Is Action First, Fix Later The Right Model For You?

I am a believer in taking action. As I discussed in my mini-life story, I jumped into my field head first and never looked back. 

I was guided by the belief that if I cared enough and was smart enough, the little things would fix themselves. Years later, I am still reeling off of some of those mistakes I decided to “fix later“ and so is my brand. I am more successful than ever, but I make sure to take my steps more carefully. I now guide by the idea of “Plan, Act, Improve.”

How Taking Action (The Wrong Way) Can Hurt Business

There  is plenty of corporate examples of companies releasing products or applications before they are ready. At times, it can be responsible for taking down the whole company due to killing it’s brand. While to you (a budding entrepreneur) it may not seem there is a connection between Google Buzz (the “failed” Google social media service) and your new blog – there is.

In the online world, you get few chances to make a first impression. The first impression you make on your visitor is the most influential one you can ever make. It doesn’t matter if your website is an affiliate based shopping cart or a blog about vegan cookies; you need to make the right impression.

A Personal Example

I know my job remarkably well. I communicate with professors at the best colleges, coaches in the field, and researchers in the labs.  When it comes to body composition and fat loss, I have no problem saying that I am one of the best in the business – period.

What about my writing/speaking skills? To say they are a struggle is putting it nicely. Granted, I am leagues above where I used to be, but it is still a daily struggle.

Do you know how confusing it is to read a person’s summary of a 100-page scientific study, only to find they have the writing skills of a 4th grader? That was the experience for a lot of my readers. While there are some who could care less, I have a target of readers who (when surveyed) are 35% college graduates. I learned quickly to take a closer look at my writing skills and make more of an effort to self-educate.

What most don’t know is I deal with Dysgraphia. As a kid, I never did well in Technical English or writing and still can’t understand how to spell or pronounce things well.  My written work is practically unreadable and can only be done for short periods of time. I see words where there are not, leave out letters, etc.  The problem is I can’t explain to every person who visits my site that I have mild learning disability. They aren’t there to hear about my problems; they are there for me to help solve their problems.

Since my online job is to relay my information through writing, I have to take extra effort to focus on quality control. It means more patience and utilizing tools where others may not need to. It means learning (and re-learning) how to fix my problems. The result leads to people taking my work more serious and getting the right impression, the first time.

Common Mistakes You Can Fix

1. Poor Grammar and Editing

I am not suggesting you expect yourself to be a Pulitzer Prize winner. If you apply these 3 things alone it will make a big difference.

  • Double-check your sales copy.
  • Read over your blog posts and make extra edits.
  • Learn about writing as a craft.

A powerful tool I found recently (and am in love with) is called Grammarly. You can use it to input your writing and run it through to check spelling, grammar and style. It is an excellent teaching tool because it gives you reasons on why your writing is incorrect. Quick tip: Unless you are using it for an essay or college work, you can use the “creative review” setting.

2. Poor site design or incomplete website coding

In the day and age of wordpress and blog themes, there should be little excuse for poor site coding. I have a rule of design thumb: If you can’t do bold and unique in a successful manner, stick to clean and tested. It is better to display a clean site, than one which is full of personality, but all over the place. If you want to express more of your personality, try to do it with pictures in posts or in your sidebar (if you can’t pull it off with your site design).

3. Not understanding the information

If you aren’t an expert in making money, than a making money blog may not be for you. The more you know about a topic, the easier it is to write about it. Since I know the topics I write about, I have little writers block about my industry. The same can be said about this new gig here on Yaro’s blog. Relaying my information becomes easy because I know the topics inside and out.

4. Poor navigation

This is true for blogging or shopping sites. Let me provide for you a recent example of how poor navigation affected my own purchasing experience.

In my country, (United States) Christmas is a pretty big deal regardless of religious affiliation. A friend of mine is extremely invested in Christmas, so much that she started looking online for items in October for decorations. She told me she had a heck of a time finding a site with Christmas products she wanted. I found this hard to believe, but sure enough when I went online I did not enjoy the navigation and site layouts. You could tell the sites were so caught up in landing keywords, they forgot to deliver on easy navigation for their customer. A lot of money was not spent that day and our experience was not enjoyable.

