I’m Going To The USA And I Need Your Feedback

It’s been a while coming, but finally I’ve decided this year I will attend Blog World Expo in Las Vegas in October.

Darren Rowse managed to get me a spot on his problogger training day at the expo that he and co-author Chris Garrett are running on Thursday October 14th. I’ll be speaking at 4pm, very likely on the subject of blog monetization.

Alborz Fallah And I Are Going To Do A Full Day Workshop In The USA

When traveling to the USA I like to visit my family in Toronto, and stop in Hawaii to keep my flights shorter and because it’s a lovely place to be. I may also visit New York and LA for fun and to meet up with some Internet marketing friends I’ve never met in person.

My close friend Alborz Fallah, who you may recall I interviewed back in 2007 when his Car Advice blog was first valued at over a million dollars, is also going to travel. However he had one condition before he agreed to come with me – he wants to teach a live workshop to share what he knows about building a multi-million dollar blog with you.

Alborz’s blog has continued to grow incredibly since the original interview three years ago. It’s now valued at…well let’s say multiple millions – MUCH more than it was, with over 10 staff, offices in Sydney, a board of directors, CEO and investors. It’s become a fully fledged business and it all began with him sitting at home, writing about cars by himself.

My own story of recently cracking the million dollar mark contrasts interestingly with Alborz’s as I have done it with a very different model, no employees or investors and much less traffic, though of course his blog is valued at much more than mine.

Together we have a very wide range of experience when it comes to building million dollar blogging empires, which we want to share with you in the form of a one day workshop.

I Need Your Feedback

Rather than guess what you want, I’ve created a survey that I’d appreciate you fill out if you are interested in attending our workshop in the USA.

I’m asking you to nominate your choice for preferred city to have the workshop, topic, cost and format.

Here is the link to the survey. There are only four multiple choice questions so it will take you about ten seconds to complete. Please click the link and then make your choices.

Survey Questionnaire For Yaro and Alborz Workshop

Once I have the data from you regarding what you want, Alborz and I will put together the details and create a registration form for people who want to attend to fill out. It will be strictly first come first served and we are planning to limit numbers to a very small group.

We plan to hold the workshop sometime in late October or early November.

I look forward to reading your survey responses and possibly meeting you at our workshop!

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  • Wow.. this is a great Idea..

    Yaro, definitely NYC – it’s the best city in the world.. (well I guess I’m biased)

    Let us know..


      Yaro, definitely Melbourne – it’s the best city in the world.. (well I guess I’m biased)


  • Rob

    I was wondering a few months back how Alborz was going with CarAdvice.com.au. Great to see it still going strong. Also, great tip about stopping off in Hawaii as a flight break, it never occurred to me before.

    Will you be turning this into a separate product or will Darren Rowse & Chris Garrett turn it into a product they’ll offer a few months down the track, featuring you as a guest speaker?

    In addition, will there be a video posted of your segment afterwards (like you’ve done in other workshops – albeit in Australia)?

    Have fun on the trip Yaro!

  • Well, I didn’t vote as I am in favor of Boston! πŸ™‚
    Why not spread your wings a bit and see some of the other parts of the country? There’s a lot more to the US!

    Wherever you go, I am sure you’ll receive a warm welcome.

  • Gah! I’m jealous that you’re going to the US. I’m sure Toronto, Hawaii, New York, Las Vegas and LA will be fun. And Congraulations on hitting the million dollar mark Yaro! – Just filled out the survey, all the best!

  • Kaz

    Hey Yaro,
    Have fun in U.S.
    How about holding a similar workshop in Australia sometime?

  • Jon

    Congrats on your continued success Yaro… best of luck at the show!

    Jon @ WoodMarvels.com

  • And New Zealand!

  • San Fran? The valley . . . aka internet capital

  • Yaro,

    Orange County, California….

    San Diego, California

    Last place (Los Angeles, California)

    Victoria, British Columbia…

    Thanks. Love your stuff!

  • Hey Yaro
    Long time no see!
    Congratulations on the trip and the speaking gig.
    Maybe I’ll end up there too if all my Law of Attraction stuff comes off!

    Just off to fill out the survey.
    Good luck!

  • This is great news! I too filled out the survey. I say Las Vegas, because what happens in Vegas – Never Happened! πŸ™‚

  • @Yaro, I see you used Google Docs for the survey form, once they are filled out and sent back to you, do they come back as free form text from the user or are they collated together so that it comes back to you as statistics just like surveymonkey and so on? thanks

    • You get a fully functioning spreadsheet doc with the form data in it, so from that you can manipulate it as you want to.

  • Being that I am from around the area I definitely have a bias towards my favorite city, NYC! You definitely gotta visit that city when you make your way over to the USA Yaro. There are just way too many sites to visit and see, and I am sure the experience will be nothing like where you currently live in Australia. October is a decent time to visit the city, the winter wont really have hit, so it won’t be that cold compared to the winters, and it won’t be warm like the summers, it’s a nice mix in between really. I am sure you will love NYC if you do go!

