Market Samurai Review – How Keyword Research Can Increase Your Traffic

Ever since I started blogging, I intentionally stayed away from keyword research. It just seemed like one of those things that could take up too much of my time. I understood the principles of keyword research but felt that in order to do it effectively, I had a lot of work to do. I opted to take the “lazy” way out. I just wrote.

Writing came easy, and I didn’t have to worry about doing too much work before writing. Just let the words flow.

An internet marketing buddy of mine kept bugging me telling me that I NEEDED to do keyword research. He also told me that there was a program that I needed to get and use because it will make my keyword research a breeze. The name of the program was Market Samurai. I didn’t listen to him – at least not for a while.

When I decided to start a new blog in a different niche (biology), he kept bugging me once again with this Market Samurai stuff, and I eventually decided that I was going to use it on this new project to see what the big deal was. I’ve been using it for over a year now and I want to share what I think about it with you.

I’ll also show you some of the results I’ve achieved and you can decide whether it could be beneficial for you too.

What is Market Samurai

Market Samurai is a comprehensive market analysis suite with the following tools built in:

  • Rank Tracker: This allows you to monitor your website and specific pages on your website to track your rankings for specific keywords. It’s a good way of quickly keeping eye on where your website ranks in the search results in Google, Yahoo and Bing.
  • Keyword Research: Uses the Google Keyword Tool to come up with a list of other relevant keywords. It then goes deep into an analysis of those keywords to give you an idea of the competition for the keyword.
  • SEO Competition: This section gives you a list of the ten top-ranked competitors (top 10 in Google). It then gives you a bunch of details about each of the top ten sites giving you information on how hard it is to compete with them in the search results
  • Monetization:This field helps you find different affiliate products to promote. You can connect it to your affiliate accounts on Amazon, Clickbank, Commission Junction and Paydotcom and have it automatically generate affiliate links for you.
  • Other tools are included that help you to…
    1. Find domain names
    2. Get ideas for content to write
    3. Promote your website by finding relevant backlink sources
    4. Publish content directly to your sites

When you start a new project in Market Samurai, it opens a welcome screen where you can select from any of the tools mentioned above (See screenshot below). The ones I use most often when doing my research are the Keyword Research and SEO Competition tools, because those two tools give me all of the information I need for my research. I do use some of the other tools, but not near as much as those two.

How Market Samurai Helped Me Find A Domain Name

Market Samurai can be pretty handy for doing the research to come up with a keyword-rich domain name that can give you a better chance of ranking well in Google.

When I was trying to think of a name for my biology blog, I entered the keyword “Biology” into the Keyword Research tool, it generated a list of keywords for me. Biology was a keyword with a bunch of searches but also a TON of competition.

However, when I looked through the list, I saw that the search term “Interactive Biology” (among others) had a decent amount of searches, but a relatively low amount of competition. I also noted that the websites that were in the top ten search results in Google for that keyword weren’t really strong competitors, so I decided to go with the name Interactive Biology. Without much effort I was able to rank two of my pages on the first page of Google for that keyword phrase, taking positions between 2 and 6 of the results depending on the day.

As a result of my research, the keyword phrase that delivers the most traffic to my website is “Interactive Biology”.

How Market Samurai Helps Me To Come Up With High Ranking Content

I then decided to test Market Samurai out to come up with ideas for content. This is not something I do often, but when I first started the website, I decided to try it out. I thought of the topics within biology and I decided to do some keyword research on the different organs in the human body. When doing that, I was surprised that at the time, there were a ton of daily searches for images and diagrams of the human heart, and hardly any competition. This gave me a great idea for content.

I went online and started searching for a bunch of pictures of the human heart and made one blog post with a plenty of human heart pictures and diagrams. That is something I would not have done if I didn’t do keyword research. This research didn’t take a lot of time, but the result was that page is one of my highest entry pages into my website. In the last 30 days, I’ve received 728 pageviews to that one blog post alone.

It also gave me ideas for content that I can write for my blog that should drive a significant amount of targeted traffic without doing a ton of work. It has given me a number of ideas for my online business blog that has resulted in a significant amount of traffic, even within the competitive “Make Money Online” searches. You’d be surprised with the amount of long tail keywords you can find that are easy to rank with if you take the time to do the right kind of research even within a very competitive niche.

