How To Set Up Passive Income Websites – Webinar With Adam Short

Gideon and I held a special live webinar with Adam Short from Niche Profit Classroom (if you are on my email newsletter you would have received an invite to join us live).

On the webinar Adam went through his step-by-step process to set up passive income websites, including two case studies – one in the pet lizards market and another in the school science report writing market – as demonstrations of how he does what he does.

Adam’s been making tens of thousands of dollars per month from his portfolio of niche sites for five years now, so he really knows his stuff. It’s great to see him share with us two of the niches, how much money he makes from the sites and how the websites are set up.

If you want to learn how to set up passive income websites using a ridiculously simple system, watch this webinar presentation, Adam really delivers the tiny details (press play) –

Click here to download the MP4 [ 156 MB ]

Towards the end of the webinar after Adam teaches his system, there is an invite to try out the Niche Profit Classroom new 3.0 version, which just launched.

The trial is just $1 for 14 days access, enough to access the software, training videos and hosting services. On the 14 day trial alone you can set up your first niche website to test the system out, then decide if you want to stay on in the program, so this is really a no-brainer offer.

Click Here To Start Your $1 Trial And Claim Bonuses

Bonuses Expire Friday

Gideon and I are offering a special bonus if you sign up via our affiliate link and stay in the program beyond the trial – full access to our Become A Blogger Premium program.

Become A Blogger is a great complementary course, which I recommend you work through after you start implementing the NPC system from Adam.

If you want to take advantage of the trial and claim the bonuses, this is the link:

Click Here To Start Your $1 Trial And Claim Bonuses

Deadline: Gideon and I are only offering the bonus until Friday midnight (July 2nd) US time, if you join after that you miss the bonuses. Originally we said 24 hours from the live webinar, but it took longer than that to get this recording out to you, so we’ve extended the deadline until Friday.

To claim the bonus, email your order receipt to and Tineke our assistant will confirm your qualification. Note that bonuses will not be given until after the 14 day trial is over and you decide to continue using Niche Profit Classroom.

If this is all new to you, watch the webinar first from start to finish, it will explain the entire system and clarify a lot about how you can easily get started with your own niche websites.

Mp4 Download

Click Here to Download the MP4 [ 156 MB ]

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  • Looks like a great offer. These passive income websites are becoming popular day by day. Yesterday, there was another offer for a similar model on another blog. It was niche sites that were build by them but were based on the Amazon Associates program.


    • Sorry guys, maybe I’m missing something but the Science Projects ebook in question has a Clickbank gravity of 0 as in zero sales. How is this site paying for Adam’s wifes car?

      • Peter – you mentioned that the gravity for the science projects books is at a 0 right now. Just keep in mind that this is a very seasonal product, as Adam mentioned on the webinar. The high’s and low’s throughout the year average out to his wife’s car payment.

        • You are right about that Jennifer. It is summer and most kids are out of school. One of the reasons to have multiple verticals.

      • Jon

        @Peter: Clickbank gravity only reflects activity as far as the clickbank community goes. It has nothing to do with organic search and/or traffic any of Adam’s products receive. Basically, he could have an ebook that no affiliate ever sells for him and still have stats that aren’t viewable by you and me.

    • I agree with you Nabeel. These are becoming popular day by day. A lot of people are diving in to “make money online” niche, in which they haven’t made any money online yet. There are a lot of niches online, just look for what interests you the most and know your audience.

      • That is it! The key to finding a good niche is to first find something you are already interested in and then research if that niche has enough buyers. Voila! You have got the “perfect” niche to make money from! πŸ˜€

        Thanks for the mp4. Still downloading it (slow connection here πŸ™ )

  • Wow, amazingly I got alot of take away from the video you did with Adam and now the $1 free trial is really tempting me to give it a shot. I can seriously see the huge potential of it all

  • I am very interested in setting up multiple passive websites and this video really come at the right time.

    Your bonus is a good complement to the niche profit classroom.

