Love, Change And The Reason For Your Existence

It’s time to switch gears slightly and return to my series on creating positive change in your life.

If you’re looking for pure money making tips, you might want to skip this article, although if you do you will miss out on one of the most powerful articles I’ve written about becoming wealthy, so you really should read on…

If you’ve not read the earlier parts in this series, I strongly recommend you do so first by reading these articles in the following order:

  1. Is It Really Possible To Create The Change You Want In Your Life?
  2. What I Can Teach You About Getting What You Want
  3. Why Creating The Change You Want Is All About You
  4. Don’t Let Ignorance Stop You
  5. How I Realized My Sense Of Self and Why It Changed My Life Forever
  6. Is There A Force Behind Everything In Life?
  7. What Is The Nature Of Truth

The purpose of this series is to help you proactively create the changes you desire most in your life.

The first few articles in this series laid out a roadmap of practical ideas, mindset shifts and activities you can do to create the change you want.

The latter articles delved into the spiritual component of change, which can be of tremendous support when your belief in the possibility for real change in your life is wavering. For some people considering what lies behind the physical, what you might call the spirit, is equally important when working towards change.

Open Your Mind

One of the very important takeaways I must reiterate to you now because it’s very relevant for this chapter, is the idea that you review resources based on the information provided and how it reflects on the truth you want to create, and NOT judge it based on the delivery mechanism.

In other words, judge the message, not the messenger.

When it comes to spirituality, we spend so much time assessing the messenger, that it often clouds our ability to take on board the ideas. This occurs outside a spiritual context too, as we pay way more attention to people over ideas, unfortunately even when the ideas are sound and the people are flawed, although sometimes the flaw is what allows us to see the good idea.

Every day life is littered with experiences and opportunities to learn from others, whether in a book we read, or a movie we watch, or even just a conversation with a friend. In these instances we spend the majority of our time discussing the history, appearance, or performance of the people who delivered the idea to us, and how they made us feel, which is the “gatekeeper” for how we absorb, if at all, what ideas they teach. We spend the majority of our time talking gossip about the messenger, and much less time about what we can learn from the messages.

One major shift you can make right now is always look for the practical lesson or mindset shift you can take away from any given resource you come across. This is especially helpful when people around you make mistakes. You don’t have to make the mistake to learn from it, other people make enough already every day that you have countless sources to draw upon for “inspiration”.

Just remember, don’t focus on the sensationalism or scandal that the mistake comes packaged with. Leverage the opportunity for growth by becoming aware of the opposite behavior or choice that would lead to the desired outcome, rather than the not desired outcome.

Conversations With God

I made the mistake of prejudging a resource that I’m about to introduce because it had the word “God” in the title.

God, as I talked about earlier in this series, as a label has an incredible amount of baggage that comes with it. So much so that I was often repulsed from any materials that included some kind of God component because I feared the agenda behind the message.

Was someone trying to “convert me” to something?

Is a belief in a “God” required in order to benefit from the resource in the first place?

Similar questions like this resulted in my default decision to avoid God based materials in the past, including one that I am going to talk about now, which has had the most profound impact on my belief structure of any resource I have ever come across before.

The book, or in this case, series of books is called “Conversations With God” written by Neale Donald Walsch.

Before you stop reading because you know this book already, or you don’t like the direction I’m heading in here with this article, let me assure you that I’m about to relate some of the most powerful lessons I’ve ever learned when it comes to creating positive change – and it doesn’t require a belief in God at all.

Still here? Good.

I can’t remember when I first heard of Conversations With God, but I had seen the title floating around for years and lumped it into the too “religious” or too “new age” category for a long time. As I grew older, my eyes were opening thanks to life experience and studying other spiritual literature, so for whatever reason, it eventually came time to have a conversation with God.

The first contact I had with the book, ended up being the movie of the same name, which is part chronicle of sections of the life of the author Neale, and part content from the book. In typical fashion I was looking for a more efficient than reading method to take on board ideas, so sat down and watched the movie.

The movie is good, if perhaps a bit brief in terms of the content it reveals from the book. However it was enough for me to get interested in the book, so I went out and purchased the first book in spoken audio format.

If there was ever a book designed for an audio version, Conversations With God is it. The book is a dialogue between “God” and the author Neale, and the audio version features Neale voicing his parts, and male and female voice actors voicing God (the male having a particularly “god-like” voice, which really enhances the experience – it really feels like God is talking to you!).

You can find out more about the book in audio and text format at You should start with Book 1 if you have never read this series before.

WTF! Is It Really God Speaking?

The first question that inevitably jumps to mind when you learn about this book is what’s going on with this talking to God business? Is it really God? Is the author insane?

The answer to pretty much every question like this is “yes” and “both”. Yes it is God speaking, but the author is also making it all up in his head. Yes you might call him crazy for listening to a voice, but that voice has some profound things to say, so it would be crazy not to listen.

Here’s my synopsis to clarify –

Neale is middle aged and going through a particularly low point in his life. He spends a full year on the streets homeless, finally gets a job, rents a place to live, then the job suddenly disappears and he finds himself heading right back to where he was.

He’s so upset by the rollercoaster that is his life, in absolute frustration he takes out his journal and rants. His rant begins with a direct question to God –

“What’s the point of all this?”

Then, mysteriously, a voice takes control of his pen in his hand and he writes a response…

“Do you really want to know or are you just venting”

Neale replies that he is venting, but also wants to know, and thus begins a “conversation” between God and Neale, or Neale and the voice in his head, about the nature of, well, pretty much everything.

I’ve noticed, based on discussions with people who have been exposed to this book, that reactions are very mixed. Some people identify strongly with Neale rather than God and see the book as a way for him to deal with his issues. Others look at the voice of God as actually being a spiritual force, perhaps God itself, or just Neale tapping into his “higher self”.

I’ve had people tell me they couldn’t finish the book because it challenged them to the point of having panic attacks. Others find it contradicts their religious upbringing or existing belief structure so much that they can’t identify with it on much more than a mildly interested level.

I can’t possibly account for the range of reactions to this book people have, or what you might have had already. As always I’m not here to try and convince you of anything, but I can say that this book has been incredibly enlightening for me. If you asked me why, I would say that it simply feels right to me on many levels, often makes logical sense as well, and, at the end of the day, has made my life better. It has brought about many profound shifts in my thinking and awareness changes that have impacted my life in a positive way.

It’s my intention now to share with you some of the most powerful ideas I took away from studying the Conversations With God series, as they relate to creating positive change in your life, building upon what we have worked on to this point so far in the positive change series.

Bear in mind this is just a tiny sampling of the overall concepts covered in the Conversations With God series, so I do recommend you check them out if what I write here resonates with you. If you think me “believing” in this book is foolish, that’s fine. You can ignore this resource and look and what I’m about to share with you as stand alone ideas without the baggage of them coming from someone who thinks he talks to God (that’s probably a good idea anyway!).

The Practical Benefits Of Spirituality

Before I introduce you to these ideas, I’d like to point out that you don’t have to believe in a “God” in order to benefit from this. These are powerful concepts that, I believe, represent fundamental structures of the universe and because of this, they work. They work on such a profound level, that if you truly adopt what I’m about to share with you, you can literally turn your life around in any direction you want.

