Why Focus Is So Important To Help Your Business Grow

Entrepreneurial ADD. That’s what I call it. Yep, you know how it goes – You sign up for one “Make Money Online” program, read the ebook, watch the videos, download the MP3s, get pumped up about all the money you can make from applying the things you learned.

Then you go and sign up to a bunch of internet Marketers’ lists, because you know that you can get a ton of value from these guys. I mean, come on… they are making a ton of money and if you could just learn everything they are doing, you’ll be making a bunch of money too.


In the middle of the first program you joined, you find out about another one based on the recommendation of a marketer you follow. Evidently, if you want to be an online success, there are some tips and tricks that this new person can teach you that you “need” to know too.

Am I talking about you, or is it just me? Yes, this is how I used to approach my “Make Money Online” pursuits. The secret was out there, and I was going to place myself everywhere and anywhere until I found the magic bullet and struck it rich.

This leads to a very significant problem (at least it did for me). That problem is Information Overload!

The Information Crisis

Back in the good ‘ol days, a very common way of learning about a particular topic was to take a trip down to the library to do some research. You’d look through a bunch of books on that particular topic and finally choose a handful to check out, take home and read. This tedious process was a very common one, and is the way most scholars used to do it, and yes, many still do it today.

Today, libraries aren’t as popular anymore. Yes, they are still around, especially in academic venues like colleges. Yes, they are still very valuable. However, with the dawn of the Internet, there’s almost an infinite amount of information at your fingertips. Need to know the answer to a question? No need to get in your car and take a trip. All you need to do is go to Google and do a quick search, and you will find the answer.

Not only is it extremely easy to find useful information, it’s also EXTREMELY easy to find useless information that can grab a hold of your attention for hours on end, with the end result of you learning nothing valuable.

With everything at your fingertips, it’s super easy to become overwhelmed. As an internet marketer, I think this presents a crisis because there is so much great information out there that you almost don’t know what to pay attention to.

Why Have A Single Focus

In a previous post, I spoke about How to Narrow Your Focus To Get More Done. I also spoke about why it’s important to narrow your focus. In this article, I want to take it a little further – beyond identifying a few key tasks all the way to choosing a SINGLE main focus. Given the fact that every one of us has a very limited amount of time available, it is very important that we do the tasks that help us to accomplish our goal. However, it is also important for us to choose wisely.

For example, I’m a blogger. My entire business is based around my blog at LearningWithLeslie.com. When I finally decided to get into blogging, I realized that there were a ton of courses out there that teach how to blog. However, I also know that the principles of blogging as a business are essentially the same from course to course, with some subtle nuances.

I also knew that although the principles might be the same, some people are better teachers than others. I can testify to that based on the classes I took in High School and College with sucky teachers. Although the content was the same, the teacher was a strong determining factor in how much I applied myself in those classes.

So, to start off my blogging career, I chose Blog Mastermind to help me grow my blogging business. While I was in that course, I didn’t pay attention to any other blogging courses, because I didn’t want to get distracted. Week after week, I went through the lessons, and tried to implement as much of what it said as I could, and by doing that, I was able to grow my business consistently.

Having that single focus helps you to reach your goal faster because all of your energies are directed to helping you accomplish what you are trying to accomplish.

The Importance Of Coaching

I don’t care who you are, there’s stuff out there that you can learn to help you grow your business, whether you are a beginner, or more advanced. If you are trying to reach a particular goal, there are others out there who have done it already. If you are trying to be a successful blogger, connect with other successful bloggers. If you are trying to be a top chef, connect with top chefs. These people can help you avoid wasting time by helping you eliminate all the unnecessary stuff and focus on what is really important.

Having a coach is also important because it allows you to get feedback on what you are currently doing. Constructive criticism is invaluable when it comes to growing your business. Lets put it this way – if all you are receiving from your audience is positive feedback, you will not be stretched. You need to have people in your life to tell you when you are going wrong. If you are never going wrong, then you are speaking to the wrong people all the time. Finding a good coach is a great way of helping you stretch your boundaries, and it’s a part of being successful.

So, if you are like me (somewhat easily distracted), and you are trying to grow your business, stop jumping from place to place, program to program, idea to idea. Narrow down on one program, find one coach, implement everything you learn and you will be on your way to reaching your goal.

About Leslie Samuel

Leslie Samuel is a blogger who believes that the internet can change the world. He runs an Interactive Biology website that Makes Biology Fun and teaches people how to grow their online business in his Learning With Leslie podcast. He also runs a Become A Blogger - A blog dedicated to helping people Change The World with their blogs. Follow Leslie Samuel on Twitter.

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  • Nice article Leslie. This article is very much applicable for newbies.

    I recently unsubscribed from the list of many internet marketers to focus on blogging. These emails were of great value but they distract us as well. They bombard us with so much of information, we become confused on what to do next.

    Focusing on one thing at a time is more productive than focusing on many things at one time. It not only helps us to get the work done faster, but will also help in completing that work better(in terms of quality).

    Nice article once again. Keep them coming.

    Prajwal Shinde

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  • Definitely when I first started this was the case, now a few years later, I think I don’t read this stuff enough and don’t even know where to look.
    As things evolve, I have a new set of problems which require new solutions to which less and less people have answers for. Sometimes I look around for info but really most of the programs out there target newbies. I go to different forums often just to see if there is anything at all i can learn that I’m not doing now to keep going forward. I sped 12 hours a day writing, sometimes I just welcome the break that isn’t someone trying to pitch me to promote or advertise something.

