Kevin Muoio: Using Blog Marketing To Create Buzz On A Shoestring Budget

This episode of the Entrepreneur’s Journey Podcast (RSS Feed) contains an interview with Kevin Muoio. Kevin is the co-owner of iPod My Baby and iPod My Photo, two e-commerce websites selling iPod related merchandise.

iPod My BabyI first heard about Kevin from the podcast interview he did with Andru Edwards from Venturus. In that interview Kevin talked briefly about the blog marketing he did for his websites and that the majority of traffic (and subsequent) sales came from blogs. What made it really interesting though was that he in fact didn’t operate a blog himself, he used other people’s blogs to promote his business.

At the time of our call Kevin had only spent $100 on marketing for his business, and that was for some pay per click advertising, his blog marketing efforts have been completely free. Blog publicity outperformed some significant mainstream media coverage Kevin’s websites received so I really wanted to hear more about how exactly he was using blogs to market his business. I decided to call him up and ask and of course I recorded everything for a podcast so we all can learn from Kevin’s techniques.

This podcast has some great advice on how to use the blogosphere to create buzz and market a business without spending a cent. It very much parallels traditional PR or press coverage marketing but because of the nature of blogs and bloggers you face a lot less resistance to access communication channels. Blogs enjoy significant online network effects so a successful blog marketing campaign can result in exponential exposure for a website business. It’s a marketing technique that every business should take advantage of.

I hope you enjoy the podcast.

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  • Yaro, your podcasts are great! Always very inspiring. Perhaps you would like to interview me sometime!

  • Yaro,

    I’ve been following your blog for some time now. In fact, it’s a favority of mine. I just listened to this podcast and enjoyed it. Very insiteful. Listening and reading at Entrepreneurs-Journey helps get the creative juices flowing, so keep it coming and I look forward to your next blog.

    Great Minds Think Alike,

  • I absolutely love that Ipod My Photo idea — cute business idea — good job! Not to mention the baby jump suits…crazy idea — but hey its unique! I always like seeing new and creative business ventures take off! Again great job…all the best!

  • Nice podcast, Yaro. I really enjoy these and do find them informative. This one just goes to show you really can sell anything on the internet, lol.

    Yeah, I was really surprised Apple hadn’t gone after him earlier. They are extremely protective of their image and branding. I see his website is still up — and word on what came of the contact from Apple?

  • Mike – Yes I was actually meaning to have a chat with you sometime soon, although I wanted your advice regarding buying property in NZ, but yeah a podcast would be good once I learn a bit more about you. Let’s get in touch!

  • Thanks for the props too guys, I appreciate it.

    Regarding the iPod Apple copyright issue – basically most sites that use the term iPod in their domain name or logo are going to be forced to change names as far as I understand it. They are all being sent out cease and desist letters from Apple’s lawyers.

  • 28 minutes into the interview so far, really enjoying it, a lot of great insight from Kevin and great questions from Yaro. There are some real blog marketing gems in there!

    Thanks for sharing and keep up the awesome work :).


  • […] Even if you don’t run a blog of your own as Kevin Muoio from demonstrated, the blogosphere is a powerful global marketing tool. […]

  • Love the podcast Yaro, very inspirational. Loved the iPod idea as well! Your blogs and podcast always encourage me and give me excitement about the long haul and what’s in store for me. Thanks for sharing and doing all that you do to provide such great value!

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