Limited Time Special Price On AdWords E-Book

Definitive Guide to Google AdWords

Do you use or plan to use Google AdWords pay-per-click online advertising system to drive targeted traffic to your site?

Don’t waste money. Maximise your AdWords return by getting educated. Read the definitive e-book on Google AdWords from Perry Marshall.

Yeah, that sounds like a sales spiel doesn’t it? Well it is, but I wanted to tell you about a deal that Perry is currently offering that is only on for another week. I just made the purchase myself and I don’t buy unless I know I’m getting a fantastic deal, so pay close attention.

* * * UPDATE * * *

It appears Perry didn’t stop this deal at the end of October as was advertised (why am I not surprised) so you can still pick up this package at the low intro price. I’ve been reading through the materials and it’s quality. It’s not just for online marketers, for example he sends you some reports on how to land a job using direct marketing and how to market any business (offline too) when you have no budget (using email, press and joint ventures – all good stuff). I don’t think you will be disappointed if you take up this offer, I wasn’t.

* * * * *

Until the end of October, for about one more week, you can purchase membership to Perry’s Renaissance Club AND you will get his Definitive Guide to Google AdWords E-Book thrown in as well.

(I like to stay as transparent as possible whenever I recommend someone else’s products so I’ll let you know right now the links below include my affiliate ID, if you decide to buy I get a percentage of the fee – I appreciate the support for my blog).

This is a good deal for several reasons.

  1. Normally the AdWords e-book sells for a minimum of $49. Renaissance Club Membership is only $29.95 per month, which you can unsubscribe from after one month if you don’t want the additional materials and support from Perry. No matter what you do you get the AdWords e-book for immediate download. At worst that’s the AdWords Definitive E-Book Guide for only $29.95, a saving of $19.05 off the standard price. But wait, there’s more…
  2. Perry is throwing in the AdWords e-book as a bonus, it’s an additional product tempter to convince you to do what he really wants you to do – join his Renaissance Club. He’s thrown in a bunch of additional bonuses to further sweeten the deal.

    I’m not going to repeat the entire sales letter, you can read that for yourself (it’s not one of those super long ones either, so don’t be afraid), but here is a quote:

    Extra Free Bonuses

    Get Hot New Material from Jay Abraham’s Power to Profit Seminar, with 5 CD’s, 5 Special Reports, and an Arsenal of Tools, Strategies and Support each and every Month – So You Outsmart, Out-Maneuver and Outsell Your Competitors in 2005 (Oh, and you also get the whole Dilbert Cube Escape Story on MP3)

    These are the guys providing the materials – Jay Abraham, Ken McCarthy, Perry Marshall and Brad Fallon – and the material comes from a Special Seminar on The Dynamics of Internet Marketing in 2005 that they did together recently. Now to be honest I don’t know and have never heard of Ken, but I know Jay Abraham (he’s at the top of the marketing gurus hierarchy – my mate Will Swayne would have Jay’s baby he loves the guy so much), Brad Fallon (top of the search engine optimization tree – I read his stuff and have done some of his courses too) and of course Perry, the expert in AdWords and the main reason why I signed up for this deal – to get his updated AdWords e-book.

    Click here to read more about the additional bonus resources.

  3. For me the best reason was to get the UPDATED VERSION of the Definitive Guide To Google AdWords E-Book. It’s been updated with new instructions on how to get the best results from Google’s new site-targeting feature in AdWords. I’m going to write more on site-targeting once I’ve had a play with it, but let me tell you why I’m so excited about it.

    Google site-targeting lets you choose the specific websites that your advertisements are placed on (the websites have to be using the Google AdSense system to place the “Ads by Google” on their site). This is perfect for businesses, like my own, that offer a service that people don’t very often go looking for. People only realise they could use the service after they are exposed to its potential. With site-targeting I can test out text and banner advertisements on a whole range of websites that I suspect have an audience that is my target market. I don’t have to negotiate deals with the site owners and I can test on literally hundreds of sites until I find the best performers.

    I plan to make extensive use of Google AdWords contextual search advertising and site-targeting in the coming months. I want to make sure I know what I am doing from the start with the latest updated information. Hence I want a copy of the updated version of the e-book. Perry’s old book from about 6 months ago doesn’t include any information about site-targeting, since Google didn’t offer it yet. The updated version also includes new content on the recent changes Google made to the AdWords system, including the new active/inactive keywords and minimum bid requirements.

    I want the best and latest up-to-date information on AdSense, hence I decided to buy the book. The additional materials Perry is throwing in is icing on the cake, the cheaper than regular price, well, that’s the deal breaker for me.

As you can do doubt tell I recommend you take advantage of this deal just like I did. It’s only on for another few days so if you plan to use Google AdWords, already do or had this book on your “to-buy” list for the future, there has never been a better time to take action, get educated and get started.

