The Big Six Online Business Models

Please forgive me for harping on about outsourcing in so many blog posts recently. At the moment I’m going through the process of hiring new full time workers, plus John Reese is launching his Outsource Force program and giving away free videos on how to outsource, so this subject is a bit in focus for me right now.

If you haven’t caught the latest John Reese video, the third in the series talks about the six online business models and how you can outsource the tasks involved to make them work. I just finished watching the video, which I was very interested in because I wanted to know which models John would cover and get ideas about how I can better leverage other people to grow what I do online.

You can watch the video here (you will need to enter your email if it is the first time visiting the site) –

If you haven’t already, watch the first video, which gives an overview of the potential outsourcing offers, and the second video, which details the tools John uses to manage his projects and where he finds full time staff for as little as $300 US a month.

Here’s My Plan

Before I talk about the third video from John, let me briefly explain what I am doing regarding outsourcing. You can also read my last two blog posts talking about outsourcing to get a picture about how you can best leverage help from other people using outsourcing, even if you are just starting a new online business and have limited funds.

My current staff situation results in latency issues when it comes to project execution. By that I mean I have several products I could roll out, and many improvements I could make to current projects, which I just haven’t bothered with because I don’t have the right team around me to make it happen. This is about to change.

My main goal is to build a team so when I need changes or when I want to start new projects I have no limitations in terms of the practical implementation. I want to reduce the barriers to taking action, so things like tech, design, seo and syndication are handled for me, so I can go to work doing what I do best – creating content and formulating strategies.

However I don’t want to take on the role of managing this team. I want to create instructions and come up with ideas, and then have my team go away and create output even better than what I was thinking.

Angela, who is my admin assistant, email support person and full time mother (not for me though – her husband Robbie), has graciously stepped up and agreed to become my first “team leader”. I’ve tasked her with the job of hiring our first two outsourcers from the Philippines, which she is finalizing by testing applicants as I type this article. She’s also studying some outsourcing resources I gave her access to from John Jonas and Tyrone Shum, and John Reese, once I get his new course.

Once Angela finds two quality people, we will begin working through the to-do lists I’ve created in Basecamp, the project management tool I registered for last week and spent several hours filling with tasks. This will hopefully clear the backlog of “lowest hanging fruit” opportunities that are sitting on my computer and inside my head, within the next few months.

For example, I have my ebook, the Ultimate Guide To SEO For Bloggers ready to go out, a physical print book created by a collaboration of Aussie based Internet entrepreneurs, including myself, that I’d like to make available to the public and the physical home study version of my two “mastermind” courses.

By the end of this experiment I hope the team will be nice and cohesive, so we can start new projects together and all enjoy the process of seeing them come to fruition. Most of all, I hope to learn what’s possible with outsourcing, and for me eliminating my immediate latency issues, is a good place to start.

What Online Business Can You Start With Outsourcing?

To end this article, here’s a run through of the six business models John Reese revealed in his third video, and what tasks he talked about that could be outsourced for each business model.

Note there was quite a bit of redundancy in each model, since all online business models require some of the same components, like a website for example, which you can outsource the creation of. In some models I left out duplications where I thought it wasn’t necessary to repeat the tasks that were listed in the previous models.

1. Blogging
– outsource niche selection
– keyword research
– news research
– tech needs
– writing content
– social media
– back links
– comment moderation

2. Affiliate Marketing
– Product research
– landing page design
– copywriting
– tech
– email autoresponder series

3. Information Products
– market research
– product creation
– product graphics
– sales letter design
– sales copy
– tech
– product fulfillment
– customer support
– affiliate program
– pay per click management

4. E-Commerce Store
– market research
– keyword research
– product sourcing
– product descriptions
– store design
– tech
– inventory management
– customer support
– affiliate program

5. Software
– software specifications
– user interface design
– programming
– technical support

6. Professional Services
– customer management
– service delivery
– administration
– customer service

I suggest you watch the third video if you want a more detailed breakdown of how to outsource each task, as per John’s instructions.

