Get More Buyers Review – How To Pack Your Email List With Buyers

I met Ilana Wechsler at a recent event in Sydney, where although still a relative newbie, she clearly demonstrated her passion for Internet marketing. I asked if she was interested in reviewing a course I had been given access to, which teaches people how to get more buyers on to your email list. Ilana jumped at the chance to learn and also share some of her new education back with readers of in this review. Here’s what she thought of the Get More Buyers by Michael Rasmussen video course…

As the saying goes, it’s not about the destination, it’s about the journey. This statement couldn’t ring more true regarding my entry into the world of internet marketing. Although I haven’t quite reached my desired final destination, I can definitely report about my journey to date.

Starting from humble beginnings is an understatement for me. When I was starting out and looking to ‘get my hands dirty’ and learn by example, the unanimous advice was to start in a niche that you are passionate about. In my case, this is cooking.

Being a complete sucker for recipes, cookbooks, cooking shows etc, this seemed like a logical place to start. My challenge however was turning this into a revenue stream, which turned out to be not as easy as it sounded.

I turned to the internet marketing gurus who stated that to make money online, you need to build a list of subscribers. Sounds simple in theory and so I started by placing an opt-in script on my website enticing people if they subscribed, they would “receive updates of future recipes and great offers by email”. To my surprise, no one subscribed – ok, so maybe it won’t surprise you, but hey, I was a newbie.

Time passed and still I had no subscribers, so it became obvious that I needed to entice people to sign up by giving something away. I created a free e-cookbook in exchange for people’s email address. This seemed to work and I slowly built up a list of a couple of hundred subscribers. Not amazing numbers, but a start. I then proceeded to try and sell these people cookbooks and other cooking related items. Once again, the ‘journey’ continued and much to my surprise, no one purchased an item. This wasn’t meant to happen as I had the holy grail of internet marketing – an email list!

Based on discussions with other fellow internet marketers, I realised that I was not alone in not being able to convert my email list into a revenue stream. What is commonly lacking in an approach to email marketing, is two-fold;

  1. An email list of actual buyers, rather than freebie seekers, as was the case for my list
  2. No clear and structured plan of what you intend to sell to your list over time

Committed to the cause, I came across Michael Rasmussen’s video course Get More Buyers, which seemed to address these very issues. One of the many things which rang true for me in his course was that a subscriber is worth nothing to you until they have bought something. I studied his course with keen interest to put into practice how I could turn my list into a list of buyers so that my passion for cooking could also become a good revenue stream.

Get More Buyers

What I Learned In The Course

The first half of this course is on email marketing, something which Michael has had a lot of success with and according to most gurus, is the way to make serious money. He does this by explaining how you should segment your large email list into different groups according to the price points at which the buyer had entered. The point of this segmentation is so you can target your promotions better, a strategy that I had never thought of.

Plan your marketing funnel

Now that you have your segmented list, your goal is to ultimately migrate subscribers up your list to the higher price points. Simply put, the higher price level someone is at, the more value that person is to you.

It is imperative however to plan your sales funnel beforehand, which was also something which I had never planned thoroughly. Michael explains that ultimately, what you want is a sales funnel looking something like the following:

Step 1: Start by selling an entry level e-book for $27. You may have a number of entry level e-books to widen your funnel and capture the different areas of your niche.

Step 2: Create / promote an “advanced” e-book for $97

Step 3: Create / promote a home study course for $197

Step 4: Create / promote a live teleseminar series for $497

Step 5: Create and sell personal coaching for $4,997

The course also states that when starting out in a niche, it is perfectly acceptable to not have your entire sales funnel planned, but you need to have planned at least two steps ahead.

As you can see, planning should be an essential part of your online business and was an area I certainly overlooked the importance of. The clear and defined sales funnel was an interesting concept and a strategy I will definitely be putting into practice going forward. This is particularly appropriate when considering entering a new niche as it may rule out entering some niches if you can’t find any products to promote along your sales funnel, highlighting again the need for planning and is obvious to me now.

How To Get New Buyers On Your List?

The second half of this course is for those who are struggling to find new innovative ways to add buyers to their list. Michael reveals the following 10 different strategies that he has used himself to get buyers onto his list:

  1. Start by selling low cost products
  2. Run a special offer on the warrior forum
  3. Run a promotion where the prices increase at a deadline
  4. Offer upsells or one time offers
  5. Offer bonuses for affiliate product purchases
  6. Promote on other peoples’ thank you pages
  7. Contribute to a one time offer
  8. Contribute to a product
  9. Participate in holiday promotions
  10. Cross promote for 100% commissions

In the course Michael explains each in greater detail and also follows up each with an example of how to do it. While there were a couple of strategies that were not unfamiliar for me, I will definitely implement many that were new.

