Has The Possibility Of Selling Your Business Crossed Your Mind?

In between trying to avoid causing a car accident, I managed to record this video for you. This is my first shoot with my new third generation VADO HD, which is just like a flip cam.

As you will hear in the video, the topic of my spiel was selling your business. My main message for you is to become conscious that your business, or even just your website, is a sellable asset, and with just a few key mindset shifts and changes to your business structure it can be made a lot more valuable.

I’ve earned some pretty big pay days thanks to selling websites and my previous online business. At first it wasn’t apparent to me that selling a website was a possibility, however once I realized this it made me think about what I do online in a completely different way.

I hope this video will do the same for you.

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  • Nat

    Hey Yaro – great video and points you make today. I have to admit I was distracted by the back ground only because I live in that neck of the woods and drive that freeway daily so it was like I could really imagine it!!
    I have several smaller businesses/websites online and often wondered what I should do with them, I think you have just given me some ideas!

    • Greetings,
      I have a strong feelings about my sites that I made..:)….but in a case I decide to sell them, could you please recommend a best online place to offer them.

  • Do you find that most prospects you approach for websites sales are hesitant, or stunned even, at the prices involved with a mature, high ranking site?

    I happen to have a 10 year old site (its actually a service oriented business) that ranks #1 on google for its search term, but the prospects I have approached don’t want to pay what its worth…

  • Yaro:

    Good video…although these videos in the car kind of drive me crazy. The one point you made, that I think is worth repeating, is that when you launch your first website (or business) you should always be thinking about the eventual sale of it down the road. With that in mind, you should plan accordingly. What do I mean by that?

    If you assume the website you’re working on will eventually be sold you’ll keep all the folder, files, images, etc. for that site well organized on your hard drive. You’ll try hard not to personalize your site like you have with this blog (unless of course you are striving to launch a personal blog – which you probably won’t sell anyway).

    Those are two very small examples but the point is you’ll approach everything thing you do a little differently if you know you’re going to sell someday.


    • Yeah Travis good points. I quite enjoyed the irony that I was using a very personal video to promote basically not what I was doing – making your site dependent on you.

      I’m investigating cloning technology as we speak ๐Ÿ™‚

      • It is an interesting point that Travis makes. My job is Mergers & Acquisitions, albeit in the offline world, and one of the key challenges in selling ‘owner-managed businesses’ – which blogs are – is proving to a potential buyer that the profits are sustainable.

        Sustainable? You often read of websites selling for “12 to 18 months profits”, but it is key to remember that this is in reality 12 to 18 months of the profits a new owner can earn, not necessarily what you are currently earning. If the income comes from people visiting to read about your daily life, paying for personal consultations, or watching videos you make, then it may be hard for someone else to replicate.

        The irony is that success in business usually comes from uniqueness, and the biggest source of uniqueness blogs often have is the personality of their owner. It is harder to build a sustainable business model based on a brand rather than a personality (because the latter is natural, whereas the former has to be created), but when you do, you have an infinitely more marketable business model. Think Boing Boing, Gawker, Lifehacker et al.


  • Great points you make there Yaro.

    But some people prefer to have a constant income stream thorugh a business instead of a one off stream by selling their business. It is just a matter of difference of opinions.


  • Hi Yaro, you’re looking sharp and cool in your Audi! Must be a dream to drive that car! I definitely like your new hair Yaro! As far as your messages that you’ve given in your video, as always you’re brilliant with them! What’s more impressive is you were able to give it while you were driving! I liked when you changed lanes, and then later on got a text message, really made it seem the more real, hehe ๐Ÿ™‚ Definitely looking forward to some Yaro TV, can’t wait man!

    Till then,


    • Just have to clarify it’s a BMW 135i, though Audi is good too ๐Ÿ™‚

      • This is off topic but absolutely love your 1 series! An even bigger plus for me is the red interior…It’s also cool how your driver’s seat is on the right. Quite the opposite over here in the states!

        I think that with a website, eventually I’d probably like to sell it. I mean unless it continued to generate great revenue and I really loved it then I probably couldn’t. But if it does well, why not sell it and build more sites like that?

      • Ooops I am so sorry Yaro, I had read your post too about your new BMW, and even left a comment there, it slipped my mind, I guess I am so obsessed with Audi’s that I just totally forgot and was memorized by the allure of having an Audi myself ๐Ÿ™‚ BMW is awesome for sure, and whether you’re driving a BMW or an Audi, they are both Dream rides!

        Till then,


  • Hey Yaro,

    Good points, though when you start out especially when you are on your own, it is probably the one thing that doesn’t come into your head and therefore perhaps start branding it the wrong way. i.e. do a bit of personal branding as opposed to company branding. We should always be looking to the future with our goals and possibilities of where to take our business.