Get your bonus copy of the Updated Definitive Guide To Google AdWords E-Book by Perry Marshall and the 5 special reports and 5 CDs from Jay Abraham’s Power to Profit SeminarClick here to get your Renaissance Club Membership.

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  • Nathan

    You’ve taught us too well Yaro…’social proof’ 😀

    I’ll be up to the SEO stage soon, but not quite yet.

  • Hi Yaro,

    Thanks for the heads up about this. Perry’s stuff is great. I know it’s saved me thousands and made me tens of thousands over a couple of years.

    But the funny thing is a lot of “newb” internet marketers will probably look at that and decide NOT to get it. Such a shame, because this info can take a “do-nothing” website into a moneymaker, *literally* overnight.

    I’m sure a few of your readers will take advantage, and their results would be interesting to hear down the track on a blog post. My 2c…

  • Has anyone here tried this? Is it a good investment?

  • Hi Alexander – I can tell you just from referrer stats that at least 5 people have taken up the offer, plus me. I can certainly vouch for the e-book and support materials on AdWords.

  • Okay make that 8 people have now tried it. I’ve been reading through the extra materials too and it’s great stuff.

    I’m going to write up about some of the stuff I have learnt from Perry in future blog entries.

  • […] Note – if you haven’t signed up for the special offer to try Perry’s marketing newsletter it’s still available and you still get the Definitive Guide to Google AdWords, five marketing reports and five audio CDs thrown in just for trying out the membership for one month at $29.95 – check it out here for more information. […]

  • […] Yaro Recommends Perry Marshall’s Renaissance Club Join today and get Perry’s Definitive Guide To Google AdWords Thrown in as a Bonus, plus Hot New Material from Jay Abraham’s Power to Profit Seminar, with 5 CD’s and 5 Special Reports. Read more… [ | Add Your Comment ] […]

  • […] I joined Perry Marshall’s Renaissance Club to get my copy of the Definitive Guide To Google AdWords at the discounted rate, however I’ve started to realise there is a lot more value in it than just the AdWords eBook, which I guess makes sense since Perry wants people to stay subscribed to his club, so he must keep dishing out good stuff. […]

  • […] I feel a bit bad though because back in October 05 when I originally told everyone about the special deal Perry was providing where he included his Definitive Guide To Google AdWords as a bonus I thought it was a limited time offer. It turns out that I was suckered in. It is not limited and is still running now so you can join the Renaissance club and get all the bonuses thrown in (see here for details about the bonuses). […]

  • […] Perry Marshall is at it again doing another free teleconference to teach all us Internet entrepreneurs and small business owners how to make better use of Google AdWords to increase our income. Here is the spiel for this conference – How Internet Marketing Millionaires are Really Making a Killing with Google Adwords Today” […]

  • […] I’ve been ripping the CDs I received when I joined Perry Marshall’s Renaissance Club to listen on my MP3 player while I jog and walk. I originally joined the Renaissance club to get a cheap copy of Perry’s Definitive Guide To Google AdWords for $29.95 rather than the $49 price you pay when you buy it separately (you can read my ramblings about this special deal), but I’ve since realized that the club itself is probably of more value to me. The CDs and paper newsletter have lots of advice for small businesses, and while AdWords is very important, getting fresh marketing ideas is more valuable. […]

  • This offer is still valid. I finaly got around to buying it as I’m about to venture into PPC.
    I used you link too 😉

  • Ahh, you mean the free copy of the AdWords e-book when you join the renaissance club Dominic?

  • That’s right. I’m looking forward to receiving the CD’s now.

  • […] Note – if you haven’t signed up for the special offer to try Perry’s marketing newsletter it’s still available and you still get the Definitive Guide to Google AdWords, five marketing reports and five audio CDs thrown in just for trying out the membership for one month at $29.95 – check it out here for more information. […]

  • Hi Yaro
    Not had a chance to read your mail recently, due to ill health etc. Of all the guys (they are mainly guys) & bloggs, I have a very long list, I have subscribed to, yours is the most impressive! I’m not ready to spend but you can count on a sale ‘down the line’!
    Right now I’ve got a beer to create and then launch, but its cool read.
    Cheers from Blighty
    Ben Cowell

  • […] safe to say that I recommend Perry Marshall (in fact it was his ebook that was the very first affiliate product I promoted on this blog), however what would happen now if I overtly recommended you buy his Live […]

  • Wow, I wish I would’ve caught this deal back when then. Although it is worth paying the whole 49 bucks anyway. I once had this ebook but I lost it and I read it from cover to cover, but forgot most of the important details. So I know how valuable the information is. I think it’s about time I dished out this 49 bucks so I can maximize my PPC potential. Thanks for sharing, Yaro!

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