-course is that much easier when it appears that the course will be the scratch to her itch.

I want to be different. I want to innovate and offer the world something unusual and original. I want it to work and break with conventional wisdom offering something the online marketing world has never seen before. I can’t say I know exactly what I will use or how I will do this but as I move along the online business world lifecycle I’ll have more and more opportunities to brainstorm and innovate. I’ll have landing pages to play with and test and hopefully somewhere along the line a new innovative idea will pop out. Afterall, someone out there must have been first to figure out that giving away a free e-course is good marketing.

For the time being I’ll be building websites with compelling sales copy, giving away free samples, tweaking and testing and building and creating and being as unique as I can be without being amazingly innovative. My ideas and content will be me-branded and no doubt I’ll build a following, but I hope some day to make a mark online that will be significant and powerful.

Do you have any innovative ideas?

Yaro Starak

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Yaro Starak is the author of the Blog Profits Blueprint, a report you can download instantly to learn how to make $10,000 a month, from only blogging 2 hours per day. You can find Yaro on Facebook, Twitter and .

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  • The reason why so many marketers use those ‘stale’ using adcopies is b/c they work, as you said.

    Think of it this way:

    You can set up a 1 page website, set up an autoresponder, then sell! Its all automated so after its set up there is no work at all.

    Then you move on to the next project and continue to build. You can repeat this forever, and keep growing.

    The other thing that you should do to be successfull is learn the art of the namesqeez.

    This allows you to gain information about the person before you even present your ad to them, so it can be customized and will convert many more people.

    The 1 page adcopy is the most powerfull method of making money still. Its just direct sales techniques that where developed 100 years ago, and still work!!!

    With gen y things are changing a bit, but its still the same.


  • Hi Dave, yep, I totally agree with you and I’m eager to tip my toes into this direct online marketing format. It should be fun to start testing but for the moment I’m still building the back end materials to distribute.

    I’m quite familiar with the NameSqueeze entry page technique. NameSqueezing will be something I test with once I have the backend products built up.

    Do you currently use any Dave?

  • Yup, I have entire networks of them.

    After you have a bunch of products that are all for one niche I recomend using 1 as the flagship product and the rest as the backend sales. You can still market them all, but focus on one. This will make it easier, and once you have customers built up you can get more sales out of them b/c they know and trust your products allready. They will discuss your products in discussion forums and advertise for you even!

    But there is a much more profitable way of marketing your products and making much more money. You can sell the resell rights to your product for hundereds of bucks a piece, only sell 500 copies though. You could make 100,000 bucks in a cupple of weeks and then move on to the next product. Meanwhile you still have your products on the market anywase. They need to be automated.

    This allows for fortunes to be made.

    You should contact me and we can discuss some things that I don’t want to post about(worth to much $$$)

  • Good luck Yaro … it’s a tough game. I currently have 8 information products in development stage (each with their own domain) which i’m planning on staggering them out (ie: one every 3 months).

    At this stage am using my blog to gain some credibility and build up a poptential customer base.

    I too want to be different in my offering – those long sales copy sites are becomming a tad boring IMHO – they’re so cookie-cutter in style that I can’t believe they still work. Do they?

    Hopefully my sales pages will be a third of the size, still with all the sales pitch et al but less on th BS (and no PS, PPS PPPS …) and no buy this before this deadline which surprisingly is on the very same day (don’t believe people fall for that one).

  • Martin – as ugly and adverse to them as I might be I’m not afraid to test the ps, pps, ppps and “this offer ends this afternoon” clocks, *IF* they improve conversions. It depends though, if you are happy with your earnings then maybe at some stage you can draw a line on a personal level and choose not to use certain sales pitches. If you want more sales then you might consider trying all these ugly sales tactics.

    I like what Alan and James have done with this

    and this

    Short, simple and still compelling. The guys are tracking their results and if things don’t work you never know that page might triple in size, include testimonials, ps’s, guarantees, and all the long page sales letter bells and whistles and find out that it works better.

    As an online marketer it’s hard to step into the shoes of your potential customer by only using what you like and dislike because you are not your own potential customer.

  • Scott

    Yaro, sorry but I don’t quite get you. you seem to want the easy way out with passive income business sound likes a get rich your after rather than any hard work. I read your busines story/life so far and was not impressed you sound like someone who gets bored too easly and can’t stick to one thing for too long. how are we to trust that you wont get bored with this weblog and move onto something else. and whats with this pagerank obsession.? it makes you look rather niave and simple when you go on about how you value the google pr so much. I have a pr of 1 and get enough traffick and sales … get over it

    I hope you not another one of those trying to get ricj\h the easy way over the internet.

  • Hi Scott, I deleted your second comment because it appeared you were upset because your first comment didn’t go live.

    I have wordpress set to not make any comments from new people go live until they have been approved by me at least once. This really helps reduce the amount of SPAM that goes live.

    Hence your first comment, the one above this, did not go live until I had manually approved it, which is just now.

    Scott there are many of your comments that are right on the money. Yes I do get bored quickly. Yes I am obsessed with PageRank. Yes I might decide to stop posting to this blog tomorrow.

    I make no promises at all with this weblog – I write what I want, when I want for whatever goal I feel is important to me during any given time. I hope that people get something out of my writings and based on every comment so far up to yours it appears I’m succeeding at that goal. Even if I did stop blogging tomorrow I think there are a lot of valuable articles and audio here online that people would keep coming back for.

    The only thing I’m not is a one of those “trying to get rich the easy way” as you mentioned – I thought some of my articles were I talked about persistence and patience being the only way to succeed online would have proved this point.

    A question for you Scott – what would you have me do differently so that you could “get me”?

  • Pat

    Interesting discussion. Yaro, I just discovered you and find your website very helpful. I can tell by looking at it that there is a lot of hard work involved in what you do. The design is clean and nice, and the articles are well thought out and interesting. You can’t just throw something like that together quickly.

    I too dislike the kind of ad copy you talked about. But I guess if it works, maybe I will have to try to learn how to do it.

  • Hey Yaro,

    We love ya, man. Don’t let Scott (or anyone else) bum you out. You keep doing what interests you and pursuing your passions and instincts. And when it’s time to move on, move on! You don’t owe us anything more than what you’re already doing.

    That said, mucho thanks for all the interesting info you pass along. I’ve made my living writing for 20 years (copywriting, journalism, advertising, you name it) but just started my own blog a few months ago. So your info-sharing is very welcome for us blogging newbies (blog-bies?).

    “Attract More Customers” blog

  • Hi Tom, thanks for your support, I really appreciate it. Way to go starting a blog, just be careful it doesn’t take over your life, they have been known to do that.

  • This is an awesome article. I learned a lot of great tips and pointers. Thanks for the information!!

  • Hi Yaro

    Web 2.0 is the way to go. Look at the popularity of You Tube etc and let people help tou add content.

    Do a search on Web 2 and you will get some ideas.

    You have a great blog – I’ll be returning.

    Don’t click

  • Nice advice Yaro ! And Congrats on your success of $10,000 a month!
    That’s outstanding!

  • And by the way – Scott’s a PUNK –
    He is missing the key ingredients of the recipe for success, not only that –
    People look for traits in others that they don’t like about themselves, so our friend scott actually uses precious time searching for people to rant at for his own selfish needs.

    I think you have written a really great article and I respect your ability to stay true and congruent to what you believe.
    Keep it up

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