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This is a big one! I cracked the 45 minute mark with this podcast. There is a reason though, there’s a lot in this show with the main feature being an interview with Peter Harback, the co-owner with his wife of Cool Things, a website and retail store that sells “Cool Gadgets for Big Kids” (a toyshop!). Peter offers quite a good insight into his business so I expect you will enjoy this interview.

Also featured in the podcast is some music by a friend of mine, James McIntosh, who recently launched his own blog at He provides the vocals and guitar on his track Perspicacity.


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  • Yaro, I really enjoyed your podcast. One thing I wanted to know was how much made from sales outside of Australia.

  • Hi Mike – I’m not sure if Peter would want to give you money specifics but he may comment on percentages – like how much business comes from overseas as a percentage of the whole. I’ll let him drop by and leave a comment though, it’s his biz after all!

  • Hi Mike,

    Percentages wise is probably only 10 to 20 percent exported out of the country. Mostly going to New Zealand, US and the UK.

    However I did send an order to Japan last month.


  • Rory

    Hey Yaro, I loved this audio
    I hope you do some more interviews, because those are my favourite podcasts. Hopefully you can interview me someday after I get my things together.

    Keep ’em coming

  • Hi Yaro, visited your website a few times and only just studied it, listened to your podcast. Good stuff, I liked hearing the specifics of things you and Mike have done. It would be cool to have a weekly session, I will definately tune in for the next one

  • I know peter ,,

    Butmost of the gadgets are chinese made
    Good blog tho yaro thanks for the info

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