How To Raise The Perceived Value Of Your Information Products

I just wrapped up watching the third video from Eben Pagan, as part of his Guru Blueprint launch. You can watch it here now –

Guru Blueprint by Eben Pagan

Guru Blueprint by Eben Pagan – Video 3: Content is CASH

(You will need to enter your name and email to access it.)

Eben’s first video focused on the potential of selling information, especially if you can marry the convergence between what you know and what people go looking for information about.

In his second video, he went into much more detail on what niches represent the best potential for income online, highlighting the mega-niches of “health”, “money” and “relationships”.

He also provided a great report that revealed 29 sub-niches within the three mega-niches that represent excellent profit potential (things like raw food, alternative weight loss methods, dating advice for population segments, or credit debt elimination, etc).

The Magic Formula For Premium Perception

The third video begins with a fairly rudimentary introduction to information product creation, where Eben shows you how to record a screen capture video to create a presentation. This was very basic stuff, but if you’re not familiar with screen recording programs, you will be very excited to see how easy it is.

The second half of the video was much more interesting for me because Eben presented a “formula” for converting your offer into content that is of premium perceived value, hence you can charge a premium price for it.

It’s pretty obvious if you have higher priced products you make more money. That’s not an absolute rule, but in most situations you will make a lot more money selling a $1,000 product over a $10 product. The challenge is how to justify and convince people that what you offer is valuable enough to warrant the premium price.

Prospects need to perceive that the outcome your product offers is of such value to them that they are willing to spend that much money on it.

This is also relevant for lower priced items, because the greater perception of value, the more product you will sell, especially given a competitive market.

If you’re product is perceived as incredible then you’re going to sell more of it – but how can you do this?

Eben, in his usual clear presentation style, was able to teach the following process to demonstrate high perceived value.

Process One: Create a “Magic Formula” and then give it a name.

Eben laid out the following simple process to come up with a Magic Formula. Remember this applies to whatever you are selling in your chosen niche (if you’re still not sure about your niche, Eben’s second video is a must-watch).

These are the steps…

  1. What is the solution to your prospects problem?
  2. What are the three specific action steps your prospect needs to do to solve their problem?
  3. Name your system using the phrase “The three-step system (for example, “The three-step system for… eliminating your credit card debt in half the time“)

Coming up with steps is compelling because it chunks down the system into a sequence that everyone can grasp, and then giving it a name increases the perceived value significantly. This is similar to what I wrote about if you create a “language identifier” and what that does to your perception as a leading expert.

Process Two: Link the formula to the three most important human values.

This is really killer stuff, so read carefully…

Humans need to have the value of something (your offer) explained to them and connected to what we value most in life. Eben recommends you focus on the following as the most important life values when it comes to your information products –

  1. Money
  2. Time
  3. Work

Eben explained how three of the most important human values are “money”, “time” and “work”. In other words we want more time, or less time doing things we don’t like, more money and less work.

Simple right?

The clever bit is how you link it to your Magic formula.

You need to ask yourself how you can save your prospects these three elements based on what you currently do for your people.

For example, if the problem your prospects have is too much fat and you solve it with a special diet that reduces fat quickly, then your system can… “show how to reduce fat in half the time of leading diets, without wasting money on useless supplements, and you don’t have to do anything special besides eat the food provided to you… or something like that.

Eben recommend you use a special phrase to link all this together, but you will have to watch the video to learn what that is 😉 .

Perception Is Critical

Perception, not reality, is what matters in marketing, whether you like it or not. That doesn’t mean you have to lie, but you can learn how to phrase the best parts of your product using language that enhances it’s perception.

This really is all about good copywriting, and good copywriting is all about understanding the psychology behind, well, us – human beings.

If you don’t understand what I explained in this article or you want a more detailed visual breakdown, go watch the third video from Eben, and include the first two as well in case you missed them –

Enjoy these free videos and if you want more, look out for the opening of Eben’s program next week.

I’ll offer a bonus for this program to reward you for buying through my affiliate link, however you will need to be on my email list to find out what the bonus is and claim it.

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  • Eben’s stuff are always gold even if it’s free. I never miss any of his video, there’s always something new and (sort of) unusual way of putting his point out so that we as his fans, customers, and readers always understand it.

    Great stuff and thanks Eben…

  • Hey,
    Yeah, I know eben’s stuff are always filled with awesome information. I am defiantly going to opt-in.

    Thanks for sharing this great stuff man :).

  • Perception is critical but so is a solid product. Quality and transparancey nowadays is non negotiable on the web.

  • Yaro, I’ve listened to your 3.5 hour Membership Site Masterplan several times and I’m taking notes on everything Eben says! Your teachings complement each other, but don’t overlap.

    Thank you so much for all you share!

  • Eban is truly one of the gurus of internet marketing.

  • […] in my RSS reader and my Feedly homepage a couple of times last week… Today in an e-mail from Yaro’s list, mind you I normally ignore his mailing list e-mails – I keep getting them as a way to […]

  • Thanks for the link to video 2, that one slipped by me, haven’t had a lot of time this week. Eben’s stuff is always good, always.