Excited? Here we go…

Love Or Fear Are Base Responses To Everything – And You Choose Which One You Experience

I’ll start with the simplest concept to grasp, but the most powerful. Every human on earth, on a fundamental level, understands and experiences this every day with every decision and thought made.

If you drill down to the core motivation behind every response you have to everything in life, whether it’s a thought in response to a physical stimulation, words delivered to you from someone else, or your choice to take an action or not, it comes down to two motivations, one of either…

1. Fear


2. Love

These two words are the best we have in the English language to describe polar opposites of the emotional spectrum that governs our lives.

Emotions we might call “negative”, things like jealousy, envy, rage, bitterness, sadness and hatred stem from the core feeling of fear. It might be a fear of loss, a belief that scarcity means you will be denied something, a fear that you are not good enough, or unlucky, or someone else will cause you to suffer or that the world at large is out to get you, or humanity as a whole is bad.

On the other side of the coin, love represents what we commonly label “positive”. Things like happiness, abundance, joy, friendship, goodness, care, selflessness and beliefs that you are okay, that there is always enough and people in general are good.

What I find particularly interesting about this concept is the benefit when you apply it practically to your decision making process and also your emotional conditioning in real life.

If you look at the interconnection between your thought processes, your emotional responses and your resulting real world output (things you say or do as a result of your thoughts and emotions), you can truly look at everything as either black or white, good or bad, or through the eyes of love or fear.

This might seem contradictory at first, since life is not black and white and what is good can be bad depending on interpretation.

We’ve already explored the nature of truth, which ultimately is in the eye of the beholder (you “make up” your truth, giving whatever meaning you want to whatever you focus on), yet if you remove all the baggage and conditioning and story behind interpretation, at the core it really is that simple. It is either A or B, fear or love, based on your truth in that moment, and you can’t lie to yourself.

For example, when talking with friends I experience a range of emotions. As most humans do, whatever other people tell me about their lives I am naturally inclined to reflect on my own life and compare results.

If someone tells me they had this amazing experience, like they had tremendous success with a business project, or a beautiful member of the opposite sex asked them out, or they won a competition based on their talent, my response might be one of jealousy, or envy, or bitterness or even hatred for the other person or myself. I might be reminded of my continued inability to experience what they are experiencing, despite how hard I feel I have worked towards it. I will feel sad, depressed and frustrated, all because someone else has experienced what I want.

On the flip side, I can be happy for them, I can be excited that I too might have this experience if I work towards it, I can use it as motivation, fuel to stoke my fire and motivate me towards action. I can even go so far as congratulate them, make them feel great as a result (rather than complain about my own lack of success) and then (here’s the super-technique) ask them how I might go about replicating what they did.

As humans we all have a barometer within us that we can tap into anytime to ask ourselves whether we are acting in love or fear. Our feelings, those sensations that arise from the solar plexus area of the body, although infinitely complex in variety, can be drilled down into just two feelings – love or fear.

I found myself taking on board this practice into my every day life, by asking myself throughout the day whether I felt I was responding with love or fear, and what feeling I’d prefer to experience as a result of my thoughts and actions.

This probably doesn’t need to be said, but in general I prefer a sense of peace and feelings of joy and happiness – the love based emotions. I honestly believe all humans on a fundamental level agree with me and we all prefer love over fear, however the emotions are equally powerful. Because truth is always open to interpretation, and there are infinite complexities governing how we respond to things, a fear-base response is just as common, if not more common in our society, than a love response.

One of the other powerful realizations I’ve come to as a result of this practice, is that love based responses often focus on OTHER people and improving their lives. Helping others results in an improvement to your life immediately as you experience a positive emotional response in that moment. This can carry on into other areas of your life, as positive emotions tend to breed more positive emotions, thoughts and experiences. Thus the key to improving your life, is actually improving others lives, but this is not intuitively the case, especially in an ego driven society.

This insight takes plenty of repeat practice to make the change part of your life. As my default response prior to gaining this awareness, I had focused on my suffering as a result of not having what others have, and a contraction of my world – I want to hoard what I do have for fear of losing it.

If you focus on abundance and love for others, the result is the same for you, but intuitively you may not grasp this. This realization has actually been one of the most fundamental shifts in my thinking I’ve ever gone through and resulted in more positive change in my life than anything else I have done. As you will see in a moment when I cover the next point, it is critical you come to terms with this shift in thinking.

Next time you are talking to your friends, or listening to any person talking, whether in person or through media, or even while reading text like this you are reading now – stop and ask yourself how it makes you feel?

Do you feel a base emotion of fear or love? Do you feel sad because you don’t have something or do you feel happy because you are inspired to become a better person, go after something and change in a positive direction?

Are you judging the message and seeing how to positively apply it to your life, or judging the messenger looking for someone else to make the decision for you?

You have to take responsibility for what you think is right and then practice thinking and acting congruently with that belief. Remember there are only two ways, at the core, to interpret everything, and one way will improve your life dramatically, and the other will result in more of what you don’t want to experience. Make the smart choice using your emotional barometer to guide you and your logical brain to ask the question in the first place, because you can’t see the answer without first asking the question –

What would love do?

The True Process Of Change – Adding The Missing Manifestation Ingredient

One of the big problems I had when I first looked at the idea of there being some kind of force that reacts to how we think, the law of attraction or the creation field or whatever you want to call it, is how important it is to genuinely feel – to resonate or vibrate with – what you want to experience.

Let’s assume we believe that the universe has a set of rules behind how we create reality. These rules state that –

  1. What we think and focus on,
  2. We thus attract…
  3. Then experience in reality.

…and we are doing it all the time even when not consciously focused on it.

As I’ve talked about in previous chapters, you can look at this like a scientist and view it as simply a process of becoming aware of what you want, looking for ways to go after it and then taking actions to make it reality. This ignores any notions of the magical “universe” helping out, if you lean towards more pragmatic, physical reality only, belief structures.

My belief is that there is a fundamental set of rules regarding change based on the principles of thought, emotion and action, and how the physical world reacts to these elements. You can’t ignore them if you want to create real positive change in your life.

Whether you study The Secret, Abraham-Hicks, Eckhart Tolle, or Think and Grow Rich, The Master Key, or countless other spiritual, new age, personal development, or even very pragmatic business or psychology texts – everyone repeatedly emphasizes the interconnection between how you think, feel and act.

Without clarity and congruency between these three agents for creating what you want, you can’t master the wonderful creation tool that the universe is, at least not in a manner where you feel consciously in control.

Feelings, Change And The Impact Of Time

One of the key components of this process is genuinely feeling what you want to experience. Your emotional state is linked to how you vibrate and what you send out to the world. What you send out the to the world is what you get back. The mind is strong, but for most people physical reality is stronger.

It doesn’t matter if you keep telling yourself you are rich, that’s not going to convince you to feel that way if you don’t genuinely experience what you consider wealth. It doesn’t matter if you keep telling yourself you are attractive, if you continue to interpret how other people treat you as an indication that you are unattractive, and thus you don’t feel attractive.