  • The $1 free trial is tempting but I got other stuff to do right now.I am currently focusing on small niche sites.

  • How long do you have to remain a member to qualify for the become a blogger premium videos?

  • Although the system seems very simple possibly the Latin American market would not be so easy to implement.

    However, I appreciate the tips and guidance! Best regards!

  • Irresistible offer! I’m excited to give this one a try. Thanks a lot!

  • Would it be difficult to cancel after making that $1 payment?

    • I guess not. Most of the products and services being sold online must have a refund policy, so if you wish to discontinue, just contact them and they’ll refund your money.

      • Hi guys, Adam here from Niche Profit Classroom. Just to ease your worries, if you decide to try out NPC for a buck, and decide the program isn’t for you we will happily refund your sign up fee. We have a 30 day money back guarentee in place, and our helpdesk link isn’t tough to find πŸ™‚ So feel free to give it a try and if you’re not happy, just let us know and we’ll refund your money.

  • Hey Yaro,

    Thanks for sharing such great insight into setting up passive income websites – I missed the webinar the other night, so I’m glad you made it available as a download ; )

    Thanks again for the great content.


  • Hi Yaro, thanks for the heads up about your bonus – I’ll be sure to look into it more. πŸ™‚

  • This was a great webinar. Adam imparted a lot of information in an easy to digest way. I will certainly be testing some of the ideas over the forthcoming weeks. Thank you Yaro, Gideon and Adam

  • Thanks Yaro for sharing. this is a keeper on my mp3 player. It is tricky to set up a passive site correctly.

  • I would be careful with this $1 trial. I took a cheap trial with Niche Profit Classroom and canceling my account was a nightmare. I ended up with $400 of charges on my credit card. Read the fine print.

    That said, the course is reasonably good. The problem is that all the content is in video form. This becomes tedious and time consuming. That’s one of the things that I like about Yaro – he always offers a few different formats of his material.

    • Hey Brad – and anyone else reading this. If you ever have trouble cancelling with Niche Profit Classroom, after trying the instructions Adam provides to do so and you’re still having trouble, get in touch with me as I can tap Adam on the shoulder to look into it.

      Over 600 of my subscribers and blog readers have joined Niche Profit Classroom over the past year, and of those people I have had about three email me saying they had difficulties, which I forwarded to Adam and he sorted out in a matter of days.

      Adam’s not looking to keep anyone’s money who doesn’t want to stay in the course and I trust him to do the right thing and he hasn’t let me down yet.

      • I’m having the same problem. I’ve been subscribed for more than a year, but after cancelling my membership I’m still getting charged for it!

        I called my credit card support desk and they told me that NPP haven’t even started the cancellation yet, so that means I’m going to get charged again next month.

        Tried the support at NPP and they said that they cancelled it, which obiously they didn’t.

        It seems that several people are having the same problem. Probably I will have to cancel my credit card to stop this. It’s a shame they have this bad support after unsubscribing.

  • Interesting video but keep in mind this system is for building a lot of very small niche sites, which is tough to keep track of over time. I still prefer the idea of building more authoratative sites on a few subjects. From what I’ve read in many blogs, it seems that google prefers authority sites as well and disfavors these types of tiny niche sites. Still a good talk nonetheless – not sure his keyword research and assumptions apply outside the micro-niche arena though.

  • Interesting offer. Just downloaded the video and will watch it tonight.

  • Thanks for sharing, I signed up for the webinar and was unable to make it as well, I was so happy when you offered the recording. I am new to all this stuff and currently developing my own blog (first month), and I have really learned a lot from you so far! I am excited to keep learning more!

    Ann Marie

  • This was really nteresting and helpful. Many thanks for this. just what I need right now.

  • I’ve been hearing more and more about passive income websites lately. It seems like it’s become the way to make more money nowadays with the web!

  • Previous and future posters, just be aware the niche packs they give out aren’t necessarily the kind of content and niches you want to go for these days. In todays economy, people just aren’t buying ebooks on candle making, growing roses, or genealogy.

