The Foundation Of Productivity Is Rest: Do You Have The Balance Right?

On a beautiful Sunday morning in Brisbane I headed outside on to my patio deck area to record a video for you. Then, as you will see, I had to move inside due to a certain musical instrument my neighbor was playing.

Nevertheless I was able to produce a video and the topic today, since it is Sunday, is rest. Rest is the foundation of activity and these two elements must be harmonized for maximum results.

Today I ask you do you have the work, rest and play balance right?

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  • Hey Yaro,

    Another great video. Keeping balance in work, rest and play is really hard thing (at least for me). But I’m managing somehow. I only get 2-3 hours/ day for blogging and on weekends 4-5hours/ day.
    Anyways, Thanks for sharing this great Video. Great work.


    • Ryan McLean

      I totally agree, finding the balance isn’t easy you have to make it happen. Making the work stuff happen is easy, building my websites and Internet list is easy because I love it and I am working towards something.

      Resting is harder because your not working towards anything with rest. I have to force myself to rest

    • I totally agree Yaro.

      When we do not find things to do that are fun (except work), our work does suffer. Our productivity does decrease. I do not go near my laptop on weekends (atleast on a Sunday).


    • That’s great to hear for you Dev. Good thing that you are finding ways on how to balance your work and life, it’s really that important, don’t drain yourself too much bro.

      Kind regards,


  • Well said Yaro,

    I love what I do too & often have to tear myself away from the computer! One of the joys of working for myself is being able to work to my energy peaks & troughs – and actually be more productive than if I were to ‘force’ myself to do the usual 9 – 5.

    Love the quote – will have to listen again to catch it all and write it down.

    • Ryan McLean

      Same here! I love sometimes working from 2pm-8pm at night…or having the whole day off and working night time like 8pm-3am. I have the luxury of working whenever I want to work.

      But I am working on creating a passive income online so I can choose whether to work or not at all. Then having days of rest will be much easier

  • Yaro,

    What a coincidence! I’m just getting into week #2 of the first public 21-day challenge on my blog. Guess what it’s all about? “On time to bed, on time to rise”

    Sounds pretty simple, but it was a tough one for me. I realized that the workaholic in me was going out of control and I had to put my foot down and do something about it.

    As you rightly mentioned, it’s about hitting the balance. If anyone views this video of yours and thinks, “Well,…. I already know that!”, then I’d like to remind them that knowing it and actually putting it into practice are two totally different things. And if there’s anything that’s holding anyone from grabbing a good 7+ hours of continuous sleep at night, I would encourage them to take up the same challenge that I’m right in the middle of. Why? Because I’m seeing it make a huge difference in my life already!

    Wishing everyone a balanced life,


  • Resting physically is not the difficult part, but resting mentally can be very hard to acheive, but is extremely necessary.

  • Well, if I have the chance to rest, I would like too, but sometime and since I’m not yet to what you are, usually rest time is cut of to almost zero not to say we sleep which doesn’t count. But again, resting is not just good for mind but also good for health.

  • You need to find a wife! ASAP! hahahaha 😀
    Great video btw :))))

  • I think the rest is very important for increasing conductivities, yet for me it’s little bit difficult to manage between work, play and rest 🙁

  • ATTENTION: Yaro,
    On behalf of myself and I am sure many busy and grateful bloggers out there,
    would like to wish you …

    A VERY HAPPY B-DAY!!!! (OK, don’t blush)

    I guess this Sunday post video you put up was a perfect intro to the concept on not just day to day, but the greater prep. for the upcoming year both in spiritual and materialistic .
    A time to reflect both on the incredible accomplishments you have achieved and those you have yet to attain.
    One of the greater lessons I have been taught in acquiring a fulfilling life, is to write or ask a friend to write for you your eulogy, NOW, while you are still very much alive!

    In this sort of “Back to the future” concept lays an opportunity to eliminate the
    “If I only would have”,
    similarly portrayed in the old classic film “It’s a Wonderful Life” with James Stewart.

    Through doing this you get to ask yourself the most important question.
    Looking back, is this the legacy I would have wanted to leave behind,
    is this how I want to be remembered?