This part of the change process had me completely stumped. I tried convincing myself that I was heading towards what I wanted, I attempted to use positive affirmations so I was “thinking the right things”. I studied how to get what I wanted and even went out into the real world to attempt actions that should take me closer to what I want.

All of these things helped, and they are important steps on the ladder towards change, but for the life of me I couldn’t shake the sadness or frustration or depression linked to my inability to attract or create or manifest or just achieve what I wanted. When I didn’t experience my desire, no matter what I did, my feelings couldn’t align with what it felt like to “win”.

This of course makes complete logical sense. How can you convince yourself to feel something that you have never experienced?

This also, frustratingly, follows right along with the supposed structure of the universe. If I didn’t feel like a winner I would never win. If I didn’t align my emotional state towards my desired outcomes, then the universe wouldn’t give me what I wanted. If my vibration was off, then reality would reflect that vibration, giving me more of what I didn’t want.

The whole process felt like one big, annoying, catch-22.

The problem, as I eventually realized, was that I focused 100% on me and what I wanted. I believed I didn’t have what I wanted, so could never feel it.

Conversations With God also talked about the same law; the universe has a creation system that is deliberately set up so you can manifest what you want. God said this, and eventually, God solved my catch-22 situation as well, leading to another major breakthrough in my awareness.

(The fact that I’m using the word “God” in this manner is still strange to me. I don’t see this “God” as anything religious, it’s just a source of ideas, and as I said at the start of this article, I focus on ideas, not the messenger. I admit, it’s much more fun, vindicating and powerful to believe this comes from somewhere spiritual, and thus I choose to believe it does, but the ideas stand alone without the context of where they come from, in my opinion. You don’t have to believe in God in order to benefit from these concepts. Don’t let ignorance stop you.)

The explanation for much of the frustration we experience with manifesting change is because we view our existence through the eyes of time. Our experience is sequential, one thing appears to happen after the other. Our conscious perception of reality makes change, especially the changes we really want, happen really, really slowly (for something to be “slow” you have to perceive time). As a result, change rarely happens when you want it to.

What is interesting though, if you take out the concept of time, or even just reflect over longer periods of time – like years or even decades – you can see that almost always, what you want to experience eventually occurs.

One thing is certain, change always happens, although it may not be exactly how you expected it (specificity in the creation process is not usually our strong point). In other words, without time, the creation process always happens exactly how you want it to happen and it happens instantly, because there is only the now. However with our perception of time, it doesn’t feel like it during the short periods, like minutes, hours, days, weeks, months, and even sometimes as long as years, for the really big changes, because it feels so slow and we are constantly updating the changes we want as we go along.

This understanding doesn’t always make you feel better given the present situation that you choose to focus on, but it’s important to recognize the revelation. It is our perception of time that causes the frustration and we all know it’s the experience over time working towards a change that ultimately leads to the real change – the change in awareness about what you really want and what your truth is. Time is the most frustrating factor, but also, eventually, the most satisfying and fulfilling, because it gives you the opportunity to clearly define what you really want, what is true for you and the meaning of your existence.

How To Feel What You Don’t Think You Have

God, in the book, offered a wonderfully simple explanation for how we can “feel” like we have what we want. As all good insights are the simple ones, this proved to be a tremendous moment of enlightenment for me, and I hope this is for you too. Here we go…

If you don’t have what you want, and you need to feel like you do in order to attract what you want and vibrate in sync with the reality you want to experience (the truth you are creating), all you need to do is give it to others.

Yep, it is that easy, and it’s a truly beautiful thing.

If you want to experience wealth, give the experience of wealth to others. If you want to experience the emotion of beauty, give someone else the experience of feeling beautiful.

This ties wonderfully well into the previous insight about two base responses to all situations, love or fear. Remember how I said love based responses are about about helping others? Well the amazing thing is that your emotions don’t know the difference when it comes to you gaining something in your physical reality or someone else experiencing it as a result of your actions.

When you give you actually experience the emotional state that resonates with that experience. You experience love in that moment in a form far greater than you could ever experience it if you focused only on your gain. Do this often enough and you can’t help resonate with what you want. You become it before your physical reality reflects it.

You could be asking how can you give what you don’t have? The answer again is simple.

Emotions are not quantifiable, so there is no “amount” or quota required in order for you to experience something. You feel it or you don’t, and the universe (and your body) doesn’t tie that feeling in with a certain amount of something in the real world. A person who has food on the table and a roof above their head can feel just as much wealth, on an emotional level, as the richest person on this planet.

Right now, you can give wealth to someone else who might just need a few dollars for a meal. You can give someone the feeling of being beautiful simply by complimenting them in a genuine way. You can create a state of happiness within you by making someone else happy.

Giving to others is the path to experiencing the emotion in you, and in a world of abundance (you can manufacture limitless emotion), you can create these states every day, simply by focusing on others well being at all times.

When you see another person benefit from what you provide, you will experience the emotion of love, or at least a derivative of it, like joy, or wealth, or happiness, or beauty or clarity, or purpose – you will realize you actually created it in that experience, which even though physically benefited someone else, you emotionally experienced it.

This creates the necessary alignment – the feeling – in order to work the universal creation system. That feeling, combined with your thoughts and actions towards what you want, will bring it to you because you will no longer fight against your desires from a vibration/resonance stance by selfishly focusing only on your gain (or lack of gain).

The limiting belief that stops us from doing this every day is that we focus so much on ourselves and what we don’t have. If only we realized that giving is the key to having and lived every moment this way, we’d all be fighting each other to give everything to others. I literally believe we could solve all the world’s problems with just this one shift in awareness.

Why I Am Successful Online

If you sat me down and asked me why I’m a successful blogger I could give you all kinds of practical explanations and techniques that no doubt would be helpful. However at the heart of it there is only one reason why I succeed at what I do:

I thrive knowing that what I create impacts people in a positive way.

This is what motivates me. This is what motivates every person who does anything to contribute to the world.

There is nothing – and I mean nothing – more satisfying than hearing that what I wrote or said or did resulted in an awareness in someone else that lead to a positive impact on their lives. That, at the heart of it, is why I do what I do.

Yes money is wonderful, but people who make money know that as a substance alone it is meaningless. Meaning is derived from how it helps people and the reason why we want to help people is because it makes us feel good, it gives us purpose and a meaning for OUR existence. We all do this using different methods, quantifiable in different ways in physical reality, but at the end of the day, as humans we all experience the same emotions and chase the same desires, to feel and experience love.

If you want to feel love, all you need to do is give it, in everything you do.

The Final Chapter

I’ve just handed you by far the most potent message I could ever give you in this series on change. It’s simple, but infinitely complex. I hope you carry it forward and apply it to your life in the best way you know how and strive to make it who you are every day.

In the next, and final chapter in this series, I will conclude with the greatest revelation, in my opinion, of how you can tie all of this into creating positive change on a scale far beyond just you. Of course the change begins with just you, because if you and me, and others like us start making these changes, then global change occurs.

I’ll explain why you are so important to the process of global change in the next chapter. Stay tuned.


The final chapter is now available: How You Can Change The World

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  • Interesting – the part about talking to God. It does happen. It happened often for me. I documented it at my blog. For non-believers and believers alike. Thanks Yaro for putting this message out.