You can watch the video here –

Outsource Force Third Video by John Reese

And FYI – John is supposed to open doors to his Outsource Force program on Tuesday the 11th of May 2010 US time. I’ll have a bonus for you if you order via my affiliate link. Details about the bonus are only going to my email list, so make sure you are subscribed if you want to know about it.

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  • Very informative video and outsourcing is really very essential in order to grow any business.

    • Outsourcing can be great, especially if you know exactly what types of products as well as promotional packages are to be achieved.

      Many realms and sections of the internet based traffic building systems are nowadays connected to some forms of outsourcing for lowering the costs actually.

  • Thanks Yaro, your enthusiasm has rubbed off again, hope it stays like that though (for me that is!).

    Reese summed up many things in his videos that I think many if not most people will related to some how!

    This has “hit the nail” here too!

    Sometimes one really has to surround themselves (if not physically then at least virtually) with like minded people with similar goals, thereby causing a positive influence – both ways!

    Keep up the great work!

    • i just wanted to add some extra info that others may benefit from/empathise with.

      I’ve been half way through Yaro’s BM course now for the past 3 years (nearly), you’re probably thinking why on earth has it taken me so long – procrastination coupled with bad time management and a new little baby crying alot!

      After having read some of Yaro’s previous articles, I realised I bogged myself down too much in activities which were just a pure waste of time and resources – I had the disease of trying to do everything myself!

      I guess I’m one of those people you might “slap” Yaro – lol! – not for long – I most definitely need to outsource my techie stuff ASAP and stop wasting time and start concentrating on the important stuff – creating beneficial content!

      Thanks again!

  • I don’t know that you “Start” those businesses with outsourcing but you can certainly use it as a tool to help them grow and thrive,

  • True entreprenurship can only happen when we start working on our business instead of in them.

    If you look at any successful online or offline entrepreneur you’ll find they’ve stepped back from certain operations to focus on the overall strategy and leadership.

    Building a great team and outsourcing isn’t only valuable, it is a must if we are to grow our businesses to their full potential.

    Thanks Yaro, for reminding us how important it is and for sharing your own steps in the process – let us know how and when you’ve found your two outsourcers 🙂

  • Great breakdown of the different business models Yaro. I think that outsourcing is a great tool for the little things that eat a lot of your time, but you dare not try and outsource your sales or marketing. There is no one on earth that is as passionate about your small business as the owner… no matter what they say.

    -Joshua Black
    The Underdog Millionaire

  • Thank you! I thing outsourcing is great especialy for creative entreprenurs who have to invest time planning for non-tech issues!

  • Keep the outsourcing coming!

    As I’ve recently implemented various outsourcing techniques for my new site, I’m eager to read as many posts on the subject as I can (and I don’t think I’m alone).

    Once we start making time work for us is when the potential for tremendous possibilities appear.

    Thanks for the posts Yaro.

  • Sounds like you’ve got a great plan going, Yaro! I think that planning something out is a hard task and executing it may be even harder. It’s so important to surround yourself with a progressive team that can get out there and get things done. That’s a good productive team!

  • I don’t mind the focus on outsourcing related blogposts lately. It truly is one of the most important factors of growing an online business. So it is something that everyone should know more about. Partly because of your last blogpost I went out and tried to find some full time employees to hire in the Philippines. It is too early to know how it will work out, but I am excited at the prospect of having 2 extra people help me expand my business.

    • Well, this is actually the power of internet these days enabling people from all over the world getting connected to each other and working on some similar projects.

      By checking out some telecommuting job boards and sites, you would find thousands of people from different continents working as business partners.

  • I’m not sure I would start off outsourcing, but I agree that it’s an important way to leverage yourself and your time. Thank you for helping me look at this in a different light.