The Keyword Research Tool

The Keyword Research Tool in Market Samurai is one of the most comprehensive ones I’ve seen. It gives you most of the info you need on one screen and the ability to drill down into any particular aspect of your research. The information that I find most useful is:

  • The number of daily searches
  • The maximum amount of daily clicks you can expect to get from the search engines if you get to the number one spot
  • The total number of webpages that mention that keyword phrase (amount of competition)

It also gives you an idea of how profitable the keyword is by letting you know how much is spent on that particular keyword in Adwords for every click, giving the keyword an actual SEO value. This gives you an idea of whether or not people are willing to spend money when searching for that keyword.

Tracking My Rankings

One of the other cool features of Market Samurai is that it allows you to insert your domain names and the keywords you are trying to rank for, and then it keeps track of your positions in Google, Yahoo and Bing. It not only tells me where my main page ranks, but it also shows me all of the posts/pages on my blog that rank for that particular keyword phrase and where they rank. This helps me to keep focused on the main keywords I’m trying to target and lets me know what kind of work I need to do in order to increase those rankings to where I want them to be.

Other Underutilized Tools

When I was going through Market Samurai to make this review, I realized that there are a few features that I’ve never used that can come in pretty handy. I was very surprised that you can add your affiliate accounts (Amazon, Commission Junction, Clickbank and Paydotcom) to market samurai and have it find products on all of those affiliate networks that are relevant to your niche and have it automatically generate affiliate links for you.

For example, when I was doing keyword research on “human heart diagrams”, it gave me an affiliate link for posters of human heart diagram in You can see how that would be a very useful product for someone looking for human heart diagrams.

I was also impressed with the “Publish Content” section. You can enter your wordpress blog login credentials and publish your content directly to your blog from inside Market Samurai. This includes the ability to add images and links, and anything you would add from your wordpress dashboard. The benefit of doing it in Market Samurai is that it also stores a copy of your post on your hard drive. This comes in very handy because you always have an additional backup copy of your content, just in case something terrible happens.

The feature to help you find domains wasn’t that useful for me. I prefer going to Godaddy and finding my domain names there. Yes, Market Samurai gives many more suggestions, but I found that I never really liked the suggestions.

Are There Drawbacks To Market Samurai?

Market Samurai is great for what it does, but isn’t perfect. There are a few places where I do see room for improvement:

  • It could be quicker. When doing an initial search for a keyword, it can take as much as 30 seconds to a minute to give you results, depending on your connection speed. It can then take another minute or so to give you all of the competition information. All in all, that’s not a ton of time, but I tend to grow a little impatient while the process is happening and I’m just staring at my screen for a minute. However, if you consider the alternative – doing it by hand at multiple different sites – it still saves a ton of time.
  • Project Management could be streamlined better. When using Market Samurai, you set up individual projects. Within these individual projects, you can set up research for a number of keywords, which are displayed at the top of the screen. However, if your project gets big (which mine tend to do), it can be a little confusing when you run out of space at the top.


If you are into keyword research, I think that Market Samurai is a must have. I’ve checked out a number of Keyword research tools in the past and this is by far the most comprehensive.

If you are not into keyword research, but do see the value of high search engine rankings, this is a great way to do in depth research without having to spend a bunch of time doing it.

Do you NEED to have Market Samurai in order to do effective Keyword research? No, not really. You can go to the Google Keyword Tool and start your keyword research and get a bunch of keyword suggestions. Then you can take each term and put them individually into Google search between quotes to get an idea of how much competition there is. Then you can go into Yahoo Site Explorer and analyse the top 10 sites individually and check out the backlinks, and go to a ton of other places to get a full picture of your market, and spend a few hours doing all of this.

Alternatively, you can use one of the other great market analysis tools out there and spend hundreds of dollars on a monthly basis (Yeah, I’ve checked).

Or you can take the easy way out, get yourself a copy of Market Samurai, spend a few minutes doing some comprehensive analysis and be on your way to dominating your market one keyword at a time.

Here’s a video from the guys who created Market Samurai to explain more about the software –

How to Save 35% on Market Samurai

Market Samurai has a one time price tag of $147, which in my opinion is a great price, especially considering the value. However, you can download it and use the fully functional version free of charge for 12 days. When you download it, you will have the option to purchase it for $97, which is 35% off the full cost, if you take advantage of the offer within 6 days.

Download Market Samurai Now

Have fun discovering the fun of keyword research and competitor website analysis!

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  • Great Post Leslie!

    Yep, I struggle for quite some time trying out all of the other tools for keyword research out there, and in the end I found that Market Samurai was hands down the best research tool not only for keyword, but competitive analysis as well.