  • Couldn’t agree the more. If you keep jumping from one program to the other you will never earn anything. If you want blogging, focus on that and forget about other stuff.
    It will keep you on course. If you choose to do a thousand and one things you will only end up overwhelmed and give up.

  • Very nice post. You are right Leslie. For success, concentration is the most important step.

  • Awesome post Leslie! Yeah, you are right man. It’s good to focus on things that are important, things that will add value to your life. Love the way you nailed the post. Thanks a lot for sharing. Have fun.

  • Nice work!… It’s true, though after a while I think you naturally stop searching for new blogs and stick with the 5 blogs that you like to read!…


    David Edwards

    • I can’t even keep track of 5 blogs anymore, lol. I focus on 2 and sometimes 3. 🙂

  • Focus helps keep our priorities in check. Without it, our lives and businesses would fall apart. I am particularly trying to slow down myself too with all the information overload out here on the web. Every one is an expert, i go about reading similar blog tips, is there anything new again?

    So in other words, FOCUS INSIDE. It helps.

  • For any online business, you need to focus:
    1. Online business type. e.g:
    affiliate marketing
    e-commerce (online trading)
    write and promote ebook

    2. Traffic method
    For the early stage: you need to master one traffic method until your site get enough traffic monthly and you can try another traffic method.

  • Hi Yaro, I decided to join blog mastermind but on location list there is not listed my country: MOLDOVA, can I select Romania since its our neighbor country?


    • I think you can do that Radu – try it out and see if it accepts your payment.

  • I think alot of the marketers are exposed to ADD in some form or another. The biggest thing I would say that would help anyone “focus” on just one thing is to get rid of the distractions around them. Even the computer itself can be a distraction like you said. Thats why it might be a good idea to keep a separation between a personal computer and a work computer. The work computer should be free of all those games and distractions but should just have the essentials needed to work like a browser, word document, dreamweaver, photoshop and whatever else you may need. Offcourse.. even if you have Just the essentials for work on a computer/laptop you can still find ways to get distracted but if you have the right mindset going in you should be better off.

    Till then,


  • I believe the ADD may come from lack of confidence in ourselves and the products and services we are creating.
    It’s an insane cycle of ups and downs. One day your idea seems fantastic, the next you feel like you’ve wasted five months of your life.

    • @Emeric, it could be a lack of confidence, sometimes I can see that being the reason behind it. I guess it all depends on the person and what it is they are doing because there’s always different reasons for the ADD at the given time 😉


      • I agree with Jean; it would be interesting to see how productive we would be if the self-doubt was taken away and the guarantee of success absolute.

        – Emeric

  • I couldn’t agree more that focus is very important especially because there are so many distractions these days. It is very hard to stop jumping from program to program and I had this problem earlier this year before I decided to try stuff out for myself.

  • Hi Leslie,

    You make a great point! This industry is absolutely over flowing with information and it is way to easy to get overwhelmed while trying to sift through all of the information to finally find something that works.

    Now this obviously all depends on the niche or business you are planning to run online but once you do finally find the tactics you are going to focus on you want to set a 3 to 6 month goal and break the action steps down to daily tasks.

    Every night before you go to bed grab a piece of paper or note pad and write down the five things you need to do for the next day to move your business forward, make sure you complete these five tasks before you check your emails, facebook, twitter or any of that distracting stuff…

    Your business is like building a house… Brick by brick…. In this case task by task…

    Consistency and commitment is needed.

    Billee Brady

    • I definitely agree with you Billee,

      Every night I enter my tasks for the next day in my iPhone and those are the first things I hit in the morning.

      Consistency and commitment is Key. Thanks for your input!

  • It can be hard to focus on your blog sometimes with all the other things going on and around you. It is especially hard during the holidays when there are so many distractions. But if you are able to sit down and really focus on what you want you can make it happen. it takes hard work long hours and dedication but the reward is worth it.

  • No intention can ever become a reality without focus. Do what you have to do to keep that focus, but only if you’re sure that’s the focus you want to hold. That may be the problem with “ADD”-itis. Not knowing where to put the focus. It that’s the case, that’s what you focus on–deciding where to focus!

  • No intention can ever become a reality without focus. Do what you have to do to keep that focus, but only if you’re sure that’s the focus you want to hold. That may be the problem with “ADD”-itis. Not knowing where to put the focus. If that’s the case, that’s what you focus on–deciding where to focus!

  • I found myself trying to multi-task and build too much at one time. Before long, I realized I was just treading water for the most part and wasn’t making any progress. That’s when I evaluated my position and took a look at my overall goals and what it would take to get me there, which is when I realized I needed to focus on ONE thing and work on it until I felt comfortable to move onto another project.

    I have a couple big websites that take up most of my time. I recently started working on a blog as well, which I’m slowly building. Gotta keep that focus, even through the toughest of times, because everything can change quickly and for your benefit if you stay on the right track!

  • Great points. I suffer from information OD all the time, especially being new to internet marketing in general. Most people I know say that it is extremely important to build products and sites as you learn, because application is where you really grow. If you read thousands of sites and blog posts only to then take action afterwards, chances are you’ll have forgotten most of the valuable information anyway!

  • Nice to hear you Leslie. In any business patient, concentration as well as hard working all are very important for success. So we should first take care about that all. Thanks for your suggestions.

  • What time management tools and methods did/do you implement to successfully reach your academic goals.Thanks

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