Your Questions For An Upcoming Interview With Steve Pavlina

Steve PavlinaMany of you will be aware of Steve Pavlina and his self development blog. I consider Steve to be a mentor of some sorts when it comes to self development topics and I’m certainly not alone. Last time I checked Steve was doing about two million page views per month at his blog. It was one of the fastest growing blogs of 2005.

Many months ago I requested a podcast interview with Steve but he declined. He’s just been in touch again and is happy to do a text interview of about ten questions.

I decided that I’d really like to know what you would want to ask Steve and combine your questions with my own. Steve agreed that he was happy for me to ask the readers of Entrepreneur’s Journey for any suggestions so here is your chance to ask Steve a question.

What Would You Ask?

If you have a question for Steve Pavlina please leave it as a comment response to this post. I’ll select the best questions and along with my own questions send them over to Steve for the interview. The interview will be published on this blog as soon as it’s complete.

So go ahead – what question would you ask Steve Pavlina?

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  • I would be interested in getting Steve’s thoughts on the relationship between self development and personal wealth. Perhaps he could expand on how his own personal development has influenced his market value and net worth.

  • I would ask him to what degree he thinks it’s possible for a person to change and develop, and what the steps are to bring about such profound changes. People seem to develop a certain personality in their youth which usually sticks for life, and we’ve all heard that “you can’t teach an old dog new tricks.”

  • I think it would be interesting to know what blogs and websites does he read.

  • I would like to know if he has ever read The Art of Demotivation by E.L. Kersten, Ph.D.

  • Chris S.

    Steve: You’ve made mention in your podcasts and articles of Buddhist principles and philosophies. Not to mention, awareness and ‘living conciously’ are central tenets of Buddhism. Do you meditate regularly? If so, is that one of the main ways you’ve been able to increase your awareness?


  • As a professional who also enjoys being a father I’d enjoy hearing Steve’s thoughts on maximizing professional growth when family– or any personal endeavor– is also a priority.

    Cheers to Yaro for securing the interview,

    -Michael Rolph

  • I have 3 daughters (aged 1, 2.5 and 4), so I’d like to hear Steve’s thoughts on how we can make sure our children grow up to be conscious beings living out their purpose and pursuing their dreams.

    It can be hard to encourage children to be their own person and go against the grain when peer pressure is so entrenched in school life. Does Steve have any ideas on ways to teach them to make friends and fit in without selling out their values or lowering their standards?

  • I second that one Darren being father to two children aged five and one. I worry that children learn way too much from TV and not enough from parents.

    Even if I was to stop my daughter watching TV chances her friends would make her feel isolated because she didn’t buy into the false desires and dreams created by TV.

    Don’t get me wrong – my daughters are very fortunate in that my wife runs a very successful site on kids fun and games so there is always something going on apart from the boob tube.

  • I would ask him how the whole magical “Million Dollar Experiment” thing is going for him personally. I was dissapointed to see him talk about the whole magical manifesting thing especially after he had created so much cool stuff through action.

    Personally, I feel the magical manifesting shtick is such BS, and I know Steve has done a lot of cool stuff by taking consistent action.

    Best – mp

  • Hmm…what a great opportunity! I’d ask:

    1) What do you think is the key to making last change?

    2) What are some of the key characteristics you think successful people share?

    3) If you had your life to live all over again, what would you do differently?

    4) Name 3 books that have changed your life.

    5) If you had one question to ask God, what would it be?

  • […] When Steve agreed to be interviewed I wanted to ask some interesting questions. I didn’t want Steve to simply rehash what he has already covered in his blog or ask questions that would result in one-line answers. I decided to ask you, my readers, for input and the results can be found here – Your Questions For An Upcoming Interview With Steve Pavlina. I used what I thought were the most interesting questions, came up with some of my own and then sent them through to Steve. […]

  • Hi Steven,

    How can you make the decision of changing careers when you do not have a support system that can help you such as family members or truly good friends that can give you some encourament in such as an important time of your life.

    Thank you,


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