    Till then,


  • Will you be turning this into a separate product or will Darren Rowse & Chris Garrett turn it into a product they’ll offer a few months down the track, featuring you as a guest speaker?

  • Hi Yaro,

    I filled out your survey. I truly hope you come to NYC. I have been reading about you and others from Australia who make your living online and have been hoping some of you and some others would present in the USA in NY at some point.

    Congratulations on reaching the million dollar mark. It is nice to see someone become so successful who is at the same time helping to give so many others both the information and inspiration to make a living online themselves. You also seem like a genuine person. Though many might argue that this does not matter as long as a person knows how to conduct business, I believe it does. Honesty and integrity are everything. I was taught by my mother when I was younger (OK, she still reminds my brother and I to this day and we are more than a few years into adulthood:) that without trust, no relationship can exist. This is true of all relationships- professional and personal. Though I have not met you, I trust your intentions and feel that you are truly trying to provide value to your readers. The number of takers in the world seem to outnumber the givers. You are definitely a giver, so thank you.

    Enjoy the USA. I wish you much continued success!

  • CarAdvice is really a popular site in Australia and I never knew that it was started as a blog. Just filled out your survey. Thanks!

  • OMyGosh, I wish one of the cities was here in Louisiana (like New Orleans). I would crawl across broken glass or even fix the motor on my broom to fly down and meet you in person. Your work is inspiring to say the least. πŸ™‚

    Hope you have a fabulous and safe trip to the states and back home.

    God Bless,

  • How about Sydney Australia???????

    • @Kelly, I am not sure Sydney, Australia would make sense.. I mean Yaro lives in Australia after all! And plus it’s pretty clear Yaro wants to go somewhere in the USA! πŸ˜€

      Till then,


  • Wow that is great news. I have filled out the survey and look forward to seeing what the results will be. Have fun planning your trip across seas. You should hit up Florida it is lovely this time of year and no tourists so great deals and not a lot of hassle.

  • Your Message
    Yaro: If you need any advice about Las Vegas maybe I can help.
    I live here and used to drive a Limo.


  • As I suspect most of your followers, like myself, are not making the $$ you are, I would suggest Las Vegas. Very central location for everyone to get to, great airport connections, and there are a lot of very reasonable room prices. A great and practical place to meet.

  • Greetings Yaro,
    I live in the South, USA so I assume from your trip plans you will not be coming this direction. However, Huntsville, AL is the “Silicon Valley” of the southest, USA. I have benefited greatly by your blog help. Much success to you as you travel.

  • Can do NY for sure! I checked out at the bottom of the page here “unique blog designs” and all they have to offer…you are happy?
    thank Yaro- hope to see you!

  • Wow, sounds like fun! I like all the places, although I am US itself, I have to miss the show this time, it seem like a fun place to meet and learn new things.

    I am sure you will have great fun and success no matter what you will choose. Good luck and have fun.

  • Yaro,

    It’s really helpful to see the diverse experiences that could be learned from your blog and other kind of blogs such as Alborz’s. The first lesson we could learn from these different blog models is that there is no ONE way of making money with blogging. It actually depends on our interests and future goals…

    Hope you enjoy your trip to the US…

  • Hey Yaro, great to hear that you and Alborz will be doing a workshop together. Wish i could make it but those cities you mentioned are a bit of a travel for some. In any case, i’ve filled out the survey and would like to put another vote for Orlando, FL – the convention center.

  • Since its close where I live, you should have the workshop in NYC, its a big city and lots to see there.

  • New York and London are both my favourite cities in the world! I suppose I am biased

  • Alborz Fallah’s site is truly inspiring in the way he turned a passion and idea into an online business. One million dollars is serious coin in terms of valuation. Yaro – when’s the next workshop in Australia? Do you ever come to Brisbane?

  • Hope one day you visit Calgary AB Canada to try out some snowboarding in Banff, and setup a seminar!

  • Hope you have a great time in the US, Yaro. Live it up in Vegas as much as you can. You will want to go back there again and again. They don’t call it the grown-up’s Disneyland for nothing. πŸ™‚

  • Here is my list:

    San Diego
    San Francisco
    New York

    Have a nice trip πŸ˜‰

  • Hello Yaro! Great site and manuals. My question is…

    -In order to use a portion of my site for the Sponsors on the right side (same as in your blog), how do we do that? Is there some sort of WordPress template/plugin on which we can just copy/paste code onto it?

    -When we get our wordpress new page, it’s very bare. I even watched your video with Gideon on becomeablogger.com and it doesn’t say anything on how to add the Sponsor areas on the page.



  • Oops, I think I commented in the wrong thread… sorry.

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