  • Yaro, why do we have to enter the name and email for each video? Do we have than three newsletter entries? Or can well access all three videos by registring by only one of it? Thanks in advance. Have a nice weekend!

    • Hi Adam, I don’t know for sure, but if you enter the same email you will only get one entry into his newsletter, there is no duplication.

  • Yes, Eben’s videos have much value. They give many ideas. I really enjoyed watching them and thank you Yaro for sharing them.


    John Steczko

  • Nice share Yaro, Eban is a real master at what he teaches.

    My boss usually picks up his new products and then passes them down to me – I feel quite lucky because I certainly can’t sport the price tag on a few of these haha.

    The perceived value really does make sense because if I saw a nice looking car for $500, I’m going to say “there must be something wrong with the engine!” but then the same car priced at $3000 would be “that makes sense, this looks nice!”

    Case in point: don’t sell yourself short. If someone else is selling for $200, don’t price yourself at $100. Heck, don’t even undercut them, price yours at $300 and tell people how its better at solving their needs compared to your competition.

  • Love it as usual! I tell you, after watching one of Eben’s videos I was hooked and actually couldn’t wait to watch another one.

    Great job on the recap Yaro. I do refer back to your masterplan video when I need to get back on track as well.

    That is what I’m trying to create, content that is priceless. You couldn’t pay me enough for what I’m about to expose…..
    That will be the content I will create. All based on experience

    You and Eben create content that you couldn’t buy in a bookstore. Its based on individual original experiences that can’t be copied out of book or from another author.

    Lifelong Reader,


    P.S. The hoover dam, Las Vegas pic…..nice:)

  • Yaro,
    Eben is a great inspiration for all of us with guys like Joe Polish. I love the fact that little guys like us can challenge the authorities in providing valuable content.

    Indeed, change is happening and it can only happen from the bottom up not top-down linear fashion in a vacuum. Education and knowledge transfer is what will help transform the world with guys like you, keep up the great work!

    A Blog Mastermind Graduate

  • Well, now there have been two “teachers” who have thrilled me. Wanna guess who the first one was?

    • Umm, is the other one… Kermit the frog? 😉

      • Hahahahahaaaaa! That was funny! What made you come up with Kermit though, Yaro? Is there something wesould know about 🙂

        • Oops! Pardon the spelling! That is what you get when trying to type fast!

          wesould = we should


  • Eben is definitely a guru in is niche (information marketing).
    The information he provide for free are more superior than many paid services.

    Everyone is eagerly waiting for his next action.

    Thanks for sharing.

  • Your message is very core. It hits the high points, that, cannot be denied, it serves the listeners very well if and when applied. You rock Eban! Keep me on your mailing list.
    Thanks so much for sharing……

  • …thanks Yaro for steering me in Eben’s direction…invaluable info. glad I didn’t let my ebook go out without seeing this stuff…wonderful!

    enjoiy all your articles about blogging too…great info Tks Susanann

  • Hey Yaro,

    Thanks for the excellent summary of Eben’s video. Sometimes I don’t have time to sit down and watch it, so your commentary plus input saves me a lot of time. Thus also endorsing your brand too (time, money, work). Your blog and Eben’s stuff works in synergy!

    I appreciate the effort you’ve put into doing this post and it’s helped me value the importance of having consistency.

    Thanks again Yaro

  • Cheers Yaro… When I first started out as a massage therapist I went out with a super special discount of $35 to build my client base. Life was hard. People still said it was expensive. I upped my price to $85… No one has ever mentioned price again – And I don’t have to convince them I’ll do a good job. They tell me I’m great value. Perceived value counts for so much! Nigel

    • Great point about perceived value. Pricing plays a huge part in how people judge how good something will be. I admit that I am a sucker for that sometimes. The other day I was choosing between two similar items at a restaurant. I chose the more expensive one just because I assumed it would be better.

  • He’s well spoken, to the point, and has got a certain charisma

  • Thks Yaro

    This is a great stuff. Indeed a great product needs a great presentation to sell. I am heading over to watch the video.

  • Great video! I have to watch videos 1 and 2…….so i can master Eben’s layout.
    I started on video 3.

    Thanks Yaro,

    Antoine Grant

  • It is a great compliment for somebody of your reputation to be heaping praise on Eben Pagan. A recommendation of this kind of authority and impact via your blog reviews counts for loads. Is this a mutually beneficial scenario?

  • Thanks so much for sharing those video’s.

    I was beginning to wonder what on earth I was doing with
    all those different – theme specific – blogs I have….,

    Now since I became to look at them from a ‘Solution Offering’ point of view as learned in video nr. 2, my Home Business Lifestyle Blogs, and several of my other Blogs begin to make a lot more sense!!!

    Now since I present my Home Business Lifestyle Blog as

    ‘Solutions for
    Mastering Financial Freedom’

    And not only as a Blog about learning Affiliate Marketing,
    My Blog about Writing, Travel and Blog about Digital Camera-Ideas
    are also starting to make a lot more sense,


    My Writing Blog basically has to do with
    how to making money with writing,

    My Travel Blog has info about how to become a ‘Travelpreneur’
    with topics like how you can make money as a speaker on cruise ships,
    how to blog about travel or to do travel writing for travel magazines, and that photography can play an important role in being able to sell your writing
    to those travel magazines.