    • Thanks for the authenticity of your post. I am reading a book which speaks powerfully to some of the issues you raise – Destructive Emotions – written by Daniel Goleman (author of Emotional Intelligence) which is basically a transcript of a conference among psychologists, scientists, the Dalai Lama and several Buddhist monks. It is intended to explore the different ways of looking at the whole issue of emotions as seen by scientists, psychologists and Buddhists. It is not religious. But what strikes me is how ignorant we Westerners are about the whole realm of the type of thinking that is so crucial to the Buddhists and which, without getting into the religious part at all (karma, etc.), resonates powerfully with some of the things you are observing.

    • I agree with you. It does happen to me as well. I always talk to God everyday for guidance. I really like this inspirational long post, haven’t seen a long post like this for quite a while.

      Thank you for sharing this Yaro.

  • Hey Yaro,

    Awesome post my friend! I first found you a couple years ago and took your Become a Blogger course. I was able to pick up some golden nuggets from that wonderful course. But more importantly I could feel the positive energy as I watched you and Gideon in the videos.

    And normally when I see a long blog post like this one… well I just turn and run. For some reason I skimmed it over, then went back and read it all. And plan to re-read it a few more times… there’s a lot to digest. But I just love it.

    Your explanation about Fear and Love was one of the best I’ve read.

    Looking forward to take this information and put it into action.

    Thanks for sharing.

    Eric Bonnici

  • “When it comes to spirituality, we spend so much time assessing the messenger, that it often clouds our ability to take on board the ideas.”

    This applies to everything, even to blogging. Even to commenting on blogs.


    “your choice to take an action or not, it comes down to two motivations, one of either…
    1. Fear
    2. Love”

    My current experience, moving from intensely isolating product development (other intellectually stimulating activities) is I’m ruled by social fear first. Example: “go comment or you will lose all your traffic.”

    After I’m back in the swing of it for a few days, I move into the Love side of the equation. All my people are still out there, everything is cool, and checking stats after a month of avoidance, haven’t lost any traffic at all (just no growth).

    Since I’m coming off a long jag of deep immersion, I’m intensely curious whether other people have these same sort of experiences, being initially motivated by fear, then moving into love.

    • Liz

      Hmmm, for me motivation is a bit of a ‘flip flop’ from fear to love and back again.
      Unfortunately, I tend to forget what Ive learned and know to be true (love and core safety) when something presses all my buttons. I flop back into my ‘default’ of knee-jerk fearing…more of a reaction than conscious motivation.
      Lucky Ive got lots of time and more than enough events (ha) to keep practicing…and Im winning, slowly but surely.
      Hope this helps 😎

  • I really appreciate the time you take to share such uplifting thoughts and truths.

  • Yaro- I can’t thank you enough for this very insightful, heartfelt and well written post! I consumed the “Conversations With God” books several years ago, and incorporated many of the teachings from the books into my being. So many of the concepts resonated with me deeply. I, too, have issues with formal religion, but “Conversations” transcends religion- it offers so much more to those who are open to the “universal truths” that are revealed. I credit Neale Donald Walsch for enhancing my already optimistic view of the world. His writings helped put words to many of the feelings that had been swirling around in me for years, and I’ve tried to share love and avoid responses based on fear whenever possible.

    Your recent “revelation” sounds so powerful and exciting. I understand completely, as I had a similar experience. You are truly eloquent in your relating of those ideas you found most significant. Thank you for sharing, and for encouraging others to go out and incorporate those teachings into their lives as well. That’s a big step forward in making our world a better and safer place to live and raise children.

    I am overdue to experience “Conversations” again, and I will take your advice and listen to the audio book this time. Be well!

  • Yes, there is a kind of wall that vanishes when we are “with” others or even “with” “reality”. The “with” is sort of a vibe, but more an openness, that feels like everything is ok. Try as I might, I cannot feel this being closed off. And as you’ve said, fear is a closed up feeling while love is open. I can’t put my finger on it exactly, but it’s something like that.

    Kind of a frightening topic to write about and express. You did well.

  • i really like this phrase

    In other words, judge the message, not the messenger.

    even sometimes it’s very hard to do it
    Btw thanks for the great post!

  • I am not religious by any means, but I have read “Conversations With God Book 3” and can recommend it. The process that Neale actually went through is, of course, inexplicable. But all the same it’s an excellent read. As for the movie? Well, I thought it was pretty awful by comparison. But I read the book first, perhaps that’s the difference.

    My take, skip the movie and just get the book. And put the money saved towards another book, Eckhart Tolle’s “The Power of Now”. Both will certainly stimulate some thought, but probably won’t completely change your life. But they will make it a fair bit better and put some of the trivia of life into perspective.

  • I’m greatful you have taken the time to explain how we can use love and change to become better people. Putting it into words instead of a video post is so much more powerful. I hope all the wonderful comments you will get will help motivate you to continue more series like this in the future.

    Yaro said:
    “I thrive knowing that what I create impacts people in a positive way.”

    This is what making money online is all about connecting with others and offering them something of value that can help get them to where they want to be.

  • Kim

    I think the first manifestation of any degree of enlightenment is the ability to be compassion thus to be a vegan. We can sit here and talk all day long about being and talking to God and then go out and kill a cow, chicken, pig for food.

    yeah but you said — i did not kill? It’s true. I just give money to someone else who kills for me so I do not have to see a cow or a pig screamed before they die.

    Imagine a god that eats sentient beings and causes untold sufferings?

    So the first order of the day is to stop the killing immediately and bring love and light into your being. just how light do you feel after eating beef, chicken or anything that has a face? I doubt it seriously.


    But yes your post is sincere.

  • Yaro, this statement

    “You don’t have to believe in God in order to benefit from these concepts”

    refers to Common Grace given to all beings, believers or unbelievers alike, that they will benefit from the common goodness given to all, regardless of spiritual or religious belief.

    You are right, this is indeed aptly named as the Practical Applications, and have profound impact and influence on the ideas of manifestation, such as The Secret and that you have brought up in references. In this context of a business or of a blogging business, this is quite appropriate, but it is incomplete.

    The story is incomplete.

    If you know the source better, you can amplify whatever you do instead of just using it for the primitive use.

    What am I talking about?

    An example is relationships; let’s say I know a banker. And he helps me to meet my business banking requirements, and he’s really great at it. And that’s his job, or at least part of it. Once I meet him more often, and we get to know each other better, perhaps by frequency of meeting or duration or just by working out a solution for any problems that I might have, and then we Level Up in our working relationship, and become more than just banker – client but a banker friend – client friend, suddenly the working relationship becomes different.

    It’d become not only faster in business processing, but there will be a more “positive” experience (in this case a social experience) when we do banking with this banker friend as opposed to other banking officers, and that’d make a difference. He might even offer things that other bankers might not, because he may like us, or he may be more motivated whatever.

    But the issue is to not build a exploitative working relationship, as that’d just remain stagnant. “He has what I want so I’m there for just that.” And that’s as far as it goes. That’s where when you bring in “Giving” the story changes.