    I was a members and quite after 3 months, of no sales. then modified the way I was doing things and started making money. You can learn about niche marketing and websites in Niche Profit Classroom, but I recommend checking it out and modifying it to what really works.
    Feel free to email me if you have questions.

  • Thanks Yaro for this recording. I did miss the live event.

    I learned alot today from the great content, you guys are awesome.

    Thanks again,


  • I’m surprised he makes as much as he does with such cheesy looking websites (no offense!). Just not my style and I wouldn’t buy from such sites. Still a very informative presentation. I did some google searches for science project and didn’t find any of his sites on first 3 pages. He must make so little on each site that you’d need hundreds to quit your day job. Yuck

    • I didn’t make a single dime on the sites I got from them, using the technique they taught. I dno’t believe it’s cutting edge, except maybe cutting edge for them on how they are making money from people like me who bought into it for 3 months and left. once I left, I modified the templates to look like a blog and gave more good content, and that’s when I started making money, not with the spammy, sales page type sites they show.

      • I’ve tried programs where they gave all users the niche template for that month. You just had to add content and your affiliate codes and you were good to go. The problem that I saw was that everyone who was with that program got the same template. So that’s a lot of competition popping up.

        So it sounds like too that he might be giving out the same site to all paid users.

        I agree it sounds like a great place to learn and I’ll probably try it for 14 days at least just to get the info.

        • Yes they are all the same, and most people in the Niche Profit Classroom, don’t change the content, put the site up just as they received it and therefore are creating duplicate content all over the web. To me that’s Littering. There should be a law against Littering. πŸ™‚

          Just Google a phrase like “growing roses mini ecourse” and you will see the same sorta template with many of the sites, same duplicate content, same old same old…

          Like I said I did learn a few things but the niche packs are not to be used, especially since some of the ebooks have gross errors in then, many of them written in the Philippines.

  • Cutting edge stuff, Yaro! Thanks for keeping us in the loop on micro-niche development.

  • Hey Yaro,
    Wow, that was a great presentation. I am a member of NPC and have been for a good few months now, and I love it. Adam is a great teacher and more importantly he know’s what he’s talking about. I have managed to put up many sites now and am able to support myself and my family in these hard times. I was a newbie when I started and now I’m helping my friends get started. I highly recommend giving NPC a try.
    Thanks again Yaro, can’t wait for your next post,keep them coming!
    Paul R.



  • I watched the video and what can I say – just awesome! It seems that passive income websites are the way to go as you don’t have to spend much time and yet you can make thousands of dollars. Niche Profit Classroom new 3.0 version seems very interesting and getting the trail for 1$ is without a doubt cheap. Will check it out as soon as possible.

  • It’s always nice to read and watch all the options you have with the webinar. It is very important to learn all the ways and start working towards that goal.

  • Good video content but the rest of the article looks a bit like just a big affiliate promotion post. I understand needing to make money off affiliate links, but I think this blog post might have ventured into overkill and was a bit too hype-y for my tastes.

    • I’ll agree with you there, I am somewhat suprised and bummed to see Yaro refering this…

      • This program is the single best selling affiliate program I’ve ever recommended and considering the amount of people who have joined against the number who have had problems with it, the ratio is very good.

        Sure not all parts of the product are for everyone, but based on feedback I receive, the majority love it, so I have no issues endorsing it. Adam is working his hardest to help people, not rip them off.


  • Great presentation for the newbies to start with!

    3 simple steps to start an internet business.

    1. Product
    Solve people’s problem.

    2. Website
    Capture email list and build relationship with the list!

    3. Traffic
    Targeted traffic that looking your product to solve their problems.

    To your success,
    Bryan Hee
    Follow me on Twitter

  • I’m so tired of hearing you guys talk about “outsourcing” and using sites like rent-a-coder and elance, as if it’s that simple. Can you do a podcast or webinar on how to use those sites effectively and what to watch out for? Can you talk about how a lot of those coders and designers will give you plagiarized material? Let’s hear some useful and truthful information, not just some fluff about “hey guys go outsource!”