    • Nancy many entrepreneurs would have the same mindset when they are initially starting their business. It is the smart ones who take advantage of outsourcing very early on in their business. Those entrepreneurs will be able to start and expand their business much quicker and much more efficiently. Just because you can do everything, it doesn’t mean that you should.

    • You do not need to begin using the outsourcing projects and solutions right off the beginning stages because you can think about the plans for some time even well before launching your own website.

      After coming up with some great commercial plans, you may decide using the helps of others, no matter where they are as long as they are experts at their jobs.

  • I bet you are going to bring your business to a whole new level with your team. Do not feel bad about the outsourcing posts that you have posted as they are very informative not only to me but also to the rest of those readers.

    Outsourcing is one topic that I hardly hear any marketer talks about and you have indeed provided us with a whole chunk of good information.

  • i just wanted to add some extra info that others may benefit from/empathise with.

    I’ve been half way through Yaro’s BM course now for the past 3 years (nearly), you’re probably thinking why on earth has it taken me so long – procrastination coupled with bad time management and a new little baby crying alot!

    After having read some of Yaro’s previous articles, I realised I bogged myself down too much in activities which were just a pure waste of time and resources – I had the disease of trying to do everything myself!

    I guess I’m one of those people you might “slap” Yaro – lol! – not for long – I most definitely need to outsource my techie stuff ASAP and stop wasting time and start concentrating on the important stuff – creating beneficial content!

    Thanks again!

  • Hey Yaro-

    We’re going through the same thought processes. (Although nowhere near at the level of distinction you have!) As you know we’ve always had full time staff in house. And it works great for us. But we’re just wanting to get so much more done. And I think we can augment our in house with outsourced.

    My biggest challenge is managing virtually, but we have someone in house now who can manage them. So we should see how that goes. Sounds like you’re a bit like me in that you want to be able to keep your head in the clouds 😉

    Oh by the way- totally unrelated but – wanted to let you know that I was doing the old “ego-search” today and got some incredible news! Thanks to a few tips I learned from you when setting up my blog, my website is now on the 1st page of google in the UK for “Speaker Training”. Have a look! (Its my and the blog- yay!) You rock Yaro.

    Oh and we had a number of people at our UK events this last weekend who found me through your interview you did with me a couple of months back.

    You are a LEGEND!

    Love ya!

  • Yeah!!

    1. Blogging
    – outsource niche selection
    – keyword research
    – news research
    – tech needs
    – writing content
    – social media
    – back links
    – comment moderation

    So true… Honestly, I cannot respect ANY business who doesn’t have a website or blog. And all those TV commercials with their ‘Easy to Build’ websites? PFF! If you use a generated website template, I will IMMIDIATLEY deem you Amateur and will skip your website and business and never return. I can’t respect you if you don’t respect yourself. The simplist of HTML and CSS can alter and improve your website drastically.

    I’m done venting. Awesome post!

    Know the Art Scene with


  • Wish I had the money to do this outsourcing program. But definitely, I love all the info.

    • Many times you do not even need spending cash on your projects. For example, there are a lot of webmaster boards nowadays filled with threads and topics people ask about business partnerships and they can be some great opportunities.

      For instance, one admin provides the domain name and the other buys the hosting account and together they would begin promoting their single project and share revenues.

  • You make some great points about outsourcing there, Yaro. I hope you bring the online business model to a whole new level.

    • I believe the whole invention of internet is like the beginning of outsourcing. For example, nowadays when you go shopping on the net or decide registering a domain name, you simply launch your browser and then take a look at the websites listings, no matter where they are.

  • Hey Yaro & Gang!
    Outsourcing model is one of the key areas that NOT a lot of Internet Marketers and Business startups are looking at. I am a huge fan of Robert Kiyosaki and try to apply his teachings. In Cashflow Quadrant he talks about the four types of individuals and how, if someone is looking for time/financial freedom, they need to start transitioning to the Right side of the quadrant. That is where you will find the individuals in the “B” quadrant, the Business Owners.

