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The Rapid Video Blogging report by Gideon ShalwickIf you haven’t yet downloaded your copy of Gideon’s brand new report and training video series on how to create online video blog posts super fast, make sure you opt-in here to get the free goodies!

The Rapid Video Blogging Report by Gideon Shalwick


Three years ago I started a project with Gideon Shalwick to produce some training videos on how to set up WordPress blogs. Gideon came to my attention because of how good he was at creating online video and using the medium for teaching.

That initial partnership turned into the Become A Blogger project, which has grossed nearly $400,000 in income.

Gideon has become my go-to-guy when it comes to online video because I know he devotes so much time keeping up with the latest trends, technology and constantly tests different equipment to produce high quality video with minimum fuss.

Video Sucks

Video can be so darn annoying sometimes. I struggled with it when I was a PC user, making use of Camtasia to create my Membership Site Mastermind training videos had to be one of the most challenging periods of product creation I’ve ever gone through.

I was creating 30 minute presentations for the modules, using my webcam to record my face talking next to presentation slides. Unfortunately after about 5 minutes of recording the video would start to be slightly slower than the audio, with the end result being a delayed presentation.

I figured out a way to solve the problem by only recording small chunks at a time, but obviously I was not happy.

After switching to Mac things got easier, however it has not always been a straight forward process to figure out what combination of software, lights and video equipment to use.

Gideon has been an absolute life saver in this regard as I can cut down my research and testing time simply by tapping his brain. He’s done the research, so I just ask him then go out and by the appropriate tools he recommends.

I’ve lost track of how many times I’ve bothered Gideon with video related questions, but he’s always had an answer for me, which is why I’m so excited to recommend his latest report and videos to you today.

If You’re Interested In Online Video – Don’t Miss This

During the last few months I’ve rarely seen Gideon in the flesh because in between welcoming his new daughter Lucy into the world he’s been madly preparing a new training program.

Gideon is well aware that he has to prove to you that he can help you with online video before you will consider taking his course, so he has spent weeks and weeks preparing some amazing free resources.

The big release is his new report, The Rapid Video Blogging Report, which is over 90 pages full of information, diagrams and photographs to explain exactly how to get yourself set up quickly to produce high quality video.

In the report Gideon also lays out the framework for using online video, YouTube, blogging and an email list to create a thriving business. Gideon shows you the steps, the tools and the strategy to make this work, so if you want more leads, more affiliates, more sales, more traffic or just a greater online presence, this is a must download report.

Gideon is also releasing three content videos to explain the opportunity that is in front of you, how you can make your own videos and a case study from someone, a close friend of mine, who used video to great success to create a successful online business.

Did I mention that the report and videos are free?

Yep, you can get them all right here after you enter your email address to opt-in…

Gideon is launching his training program next week, which I am of course endorsing because Gideon’s a friend and I know his training will be the best out there if you’re interested in following the blogging video model.

This Is How Simple Video Can Be

Before I wrap up this blog post I have to share with you a snapshot from inside Gideon’s report –

Video Equipment for Rapid Video Blogging

This is taken from page 32 in the report and to me is one of the key sections because it lays out a very simple set-up to create high definition videos with minimal cost.

One of the keys to creating high quality video is actually the audio. Often inexpensive cameras have good quality video, even in HD like the Flip and VADO, but the built-in microphones are not the best.

Gideon came up with an innovative method for recording high quality audio and video at the same time, using equipment that only costs a few hundred dollars. Combining this with simple software like Screenflow and your Macbook, and you have essentially a high quality video production studio, which is portable, affordable and great for bloggers.

I’m using this set up right now with my VADO camera to produce all the latest videos you see on Yaro.TV, and it’s all thanks to Gideon.

You can get a full explanation of the set-up in the report and the second video from Gideon, which you can download right now from here –

Gideon Has My Highest Endorsement

Yaro and GideonIn a world full of skepticism when it comes to online marketing, Gideon is by far the most down to earth person I’ve ever met. He’s also a great teacher.

You don’t have to take my word for it of course, just watch his videos and you will see what kind of guy he is.

When his course opens up next week I’ll be recommending you join so you can enjoy the benefit of having Gideon’s brain to tap for help with your online videos. You won’t need to go anywhere else.

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  • Nat

    Hey Yaro – have been checking out the free videos and they are fabulous! I love using video in my blog so this is definitely for me. Looking forward to seeing what Gideon is offering next week!

  • Yup. Rapid Video Blogging by Gideon looks promising. I’ve read the report and it was impressive. Well, tah tah for now. I’m going for the i-pad. See ya there!

  • Google has also released a guide for video sitemaps, as if video wasn’t confusing enough. Anyhow, we just wrote up an article on it:

  • Hi,

    Looks like an excellent resource for video blogging. I just had a question:

    “Combining this with simple software like Screenflow and your Macbook, and you have essentially a high quality video production studio, which is portable, affordable and great for bloggers.”

    So will this report be only for mac users? If we are using PC, then will we have to use a MAC for this purpose? Or does he also have resources for PC users?


    • Just under the picture I posted above in the report, Gideon has one for PC users as well, so everything is covered.