    • Hey Neon,

      That is a very vaild point, and yes, I must admit I have to share your frustration. I too have had problems trying to nail down the nitty gritty about outsourcing in the past. And yes I admit to often just saying – “go outsource.” However, in most cases (public webinars), there’s just not enough time to talk in detail about this process. Inside the Niche Profit Classroom members area, there is a course that lays out the process of outsourcing and building a team in detail, including where to look, what to do, and of course where to begin. We also do members-only webinars where we discuss such topics. Thanks, Neon

  • I was able to catch 3/4 of the webinar the other day. I’m glad you’ve got it up here. Plus I’ve learned a lot. Niche site creation is something I plan to work on soon however, it’ll have to wait when I get back from vacation. Until then, I’ll have a little time to sit down and try the trial.


  • […] To Set Up Passive Income Websites, Webinar With Adam Short- Entrepreneurs Journey (ed note: this may not be for everyone, but I think the concept is innovative so I’m sharing […]

  • Sad that I missed it as I would have been interested in watching this live. I will have to get it sorted and sign up to your newsletter now so I don’t miss any more. πŸ™‚

  • I really love this article because I’ve been looking to setup a passive income for one of my passions and reading this has helped tremendously.


  • Yaro,

    I’ve been following you for a while and haven’t put up a comment. I am listening to Adam’s webinar and am going to sign up for 3.0 even though I don’t know where I’m going to get this $$ – I’m planning on killing it in the next 14 days with his offer and creating over 10 websites for niche marketing – NOW – so, in 21 days…let’s see, I’ll be able to afford the $67.00…
    I’m going to be blogging on my site about this as well, how well it’s working, how much $$ I can make in a short period of time and if I will make enough this month to pay not only July rent, but August too!! And create enough to eat and live.
    Gotta go. Time’s a wastin’. Thanks Yaro

    • Hi Nicole, I have to say you have the right mindset. The dollar trial should be taken full advantage of. The tools and training make it very easy for you to put up a website. If you spend time going through the system, within 14 days you can put up multiple sites. Good for you. Best of luck and let me know how it goes.

  • I just downloaded your PM4, I will watch it later.

  • I’m really looking forward to implementing some of these tactics. I especially like the idea of “satellite websites”, I had thought about doing something like this for a while, but I was unsure of the efficacy of this type of tactic.

  • Thank for sharing this Yaro. Setting up a passive income websites are becoming popular. As they say, “many streams make a river”. I”ve also learned this from Robert Kiyosaki, “build several passive income streams”. That’s really the key to success. If we have several passive income streams, then we will be able to achieve financial freedom.

    I’d rather have 10 businesses earning $1000/month each, than 1 business earning $10,000.



  • This is a great webinar, thanks for sharing it. Its always good to know how to set up passive income sites and watch the money flow in.

  • Had a great time watching the webinar and taking notes. Thanks Yaro

  • The tiny niche websites are definitely the flavor of the month. Thanks for the heads up Yaro.

    • flavor of the month? these guys have been pushing niche websites for years, not months. By now, all the niches are probably filled. jk.

  • Hey Yaro,

    It was certainly a good spin on affiliate marketing and possibly a good source for quick money – though I can imagine it is not as simple as indicated. I found it slightly contradictory to what your teachings have been about doing things you love and the money will come. This seems slightly more focused on money, statistics and almost becoming a computer in implementing it.
    I will explore the idea of it but I think my blog is still where my focus and energy should be going on.
    I value your opinion alot and I am sure others do to. It would be good to demonstrate how you see this working within your business strategy on creating blogs.

    • Melissa, there are two strategies, the multiple niche websites ala NPC and the one authority website, like I have here at my blog.

      Both strategies can work, and often a niche website can transform into an authority website given enough time, focus and a large enough marketplace, but at the end of the day it’s up to the owner to decide what to do.