    Really does help a lot when you’re trying to SEO your sites and wanting to know the page ranks and number of backlinks that you need in order to jump up the SERPS…


    • Jon

      As you say, it is important to have a software in order to get good data… the problem these days is how to chose that piece of software since so many offers are around and it is not immediate to choose… Is Market Samurai the best KW tool out there?

      • It’s the best piece of software I’ve found for Keyword research and Market Analysis as a whole. It does everything I can think of that might be necessary.

        There are some others out there that I have seen that are pretty decent, but they all come with an expensive monthly fee. I rather pay one fee and own it forever 😉

  • I actually do the opposite and write solely from passion and what I think will be useful to my readers – I THEN do the seo keywording on my articles. I don’t use anything more than keyword on google to sort my tags, headings, density etc… If it’s a useful post to my readers then it should blast any competition over time :-). But, great article Leslie.

  • I absolutely LOVE this tool! Market Samurai is one of those tools that eventually becomes a necessity if you want to really zero in on keywords. Plus, the thing is awesome at keeping an eagle eye on your progress (if you’re trying to rank in the SE’s for a particular keyword phrase). Anyone who doesn’t have it – take advantage of the free trial and really dig into it. You’ll probably end up purchasing it as soon as your trial is up – It’s THAT powerful!

  • I bought Market Samurai. I’m very happy with it!

  • A decent article Leslie.

    I’ve got an idea for an article that either you or Yaro may be able to shed some light on and I’m sure that many of this blog’s readers would be interested in.

    The question is, do more affiliate links in a blog post improve the click through rate or the conversion rate. Since I’m just starting out in online marketing I’m not yet in a position to test this out for myself.

    I guess to test this accurately one would have to set up some sort of split test.

    What do the other reader’s think about this? Is there interest in such a blog post?

  • My own “quick review”: I have used MS on many of my site and … man, it’s pretty cool … Everybody should at least give it a try … Nice post Leslie 🙂

  • Hi Leslie and thanks for the introduction to Market Samurai. Have you ever tried Micro Niche Finder? If you do, how do you see it compared to Market Samurai?

    • Hi Petri,

      I haven’t actually used Micro Niche Finder, so I can give a full breakdown of it. However, from what I’ve gathered, it seems like Market Samurai helps you dig deeper than Micro Niche Finder. To what extent, I’m not sure.

      I do know that the Market Samurai Folks are pretty good at updating the software to keep it very competitive.

      • Ok, thanks Leslie. Market Samurai looks interesting indeed. It appeals to me because of the ability to get new content ideas for my existing blog.

  • Nicole Orcino

    Agree with Charles. Thank for the nice review.

  • I have used this tool as well and im pretty impressed. Giving me all the related and laser targeted keywords I need.

  • It seems to have many of the same functions as Micro Niche Finder.

    Although that doesn’t go down to CPC levels.

  • Yep, I too have heard many great thing about market samurai and I am going to try out free version to see if I like it. I was not too impressed with Micro Niche Finder program though. I like free google keyword, even though it has changed a little lately.

  • Very apt review of this. The Monetization module is what peaked my interest the most with Market Samurai. Nothing like helping you find offers for promotion while finding ads for them at the same time.

  • Ok, thanks Leslie. Market Samurai looks interesting indeed. It appeals to me because of the ability to get new content ideas for my existing blog.

  • As you say, it is important to have a software in order to get good data… the problem these days is how to chose that piece of software since so many offers are around and it is not immediate to choose… Is Market Samurai the best KW tool out there?

    • From everything I’ve seen so far, it’s the best, and they are always updating it to make it better.

  • I have been using MS for a bit now, and since they have included the data from inside an adwords account as well.. it has made the program much better IMO.

    I wish it was as fast as keyword research pro.. but its a great program that is for sure.

    KW tools are not perfect, and do no think that you will get perfect numbers from them, some times they are way off.. they are only indications.. so do not take what any KW says as gospel. But MS is a great starting point that is for sure.

  • Ok, just bought MS. Looking good so far!

  • Market Samurai is the best keyword research tool. Glad you shared the info.

  • I tried Market Samurai but agree with Becky! If you are really experienced and know about what you are writing you better do that work manually. But indeed you can get a fast insight with MS.

  • I totally agree, Market Samurai is THE BEST keyword software I have ever tried- EVER. Take the time to watch all of the instructional videos, and really learn it and you will be rewarded with more time to blog- with better results.

  • Is this software fully compatible with a Mac? I have noticed other pieces of marketing software that I have purchased have had bugs with the Mac OS. Please let me know, thanks!