  • Rob

    Hey Yaro,

    I’ve used Camtasia a few years back I thought it was great. My only problem was that it wouldn’t record smoothly (I had a very quick PC too, so performance wasn’t the issue). I still see them winning all sorts of awards in photography, video and production magazines, so maybe their latest versions have improved. Have you tried any of the new versions?

    Thanks Yaro, great blog.

    • Oh yes Rob Camtasia has improved a lot, so I do recommend it to PC users.

      I’ve not needed to use it because Screenflow is awesome, so easy to use, but if you’re not on Mac, then check Gideon’s report to see the PC options.

      • I had given up on Camtasia for the same reasons as Rob and hadn’t tried it since. I’ll give it another shot now thanks to your recommendation. Its great if they have fixed those issues because otherwise it was a neat piece of work and fun to work with.

        • Rob

          I have tried Camtasia V7, and it works incredibly! I only tried on my Windows 7 travelling laptop (which is no immense power house), with 9 other programs open (one of which was Photoshop), as I didn’t want to interrupt my work, and I can report the following:

          – The lag with recording is gone. I didn’t notice any stutter or breakups.
          – The older versions had issues with recording audio that was playing on the PC (this was a result of (at the time) a new universal computer hardware agreement – in part, to stop people recording music from websites and then sharing it on P2P sites). This issue is now gone, audio can be recored not just from a mic, but also from sounds playing on the PC

          All in all, within my 10 minute play around with version 7, the things I found wrong with Camtasia a couple years ago, from what I noticed, appear to have been fixed. It works perfectly!

          Definitely getting the full version.

          Hope this helps,

  • Hi Yaro,

    I have been following Gideon’s Videos the last week.
    They have been amazing.
    The free report blew me away.
    If yourself and Darren Rowse are endorsing this, that’s good enough for me.
    Look forward to Gideon’s release next week.


  • The report is a great asset. The video report will be very useful indeed, in my niche of songwriting. If choice needs to be made, I’m probably more of a Yaro than a Gideon, because I prefer written blogs over video, both as a writer and as a reader. With text, i can choose how fast I absorb the message. Video always goes too slow for me, and occasionally I want to jump back to an earlier part, which is one of the fabulous aspects of hypertext. The forced pace is against my synthesising nature. There’s also a difference in style between the two friends: Yaro does a bit less of hard selling his message. He rather lets the content speak for itself. So honesly, I stopped watching the videos and purchased the report right away, but I’m sure they will please many of you.

    The important thing is: Gideon knows how to make quality video. I’ve got my copy!

  • Gideon is hands down your go to guy for online video. If you want to use video marketing for whatever you are doing then allow Gideon to be your mentor.

    You can thank me later 🙂

  • Do videos really help drive traffic?

    I’ve never been someone who is comfortible in front of the camera but if it meant driving traffic to my blog then I think I could be convinced to start doing some.

  • So you’d definitely recommend a Mac for all things online video right? It’s great that Gideon can provide you that expertise in an area that you aren’t very familiar with. He’s practically an expert in his niche of online videos.

    • I have been following Gideon for a while for online video and I often heard him say that getting a MAC is the best investment you can possibly make for your business if you want to get into online video. Three months ago I took his advice and am incredibly happy I did.

      They had a promotion going where you can pay it off in 12 months interest free. That is what allowed me to get a MAC asap. It is unbelievable for video. I was continuously frustrated with my PC and have never once had a problem with my MAC. If you are certain you are going to get into a lot of video marketing then buy a MAC today!

      They just came out with the new versions too. I pad about $1740 (well, will pay) for the MAC book pro, 15″. Its awesome!

  • Youtube and blogging have so many things in common. Their are top Youtubes with 100,000+ subscribers making all the money then everyone else. Video is still an untapped resource for a variety of reasons so any decent product addressing this is a no brainer.

  • I’ve heard of Gideon from other marketers, too, so I will download his free report right away. Have to say that I am not a video fan, they are so very long, take forever to watch and usually are very boring. Much prefer written content, but there are times when video is a good choice. If it can be done well with my new little Flip HD, that’s great. Thanks for the recommendation.

  • video is more powerful.. we can understand tutorials or any method, shown by video, easily.. but most of the people on youtube and other video hosting sites are just kidding… they are wasting others time …

  • i have read some of his guides… very informative..

  • Great post as usual Yaro so thanks for sharing! what would gideon recomend for PC users though! I have Camtasia for my video’s and i have the same problems you had using this as well as being incredibly confusing as well!

    I have just invested in adobe master collection cs5 for my webdesign companys as well as to produce my own wordpress themes for my 2 blogs! anyway there is a new programme on there called OnLocation which looks even more confusing but being Adobe I think this thing is going to be very good, just wondered what Gideon’s thoughts on that was!

    anyway I am thinking of investing in a Mac soon so will have to keep this post in mind! I have downloaded his report and cannot wait to get my teeth into it! Looking forward to your next post buddy! Till Next Time.


    p.s. I just finished off a post on traffic and left a trackback to this blog in the post

    • Read the report from Gideon as he covers PC and Mac video creation software and hardware.

