Overclocking Content: How To Get More From What You Already Create

If there is one trend that is now well and truly a mandatory requirement, yet so few online marketers get right 100% of the time (me included), it is the need for multimedia in everything you do.

When I say multimedia, I mean the use of different modalities of content, tapping into the trinity of text, audio and video.

Frank Kern was one of the first online marketers I heard stress the need for content in video, audio and text. Eben Pagan does too, and is one of the best when it comes to delivering all three types of media during his launches. Rich Schefren demonstrated how to easily create all three mediums using live webinars as your base product content production tool, redistributing them in text transcripts, mp3s and video recordings. Many other marketers do the same, taking advantage of software like GoToWebinar to create content live, and record it for time-shifted consumption.

I knew how important multimedia is way back during my first launch in 2007, which is why I spent about four hours talking out an audio version of my Blog Profits Blueprint that I gave away for free along with the PDF text version.

Ask yourself how many people you see actually do this when they release free reports?

Then when it came time to teach Blog Mastermind, my first course, not only did I write every lesson by hand, I recorded an audio version using my own voice, to ensure people had a portable format of my core training materials. My next two courses, Become A Blogger Premium and Membership Site Mastermind are both predominately video, however all video content is available as text transcripts and MP3s as well.

How Best Do You Learn?

When I study, my preferred modality is audio. I haven’t taken the time to speed up my reading skills, so I’m slow when it comes to text. I like video, but for me the visuals don’t usually make much of a difference compared to the audio alone, so I simply listen to the videos on portable devices or in my car.

In my current lifestyle because I live inner city, I often walk to places near me, whether it is the cafe to do some writing, or dinner with friends, a movie, or a trip to the city to collect the snail mail and do some shopping. Whether I walk or catch a bus or drive my car, I make use of the time to consume training materials.

For me, time in transit is study time, when I get most of my information product consumption done. As a result, I’m always on the hunt for the audio version of products.

Gideon, my business partner, rarely reads my blog anymore. His justification? It’s not video.

Gideon is a video guy and unless he sees a video on my blog, it’s very rare that he will finish reading one of my articles from top to bottom. I can’t really blame him as I very rarely read blogs myself. Most of my study is focused on specific topics from specialist providers in specialist courses, which I listen to in audio or video format while on the move.

Consider Multi-Formats For Mass Distribution and Engagement

In all content you create, whether it’s launch content, product content or blog/social media content, there are two major concerns –

  1. Distribution: Ensuring your content reaches as many of the right people as it can
  2. Consumption: Ensuring your content is consumed, or paid attention to, from start to finish, or at least long enough to stimulate the desired action, whether to make a sale, or teach a lesson or inspire an action.

Note the very key difference between consumption and distribution.

There’s no point having great distribution if no one engages with your content. Having consumption but no distribution means you’re saying some great stuff, but only a small audience is aware of it. You need both ingredients if you want success on a mass scale, or at least a scale to deliver the kind of results we want as online business owners.

Using multimedia helps you leverage distribution channels which you might otherwise exclude if you don’t use all modalities (for example text won’t do very well on YouTube).

Multimedia helps you to engage your audience no matter what preferred format they have. No one will zone out because they have a short attention span for reading text or hate that they can’t scan your video for the bits that they want to watch.

Multimedia also gives you the best chance to influence the strongest force for distribution – word of mouth.

If people are going to share what you create with other people, they need to first find your content, gain value from it after consuming enough of it, and then have an easy means to share it. This cycle then repeats, as your content is distributed thanks to the human desire to share things of value with other humans.

Sharing is going to go on wherever people understand the tools to share the content and where their community currently habitats. Today as I write this, the most common communities where people share content is Facebook with the “share” and “like” functions, Twitter with the retweet and @reply standards, the good old forwarded email, or of course, a conversation in real life is still a powerful form of word of mouth distribution.

Delivering your content in multimedia and making it easy to share is a very good idea if you want your message to spread and thus your business to grow online. It also makes sense if you’re going to put so much effort into producing content, why wouldn’t you take a few extra steps to help it spread further and impact more people?

How Hard Is It To Make This Work?

At the risk of sounding hypocritical, this blog post you are reading now is not going to be transformed into an MP3 audio or a video.


Well, I have excuses, but the real reason is I just haven’t set up the systems to do it.

In an ideal world I’d have a team of outsourcers pounce on every blog post I write and ensure it’s made into all media formats and syndicated as far as we can take it. That’s what guys like James Schramko are doing and they’re getting some nice traffic rewards as a result.

I could do it personally of course, but that’s not a great use of my time. I should be creating content, not replicating it.

Plus let’s not forget it costs money to pay people to do things like transcripts for audios and videos, or to turn text into audio or convert an article into a video slide presentation. If you don’t have a means to return profit on your efforts, you’re going to dig yourself into a hole no matter how far your content goes.