      Adam’s focus on the numbers is very important because no matter how passionate you are, if there is no money being spent in a marketplace, you may struggle to make money from what you are passionate about, so you need to find a good balance.

      • Hey Yaro,

        First of all thanks for the blog, I think most people will agree you write excellent and supportive content consistently, and have your finger on the pulse of the way things are going.

        Nevertheless, the micro niche marketing method has been around for years – and that;s not necessarily a bad thing. So I listened to Adam’s enthrallingly analytical and seemingly foolproof, perfectly explained method, and joined the site for the free trial, and was in awe at the resources on offer.

        The only thing is, I’ve always certain to check out the forum areas of membership sites like his to find the real story. And digging deeper, I could find no one in writing the forum who was consistently generating income of more than $20 or maybe $40 per week.

        Now I know you might say that those people in the forums might be the procrastinators, or the complainers, or have the wrong mindset et cetera. And Adam’s explanations are perfectly convincing – they make perfect sense and I think he believes what he teaches.

        But some of the people in the forums had 9 month long descriptions of their projects, apparently did everything to the letter, and still had barely anything to show for it. Now this is a Web 2.0 world, and I respect those experiences of my fellow IM jouneymen – more than a sales pitch – with the caveat that they need to have done the work, committed to the process, and followed through.

        Trusting that they have, I am left wondering where the proven success stories of this method really are. Yaro, I think you should be asking the same questions of people you choose to promote as an affiliate, and get absolute truthful answers of people.

        Truly successful marketing and enterprise comes down to innovation on what has gone before. Yes, there are models that one can follow and they are invaluable, but they are only models. Having said that, I don’t want to encourage people to reinvent the wheel, but there is a sense in which we need to have some ownership and stake in the way we do things, or what we do – it might be content, or it might be method. There’s just too much crap on the Internet already to clutter it with more white noise.



        • I want to follow that comment up by reflecting on what I have learnt by joining the NPC program for the $1 trial. Firstly there IS some great general principles in there about market research, with very specific examples of how to use the google keyword tool et cetera. Great for first-timers. And for $1, there is some great materials to learn from. Again great for first-timers or developing those initial market research skills in depth. So I would recommend if you are new to this stuff as I kind of am, it is a great research library of how to get started in information marketing.

          BUT BEWARE:

          Upon sign up, there’s a whole sequence of 4 squeeze sales pages – and they managed to convince me to fork out $54 on apparently watertight market research reports. I read through the reports and really, there’s not a whole lot to it. Real market intelligence goes beyond figures / market depth and starts targeting psychology. What the buyer/seeker might be thinking and feeling and what they are looking for – so you can actually design a product that meets their needs. There’s none of that.

          Anyway, then I found out they give all that material away ANYWAY once you are in the site – you just have to wait for it every month. The squeeze/sales pages were a real hard sell and I didn’t like them, even though I was sucked in! Shows how good they were…


          Looking back at the forum posts here, there is alot of people who are in a flutter about it all, but I would say a somewhat naive flutter. ALL money-making enterprise involves setbacks, hard work, and focus – that is why you do need to choose carefully where you allocate your precious time and money – ESPECIALLY on the Internet where there is SO many opportunities – some questionable.

          And I have to be frank, unless I see more evidence of people actually making what Adam says they would – even $1000 a month would be enough for me to jump on board and put in the time – I am not going to be putting in energy into this. On the forums on the inside of the membership site there is consistent posts with people asking for other members to talk about their success.

          Plus as The Niche Think Tank says, the sales templates are very spammy and old-school – with the Internet changing the way it is, those sales tactics are becoming questionable. There’s nothing wrong with a good sales page, but you can tell the difference between a cookie-cutter page and one written someone who knows and loves their market. As he mentioned he’s taken them and used them with modifications.

          FInally, remember to look at what someone’s doing – not what they’re selling. In Jeff Walker’s case (PLF 3.0), what he is selling IS exactly what he is doing – product launching – so there’s a perfect fit. Adam Short has designed a captivating membership site – that’s how he’s making money, not via a few hundred microniches!