    Whilst looking through and reading the story of your life realizing, this hasn’t happened yet. I am still
    holding the blueprint to my life and those effected by me right here in my unique
    G-d given special soul and heart.
    This paper I am reading is only yesterdays “To do List”.

    Life (time) are one of those commodities we do not have in abundance, we are all here for a unique purpose, and “Time” does not stand still, there is so much to accomplish, influence for the greater good, lives to touch, sometimes… just to put a smile on someone’s face.

    As the old Chassidic (Kabalistic) adage goes..
    “A person can live 70 80 years just to do a favour for another”.

    I am sure I am not alone in saying, you are a true gift. A hard example to follow in the realm of goodness, kindness and a constant and consistent model of authentic giving with a warm and open heart.

    May G-D grant you an upcoming fulfilling year of good health, joy and henceforth go from strength to strength in all your endeavours and positive influence you possess with much success.

    With best wishes on this special day & kind regards,


  • Interesting video, Yaro! I just started reading a book called “The Power of Full Engagement” and it expresses a very similar kind of ideas that life is not a marathon but rather a series of intense sprints followed by recovery and relaxation.

    But on the other hand it all seems to be highly depend on attitude. I mean it depends a lot if something is difficult for you or not on how you perceive it: as work or rest.

    You are lucky BTW to be able to have breaks from “work that is fun”. I am still on a stage of working 9-18 plus working on the projects that will hopefully free me but even the latter is often not so much fun.

  • Hey Yaro,

    Trusting that Joseph was not wrong on the date, I too would like to take the opportunity to wish you…

    Here’s wishing you a Very Happy Birthday!

    I just joined your blog yesterday, but I can see that you’ve been doing great stuff here. Keep up the good work!


  • Really nice video brother.I think i have a balance for my life and enjoy 🙂

  • Hey Yaro,
    I’m a great believer in rest, or at least, taking a rest from what is otherwise the norm in your life. When you work so hard on something, you seldom see the time pass and end up with the dreaded burn out. At least, I did when I have been studying for my PhD. You are spot on the mark that if you don’t rest, your productivity sinks. I think I did 6 months of awesome work, and after burn out my productivity was really not worth talking about.
    I try and get a better balance nowadays. I have learned from the mistakes. It’s great to hear this advice echoed however! I don’t hear people say this enough.

  • Working when I want is one of the things I LOVE ABOUT BEING MY OWN BOSS. 🙂

    Also it made me laugh when you said you as about to speak and someone started playing the violin. Would have loved to have seen that and your reaction. 😀

  • I strongly agree that for the vast majority of people, it’s impossible to maximize productivity without adequate rest. Of course we all know one or two people who seem able to run like crazy all day, and sleep only 4 or 5 hours per night, (I’m very jealous of them!) but those folks are rare. I’m a big advocate of naps. I find a 30 minute nap (even though I don’t usually fully fall asleep, but rather get in a semi comatose state) takes the “post lunch slump” away, and allows me to get things done the rest of the day. I own a successful fitness and fat loss coaching business and coach both in the mornings and at night, with an afternoon break between. I’m the father of two very energetic toddlers, and would have a hard time keeping up with them, if not for those naps. Without my naps, I’d also be at sub-optimum energy levels by the time my evening clients started rolling in. I’m also a far more prolific and competent blogger when well-rested. I find it very hard to create good content when tired. Being productive is NOT about merely being physically present on the job…it’s about being energetic, fully engaged and in the flow. And that takes rest.

  • You are absolutely right, we need a good balance of work and rest to be productive. This is something that I often forget as I am a workaholic. Got to learn from you.

  • Hahah! Guilty as mentioned. I think at the beginning of all my businesses, I tend to deprive myself on sleep, to make sure all the loose ends are tied up, that all the accounts have been attended to, that i’ve done my best that I can before I fall asleep. And pumped high with caffeine, sometimes i live with just 4-5 hours of sleep. It’s just recently that i’ve put more effort into balancing family, work, rest, and faith.

    It’s a really good point, as it points out the issue of sustainability in terms of our health physically, socially, emotionally and cognitively. How do you balance yourself Yaro? Have you ever totally immersed yourself in work/blogging before?