For the time being I’ve executed an 80/20 rule solution, focusing on creating multimedia formats for my best content only. This ensures that I make a good first impression because my best content is likely to be the first taste someone gets when they are touched by something I created.

This is a formula you can follow right now. If you don’t know what your best content is, wait and see how people react to what you create and then use that as indication of what people want more of.

Often I find a certain concept or idea in some content performs really well, which makes it a candidate for reproduction in different media formats. Sometimes people flat out ask you to create a transcript of a really great video, or suddenly you’re getting lots of comments on a blog article, which tells you a video and MP3 on the same subject is probably a good idea.

Give People What They Want

One thing is certain – our world is becoming more connected, at least in an electronic sense. With so many devices providing access to the web and making it easy to consume all formats of content, the more you have out there, the bigger your footprint, and thus more people you can reach.

It makes sense to give people more of what they already enjoy from you by leveraging multimedia. Doing so can only open you up to new people and help you spread your message further.

I don’t know about you, but I always find it thrilling to think that at any point in time there are people all over this planet reading my words on their desktop computer, listening to me speak in an audio as they drive their car, or are watching me present in a video on their iPad. I’m helping thousands of people every day, even though I don’t know who most of them are, and I do it even while I sleep.

That’s just way cool.

Don’t keep all those brilliant ideas of yours in your head, get them out there for people to benefit from in whatever format they choose. Make it easy, give people what they want in as many formats as you can, encourage sharing and you will be surprised how much of an impact you will have, most of the time without even knowing it.

Yaro Starak

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  • Technology(more specifically the internet) has connected people all over this world and it’s a good thing! We’re able to learn more and share more information. The spread of information is also much faster! Remember when they used to have to do it through telegrams… Thank goodness our society has progressed!

  • This is great Yaro. I haven’t done as much video on my blog as I originally planned because every time I post a video blog it’s not nearly as well received as written content. That said, for paid products audio/video/text is a great way to go. I’ve been creating multimedia paid products since about 2004. Back in the early days it was a lot more difficult. We have so many awesome tools available to us now that lack of technical knowledge is no longer a barrier.

  • I can catch the messege Yaro.. 🙂
    It’s diversify – means produce a content using various types of media to spread everywhere. So more audiens reached. Different media work best at different place. Am I right?

  • Yaro,

    This is so critical. I am also an audio guy. I spend a lot of my time digesting podcasts and CDs in the car as well as when walking my dog. However, I am a avid reader as well. I don’t really like video, because I have to have the computer with me.

    Each customer is different, so the products that become most successful are the ones that have audio, video, and text all in one place. The more ways that you can give the reader to digest the information in the way they want to, the more sales that you will make with your information products.

    -Joshua Black
    The Underdog Millionaire

  • Yaro,

    This is a very good post for helping people to see the big picture concerning the distribution of information on a large scale. I personally used audio a lot to listen to various information while driving. However, I do enjoy reading good material on my computer, but everyone is different.

    I recently started a blog; so I am currently focused on just writing the posts. However, this post will give me food for thought down the road concerning multi-media; but I see your point regarding the cost associated with making audio and video formats available from text posts. If there is no way to generate profits from the audio and video formats, it could caused problems down the road for the business.

  • Hey Yaro,

    I’m a little like Gideon where I prefer video instead of text. Furthermore, it seems to be that video is something that a lot of people are now using now and dedicating their blogs to. There’s a few advantages of using video:
    1. People get to see you / or the content and therefore building a relationship and expressing yourself is easier
    2. Video can be syndicated into so many different forms – audio and text as you’ve mentioned
    3. It’s faster to create in my opinion – (as long as you have the right tools and systems – which you what you’ve said you haven’t got in place as yet)

    @joshua – I totally agree that a product with all forms: video, audio and text does cater for different audiences and this is why I highly recommend for everyone to cater for all. I’ve been implementing this on my blog and a lot of people have thanked me for this as well. So it’s working as I see.

    Great post Yaro!

  • Hi Yaro

    I am more toward audio and reading, but with my iphone, I am now able to watch video when I am traveling.

    I think you are right, since we have created the content, why not create it in all format to gain more audience.

  • I find the best way to cover all aspects of your readers (and potential readers) is to hit em on all fronts.

    The easiest way to do this is to start with video – for under $100 you can buy great HD cameras that even come with free video editing software. It may take you and hour or two to get the first few videos down but soon you’ll be able to create them on the fly without editing.

    Now, if you want audio, all you need to do is rip it from the video. You can then distribute it through podcasts or on your blog as well.

    From there, either you or someone outsourced can transcribe the audio and covert it to text for a blog post.

    Finally, now that you have all 3 medias, you can include them for your readers which may learn better through different methods of media.