    In the issue of God and spirituality, I’m guilty of commonly doing or using just the practical aspects of spirituality, but as my walk with God deepens, I realised that I do build a relationship with him, not just a friend-friend relationship, not just a banker-client or a banker-friend, client friend relationship…but one that runs deeper, like Father-son relationship in the way I am taught about faith, hope and love. About grace. About giving. About purpose.

    But thank you, Yaro, for bringing this element in – perhaps later you can bring this matter into full circle.

  • Well Yaro,

    It looks like you took the blog right out of my mouth. I was just about to post on a similar topic on my own web blog. I have read all three books in the “Conversations with God” series. They are my all time favorite books. You did a great job of hitting some main points, there’s a lot of heady material in these books. Some of it is just mind-boggling.

  • I believe it is important to keep in touch with your faith. At the end of the day, you need to be he miracle that ‘GOD’ wants you to be. He has a lot on his plate trying to help those who aren’t fortunate enough to do what we do (blog) let alone, sit in front of a PC or have something to eat and drink whilst typing comment posts.

    I made my change 3 years ago when I moved to Poland with my wife. Easy for her , because she is Polish. Not for me as I am not even from the EU. After 3 months – hello ‘Culture Shock’! Believe me it does exist.

    For 2 years nothing was positive and yet, I had a home to live in, food to eat, a PC …… I forgot that my responibility is to move forward, no matter how hard things are or become. If you never surround your self with positivity inside and out, how do you expect anything positive to happen to you?

    So, be the miracle, you are meant to be!

  • Wes

    You Rock Yaro! The simple things in life are often the best!

  • Hi Yaro,

    Incredibly long post but I read it all. It’s interesting that just a few weeks ago I had a conversation with some friends. One of them was asking what is the opposite of love.

    Most people said fear but the friend who was asking the question looked up the answer in a dictionary or some other authoritative source. It was indifference.

    While what you write about is indeed helpful and makes a lot of sense, I wonder if indeed the opposite of love is fear. You may not be saying that directly but kind of are implying it by saying that everything is motivated by either love or fear.

    It appears to make sense and perhaps it is so.

    On the other hand isn’t it true that opposites are the two sides of the same coin?

    It could be that love has no opposite.

    If fear is the opposite of love then they’d be still related.

    Somebody could be giving in order to get. In that case fear would be involved, wouldn’t it ?

    The mind can play tricks on us and words aren’t really the real thing.
    Emotions can be a sort of a guide but they can be deceiving too.

    It’s great to see you ponder spirituality and how the universe works.


  • This must be one of the most wonderful piece I ever read.

    It perfectly advocates and explains the many theories that I truly believe in. I tried explaining to my friends at times that it’s important to be happy and think positive and believe in what you want because our minds manifest and that time has proved that I eventually get what I wanted because it happens all the time, they probably looked at me and thought I was crazy. Ha.

    And I totally agree with you on Love & Fear. To me life is as good as Black and White, Good and Bad, there’s nothing Grey about it. I say follow Love, have Love in your heart and mind. When one sincerely and genuinely believes in it, you will feel the aura of goodness around you repelling away negative thoughts and I promise you’ll become a happier and better person too.

    I believe in Karma and the wheel of life. Like what goes around comes around. I view everything in life as a wheel and like Yaro mentioned in his Master the Mindset lessons, if you don’t do anything nothing is going to happen, thus the wheel is not going to move at all. The key is to do something, even if it’s small and just keep doing it. The wheel may start turning now though not at a full cycle but if you keep going at it, it is going to pick up momentum and start spinning faster because it spins in a push and pull manner and you will eventually see things happening. But most importantly, you have to believe in it and do it even if it’s a small effort. Likewise, I apply this theory to everything I do in life and how I treat people in life. The small constant efforts add up to make a huge impact and difference in my life and my relationships.

    Keep the love coming Yaro!

    Jodi Lee

  • I would say life and the universe is a balance. We have yin and yang, night and day, good and bad, black and white, male and female, heaven and hell, Love and Fear. Like the saying moderation is the key to everything, balance is the key to life. These pairs come hand in hand, opposites yet complementary and when equilibrium is achieved, it results in harmony. If one can balance their negative thoughts and feelings within themselves with the all empowering love in their hearts, the world will be such a better place. I once said to my loved one “if I can make a living out of loving you, I’ll be very rich by now”

  • Thank You Yaro for a great post

    As a kid I use to journaled with ‘God’ all the time, but as an adult stopped because I hated church and anything to do it with it.

    Recently have started to reconnect and journal, as well as engaging the “Pay it Forward” principle … if you want more of it – give it away.

    Sometimes by being enlightened by this principle we start to give away what we want, because we think we will receive. However, as it does not come from that deep felt gratitude or genuineness, so it does not work. If anything it works against you, then for you (talking from personal experience)

    The one thing I have found is that when you give it away without expectation or wanting anything in return – no strings attached… Amazing people, opportunities and sometimes money come back in return. You then feel more blessed and grateful because you were not expecting them

    Your post helps to serve as an ‘omen’ that I am heading on the right path. So thank you for your looong but enlightening post.

  • Yaro, it is important to understand that there is NO god at all. And it is wrong to presume that there are people who would need to believe in god in order to be happy or good or etc.

    If you are a believer, read Richard Dawkins’ book The God Delusion. If that book doesn’t change your life entirely, then nothing could.

  • Yaro thanks for the information..

  • Yaro, I’ve been a lurker for some time. I’m in the US, so it’s 3:30 in the morning, and i’m reading this blog post and feeling like it came at precisely the moment that I needed it – when I was frustrated and wondering why things weren’t going precisely how I wanted them to! This post was surprisingly thoughtful and genuinely touching – combined with your other work, and the other things i’ve been reading to put myself on an optimistic path, it’s lifted my mood and spirits. Thank you.

  • I think there are lots more motivations than just love and fear – curiosity for one.

    However, I do think acting lovingly would create a much better world.

    The big question is what to do with the ‘negative’ emotions/parts of ourselves. To just choose not to look at them has unhelpful consequences in my experience. If we are willing to stay with the ‘negative’ I think we find that the motivation is healthy but it’s expression warped. It is then possible to find a less warped way to fill the need or allow the motivation expression.

  • Yaro, you truly have a yen for zen….my favourite blogmeister by a country mile. I salute your efforts, and the positivity you inspire in others. Keep shining, brother!

  • Hi Yaro and fellow Brisbanite,

    I was at the ‘Abraham’ event too and this piece is very close to where I am right now.
    The ‘lining up’ is the hard part and you’ve shown a really interesting angle on this.
    Keep up the good work!

  • Hey Yaro,

    Great post, very deep but still a great post.

    The importance of the right mindset and focus is quite often understated by many people. Whatever gets us into that right state of mind, motivates us, is a very valuable tool. Whether it be religion, certain beliefs, love and fear, whatever. It may change and will change as we get older and experience more life but we need to keep hold of it, that motivating force, to keep us on track, keep us focused on what we want to achieve.

    Many thanks


  • I made a possitive change this week by telling someone I’m in love with (who has been messing me aorund for months) to get lost. Not only did it lift something of my shoulders but I have thrown myself into my work and it is paying off hugely. 🙂

  • Like a previous commenter I believe there is no god. Reading Dawkins God Delusion was a breath of fresh air, everything I’ve ever thought put down on paper, and properly backed up with research and fact. However, I do appreciate some people need religion, and on that basis always respect the views of other. The real issue lies in the corruption and human politics of organized religion.