  • Good review Leslie, are you planning to review micro niche finder as well or maybe a market samurai vs MNF head to head? That would be an even better review.

    Dwight Anthony
    Financially Elite Blog dot Com

  • I have been using Market Samurai for more than who years, and also have two other keyword tools in my IM arsenal. There is no doubt that Market Samurai outperforms the other by miles.

    I agree that there are other facilities/functions in MS that are totally underutilized, but it’s good to have it – when you need it.

    To my mind, MS is the keyword tool of choice and would highly recommend anyone who do not have a copy to take advantage of this very special offer (I paid $147) – the very best investment I ever made.

    Just go and get it now, you’ll be glad you did!

  • I use Market Samurai every day …. It is one of the best programs for seo’s. But you are right… it is a bit slow some times : )

  • I agree with Jon.
    That’s why you have to be careful about what you are investing your money into.

  • I bought Market Samurai 2 years ago and it’s by far the best keyword research tool I have.

    It’s been so good that I now earn income from it by giving clients the keywords to build their websites, choose their domain names and for the topics to write about on their blogs.

    It goes even further by helping with the back linking to my clients’ websites.

    Thanks to MS, my clients websites are all generating great leads.

    SEO has never been easier or more lucrative!!! Give it a go as an online income generator / business 😉

  • As always great information for me to digest.
    Thank you so much.

  • I just got turned onto Market Samurai through Ed Dale’s Challenge, and it is fantastic. It took about a day of working with it to realy get humming, and it was well worth it – you get SO much information about your keys and your competition – you can completely narrow your keywords down and KNOW that you can rank for them on page one, what it will take and who you are up against….and what the potential rewards are. A FANTASTIC tool. And they give you a 40 day trial, so you can really check it out thoroughly.

  • Leslie, Great post at an opportune time for me. I seem to be a hit or miss keyword finder. Sometimes I get it right and then sometimes I struggle, although I have been thinking about investing in the Market Samurai for awhile now. I think you have finally convinced me to take the leap. Thanks a bunch,. jj

  • I know about many keyword research tool but don’t know about Market Samurai. very interesting tool as well. Thanks for giving knowledge about that.

  • its really a great idea…

  • Thanks Leslie.

    A good, comprehensive review.
    I also never really enjoyed the keyword research side of things, but you’ve re-inspired me.

    ~ Rory

  • Gday Yaro,

    I’m evaluating top 10 results and the Yahoo Directory listing is the only thing that worries me, meaning 9 out of 10 have a Yahoo Directory listing, PR0s and 0 links search volume 2600 , would you still maybe consider that niche? Would it be just a bit more difficult to succeed, or a LOT harder?


  • Hi Leslie,

    I was searching for reviews on Market Samurai and your site was on first page. Recently, I just bought a training course to promote Amazon products and Market Samurai tool was mentioned by the author but as an option. From your description above, I can now understand why and what the author is trying to teach us newbies on SEO traffic.

    This Market Samurai tool is a MUST for newbies!

    Thanks & Happy New Year 2012


  • Hi everyone

    I came across this and thought it would be worth getting in touch as I’m sure you know a lot of MS customers have been experiencing issues with key word ranking checks.

    There are some other solid platforms out there; online tools would probably be best as you don’t have to worry about your proxy servers. Analytics SEO, Raven, SEOMoz and WebCEO are a few examples.

    I work for Analytics SEO and we’ve setup a coupon code for market samurai users who have been affected by this issue. We may or may not be what you are looking for – but you can try it for nothing! In fact most tools these days have a free trial. If you want to trial our platform don’t hesitate to get in touch.



  • Hi
    This is a great post. I have downloaded MS and I am going to buy the full version, it is fantastic!!
    I am having a little bit of a problem in finalizing my Keywords however. My site is a football (soccer) site and I am based in the UK. My problem is, do I use predominantly ‘football’ based keywords or ‘Soccer’. Obviously the more universal term would be ‘football’, but with ‘American football’ adding to the SEOT of that term, it makes it all the more competitive. It is a young site in a very competitive market I know, but I would greatly appreciate any tips and advice you guys may have!

  • Jason

    Do you still recommend Market Samurai as the best keyword research tool, or something else new better out there now? I trust your opinion.

  • I concur with you Leslie, Market Samurai is a great keyword research tool that every blogger should have!

  • Hi Leslie coolio review and yep MS is certainly a tool worth considering.
    The new cloud platform hopefully will bring some updates to the platform, and I hear that support is ramong up so fingers crossed.

    Tony B

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