    That’s how my Digital Camera-ideas Blog ‘organically’ was ‘born’
    from my Travel Blog.

    Now it’s also a lot easier to ‘aim’ my future posts topics
    on all of those Blogs much more carefully.

    All the Best,
    To your Happy – Home Business Lifestyle – Inspiration,

  • Thanks for that comprehensive overview of Eben’s vids. I saw them as he released them; reading your review is like seeing them again from a slightly different perspective, and there’s always nuggets to be gotten from Eben, no matter how many times I see his material.
    I think things in threes is good marketing. Us humans seem to relate very well to three part stories.
    Eben makes an interesting observation about increasing price to gain better perceived value. I agree with your reader Murlu that sometimes we make instant decisions on value, based solely on the price – telling us that the price has nothing to do with ‘actual’ value. It’s all in the eyes of the buyer.
    Great review Yaro, thank you.

  • The advice you gave really apply to any online niche. I immediately took down the “time money work” idea in my notes as I believe this along with the other pieces of advice are effective when done properly

  • Hi Yaro,
    Reading your post made me realize that the process for the creation of a “Magic Formula” will help me overcome a personal hurdle I encountered recently: after writing an ebook I was planning to use as a freebie to build up my list for the promotion of an affiliate product, the vendor apparently decided not to let affiliates participate and left me stranded with my ebook…

    But by applying the “Magic Formula” approach and doing some minor tweaking to that product, it can be made a paid-for product on its own… Got to watch that third video carefully!

    Thank you for the review,

  • Dia

    Thanks Yaro for the very informative article. This helps a lot….

  • I have always loved learning from Eben. His insights and strategies are amazing, hence why he runs a 20+M/year internet business. If there is anyone you should learn from it would be this brilliant man. Another brilliant man who I think just as highly of is Yaro. Listen to him as he will teach you a plethora of blogging information on top of Eben’s teaching. Thanks Yaro for providing a wonderful blog and I look forward to learning from you well into the future.

    Your Marketing Comrade,

    Johnathan Hayes

  • Jon

    Easily said than done! Eben is a master at what he does, so it’s difficult for us, common mortals, to approach his way of communicating… nevertheless, we can improve a little bit each day and perhaps one days we’ll have our share of success!

  • I just have to drop by and add that I’ve applied the time/money/wrk concept in my ideas, and it has given lots of new concepts for future topics. Thanks Yaro.

  • Thanks Yaro, great post.

    It is a great idea to incorporate ‘time’ as well all never have enough time in our days or lives – if I could buy time I would, so it certainly is a big selling point

  • Indeed Eben is one of the best out there. I can’t wait for a serious program about how to make video blogs (i know he talks a little about this but I think he’ll come up with something a little more extensive in the near future).

  • i am new to internet marketing. can you please give me a guide: which products can i sell online apart from information products and i how do i go about the start up….

    • Jon

      Hi Hogwarts… indeed you raise an interesting point… it seems there is not much, in my opinion, that can be sold efficiently and profitably only other that info products… Did you get any interesting idea?

  • After writing an ebook I was planning to use as a freebie to build up my list for the promotion of an affiliate product, the vendor apparently decided not to let affiliates participate and left me stranded with my ebook…

  • It depends on how many copies you want to sell I suppose. Just talking about your product without actually attempting to sell it, as well as “trying to protect your secret” will get you flooded with people asking to purchase it. However this might not work on the large scale.

  • Wow, the first time for me to see Eben’s videos – or getting advice from him. I guess all the things he’s advicing are carefully thought out. At the end of day I think all people who are the buyers of products online, actually just want transparency. I other words: Why should they believe you. Most of the time people don’t look for the over-hyped, over-believable things (they actually want to believe it) but all these things sounds too “common” – as it’s on all the sites of people that brutally try to sell their stuff.

    Great video. I will need to opt-in for some positive results.

  • Good advice and the formula is simple but, but very effective.

  • Hello Yaro…

    Tried to listen to Video 2 and Video 3 with no luck. Keep getting sent back to
    Video 1 – first it’s introduction with sign up which I have done several time (will probably get 50 emails from Eben some day soon – no response as yet) and then it goes right into Video 1 which I am beginning to recite from memory to any interested party….

    What’s the magic formula? Would like to listen to Video 2 and Video 3 if possible.

    Thanks so much!

    • Hi Elaine,

      I think because the launch is almost over the videos may no longer be available. You can try emailing Eben, but usually you only have the weeks before the launch to watch the launch content, then it is taken offline.

  • The Magic Formula seeks to identify “good” businesses selling at “bargain” prices. It uses two factors to rank stocks so that you can identify the best businesses selling at bargain prices.

  • Where Eben shows you how to record a screen capture video to create a presentation is good stuff, like you said simple. But these video’s can be very effective and if your in the right nich they can make you good money by selling information.

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