Plan, Act, Improve

I am not a proponent of paralysis by analysis. I am a proponent of quality control and functionality. 

All of the things above I have been guilty of (and still am) on small levels. The goal is not to strive for perfection, but to plan properly and then improve where needed. A few basic steps can separate you from others and land a sizeable payoff. Don’t get so busy trying to take action, that you forgot to do it right.

Leigh Peele

About Leigh Peele

Leigh Peele is a nationally published author and expert in the field of fat loss. Currently, she has two successful ebooks, a membership site, and endless options in clients and business opportunity. She is now taking her time to help others grow in the business of marketing and blogging. You can find more information at

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  • Thanks for your post. I am guilty of taking a little extra time, often more than other people recommend, but I am able to offer better quality and in turn get better results. Having quality is good as long as you don’t spend too much time “perfecting.” I always choose quality over quantity.

    • Jon

      Interesting post… makes me think in deed. However, I am a strong supporter of the 80/20 rule (which I think you talked about in another post…) So get 80% done in 20% of the time!

  • Yes Leslie, I agree with all you’ve said. Taking the wrong action can kill a brand. When the first impression is a bad one, we’ve made one LESS friend.

    • I’m pretty sure I didn’t write this article 😉

  • thanks for the post! i am guilty of this one, hehehe. since i am new in blogging, i am really trying my best to make the right thing. for now, i am focused in making content. i will gladly do some editings in my blog, but i need to learn much.

  • I completely agree that you should take quick action, but not haphazardly. Think things through, but get started and made adjustments as needed. Thanks for sharing. 🙂

  • It happened to me a couple times already. I posts an article without proofreading it. Dang, lots of typos.

  • Nice post Leigh. Thank you mentioning Grammarly.

    The thing is when we are new to blogging, we tend to make a lot of mistakes while writing the articles. As we publish more and more articles we start improving our writing skills. We can’t improve if we don’t make an effort to start writing our articles.

    Like the saying goes “You can’t learn to swim without getting into water”.

    We might read many books about writing, but we will not learn until we take action and make mistakes. We should learn from our mistakes and improve at every step. But taking action is what many people don’t do. Even I was reluctant to write articles and record videos, but I have started now and learning a lot from my mistakes.

    I will definitely keep those four common mistakes in mind. Looking forward to read your future posts.

    Prajwal Shinde

  • JTP

    We always said that “If you fail to plan, you plan to fail”, but Yaro Catch a nice point here. to improve after action, continuously improve is essential for something to reach a better result . 😀

  • Good post, Leigh. I have had to undo quite a few things that were done hastily, but on balance I think it is better in msot cases to take actionm even imperfect action, and refine it going forward.
    Steve Stillwater

  • nice post. I too have made “mistakes” when proceeding with an action that I was simply not ready for. I think that over time we learn how to calibrate our actions and the further we get the more we can involve our intuition. Without it there is no success, but so no success without knowledge.

  • Leigh, I love reading your posts because your determination to succeed shines through. You need that determination and sheer persistence not to be beaten in an incredibly competitive field…keep up the great work.

  • I believe it depends on the situation. Somethings just have to go out whether they are finished or not. I generally leave that up to the customer. I make a point to try and provide more than I have promised and have been good with deadlines. You can’t always help what happens. I think that quality is better than quantity.

  • How to start an online business – You need to design your business. Success does not come flying to you and working on the fly and randomly doesn’t build a business. There are quite a few crucial steps to take increase your success potential, processes to follow and your business needs a purpose. A purpose gives you ideas for opportunities, ideas lead to strategies you need to apply to achieve your goals.

    It takes some hard work…

  • I agree with your fourth point. Poor Navigation. Its something which needs to be done perfectly to keep a visitor stay longer on a website. For that a smooth navigation is important.

  • Although, my English writing isn’t that good and most of the time I need to use the Google Search box to correct my spelling for the word I want to use, I do read and reread a few times not to check grammar, but the smoothness of the sentence.
    Because I personally think it had to sound as though you are talking to your prospect one-on-one. Look, when we talk to our friend, usually we don’t care about the grammar, but again basic grammar correction should always be done, as far as “understanding” is involve.

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