          • I have to sentiment everyone else’s comments who have joined NPC. I signed up for the trial back when Adam was first interviewed by Yaro. I finished up my trial and took away that the forums, where dead , with no real input from the owners of the site, and no one was reporting any significant profits…and I mean no one…and it sounds like it has not changed. It wasn’t about time, or patience…you could just tell it was something that worked for Adam, but very hard for others to replicate.

            Having said that, I think Adam is a really good educator, he has a great speaking voice and I think that’s what he should focus on. So stick to teaching people how to use tools, especially for the newbies.

            Personally the video training was a bit too basic for me, like hosting, domains set-up etc but I could see if NPC focussed on education they would have a legitimate product. But I think many would be disappointed, if they took on the course purely wanting to make a passive income, with this formula. In some ways I think Frank Kern does this… he’s speciality is showing you tools in detail, I would say more than NPC.

          • Sorry, what in the last part of my comment is, Frank Kern is not to dissimilar to NPC, but the difference is they really focus on details. Very step-by-step, and look at a range of situations and solution. So you get a broader knowledge of tools so you can do AB testing in a lot of areas. That’s why I think Frank Kern wins out.

          • Personally I much prefer Adam’s teaching style to Frank Kerns. Frank is all style with some nice tricks, but the substance isn’t there.

            At the end of the day though, you gravitate to the style you like, which is why there is room for multiple teachers.

        • Hello Hamish,
          Wow, that’s a great post. I’m delighted you joined the one dollar trial and even more that you enjoy the resources we offer. That’s very nice to hear. I stand alongside you in the quest for forum posts that elaborate on success and inspire others to the same. We are working on collecting more formal success stories from people who have hit all levels of achievement. Truth be told, not many people like sharing their success, for different reasons. However, we do have the Rising Stars section, where there are multiple success stories. The system I teach inside NPC is the exact system I have used, still use and will contuine to use. I don’t hide anything. And through our coaching and support – the hotseats in particular – will help you over the little hurdles that stand in your way. I have spoken to many members over the phone who have hit different levels of success and have achieved and even surpassed thier goals. And again, we’re working on bringing those people to the forum where a lot of members would like to see success stories posted. Talk soon,

  • DS

    There are some interesting tactics here, but no mention whatsoever of the very questionable ethics involved. Essentially what is being suggested is setting up sites with nearly zero content value by simply re-writing articles from other sites (Adam explicitly tells a caller to do this, without any hesitation) and using it to sell products that likely also have little or no content that couldn’t be acquired for free from other sources. It’s simply preying on the naive.

    • Hey DS,

      Thanks for sharing your thoughts.

      <>simply re-writing articles from other sites

      Sure, that’s a quick and easy way to get some ideas and help the writing process along.

      >>using it to sell products that likely also have little or no content that couldn’t be acquired for free from other sources. It’s simply preying on the naive.

      Again, that’s not what I said. Quite the contrary. I talk extensively in the NPC 3.0 course about how high-quality products are essential to provide value to customers.

      My niche sites offer high quality, professionally written and edited information products, or I refer consumers to affiliate products. If my customers don’t like what they buy from me, they have the option of a refund. My personal refund rates are below 2%. Most people who buy these type of products get exactly what they are looking for — good content and an information product that will cover vast areas of the subject. I hope this helps

      Chat soon,

    • Hey DS,
      A response to one more comment you made:

      <<Essentially what is being suggested is setting up sites with nearly zero content value

      I'm sorry this is what you have taken from the webinar, as it's not what I said. Quite the contrary. It's important to setup sites that contain high quality articles, both for the consumer and for Google, who will tank good content better than poor content (typically). So it's win-win for everyone.

      You can't succeed long-term in the search engines with poor content. And long-term success is what this system is all about.

      All the best


      • Adam, Something I feel you fail to address, is that many people using your system are just throwing up your template site everywhere, thereby creating tons of duplicate content.