    With the online business model, it is so easy to have multiple businesses and websites that perhaps it should feature in our initial goals, give yourself say 12 months to build and develop its traffic and ranking and then sell on flippa or somewhere. Become a virtual real estate millionaire instead.

    Many thanks


  • Hey Yaro,

    Awesome post and video man. Really fantastic Job.
    You’ve made some awesome points.
    Thanks for sharing this great Post.


  • Great Vid, you like you should be in Grease 4.

    I want to start a membership site in the training field, a bit like your blogging course in a videomaking niche, but don’t they break your rule?

    People sign up for your expertise and hands on mentoring so I guess these can’t be sold?


  • Nan

    Your Message This was very interesting to me – however what if you have some nice sites set up but they do not have age or do not have the links to have much traffic yet.
    I am a relative newby – been bumping around with internet marketing and have decided to go in a new direction. The sites are nice, graphically and have many elements in place like articles, autoresponder series, etc – this is the part I enjoy and do best – but I am not interested in taking them further.
    Can I get much from them and is a site like flippa the for selling what I have?

  • You bring up a very important consideration here, which people really do need to consider and do some soul-searching about. If your business model is 100% dependent upon YOU…If YOU are the business…you might be painting yourself into a corner you’ll later regret.

    Conversely, in order to have a business you can sell, you’ll almost definitely need to have a business with employees, which can create problems of it’s own. I personally have little use or patience for employees, so I remain true to myself and have a business model that is very dependent upon me. – knowing full-well the limitations of that approach. But it works for me, because I LOVE what I do, and never tire of it.

    For those however, who think they’d eventually want the option of being able to sell their business, I highly recommend the book “The E-Myth” which is must reading for any business owner.

  • The video is great, but I do have to admit that those types of BMW’s are amazing! Oh…and great vid as well.

  • That is a great thought !! Now, could you comment on your next vid/ post how to evaluate how much your business is worth?

    Have a wonder full summer!

  • Great video, I never thought of selling my business before but the points you made were very good. If some one offered to buy the business and offered a fair price, I might sell it.

  • Talking into a camcorder while driving is probobly dangerous. Love your dedication Yaro ๐Ÿ™‚

  • A BMW, a successful online business and your own hair! You have it good.

  • Lovely video Yaro. I actually thought for a while about selling my own business. But i gotta tell you, you makes some valid points ๐Ÿ™‚

  • it is dangerous yaro… but as people say, follow the guru… ๐Ÿ™‚

  • Mmm…i think the point here is having a road map of the business that you build, bottom line is “what do/will you do with it?” I don’t usually create businesses to sell, as I create them to become assets that run on their own with focus on passive income, so I have not considered selling as part of the plan.

    I’d rather accumulate and keep my businesses and grow my portfolio.

  • Sometimes it’s not worth selling your business at any point. May be doing some hard work bring more productivity. I know a guy who tried to sell half of his business but when he did not get the right price. He worked hard and increased his income.

  • Hi Yaro,

    Thanks for sharing this. I never though of selling my business if it’s giving me a nice decent income month after month. I mean, why would I be selling it if I can earn more in the coming months? I would rather build another business coming from the money that I earned from my first business than sell my business at all. I want to have several passive income streams.

    Kind regards,


  • I like the driving video idea. That’s multi-tasking at its best. I think that selling web sites and on-line businesses can work, but this is not for the beginner. Most sites only sell for a few dollars. The ones with the big paydays have a lot of traffic and a lot of work behind them.

    -Joshua Black
    The Underdog Millionaire

  • Hey Yaro,

    I was just wondering what some of the steps would be when considering selling a business. How to we value our business and what are some of the best ways to seek the best potential buyers?


    Dr. Paul Ciurysek

  • Definitivamente lo pondria en una pasarela, tu estilo es grandioso, me quedo sin palabras…definitivamente lindisimo!!!!!!

  • Quite often the most money you’ll actually make out of your business is when you sell it. In my experience the early profits inevitably went to better tools, equipment, machinery, more staff, etc. Only when selling as a going concern a couple of years (or months) down the line do you realise true profit.

  • Hi Yaro,

    Think what I love most about this industry is that you can professionally discuss a topic like this one, even while driving! Before I became exposed to the entrepreneurs-journey.com site, selling a website didn’t really even hit my radar at all but you’ve definitely opened some doors of thought – big thanks and look forward to reading (and seeing) more. Thanks!

  • Awesome video. I feel like I just recently watched you in an interview with someone else. (you had longer hair). I never realized the automating a business made it that much more valuable when selling it, but I guess it makes sense.

    How do you find people who are interested in buying your business, I hope there are more options than Ebay… Thanks.

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