How To Search Google As A Local In Any Country

GoogleI am an Australian and I often use Google Australia, which provides the option of searching the global web or pages from Australia only. Most large countries have a similar option on their local Google site.

Running an international online business with the capability to service people from any country means that you want your site to perform well not only in local country specific results but also global results. You may not realise this but doing a standard Google search and leaving the “full web” option selected doesn’t necessarily give you your website’s true location in the Google global results. It gives you the global results given your location, in my case the global results for Australia.

For example, the results of doing a full web search if I am in my home city of Brisbane Australia will be different that a full web search when I am in Toronto Canada. Google gives results based on your location even when you are not stipulating a local result. You can click your local country only result button and get sites that are from your home country, usually determined by the domain name extension, for example for Australia, .ca for Canada, etc. or the IP address of your web hosting server, or you can click the web option and get global Internet results that vary depending on your computer’s location in the world (based on the IP of the computer you are using to access the Internet).

Think Global

If your business can service the world then you really can’t ignore the American marketplace, or if you are in the USA don’t forget about Europe, Asia and the rest. In my case Australia is a very small chunk of the world, and the USA market in particular has the potential to give me access to an audience ten times or more the size of Australia. Hence you need to know how well your site is performing in Google global search results and unfortunately simply ticking the “the web” option in Google when searching for Australia is misleading because your ranking will be different if it was someone in the USA doing the same search.

What I want to know is when someone in the USA does a Google search for one of my terms, how high is my website up in the search results? With this little trick you can figure it out.

The Code

All you need to do is add &gl=us to the URL at the end of the Google search query.

For example:

This tells Google to spit out the results for the query based on US servers.

I can’t guarantee 100% conclusively that this works as I expect it does, but it definitely does something and you should try it yourself and see if your site shows up in a different place in the results. The “gl” stands for Geographic Location and of course you can interchange the last letters to test different country results around the world.

You may be quite surprised and likely disappointed when you see your website is performing in the search results in other countries. Of course if your rankings aren’t so good this equals opportunity as you can imagine if your ranking increased globally then your site is bound to get more traffic. I can vouch for this as the changes made to about a month ago, which were designed to tighten up the keyword focus, has really improved BetterEdit’s global position. Google search referred site traffic has almost doubled since then.

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  • Good tip Yaro! But it is true that most of the people go directly to I usually get most of my visitors from instead of (that’s for ARgentina).

    Short but useful, keep it coming my man!

    Javier Cabrera

  • […] One of the websites I ceased working on earlier in the year,, which I intended to turn into a buzzing Aussie student community forum but lost interest in, was sitting online getting a few visitors from search traffic. Back when that website was in focus I did some search engine optimization work and some offline marketing for it, and it seems to have paid off, bringing in a steady trickle of visitors. I’m talking pathetic traffic – maybe 20 visitors a day – but it keeps coming no matter what I do now, which is absolutely nothing. […]

  • Amit

    Great article.
    But… Google’s search has a searching resolution down to your city, not only your country.
    a surfer from N.Y. city gets a different set of result then a surfer from L.A. especialy for paid links.
    how can I see the results by city or state and not only country ?

    Thanks alot.

  • Hmm, good question Amit, I was not aware of a city based filter as well. Maybe some other people know how to determine city based search results when you are not located in that city?

  • […] If you would like to know more about Google’s GL Results, you can view Yaro Starak’s article here which explains how you can search Google’s Regional Results from any country in the World. | Email This Post […]

  • Thanks for the good tip Google search query but
    but what happend if using search with Msn. Do we have any similar trick so you can see the search in different location. If anyone know please share with everybody. Thanks for that

  • Hi kapuk

    To search msn use query loc:country (abb)example
    Laptops loc:us

  • Nice article. I found a nice firefox addon that allows you change your location to see different results.

  • I use this method long time ago but in current, if I need to see result on US I suggest using VPN is the better way because I’m lazy to type &gl=us …… : )

  • Hi,
    I have developed a website JUST for this aim, To search google as local. The website
    I also add some good features, like safe search and language.


  • Thanks for the tip, you are a life saver! I’m using google chrome so I’ll research on how to search locally. Cheers to you!

  • ‘Google Global’ is an excellent – I would say vital – add on for firefox/chrome that allows you to switch SE results with the click of your mouse.

  • new page for me .

    Misbah Mumtaz

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