        I didn’t heard you say once in any of the videos you made about rewriting content, or what not. Personally, I made $0.00 from the sites you gave as Niche Packs, which BTW some had some seriously gross errors in the ebooks. Some of the people I conversed with about this, said you told them to read the ebook and adjust for errors, however I believe everyone is under the impression these niche packs are ready to go, as I believe you are marketing them. The system if good, you’re a great educator, but a little misleading in some aspects. I would have liked to have gotten a refund but I feel I did learn some things and for that I am grateful, but for the money I spent I don’t feel it was worth it.
        But thank You anyway.

  • Hi Adam,

    Thanks for responding to some of the queries on this blog. If you have people on the phone who are having success, why aren’t they communicating this in the forum? Is it because they are worried all the niches will be taken? Why is the forum on the membership site generally negative when it comes to success with this method.

    Believe me, I have no problem doing the market research and SEO work – most of it is article writing and link creation by the sound of it – but I would hate it to do all that work for nothing.

    What I think people would really appreciate from you is the numbers – on average, how many articles and links do you need to create for a site to run on ‘autopilot’. On average, how much money per month does a successful autopilot site make? Is it $100, or $500? Give us the averages and explain how many sites a successful niche classroom grad has created and how much they would make in total.

    If the testimonials on the front page of the site are real, surely you can find someone.


  • There’s a lot to learn about Wikipedia, but thankfully, there’s plenty of help right on the website, whenever you need it. Whether you forgot how to change your password or if you want to learn more about creating and editing.

  • Hey Guys,

    Yaro I also have been following you & others for some time & really appreciate your leadership!!

    I missed the live pres but watched the video last night, very well done. Surely anyone can learn more than a $1 worth in 14 days & I really like this bus model!! The other big draw for me is the support/help being offerred to explain away issues.

    However, there are a few concerns here that do seem legit, causing that little voice in my head to growl? …I just do not have 14 days to throw away. So, gonna research a little ……

    Thanks for the info!!

  • I’m just doing a homework question which requires me to distinguish between the income and substitution effects for a normal good..

  • Hi Yaro, Adam

    Little offtopic question – what webinar software\service have you used for this presentation?

    Looking for solution to run webinars for 200-300 people max.
    Can you propose something?

    • We used GoToWebinar for this one. It’s the leading choice right now, but not perfect.

      • What are bandwidth requirement for attendee ?
        Can’t find clear answer on gotowebinar website.

  • Gideon and I are offering a special bonus if you sign up via our affiliate link and stay in the program beyond the trial.

  • Very insightful post. The video is an inspiration. Can’t wait to go into it in detail.

  • Your Message I waited an hour and a half to see the blue print that was suppossed to come at the end of the presentation? What did i miss? Where is it?


  • I want to know that which website can make me rich. Because I have heard that many people became rich because of use of internet websites.

  • Just finished the first 40 minutes of Adam’s Webinar – will listen to the rest tomorrow. Lots of good stuff here. I’ve got a lot of domain names I want to develop so this has given me a lot to think about and a lot of good ideas, too.

  • There is a new Anti Spam wordpress plugin out called Anti-Sapm Bee which several people are making claims to being a better product over other plugins. At first glance, I found it hard to truly compare.

  • […] is a “must see”!Β  Click Here to get […]

  • […] Once I selected the product I had to do keyword research to understand which keywords I would actually have a chance of ranking for. For this I used Adam Short’s matrix for selecting keywords that have low competition but have a significant amount of searches. Here’s a reproduction of the matrix in Google Docs that I kindly borrowed from Adam’s excellent webinar to Yaro Starek’s readers. […]

  • Yaro,

    I was getting all fired up and was about to install SEO qQake when I saw all the comments about the possibility of getting banned by Google for using this. That will slam your sphincter. Then all the negative comments about Adam’s poor forums and a lack of testimonials from any successful students. And Adam has yet to respond to questions about average successes. Yaro, it would be good if you chimed back in here and said whether you still endorse Adam’s course. If so, how about the answers please. If no, front up and get your name off it. I am really getting enormously frustrated trying to figure out where the opportunity and integrity reside. And I thought real estate was dangerous…

    • Hey guys, besides one or two bad experiences I only hear good things about Adam’s stuff. I’ve spoken to several people – one is in fact a close friend – who follow’s Adam’s system and is just started to make some money with his first site now (it’s got to do with flowers).