    The whole idea in this quadrant is to own the business and learn to align yourself with the right players and network to help you run the businesses. The theory of outsourcing is very similar. It allows us (well individuals like myself) looking to establish themselves online, to focus on establishing a business quicker.

    I can understand that sometimes the funds may be limited but we can outsource in phases and still work on some elements of the business ourselves.

    Sorry about the long comment there but thank you Yaro for bringing up this topic in numerous posts.


  • A lot of business sense. Need to make money before you can spend it. Look forward to reading more. Thanks

  • Yaro, greetings from Brisvegas. Hired my first PH assistant 4 weeks ago and couldn’t be happier … looking for more but not getting much response this time around. You?

  • There’s quite a bit that goes into each of those key things as far as blogging and affiliate marketing and such. I will probably outsource once I get further down the road as a blogger but for right now, with things just starting out, I think most of the needs I can meet myself.

    That goes to say except for tech needs and designing and such.

  • Hi Yaro,

    it’s incredible to see how, after 2 years since the last time that I came back on your site, how much you are grew. Congratulations!

    Well, what I want to tell, is that all us know the importance of outsource. But I think that if we all know this, and nevertheless many of us are not outsourcing, probably there is a really hidden problem, isn’t true?

    So for example, if a person know that for grow own internet business, must outsource many tasks, but inexplicably doesn’t do it, probably there is a belief behind, that hinders the success.

    This is a problem of mindset.

    I want to tell a story about a young guy. He wanted to succeed in his internet business. He wanted to do all the things by himself: create blog, design the graphics, set up the autoresponder, create the ecover for his product, seo optimization, the transcription of the audio interviews etc..

    So, he has started his project, but after 1 year, he still was without success in his project.

    I went to talk to him and after some minutes, I have found the limitant belief that in his life, it was better to do all the things and the tasks by himself, because people are false and you can’t trust the other.

    So now you can understand the true cause of his constrains that hindered his success.

    After work with him on this aspect of his mindset, he started to outsource some of his daily and weekly tasks. And the good news is that now he is on the right way to succeed!

    Now let me do a question:

    “How much can be usefull the John Reese product, if you do not have the right mindset for outsource some of your daily tasks?”

    Probably, if I have opened your mind, now you know that if you do not want find yourself overwhelmed with too many informations, and at the end you don’t do anything, wasting your money and your time uselessly, before you must to change your mindset!

    And you can change your mindset, only if you take a moment of your life, for work on yourself. And you can do this taking 3 day of your time for go to a specific intensive live seminar, or with a personal coach in a beautiful place, far from your home!

    I hope you like my opinion.

    My hand on my heart,

    Alberto Facchielli

    • Hey Alberto,

      Thank you for your comment and you touch on an important point. I believe mindset is the core of all success, which is why I talk about it so much on this blog, and include modules on it in my products. John also has a module on it in his outsource force product.

      That being said, limiting beliefs are hard to eliminate only through study, you must practice and experience what it is like to contradict your own previous limiting belief, and then it will no longer be your belief.

  • Somehow it seems wrong that people get employed for $300 per month, it just seems that it is a form of slavery. Outsourcing over borders does tend to take cash out of the local economic loop too, and is generally not considered to be sustainable business practice. On the flipside $300 per month translated into the local currency is a handsome reward way above the median wage in many third world countries.

    • I think the situation is a bit better than what you think, about outsourcing at least. Nowadays a lot of webmasters even in some poor countries are earning a living off the internet and they would be very happy to earn extra income by doing some part time jobs for their business partners in some other countries.

  • How can you say outsourcing is not a sustainable business practice? Many successful businesses thrive directly because of outsourcing. It is completely sustainable. As for the comment about slavery, you need to focus on how much they are earning in their own currency. If the conversion makes it worthwhile, why is it a problem that it translates to $300US/month?