      • Cheers Yaro!

        I just became a fan on your FB site and was wondering if you new about FBML! Spent all day today putting mine together and its looking cool now! with my own custom html!

        Was at a webinar yesderday that was hosted by Chris Farrell and the Husband of Facebooks ex Marketing Director and the Guy behind Fan Page Generator! Just thought you might be interested?

        Til Next Time!

  • Thank you, Yaro! I have been looking for something like Gideon’s report to make videos since there are so many things that are difficult to understand when simply reading about them.

  • I had given up on Camtasia for your exact same reasons as Rob and hadn’t tried it since. I’ll give it an additional shot now thanks for your recommendation. Its good if they have fixed individuals troubles since otherwise it was a neat piece of function and fun to deliver the results with.

  • This is great info for those who want to start making videos online. Macs are great for making videos since its so easy, but there are some good tools out there for windows too. Thanks for the post.

  • Hi Yaro

    Thanks for this useful article. I’m new to Internet Marketing ( 2 years ) and I understand that to become successful online I have to keep on updating my knowledge and taking the right actions. I believe your tips will help me in my journey online

  • We are thinking these days to release some Youtube videos. I think your post is going to help us to review our existing videos and make some changes. I am going to sign up for this. Thanks for sharing.

  • Whenever I view a video online, the video is always super fast. How do I get online videos to play normal?

  • I agree with the audio bit. are you supposed to generate revenue with this? Is it simply to build “buzz”?

  • Hey Yaro, I watched the introduction and Gideon gave some great tips, will probably download the book shortly!

  • Gideon’s videos are great. I started checking him out a little while ago. I have not started using video yet but I am working on it. I will be ready when the time is right though.

  • Thanks a lot for this information Yaro. What I have definetly noticed is that more online businesses and bloggers are putting out videos. What I have seen from this is they get more business and backlinks. I have yet to do videos simply because I am a bit nervous about this. Again, thanks for the information.

  • Hi Yaro,

    You are a real life saver – thank you very much. I’m just getting started with video and believe me, for a newbie like me it can be quite confusing. Anyway, I just downloaded the Rapid Video Blogging report you are mentioning above and I’m really eager to get into it. Also, I hear lots of people raving about the new Kodak PlaySport video camera – does anyone have any experience with this camera, is it any good?

  • Kim

    I like the rig he proposes, because of how flexible/portable it would be, if the need were to arise, but I couldn’t help but thinking that maybe the idea of quick videos isn’t so hot.
    Look at it his way, Having a good rig is something pretty basic, but even with a hollywood quality studio to shoot in, what it really comes down to is how much thought is put into what the video is about. Youtube is filled with 13 year old girls with nice equipment making crappy videos, and on the flipside, there are plenty of concert bootlegs shot on cameras that are only marginally better than what you find in your iphone, and they draw in millions of hits (think Greyson Chance almost 29 million views).

    When you really look at it, content is king. Create something people want, and they’ll pay attention.

  • Everything on my computer is running super fast and desktop shortcuts don’t work! Help!!?

  • You may be able to create it fast, but how bout for cheap? A lot of those products may put a heavy dent in many people’s wallets and purses. Perhaps a guide to creating online video super cheaply is also in order?

  • I do video really fast. Take some screenshots, copy a little spun article to natural reader, generate a wav file, open Powerpoint template, paste wav and screenshots, open camtasia and video is ready.

  • Rapid Video Blogging by Gideon – I’ve read a few good reviews on this product and how easy it is to understand and make our own videos. Video marketing is a huge traffic goldmine 😉

  • I started reading Rapid Video Blogging by Gideon and it is really great. For me as a video newbie, this makes life just so much easier. Also, if anyone is interested, I just bought the Kodak PlaySport video camera and so far, I’m really happy with it. The video quality is great – I was really suprised and I think the audio quality is very good as well. Another nice feature, the camera is waterproof – up to 3 meters. And the camera cost only $130.

  • Hi Yaro,

    I’ve been following Gideon and yourself for awhile as I believe the business model you both take upon yourself towards blogging is innovative, fresh and consistent. Gideon’s way of seeing things as well as your analysis makes one heck of a business venture. That’s something that cannot be found much as you both are successful as well. I will be downloading Gideon’s ebook soon and put into action some implementation towards video blogging but I cannot be sure if it’s anytime soon as I’m have matters such as an e-mail list to pick up on first.

    Thanks for the further details!

  • To be honest I still shy away from videos. My biggest concern is that I don’t have the right equipment, and the background. However, I have seen great results from people who do it.

  • Great information Yaro as always. It’s great to see people can purchase inexpensive video equipment. Unlike Paul and I did back in 1998 when we bought a 3 chip video camera. Now that cost both arms and legs!

    It’s great to see a great quality product with support. When you’re a newbie support can make such a difference. I’ll definitely be downloading the report.

    I must admit I initially thought watching video was such a time waster until I saw Bret Thomson’s Copy video at his 7 hour sales letter site. It’s fun, entertaining and you can do so much more than what you can with just written words.

    Thanks Yaro once again.


    Jann Drew-Maskell

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