      As far as I can tell, of the 5000 or so customers in niche profit classroom, a few of them have bad experiences and then run around and tell everyone about it. This is understandable of course, if you’re not happy, you like to tell people about. I don’t think Adam’s course is perfect, but so far there’s not been any beyond normal complaints for a program with as many members as NPC has.

      • Yaro, when I was in Adams Course, I frequently asked the members who’s making money and got many that said not yet, but still trying. I recieved NONE that said they were. NONE.

        BTW your site isn’t loading quickly lately, firefox won’t even load it up. also I’m a little disappointed in the content, or lack of good content lately.
        Just a heads up.

        • People keep reading my blog and joining Adam’s course and so far complaints are minimal on both accounts.

          But hey, you can’t please everyone all the time, so for those who don’t get value, you should move on.

  • This is great article! I am also writing article about active and passive income. I may say that this is an interesting post as well. Thanks for the info!

    More power to your site! πŸ™‚

  • I am very new to niche marketing and passive income generation, so I have nothing new to add, except that I want to thank you for your generosity in sharing this useful information with us, and the MP4 file really is the meat of the article. πŸ™‚

  • Vicky Tam Lin

    Thank you very much for the webinar. As a newbie, i guess i have understood much of what you have discussed here. Just hoping, I will be also be successful with my launch πŸ™‚ If in case that happens, i will get back to you and let you know. Champagne will be on me! πŸ™‚ πŸ™‚ πŸ™‚

  • Thank You Adam Short, I have been learning for the past year regarding SEO and Keyword research, of all the webinars I have heard I want to say that this was one of the Best, most informative information I have ever heard. Adam you are basic and to the point, no BS just to the point which I love. Thsi was the first time I actually got ” doing good honest Business” and no sales or push to buy but more of a learn how or lend a hand type of call. I got more out of this couple of hours than I have in a year of TOP earners in IM. I thank you for your help and I hope to hear from you again. I would recommend any course you have to anyone that was serious about making a living on line. Thank you a million times over. !!!! When I succeed in Both IM and Coaching I must say this was the light bulb that went off.
    Thank you again,
    Kelly Sue Brown

    • Hamish

      It’s funny how most of the people commenting positively and gleefully on Adam’s work have not actually experiencing the “doing” of niche sites, nor achieved any results, they just seem to love the way he presents his product. If this is in indicator as to what impulses people to buy IM products, not the actual hard statistics of whether this actually works, then it’s no wonder there are so many dud products out there being marketed so brilliantly. IM is something you need to work out for yourself, but with all the misinformation out there wrapped up in gold paper, it can take a long time to sort fact from fiction. Buyer beware.

  • Nizam

    Can you do this using free sites like wordpress and blogger and concentrate on the effort to promote affiliate products?

    • I think you definitely can. In fact Adam uses a wordpress blog for most of his sites.

      • Hi Yaro,
        I am totally newby for the market and I saw Adam’s video only yesterday. I am very interested in his course, do you still endorse Adam after almost 2 years? Thanks.

        • Hi Inhee, I just did a new webinar with Adam a couple of months ago (you can find it in my archives from the start of 2012), so yes, I definitely do still endorse his Niche Profit Classroom program. It’s not the right system for everyone, but if it matches your motivation it’s a solid choice.

  • Hi Yaro,
    Adam Short has definitely created a great system here. I love how you can develop a site, promote it, and move on πŸ™‚
    Question: I was just wondering what wordpress theme or plugin Adam is using for these landing page sites? Or if you have any recommendations.

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