  • Yaro,

    Thanks for the insight into how an already success internet business is using and planning to use the concept of outsourcing.

    It’s amazing how you use can use outsourced workers to find outsourced workers.

    When just starting out, I believe there is a mental roadblock to do with the subject of outsourcing. Like “it’s too early” or “I’m not making enough to outsource yet”, and I like the way that John has addressed this objection with one of the bonuses that he’s added.

    Before outsourcing though, I believe you need to have systems, processes and checklists in place so that when you get to your outsourcing stage, you’re not having any redundant time having to find them something to do.

    You’ll already have a whole task list, in fact a whole role within your business, to had to them on a plate, instruction manual and all.

    Great post. Thanks a bunch.

    Reach new heights.

  • Seems like outsourcing is the IM flavor of the month. No new ideas here. All this stuff seems pretty obvious and available on the web in various forms for free. Why pay for any videos or ebooks? Also, good luck with your seo ebook yaro, although I suspect most of what you will write is available for free elsewhere already.

    • Hey Steve,

      All ideas are available for free somewhere, it’s the psychology around how the ideas are perceived and used that matters.

      • Hey Yaro what’s up?

        “All ideas are available for free somewhere, it’s the psychology around how the ideas are perceived and used that matters.”

        Wow! I couldn’t agree more!
        That is an incredibly profound statement.
        I’m a newbie at all this blog stuff and randomly found your site while trying to figure out how to make mine…but you just made yourself a new reader with that kind of insight. Thanks!

        Can’t wait to see what other gems I uncover on your blog.

        Darren L Carter

  • I’m very interested in the e-commerce store model as the idea of outsourcing work in that field is quite new to me. I’m seriously considering trying to outsource work using one of these models

    • You are right indeed and by checking out the whole online e-commerce world, you would find millions of domains names plus websites operating from all corners of the globe.

      Nowadays it is not the matter of where you are since using a laptop and Wi-Fi, you are your own boss, managing your own profitable business.

  • joe

    yeah outsourcing saves you from long HR procedures like interviews for recruiting employees, Effectively Manage Capital Costs ,Reduces the Cost of Labor ,You can concentrate on your Core Business and much more.

    As a Web Designer / Graphic Designer / SEO Specialist, I have satisfied different clients in different countries but mostly in the US..

    Joe Oracoy
    +63 905 2882 866

  • Hi Yaro,

    Thanks for the article. Outsourcing is a major benefit of having an online business I know, sadly at the moment I feel I’ve got too much on to even start looking at it – bit of a catch 22 situation!

  • I have been looking to outsource more recently and am starting with my sister writing transcripts for my videos. I wish I had the money for John’s program! Maybe down the road…

  • Dear Yaro,

    I am a big fan, keep up the good work!

    If I have any advice to people who are looking to outsource, but are concerned about costs. My advice would be this….Make your own lunch. I have found that if you go out for lunch, and say spend $8-12, this cost will normally suffice as your beginning budget for a VA.

    Instead of spending $8-12 on lunch, you are spending $8-12 to get off work earlier/get tasks done quicker. Your money is now working for you.

    All the Best,

    Butler Bargain

  • Wow, I absolutely agree with everyone in the comments that talked about entrepreneurship and the need to focus on working your business and not working in it. I don’t think I’m at the point yet where I need to outsource tasks but I can feel the rush coming so I can’t be too far from it. I tried to pay the most attention to the blogging stuff as it’s what’s most relevant to me and I don’t want to burn myself out. I really do plan on being around for a while and conduct my business like that. I just started soliciting for guest authors because I want to keep fresh content up and focus on actively growing. Can’t wait until I need a full staff 🙂 that means I’m really moving.

  • Is it a good idea to outsource business? I mean I’m afraid I won’t succeed. I’m planning to but I’m afraid to take risks.