    As an atheist, we do not need god to justify or support positive thinking and wishing to have a positive effect on our fellow man. Love and positivity are not the preserve of the religious or the spiritual.

    Interesting article though…

  • “Give what you want.” The whole article was wonderful, and that statement (guidance) is my new mantra. Thank you for the courage and excitement to share your thoughts.

  • Hi Yaro

    I’m halfway through the “book”, exactly in the middle of article 4, and I’m noticing I’m reading on not as much because I find value in it (oh I do!) but because it is really well written. Even if people don’t actively change as a result of reading your series, they will at least have been well entertained. By not running away from the big scary themes like death, there is a true literary value in your writing.


  • I like this article very much .Kind of a frightening topic to write about and express. You did well.Love and positivity are not the preserve of the religious or the spiritual. Thanks for sharing this article….

  • “If you don’t have what you want, and you need to feel like you do in order to attract what you want and vibrate in sync with the reality you want to experience (the truth you are creating), all you need to do is give it to others.”

    Now THAT’s practical advice. A missing piece in my puzzle. What took you so long? No, wait – what took ME so long? 😉 It is truly beautiful. Courage is the gateway. You’re right up there, Yaro.

    • What an excellent post. You’ve inspired me to start journaling. I never thought it was worth the time but I think that for any reason I’m not around it would help those I leave behind. In the meantime it will be of great value to me. Thanks

  • This was fantastic!!! I agree with you about a lot of it. I enjoyed your thorough talk about it and I hope others who haven’t discovered that crucial link between thoughts and actions will find some inspiration from your post to research this info further. I’ve followed you for YEARS and only recently have started to put what you say into practice. It’s inspiring to see you’ve become not only rich in the process but, a happy giver of “wealth” to others. I hope to do the same with my one year old blog. Thanks 🙂

  • Your Message

    Hi Yaro,

    Thank you for such an insightful post. I have studied the Law of Attraction and the problems we encounter with it. You post is probably the best explanation that I have come across and if you don’t mind I will link to it from my site as I feel that my readers will really appreciate it. Many thanks,


  • Yaro
    I have always appreciated your genuine approach to things. I do believe in God, but also feel strongly that many people allow the “bad press” that religion often gets to cloud the reality that these messages are fundamentally true. I mean, “do unto others”, forgive and serve others are absolutes in my book.

    Simply because someone is nervous about God or religion doesn’t change the fact that love, kindness and generosity are at the core of happiness.

    All institutions are corrupt in some fashion and there are bad people in every organization. It’s both unfortunate and fascinating that we tend to focus on these negatives as opposed to developing an appreciation for all that is good within them.


  • Yaro,

    You are such an extraordinary inspiration. You have no idea. Well, I am sure you do but it is more than you realize – believe me. I have thoroughly enjoyed every article in this positive change series. This article was by far my favorite. I loved them all, but I really had a few “aha” moments while reading this. You simplified it very well. We all have a choice in every moment of our lives. It can come down to 2 choices. Are we going to choose love or fear?

    You said this and it really stood out for me:

    “The limiting belief that stops us from doing this every day is that we focus so much on ourselves and what we don’t have. If only we realized that giving is the key to having and lived every moment this way, we’d all be fighting each other to give everything to others. I literally believe we could solve all the world’s problems with just this one shift in awareness.”

    I am right with you Yaro. We all tend to focus on ourselves way too much. Everytime someone gives me positive feedback on my blog about how I am helping them make there lives better my spirits skyrocket instantly. Its truly amazing. When I begin to focus on myself again and how I want to make a certain amount of money then that love goes away. As soon as I begin to think about how I can improve someone elses life again then all my thoughts switch.

    Thanks again for sharing this. I can not wait for the next article. After I read that I will be reading over every article in this series for the benefit of the world.

    Keep blogging Yaro!


    • Thanks Todd for giving the gift of a really uplifting comment 🙂

  • This is quite a philosophical post, Yaro! It’s nice to talk about other things besides affiliate marketing once in awhile and just really re-evaluate ourselves. It’s necessary to see if we’re growing as a person and if we aren’t then what’s holding us back.

  • Thanks for this post. It was exactly what I needed and came at just the right time. I was suffering from a dose of too much cynicism and your post blew it away. Thanks for all the time and trouble you take.

  • Yaro — this is a wonderful article and an excellent synopsis/review of Conversations with God. I have both read the book and watched the movie. Both are fantastic! …though I agree with you about the book being worlds better than the film — isn’t it always that way? 😉

    I especially like this part of your discussion above:

    “I found myself taking on board this practice into my every day life, by asking myself throughout the day whether I felt I was responding with love or fear, and what feeling I’d prefer to experience as a result of my thoughts and actions.”

    This really NAILS the point.

    All of us have a CHOICE about how we can think and act and respond to the stimuli that constantly pop up in our lives. Unfortunately, it seems far easier for most of us to choose fear-based responses over love- or happiness-based responses.

    There’s a strong connection to all of these beliefs and ideas found within Walsch’s books and those found in The Secret (as you mention) because the more time we spend in that positive, creative, uplifting energy area the more we center our own lives around it.

    In my own life, I have often found that the more successful I become and the happier I get, the more it becomes clear to me who is really behind me and who is clearly not. For some strange reason, other people seem to want successful people to “slow down” or “get back on their level.” I think part of this is very basic and can just be chalked up to a general *fear of change.*

    Thanks for having the courage to share your thoughts about these deep concepts on your blog. It’s an inspiration to me and the rest of us…

    –Jason Clegg

  • Hi Yaro,
    Not only speaking to God, but writing out your frustations and hopefully
    some solutions is also quite valuable. I know when life’s moments
    are getting too overwhelming, I just “write it out” and inevitably
    I feel better minutes later.
    Thanks for the imspiring and uplifting post.
    J. Gib!

  • Yaro, first time on your blog and I’m impressed. I’ll be reading your posts all afternoon, but on this in particular I must say that I concur wholeheartedly. By approaching life (personal/business) with passion and belief, we are able to provide better services/products, which in turns makes business much more profitable. Great stuff.

  • Wonderful message. This could be an answer why we live and work towards our goal.

  • What a wonderfully magnanimous example of what we can all be and what we can all do!

    Often over the past many years, I have searched for more and better ways to join with like minded individuals to truly create positive change in this world and you and this article have clearly given me that way; that answer. This is a way that I/We can make a real difference in the world that really matters. Thank you!

    If all of us, together, make this kind of “Love our Purpose in Life”, I think we may finally have a really good chance at turning this world around and making it a much better place for everyone to be and to actually really live…

  • Yaro,
    You have an amazing gift for being able to explain complex concepts in a way that everyone can grasp. I’ve spent the last couple of months studying the law of attraction and your explanation is probably the one of the best I’ve come across, along with a very practical way of how to actually implement it in one’s life. A big thank you! I really hope to be able to meet you in person some day.