    You can also distribute your video through Tubemogul, send it out on itunes for audio and put it up on all the major social bookmarking sites as a post!

  • Hi Yaro.

    Do you mean Fran Kerr not Fran Kern?

    • Two people – Fran Kerr runs highonhealth.org, and Frank Kern, the well known internet marketer, who I reference in this article.

  • Great post again! We are currently re-looking at our blog, and I will definatley take this article into account.

  • Thanks Yaro,

    I’m constantly trying to find the balance – in time an other resources – on my outputs and trying to best leverage content while trying my best not to overextend.

  • … and then there are the skimmers and speed readers like me, who can’t bother to fiddle with the audio/video progression handle to move on. I enjoy audio/video too but I will have to skip them regularly because I don’t have the time to endure them. Skimming is the big advantage of text: your pulling audience will draw more from it.

    Diversity is key.

  • LOL! I actually read this one Yaro hehehe!

    Can’t agree more with you – the more forms of media you can use, the further and better your message spreads. Not only online, but also inside people’s heads!

    My favorite sequence of events is like this:

    1. Create a compelling video (preferably a real video, instead of just boring slides)
    2. Grab the audio part of that video and make it also available as downloadable mp3 file
    3. Get the audio transcribed and make that also available as either a pdf file, or just text if you’re putting it on your blog

    Pretty straight forward really.

    And I guess if you really want to be cool, turn all of the above stuff into an iPad app… since that’s the latest craze 🙂

    Gideon Shalwick

    • I’m sure if I mention your name in my posts I can convince you to read them G. It’s the same as the “command + F Yaro” function for me 😉

  • Thanks for sharing this Yaro. Maximizing the product that we already created can bring more audience and eventually, sales to us. As they say, “don’t put all your eggs in one basket”. Maximize the exposure as best as you can.



    • I like how you put it! We’ve always been taught not to put all our eggs in one basket and that’s something we could definitely apply here.

  • I sure am glad you posted this Yaro, it’s exactly what I needed. I’ve been trying to think of a great, “outside of the box” way to monetize my site. You suggesting audio content is a great example of what I want to give my visitors-options. That said, offering MP3 versions of my content would be a great idea for later on when I’m ready. Worth looking into now though. Thanks a lot Yaro, you’ve taken me in a beneficial direction of thinking yet again!

  • For months now, I’ve been having this thought of creating multimedia content. Now I realize that a good way to start finding people to do podcasts for your popular content is to contact your friends. And if it works well, we can start paying for this service

  • Great post Yaro! I have been creating more and more videos recently and all of my stats have been improving. Bounce rate is down, time on site is up, avg. pageviews is up, visitors is up. I love how Gideon teaches how to do video marketing. My goal is to have a video for every post that I have done.

    I do a post everyday, but I love creating content and I believe that having both text and a video for each post can go a long ways. One just has to have a passion for it and has to be willing to take the time. I have both 😉

  • You know, about 3/4 of the way through this article I really started to think about how this could really be helping me personally.

    At the very least it’s a genius idea to offer an audio version of blog posts and articles so that users can consume your info at their convenience. Don’t have time to read this full article? Download it to your iPod.

    I like this, Yaro, I’m definitely putting it to use.

  • You gave some great tips here as usual. I’m fairly new to blogging but I can’t wait to jump on the YouTube bandwagon and try putting up video blogs as well. I see bloggers like Dooce and Problogger use them pretty well. Great content is king, but you need to experiment with the delivery to make sure you’re attracting a wide audience. Makes a lot of sense.

  • Good Marketing – absolutely…….but, as you wisely pointed out, only your best content should be distibuted by all three media.

    the “challege” i feel is two-fold : 1 to continually produce value-rich content

    2. to know which content your audience values most.

    p.s. Why did you leave the “big hair” zone?

  • Oh well you have a point there, Yaro. Truly, if you want to reach much wider scale of audience, then you must produce your information in various types of media. But nevertheless, we know for a fact that it is not true to some context. Anyhow, we ourselves can decide which works best.

  • Jon

    I have noticed recently a surge in webinars, and now I understand why… with just one “thing” you can get 3 multimedia sources: audio, video, and written content through transcript… I should start do the same!

  • Blogging makes me go nuts! I really enjoy writing articles, but the challenge is how much of STUFF there seems to be to grasp wth html and xml and rss and feeds and pings and posts and track backs and software and multimedia and….

    I just get really really frustrated. I have been trying to generate traffic from my blog and by GOD, do I post.

    I try to get back links but my stats are about 5 visits a day on the average. My adsense has been up for about 3 months (if I remember correctly) and I have made SO MUCH MONEY

    1 pound!

    Can someone tell me WHAT I am doing wrong?!

  • This article is a very good on one explaining how sharing of information become more advanced compared before. Internet is a very good medium on doing it.