Get More Buyers

Since studying this course, I implemented one of the strategies mentioned – I bought some PLR (Private Label Rights) content and sold it as a low cost cookbook for $7. I had a bit of success with this, but probably not as much as it could have if I tried to sell it to them as soon as they signed up and offered it as a one time offer (one of the above strategies). In any case, those that bought this $7 cookbook are now on their own separate list and I’ve started implementing my strategy on how to get them to migrate up to higher price point lists.

Should You Study Get More Buyers?

This home study course is entirely in a video format and is in a simple, easy to understand structure. It does not come with any transcripts or mentoring, just the videos which are sufficient training in my opinion. It is most suitable for those who need help getting buyers onto their list and also helpful for those who currently have an existing list of subscribers, but need guidance migrating them up the sales funnel to become continuous buyers.

You can read the terribly long and hypey sales page to learn more about the course here –

Get More Buyers by Michael Rasmussen

This course was particularly suitable for me as I had an existing list of subscribers who were yet to convert into active buyers. Starting out, I had naively thought that getting anyone to subscribe to my list would result in a revenue stream, so I will certainly implement some of the strategies going forward. As Michael states, a subscriber is worth nothing to you until they buy something, and I can certainly attest to that!

The strategies outlined can be applied to any niche you are in or intend to enter, which also makes these videos very practical.

If you are an experienced internet marketer, then this isn’t really the product for you. It is geared more towards the newbie to intermediate internet marketers out there.

Michael makes mention of not exhausting your list completely, and I probably would have liked to get a bit more content on this area, which is my only real gripe with this product. Whilst I know enough about human psychology not to bombard my subscribers with constant offers to buy five times a day, I am sure that finding the right balance to migrate people up your sales funnel is no easy task.

Having said that, I haven’t put all his strategies into practice as yet, so perhaps there is less of a need for additional content in this area. Also, I am sure that this part of email marketing is very dependent on the niche you are in, so perhaps this is hard to educate on a general level.

In any case, thoroughly studying this course has highlighted for me the case for planning as I have already seen some early positive results of this, so will certainly be trying out more of his strategies in the future – fingers crossed!

If you need guidance on getting more buyers onto your email list, or converting an existing email list into buyers, then you should check out Get More Buyers – – $97 USD one time payment
(Warning – it’s a typical sales page, very long and full of shiny objects, the actual course is good content though.)

Ilana Wechsler

About Ilana Wechsler

Ilana started making money online when she was on maternity leave. She has now quit her old job and works on her internet marketing business full time. She also helps small businesses with their online marketing strategy, helping them improve their bottom line. You can find out more information here: SEO Services

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  • One tip that I found really helpful as far as creating new products and product funnel is to simply ASK your subscribers what they needs are. You may even ask directly for their help, by sending an email “I need your help”, tell them that you are working on a new product, coaching program, etc.
    For that, you do need to have a list, but it can (and maybe even should) be done before you invest a lot of time into your product.
    People on your list will be more likely to buy if the product addresses their exact needs.

  • My simple formula for more buyers. Find financially challenged people and sell hope. It works in any niche. I will take the health care niche as an example because I make tons of money from that niche?
    Do you think all those colon cleansing product promoted through CPA marketing really work? Even if they work, are they any better that the product you can find on Walmart for 1/10 of the price?
    Well, with a sleek sales copy you can sell the same dubious product to financially challenged people.

    • Wow dude,

      That’s a messed up way of looking at online business. How about Providing VALUE, and actual help?

      “with a sleek sales copy you can sell the same dubious product to financially challenged people”.

      Remind me never to visit anything you promote.

      • Meg

        Leslie, I’m with you on that one. There’s another issue, too – liability. As a former RN I’ve been tempted to sell health care-related products because I already have a knowledge base to build on, but I’m wary of what could happen if the product doesn’t work, or worse, if it has a negative effect. Maybe I’m just more aware of this, or more concerned about it, because of my background. And hopefully these products come with some kind of disclaimer. But still – there are ethics involved. Or at least IMHO, there should be.