  • Great article Yaro,
    These are great lessons to learn. And the books you refer to are great reads. There is something to learn in each of them. When you talk about looking for the message in what is happening around is it is so true. For myself I find that a valuable question to ask is “what can i learn from this experience?”. whether it was something that happened to me or someone else.
    The experience of the ups and downs you refer to in “Conversations with God” is similar to some of my own journey. What I discovered was the ability of the mind, my beliefs and actions to change the world around me. The famous quote “first within, then without” is so true.
    So from the journey I’ve experienced I’ve started to share the “how to” of turning around your life on my new blog (thanks for the encouragement in your writings) because its something that can help others to also grow.
    Thanks again for your articles.

  • Hi Yaro,
    I have only just joined your program and look forward to receiving all your mails and lessons. You are an amazing inspiration on so many levels and your genuine personality is reflected in so many things that you do. You have definately helped many people on so many levels – not just with your blogs but your genuine desire to help those of us out there. Most website marketers just don’t give like you do and you are so worthy of all that you have created and the monetary value you have gained in the process.
    I am so excited that my new blog can offer others with Endometriosis a genuine solution. I even went to a health store today and told them all about it! I have always wanted to help others but was never able to without a fear of being used or misunderstood. My blog allows me to give information and those that seek it and need it, can get all of it to really help them.
    You are a great guy and I hope to fly over to Oz one day and meet you to thank you personally for all that you have taught me!
    Thank you for now, via this blog from New Zealand!

  • Hi Jaro,

    Just wanted to ask you a question.

    Do you think that giving people the experience that you want to feel by writing or singing (or any communication/art form)?

    It would make sense that someone who writes a lot about personal development like Steve Pavlina and yourself would experience that which you write more.

    So I wanted to experience more will self-discipline I could write about someone who is tremedously self-disciplined in a novel and that may help me too. Interesting? Thats why everyone likes Mr. Miyagi from Karate Kid.

    Thanks Ed

  • Hey Yaro, very inspiring. I never thought of giving others what you want to feel.

    Thanks, Michael

  • I really connected with this post, it was written so well and it was very heartfelt.

    You know I think I have book somewhere around my house, I think I brought it when I was teen and at the time I didn’t really connect with it, because I just came out of a pretty fanatical religion and well I certainly wasn’t into personal development then. I think I will have to rummage around and see if I still have it…I’m assuming I would connect with it better now, as I am much more open to spirituality and alternative beliefs.

    There was a line in the post, which reminded me of Steve Pavlina’s writing 🙂

  • Very incitefull post. If only more people could be as passionate about what they do.

  • Hi Yaro– I have just been grappling with the slow pace from over the years of “thinking” my affirmations instead of figuring out how to get into the feeling of the vibration about them — so your posts came to me at exactly the right time. How’s that for signposts! Thanks for the courage and sincerity of your love of others.

  • HI Yaro,
    I saw the movie and I must admit, it is a “must-see!” The humanity, the hope, the relationships, as well as the development of the feature is a motivation for anyone who is going through hard times.
    I also found the acting being very sincere, profound, and carrying a great deal of humanity. I strongly recommend this movie. Being a self-empowerment author myself, I found this movie empowering and quite motivating.
    Peace, Love, Happiness!

  • Great post thanks will make me rethink things.

  • You really convinced me in this article Yaro. I agree with you that positive thinking will make a huge difference in your online success. Never giving up no matter what anyone says is important to keep in mind.

  • Tom

    Great post Yaro-subscribed to your newsletter, hoping for more goodies!

  • I like this article.And This really is most confusing – the left-hand navigation appears to have no rhyme or reason about it.Thanks..

  • Yaro Starak!

    You are freaking me out! Why?

    The more of your material I read, the more I can’t deny that we think almost identically! From the way you break down & analyze concepts, observe yourself, think deeply, ask endless questions, clarify terms & concepts, & more – it’s like you’re my twin!

    What’s more, even all the books you’ve read & recommended – I’ve already read!

    As for ‘Conversations With God’, I was going to recommend it to you – until you wrote a post about it! And just like you, I found it challenging, liberating, & freeing – it probably has had one the most profound affects on me more than any other book.

    I really think we are on the SAME WAVELENGTH (this is based on reading many, many posts) & rarely do I find this!

    I just thought I needed to say something cos things are getting almost unreal!

    Thank you for your posts, I totally ‘get’ them, cos it often feels like I’m writing them myself.

    You never know, we may run into each other one day, cos I live in Brisbane too.

    Keep it up! Keep challenging & awakening our brains!


  • The practical advice of giving to others what you’d like to receive yourself is what I consider most valuable in this piece. On the contrary I have always struggled with the message to eradicate the negative from our mindset. Feeling negative about a situation forms the essence of the stimulus to get out of it. If I convince myself to feel positive about any situation, to embrace all people I’m dealing with and to accept whatever aspect of myself, then that is the best recipe for preventing any kind of change.

    All emotions have their purpose: fear is just as vital a component for survival as courage is, hatred remains after love has been extremely disappointed, and perhaps with good reason … It is essential though to remain balanced and not let take fear and hatred take over our lives (and for that matter, letting love and courage take over can be just as lethal).

    The balance is by no means easy to find, and continuously changing itself. We have to figure out for ourselves when our ambitions are legitimate, and when to settle for what we have. Sometimes we will overstretch our capabilities and be hurt and frustrated. And sometimes we will be lazy and settle for something which doesn’t satisfy us after all, and feel equally frustrated. Perhaps we live in an age where ambition prevails over acceptance and a message of love serves as an antidote.

    But love as a motor of change, that’s quite novel as an idea. I may need a reread to wrap my mind around it.

  • The context is that of a conference, Problems of Cosmical Aerodynamics, heldin Paris, France, on August 16–19, 1949. It was organized at the initiative of the newly founded IUTAM1 and of the IAU2.

  • Sometime an article like this will help me to re-adjust my mentality towards people and my business as well. Thks for this uplifting article.

  • When you are in love with someone, how does it change your behavior? I’m not talking about mooning over the person or walking with a lighter step, I want to know how that love changes your treatment of that person, your decisions about what to do with the rest of your life, and your treatment of other people.

  • Yaro I understand intimately what you are saying on every level. I too have been on the journey you have just shared for a long time. Its an amazing experience to be able to grow and expand in awareness doing the very things we love to do.

    I am a photographer who is both legally blind (1% left eye and 2% right eye) and mildly to profoundly deaf. People who don’t know me ask, how the hell do you do it? “You just do it for the love of it” is what I say to them. But its more than that, for me its a journey of infinite possibilities where the only things that stand in our way are the very things you have mentioned here, love or fear.

    I could quite easily throw in the towel and quit. Its all too hard but there is always a purpose in the life that we live. And when we have those “ah ha” moments, its one of the greatest feelings in the world.

    Thanks for sharing this series and I’m looking forward to your final chapter and thoughts.

    Cheers mate…
    Brad in Coolangatta

  • It’s important to note that we are spiritual beings having a physical experience. Our reliance upon God is paramount. The Lord taught us to “ask, and ye shall receive” and then we have to have the faith that that is true.

    It is all about our attitude. Just like “The Secret” talks about. Lots of positive mental energy.