  • We live in a fast consumption world. Reading takes time. Watching video or listening to audio is something from which we know right when it begins, how long it will take us to finish it. I have a gut feeling, that the evolution from pure text to audio & video based blogging will accelerate even more in the near future. iPads, phones and such are one thing. But when the Internet based content delivery to everyones living rooms (through TV-sets) becomes more available – think about the possibilities! You’re blog could be subscribed and consumed from every living room. That’s crazy. Maybe we should start concentrating from SEO to CEO (content engine optimization – a term that I just coined :D)..

    The problem is, like you said: Doing the audio, video and making the transcript takes extra time. I really like Gideons approach to this. I haven’t yet utilized transcription as a outsourced service. What kind of costs have you had with your transcriptions?

    I think we really should start to focus more on our systems regarding the different delivery channels that are available for us. The only problem is, how to balance the content creation time/costs versus the reach impact (distribution + consumption).

    Great article. This gave a lot to think about!

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  • A great tip for bloggers like me. I haven;t tried doing the video blog. But now, I think I will give it a try. Though I must admit I am in a way shy to talk on videos but I guess it will be more convenient for me 🙂

    • You can use something like tubemogul to re-distribute your videos automatically too and generate all those views from video hosting sites too.

  • I prefer video over text too. It’s much easier on my eyes and it feels like I am absorbing more information. Not quite sure if this is actually the case.

  • Hi.

    I spent the weekend looking for people who can help me do podcasts, and this has been a good experience for me. Just wanted to drop by again and add that good connections are also in store for us if we choose to create alternative formats for our content

  • […] You can experiment with other forms of content. […]

  • Including YouTube videos is always a great way to bring more engagement to your blog audience. They can be embedded into a WordPress page very easily. Some nice pictures will also break up an otherwise dull looking piece of text.


  • Technological advancements have changed our lives and everybody likes shortcuts now. If you want to win then you have to be different from others. So I would like to agree with you that creating content in multi way is not only important but it’s the only way to drive more people. Now people are more likely to attract by visuals rather than they read a long and boring text files. Studies have revealed that audio formats turned text formats down but visualization turned both of them down because majority of people are attracted by visuals having short span of time. But there are still a great amount of people who loves to share information in text like on facebook or twitter. But I prefer visuals and multimedia content because sometimes texts don’t say enough.

  • This is great Yaro. I haven’t done as much video on my blog as I originally planned because every time I post a video blog it’s not nearly as well received as written content. That said, for paid products audio/video/text is a great way to go. I’ve been creating multimedia paid products since about 2004. Back in the early days it was a lot more difficult. We have so many awesome tools available to us now that lack of technical knowledge is no longer a barrier.

  • Yaro, you always wanted to be the best in what you are saying. With that length of content in improving content section, I doubt that any blogger will even try to compete with your content. No wonder your RSS number increases like a cash machine.

  • Hi Yaro,

    I totally agree with you that blogs should be put in a multi format.

    The biggest problem I find is that of time. I have considered just reading and recording my finished article and generating an audiofile and then submitting that to a podcast distribution services and also converting it into a video for distribution via traffic guiser.

    Doing this would mean I have far less time to generate new content and as a result produce less content. So in your opinion would be the best to create fewer blog posts but in more formats?

    I hope you get the time to answer this question.

    Kind regards

    Kevin Martyn

  • Its always good to make content that can be distributed all over the web. The more its distributed the more important the content comes. Videos are a great way to do this especially if they go viral, it will be spread all over.

  • Thanks for your post because I feel like I am always making content without getting everything I want to get from it. I will surely try your tactics.

  • Great post. Providing multimedia content is a great way of differentiating yourself and attracting traffic from places you wouldn’t before (youtube being the obvious one if you do video).

  • Distributing content through different media like audio, text and multimedia is really a great idea and many people can really benefit from this because everyone has different way of learning. For example, I am a visual person so I learn better when I can actually see the demonstration and visualize in my head.

    Thanks Yaro for sharing.

  • This article raises some interesting points from different angles. The online community has seen an increase in multimedia formats, including audio and video. Some of these people may have become popular for a vlog, and in doing so have become text-deficient.

    On the other hand, as the owner of a small business, our website is certainly multimedia-deficient. We intend to increase our multimedia content to reach more customers. Thanks for the inspiration!

  • Yaro,

    It’s true. I know from experience that so many people absolutely hate reading, they don’t have the time, or they just don’t have the education that makes them want to read. Most people read at a 12 year old level. So video and audio is great. Good post, thanks.

  • Nice post. Last Month I found this site and wanted to let you know that I have been gratified, going through your site’s pages. I shall be signing up to your RSS feed and will wait for your next post. Best Regards, Mateus

  • […] You can experiment with other forms of content. […]

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