  • Hey Yaro. I am glad you mentioned this. As a blogger, it is easy to get so caught up in our own heads and not allow too much time with fun and relaxation. I agree that the quality of ones work does enhance when there is that nice balance between work and play even if work does feel like play, it is important to still make that consious effort to get out of that space once in awhile that works well for the indvdiuals body clock. Awesome post.

  • Gosh, this post really hits close to home today. Had such a crazy weekend that I really didn’t get in enough sleep so my productivity level today is below average. It’d be nice to learn from this experience but it happens every single weekend. I probably need better management for my weekends.

  • Thanks for the tips Yaro. Balancing work life is really important, we don’t want to drain ourselves too much. People always tend to work, work and work and they forget to take some time out of their work, and the result is productivity gets affected as we don’t have enough energy anymore to work on the next day.

    Kind regards,


  • HI Yaro!

    No rest days here Yaro, I am still on my training that’s why! I somehow need time management for me to have time to rest!

  • Hello, Yaro,

    I am assuming your next project will be the internet TV 🙂

  • It’s all about the balance. In fact, it should be about finding a business model where you are working on the business as little as possible and having the business do most of the work for you.

    I think we all go into business for many different reasons, but no one goes into it just to create a business. Business is the vehicle for getting somewhere else, like having more time for family, or the ability to travel whenenver you want.

    The balance between life and work is critical, otherwise, what is the point.

    -Joshua Black
    The Underdog Millionaire

  • I work hard and play hard. It is hard to find a balance sometimes, but we all know it is easier to do when you work from home.

  • Hey Yaro, excellent post!

    So true, everyone working from home has to find their own balance that works for them.

    Productivity In Business and Please are both essential.

  • Yea rest is especially true once you get into your 30’s! Need to start taking it slow. Yaro has first hand experience on this ( I kid) -David

  • I agree rest is very important, and most people who work hard don’t find much time to rest, but being productive requires to balance rest and work and taking some days off to recuperate.

  • @life skills. It might be 30 for few and it might be 35 for others. Depend on the inner strength that someone might have.

  • I like the idea of the 50 minutes. I seem to compile a list in my head and then work through the list. I always end up with the hardest one last and put it off. I might try your idea and throw the list out.

  • The fact that government makes bad decisions does not mean
    we need to become subservient to big corporations. We tried that
    experiment in the 1800s. That’s why the Pure Food and Drug Act
    was passed. Muckraking journalists persuaded the people that
    the mercies of business were killing people.

  • Keeping the balance right is ultimately key to maximising your own efficiency. How often do you find yourself blankly staring at the screen, without achieving anything? Taking regular breaks, and doing something totally different (I garden) makes for much more focused working sessions than simply sitting in front of the computer all day long.

  • In both cases, management refused to negotiate at all, the strikers were painted as Bolshevists in the media, and in the end, they were unsuccessful. IIRC, later strikes were significantly more successful. I used to work with a woman who had the bumper sticker: “Unions, the people who brought you the weekend” or something like that.

  • It is important to rest, and balance between work and resting time aside for yourself. I do agree with you in your video Yaro that you are more productive as a result of resting, I think though for some of us entrepreneurs it can be hard to take a break away from our work. I know myself alot of times when I am taking the time for myself and having fun, in the back of my mind I feel bad that I am not working, I know a few others feel the same way, I wish I could break that mindset out of my mind.

    Till then,


  • Great message Yaro! I think it’s tough for “producers” to allow themselves ample rest time because it feels like we are being lazy. Like you are saying, the opposite it true. It is rest that allows us to be productive!



  • Yeah, I am working on my life and family and work balance but somehow internet wins as I am new trying to learn as much as possible. Got to change that. Thanks.

  • Definitely I think having something to help get away from work,like a hobby is essential.After all…..all work and no play is no what the doctor ordered!!!

  • Great topic Yaro! We’re all so busy with work and family and other activities that we often forget to get much needed rest so that we can be truly productive! It’s sad how we sometimes forego rest because have plenty of things to do, without realizing that we need it in order to do more! Your post has inspired me to also write on this topic — and hopefully get positive answers to your question “do you have the balance right?”. Thank you!

  • Balance, it’s hard to find balance, but it’s good to keep it right, good rest improves the performance in work, and also it’s a great feeling after a good rest. But is hard to keep it on, specially when you are very busy, and with lot of things in mind. But is quite esential to take a rest.

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