TrueNYC – New York City Entrepreneur Interviews

TrueNYC - Entrepreneur Interviews on TVNow here is a program I wish we had in Australia – TrueNYC is a New York television program that interviews local entrepreneurs.

A different New York City entrepreneur will be interviewed on our TV show each week. It is our belief that the best way to succeed is to listen to others and learn from their experience and advice.

At the website they have some sample videos, articles and also a blog. At the moment only New Yorkers are interviewed so if you live in the Big Apple and are running a business you should submit yourself as an interview candidate. If you are selected you will receive some nice exposure for you and your business, become just a little bit famous and help others with your business knowledge. A nice mix don’t you think!

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  • Bel

    Awesome site, thanks for the link Yaro! There goes my afternoon… 🙂

  • jen

    isn’t the australian version of this show called ‘bread’?

    although… i just went looking for the website and found sensis has killed the site and the tv show. so let me rephrase… we DID have something like this in AU. i agree… shame.

  • Why make a interesting TV program about young entrepreneurs when Australia has such great reality programs like Big Brother? 🙂

  • Bread closed down and it’s now called something else.

    Australia really lacks innovation. This is why my next business will be so successful 😀

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