    • There is nothing to be afraid of because you do not need to lose control of your assets or your financial project. You can still be the CEO or actually president of your own plan and then in the meanwhile brainstorm with other people using the internet in some other areas and sharing some similar thoughts.

  • Hi Yaro,

    Useful post! Living in the Philipppines for the last 8 months (I was born here but hadn’t been back since 1991) I didn’t realize that a lot of internet marketers outsource from here. But after realizing that there are a ton of people here that would love to be paid $300, it is understandable why people would outsource from here.

    Just to give your readers a perspective $300 is around Php 13,500 which is a nice living here. There are some that barely make Php 5,000 a month or less!!! So in actuality you are really helping a lot of people. Most people work so hard for themselves just to get by but with Php 13,500 a month they not only will be able to help themselves but their family as well. Also, English is spoken so widely here as well as there are a lot of tech savvy people here.

    Unfortunately I do not speak the language here, slowly but surely learning. A lot of people think it’s weird I know because I look Filipino! It gives me an idea though to start an outsourcing company solely for internet marketers as there are a lot of people that require leverage for their business. One step at a time though as I am new to internet marketing and am in the process of developing my brand and executing my vision of providing value through internet marketing.

    Which brings me to a good point that you brought up in a reply about how ideas and/or information is free. That is so true and what really counts is the perceived value that someone gets from it. If someone is able to benefit from an idea or a piece of information than it doesn’t matter if you paid for it or not, what matters is that you have become a better person because of it and you use what you gain to apply it and benefit from it.

    Continued success to you!


  • John Reese is probably one of the best super affiliates out there and know’s exactly what works and what doesn’t.

    My mentor Alex Jeffreys was telling me people will actually put there launches off if John is going to launch around the same time as them so that shows how powerful the man is.

    He offers some great content on his video’s


  • @James

    James, the good thing is is that you can just get one task that you do in your business every day.

    Make a step by step process. Number 1 do this…., number 2 do this… etc.

    Then even shoot a quick screen capture video, if the tasks computer based or even a live video if its not.

    Then give it to someone to do for you. If its something you do everyday and it frees up lets say an hour of your time to start with, replace that hour with something more benefcial to “your bottom line”.

    Outsourcing is an essential part to any internet business, especially as there are a lot of mundane and unsexy jobs that need to be done to keep our businesses running (i.e. certain types of traffic gen, helpdesk support etc.)

    We could be off creating products or dreaming up new ideas. (Then have someone else implement them. lol

    Reach new heights,


  • Hi Yaro,
    Very interesting post, John’s video’s were very interesting, i don’t know about outsourcing when you are just starting out tho, i think is good to learn the ropes, then outsource so you can concentrate on running your business. Not waste time with the time consuming aspects of marketing.


  • I am a newbie to the IM world and I LOVE the idea of outsourcing. However, I don’t feel like I am ready to do any outsourcing until I know more about what I am outsourcing.

    Does anyone think this is the wrong way to look at it? I eventually would like to be a full time IMer in the future, so maybe the sooner I outsource, the better…

    Nevertheless, this is really good information and I really appreciate the post. Good stuff as usual, Yaro!

  • Hi

    Just come across your blog. Just starting out with my online business, you only think about outsourcing once you are large enough to consider taking on extra staff. Gave me a great insight as to how I could perhaps I could start sooner than I thought. Great models as well of the different businesses.

    Thanks for all the info.



    • Simon, there are a lot of ways to generate cash over the net and outsource the businesses as well. As an example, while browsing the net and reviewing forums, you would find some business minded people living in India and maintaining their own local sites and interested in expanding their projects.

      Now, assume your website too is very much close to that, so instead of spending advertising on two different plans, you can join hands and compete in two markets but acting as partners.

  • @matt

    There is no harm in making a plan for the future in fact it is imperative. You need to know what you want out of your business and where you want your business to be. Set yourself specific goals in a given timescale i.e start with a 12 month plan, break that down into a 6 month plan, then into a 3 month plan, one month plan so on and so forth. As the saying goes, fail to plan then you plan to fail.