  • Yaro,

    It is refreshing to see you talk about spirituality, I think it is important part of who we are, I do not get much chance to read here, so I am catching up. Thanks.

  • Yaro, no it’s so much simpler than you’re making out here to change your life and way of approaching life’s challenges!! You’re far too focused on your thoughts and emotions – you have to bring it deeper within yourself – you have to let it go and live in the present moment..why? read on..

    We are not our thoughts, we are not our mind, we are not our emotions or our beliefs…why? Because you can still ‘observe’ your thoughts, your mind and your emotions, and even God, can’t you? – so my friend, the question fundamentally is – WHAT AM I THEN? reflect on this for a moment in quiet, for it is the most powerful and life changing realisations you’ll ever have. If I’m not all of these things I identify to be true in my life – then obviously what I’ve been ‘thinking’ and ‘believing’ all along is NOT TRUE….!!!!

    So, what am I then – what do YOU see? Can you see a big big silent place that is infinite – a bit like the sky.. That’s your ‘conscious spirit’….you are indeed an INFINITE, LOVING BEING…and the way to self mastery is through simply realising this and IDENTIFYING with this ‘conscious spirit’. All humans and life on earth has this infinite beingness and so we are all unified as ONE.

    Now this is very powerful stuff and it’s changed my life completely because I was ‘trying so hard to change’ to think this, think that over many years…but hey, I’m NOT my thoughts, emotions or beliefs…!!

    The key is to then learn to simply live in the present moment and always pull back to your conscious spirit – it’s like emptying the cup of all of who you THINK you are…it all dissipates because there is this something else that observes our lives isn’t there?!!

    So, you are an infinite being, – your potential is infinite – it’s only your ego mind trying to take control that keeps locking you into these ‘thought’ cycles over and over again – time to get out of the cycles Yaro.

    I learnt this last week from this guy called – listen to the 2 beginning lessons…it’s amazing, totally amazing – you can be happy every day because you have the best thing in your life you’ll EVER have…what’s that? YOURSELF….get it? I’ve been blown away with this and I hope it will help you and anyone else out there too.

  • Hi Becky, we can observe ourselves. This doesn’t mean what we observe isn’t ourselves, or that the observer is more truly ourselves. These parts can cohere – we can act with all of us – and that I think is the transformation we seek.

  • This article is very interesting, it made me think twice about everything. and yeah right It is all about our attitude.

  • Jon

    Change is something people look for all the time, everywhere, literally! But few really are capable of understanding the importance of true change, that is first of all an inner journey to understand what we really, deep inside, really want…

  • Your Message Yesterday something happened which changed my vibration. I felt angry and real bad. This morning I was okay, but with the hours of the day I again felt at unease. While I read this post, I more than calmed down – I felt peaceful and said to myself that things will work out this or the outher way. I cam to the following conclusion: Creating positive life change is a process. You can’t get it over night. It does not happen by itself. You have to work on it. But it is a calm and peaceful work.
    We all have God in ourselves and it doesn’t matter how we call it – the inner voice, or the universal mind with which we are all connected….. I can say that whenever I did not listen and did what I have planned, things went wrong.
    It is very new that I act toward what my inner feeling and voice is telling me. You know, when you already signed a contract with a client and you really need this business and then you feel that something is wrong about it, it is not easy to stop it right away. I do not know the outcome would I have continue. But would I have continue and the outcome would have been bad, I would have said: “Well, I have felt that something is wrong about it.” I will not have to say this to me any more.

  • Great stuff, it is amazing what we can do when we reflect and connect in a way that is right for ourselves. Putting it out there is the only way anything can ever make it’s way back. Keep up the good work!

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  • Hi Yaro,

    When I was younger I considered myself not only lucky, but watched over. I just knew that no matter what trouble I got myself into – and I did get myself into trouble sometimes! – it would turn out all right in the end. I was very idealistic, and had grand ideas about teaching, inflaming students with my passion for literature. I wanted to write books that would change the world, open people’s eyes to the divine in their everyday life. I felt that anyone who asked me for help of any kind I should render, and I gave change to beggars in the street, volunteered to help the blind and the elderly and the homeless. I had lots of friends, I had a marvelously lucky and interesting career and never even thought about money, because I always had what I needed to do what I wanted. A successful teacher and writer, I travelled around the world, much appreciated by my students.

    My weak point was personal relationships, though, and I eventually made a bad marriage, had a couple of kids (one with autism), got divorced. The past twenty years of being a struggling single mom with increasingly frequent and serious health problems has brought a lot of depression and hardship.

    Desperate to somehow find my way back to that connectedness and hope of my youth, I have been doing the route starting with Tony Robbins and heading to Steve Pavlina and Abraham-Hicks. I have begun so many journals with so many self-help self-confidence things I can’t count them now. I have listed my goals, put my affirmations on 3×5 cards in my wallet, visioned wealth and happiness, done collages of my desires, and spent a small fortune on books, tapes and clairvoyants. And while there have been some improvements – I have a wonderful man in my life now – I still struggle, my health still worsens, I still feel lonely and my friends seem to drift away, or maybe I drift away from them.

    Then I saw your article today, and I read: If you don’t have what you want, and you need to feel like you do in order to attract what you want and vibrate in sync with the reality you want to experience (the truth you are creating), all you need to do is give it to others.

    I actually instinctively hesitated before I read that yellow box, and was not surprised to be hit as if by a thunderbolt. How could I have been so blind all these years? How is it I have become so self-centered, so ungenerous, so intolerant and aggressive? How did that happen – because I realized in reading those words that THAT had been the secret of my youthful successes. I burned at the time to help others, to give to others, to make them laugh. As a teacher I got my highs by bringing students, who no longer believed in themselves, to self-confidence. I was always entrusted with the “difficult” students because I had the compassion to understand their fears and the willingness to find out how they needed to be taught to advance. How is it I have turned into this humorless, penny-pinching, angry woman frightened at her empty calendar?

    Well, Yaro, I had made a list this morning of all the things I needed to do to – all kinds of books and exercises and training to improve my chances for success. I confess I had a good cry after the thunderbolt you sent my way, and then I drew up another list of friends I could give to and who need an ear, but who I have been avoiding because I feel I need to “concentrate on me”. Instead of looking for training for me, I’m going to look for a charitable association I can teach at for free. The website I have been planning and building to teach so I can make enough money to quit my secretarial job is going to be recast to vehicle what my more youthful ideals were – teaching people a skill that they think they cannot learn, to help them learn to believe in themselves and express their own little bit of divine.

    I don’t think the road ahead will be easy or short, because I have been lost on rocky paths for twenty years now. But I am deeply grateful for the forceful boot forward in the right direction to true north, and deeply grateful to you and whatever led me to idly sit down at my computer this morning and think, hm, what if I read that article of Yaro’s I see in my inbox…?

    • Deborah, all I can say is – great stuff 🙂 Now go get busy!

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  • Steve

    Great series Yaro! I don’t see a link to the last article in the series that was supposed to wrap everything up. Is that around somewhere? Thanks.

  • Fayann

    Yaro, I absolutely loved reading your series. Feel like I’ll definitely re-visit it again this year! Thanks for writing, and sharing

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