      • Jon

        I agree, it’s about value. And taking it from the previous post, I also remind that to have a list full of buyer we have to invest on the quality, not the quantity of the list!

  • Get More Buyers is another hyped up course that fails to deliver. Maybe good for entry level marketers…certainly all rehashed material for the experienced ones.

    • Meg

      Well, reading this review gave me knowledge I didn’t have before, so I suspect this course would too. But then I *am* one of those “entry level marketers” you mentioned.

  • It’s extremely cynical and pretty amateurish to say that a subscriber is worth nothing until they buy something!

    I’ve subscribed to lists before that I never bought from, but have referred others to them because they were a valuable and trusted source of information. Those others ended up buying stuff. I wouldn’t say I was worth nothing as a subscriber!

  • Nice review of how a newbie or beginner in whole new niche reached top spot. It gives more important value to our email list. I’m still struggling to boost my subscriber list on my blog. It is still below 1k for now. Maybe, I should reduce some advertising to get more subscribers.

  • Excellent post. I want to create my first few products now I’ve launched and I take on board the advice here about starting small with $7 products and testing, asking and getting buyers on that list….brilliant advice.

  • Don’t forget about closing your followup customer care autoresponder series with a request for a testimonial too. On your testimonial page, offer a coupon for another related product…or give the reviewer something they can give to their friends.

    Lots of ways to help build via your mailing list!

    • Coupon always works best. Usually, I will hunt for discount coupon before purchasing any product online. If I couldn’t find any, I will personally request one from the admin.

  • After reading all above tips I am very impressed because I know it will very helpful for getting more and more buyers. I will apply all points whenever I launch my own products and especially I like your 10 different strategies.

  • I’ve gotten this course from a while back and Michael does not disappoint. You have just reminded me to review this course because i’ve taken quite a few good lessons and implemented them from GMB. Good course and the vids are very well laid out.

    Dwight Anthony
    Financially Elite Blog dot Com

  • I think your 10 points to get new buysers are really helpful. I might change the order but keep the same points. Thanks

  • Almost all of the arguments are valid and have substance.

    The separation of the buyer and the seller dates back further than recorded history.

    The first caveman that traded a leg of antelope for better stones to make his spears with an offer of more meat later will corroborate this.

    The chieftain that he dealt with became the seller and the producer by mere affiliation (the first affiliate marketer).

    The villagers were the chieftain’s (the affiliate seller) problem. He had to convince his fellow villagers and followers to go along with the plan, offering all of them more meat in the future.

    The only problem was when it was time to deliver. The meat was not enough to go around and some of the villagers felt like they deserved more for their efforts and the stones that they had given up.

    The chieftain did not know what to do and asked for more meat. But the first caveman (the antelope man) refused and said that they already had an agreement.

    So… the chieftain had to return to his people and try to explain that this was the deal and there would not be more meat until there were more stones produced.

    Many of the villagers grew excited and started yelling “scam!”. Others disdainfully took their little parcels of meat and returned to their caves. Some decide to leave the village and start their own village without this chieftain.
    A few stayed and went out to find more stones.

    I know that several of you will ask me what the point of all of this is.

    The point is that you have to make choices, personal and business, because whether you like it or not this is a business.

    You have the choice of making yourself as invisible as possible to your market, or reveal yourself and take the consequences.

    You have the choice of trading less for more (which is considered good business in most situations) and taking advantage of others’ vulnerabilities, or offering fair value for your goods.

    You have all of these choices and it is entirely up to you what you decide to do and how you market. No one is going to force you to market one way over another.

    Once you cross the line of putting your countenance and reputation on the line (online), you now have only yourself to look at in the mirror, unless you go too far and break some laws.

    It will never be enough.

    No matter what you do, how, or who, you try to please, once you become a visible affiliate or marketer, you will never please everyone and you will always have disgruntled villagers.

    The trick is to feel good about yourself and what you offer. This is what is most important.

    • Are you trying to write a mini post here? Just kidding… Nicely said!

  • offering freebies, honing the relationship through newsletter marketing and then further narrowing in using segmentation has been an effective process for me. if freebies are good, there is a good chance of spreading virally and bringing in more qualified leads into the funnel

  • I will take the health care niche as an example because I make tons of money from that niche?

  • No matter what you do, how, or who, you try to please, once you become a visible affiliate or marketer, you will never please everyone and you will always have disgruntled villagers.

  • These days there is so
    much information available to you that it can get very
    expensive to learn what you need to learn.

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