  • Very helpful indeed. Every article I’m learning the importance of outsourcing and can’t wait until I get to the point and need for outsourcing. It will free me up to concentrate on the “Bigger Picture.” Although I’m a blogger, my market is equivalent to internet marketing therefore pretty much everything you listed, blogging, affiliate marketing, etc… applies to me.

    Thanks for sharing, Yaro!

  • I am a real fan Yaro however I am most concerned about the amount of people who are promoting Internet Marketing, or “How to Get Rich on the Internet”.
    Is it the only niche that exists? It surely seems that way. None of the so called Guru’s ever disclose a niche that they ever made or MAKE money in.
    Why is this? Am I right or do I just not get it?

    • Believe it or not, most types of get-rich-quick plans are nothing but some bunch of paid ads which are of no values. They are simply trying to sell either some e-books or wanting to gain members for their internet websites.

      Of course one great idea could be to launch a new site about various forms of money making over the net and then place some ads on it to gain revenue from PPC channels.

  • @steve hilliar

    I had the same thoughts but there are many success stories out of the moneymaking niche,

    eg read this (it’s not my site sadly!)

    also love Yaro’s podcast with the tennis pro. Also not money making.

  • Very helpful stuff!. I can’t stress the importance of outsourcing enough! It frees up soooo much time and eventually will automate your business for you! Great post!

    • It would definitely free up some time but of course you too need to be attentive to the details. For example, the person you are going to work with and how experienced they are going to be and so many other questions which can be mentioned in this connection.

  • The more I read your outsourcing articles, the more it makes sense. As I have mentioned in the past, I am not too keen on outsourcing – mainly because I like to be in total control (and money is a factor). But, since reading your recent articles, this is an area I am now willing to explore.

    We online business people fall within at least one of the six business models. It is surprisingly easy to get a group of outsourcers to perform the tasks necessary to complete our model. That being said, we have to be diligent in selecting the right people.

  • Yaro
    That was a lot of help with having all the different models and what is needed with each was really helpful.



  • I learned a while back that it’s important not to let your limitations get in the way of your dreams. There’s so many ideas we all have that we wish we could complete them but don’t have the manpower or technical prowess.

    This is why you should reach beyond your borders. If you can’t complete a task, you’re bound to find someone who can. By finding others that can complete a milestone, you can continue your goals to success.

  • You can also read my last two blog posts talking about outsourcing to get a picture about how you can best leverage help from other people using outsourcing, even if you are just starting a new online business and have limited funds…

  • I can’t stress the importance of outsourcing enough! It frees up soooo much time and eventually will automate your business for you! Great post!!

  • Thanks again, Yaro, for your insight. My partner and I have started outsourcing after a long time in business for ourselves. It’s still sinking in that I don’t have to do EVERYthing myself, that I can relinquish some of the control, and indeed, that our business can expand beyond my own limiting beliefs. As you say, it definitely takes practice to change these ingrained habits of mind.

    All good fortune to you and everyone here,

  • Very Informative post Yaro.
    It seems like every internet marketing blog on the planet got a post about

  • I realised I bogged myself down too much in activities which were just a pure waste of time and resources – I had the disease of trying to do everything myself!!!

  • really! In some models I left out duplications where I thought it wasn’t necessary to repeat the tasks that were listed in the previous models.

  • That was a lot of help with having all the different models It frees up soooo much time and eventually will automate your business

  • I just watched the video and have to say that it is very useful. I really liked how everything was explained – comprehensively and yet straight to the point. Although I’m doing everything on my own and haven’t tried outsourcing, after reading various articles and watching videos, now I find it to be a good way to grow a business. It is without a doubt a great opportunity to save precious time. In the end, one can create a business that brings money almost on autopilot.

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