Why Blog?

About eight months ago I decided to take blogging seriously and devote time to writing out in digital form what was in my head and soul regarding business and entrepreneurship, so others could learn from my experience and studies. At that point I had no clear pathway and I was purely following my enthusiasm. I chose blogging over a few other business opportunities because it felt right, I wanted to do it more than the other projects and all the omens were telling me to take this path.

It’s not always easy to follow a path with no clear destination. It requires some faith, reasonable financial stability and the courage to fail until you succeed. I don’t believe in failure, I believe in experience.

At first I considered the professional blogger path and certainly Darren Rowse and problogger.net were partly to blame. The figures he was putting up were insane so it was easy to get lost in the potential. After further investigation of exactly how Darren was earning, including some conversations with the man himself, I decided against blogging purely for income and attempting to replicate what he was doing. I wasn’t prepared to build blogs around niche topics I wasn’t interested in and that was the only way I could see myself making significant money as a professional blogger.

Entrepreneurship has always fit best with me. I prefer having multiple projects on the go because I enjoy variety and the business of doing business. As long as my projects are driven by my enthusiasm and they work towards my income goals they have a good chance of still being in focus a few months down the track regardless of specific results, intended or otherwise.

I have a clear understanding of what form of income I want to establish – passive, from multiple streams independent of my labor. Professional blogging often relies on the efforts of the blogger, so as a short term strategy while I have enthusiasm to write content it’s fine, as a long term strategy it is not necessarily so sound (unless of course you get a nice fat check when you sell your blogs in a carefully executed exit strategy).

So why blog?

Having earned some rewards I know I’m following the right path by blogging. The networking and exposure for me as a brand has been fantastic. I’ve started to earn passive income from sources that are unlikely to disappear completely and will increase over time as long as stay to this path. I’ve gained experience in an area that is reasonably cutting edge – blog marketing. Blogging in general is new and particularly beneficial to business so just being a part of the wave is exciting.

Waking up each day to a task list that largely consists of “produce great content” is an enjoyable and relaxing state of existence. There is nothing more satisfying than publishing your own creativity and helping others at the same time. I wish you could all feel the same satisfaction and freedom that I do and that is partly why I blog – to bring others the same joys that I experience each day from learning and creating.

Unexpected Results

As I continued to blog I discovered something about myself – I love to write. Starting off 2005 if you asked me what I loved doing I would have said “business” but now if you asked I’m more likely to say “writing” or even “producing content” (can’t forget podcasting!). I still love the business of it all but my entrepreneur senses are highly tuned to the blogging frequency for the moment.

Of course I still don’t know exactly where I am going or where blogging will take me. I have a general direction but the particulars are still falling into place. The story may be quite different this time next year but I’m in no hurry to find out. I’m excited about the journey, not the destination.

How About You?

I’ve already asked what my readers plan for 2006 in terms of entrepreneurship, but what about blogging? Why are you blogging in 2006? Do you have a good reason, a specific goal or a more fuzzy picture of where you want to be in 12 months time with your blog(s)?

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  • Hi Yaro.

    I don’t blog! Maybe I need to but to be honest, I don’t think I have anything to contribute as a potential blogger at this moment in time!

    If it can be considered as a good platform, or launch pad if you like, for other internet businesses, maybe I should look into it, but I’ve heard cautions of BlogSpam that need to be heeded.

    Maybe your next topic could be ‘Why don’t your blog’ Lol!

    It’ll be interesting to know how I’d answer this question a year down the line but although I need to plan ahead, I try not to plan the results. As you say, enjoy the journey.



  • Hey Yaro, I’ve been blogging for less than 6 months, so 2006 is going to be quite a big year for me.

    Im busy developing my second blog with a friend of mine, as well as re-aligning my personal blog.

    I can see 2006 is going to be big for you, and I’m hoping I can follow suit. 🙂

  • Hey Yaro!

    My goal with ClearYourMind to 2006 is getting into the 9rules (sigh!) and help people with what I’m learning right now about entrepreneurship and productivity.
    It’s hard, because some times you look at your stats and there is only 200 guys reading at your blog and you feel you can have at lestat 2000; but like someone said to me the other day “write for them, not for the ones that still don’t know your blog!”.

    So one of my goals is that, blog for the people who read my blog and stop trying to get more readers.

  • My goal is to find direction with my blog. I have a lot of information on it but I feel like sometimes I’m trying to do too much… maybe that’s my direction… I guess it has been so far.

    Anyway, I feel like 2006 will be a big year for my blog as long as I keep at it. Like others have mentioned my top three inspirations are you, Darren, and Steve. I am trying to work towards some of your numbers but it’s a hard act to follow.

    I’ll sure have fun trying though.

    PS, love the new blog design, can’t wait to see what small business branding comes out looking like.


  • I suppose I have taken the niche blog path. It is starting to pay off with some of the sites I started last year. If it is a topic you are interested in personally, blogging about it is both fun and potentially financially rewarding.

  • I started blogging because my employer encouraged it. Blogging is a low cost way for a company to gain exposure. But I found that I really enjoy writing and the blog has helped me get things off my mind. My blog is about my work day which causes my posts to drift between management, coaching, business, code samples, technology, and adoption (not part of my work but a big part of my life).

    Blogging has exposed me to a new community and I am very pleased with some of the new relationships that I have formed with other bloggers. I really love the dialog, the learning, and the sharing. There are a lot of very nice and knowledgeable people out here.

    I plan to continue blogging and commenting. I have started a second blog to post my book reviews and potentially short stories on. If my blogs makes money that’s great, but if not that’s okay too. The experience alone is worth the time and I think being able to discuss common business issues in an open forum is much cheaper than a therapist!

  • This is a very timely question for me. I officially opened my blog just yesterday after finally installing inbound links from my main web site.

    My main site already gets significant traffic, but it is a very stiff and formal professional photography site, with very little room for personalization. I started my blog with several primary goals. First is to provide people an opportunity to get a ‘behind the lens’ perspective on many of my images. Second is to provide an extra news and resource platform for people looking to find out more information about the industry. Finally, I’m going to use it as a platform for self-publishing travel & photography related content.

    Wish me luck.

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