You Suck And I Love You

All you sensitive types out there reading this are going to know exactly how I feel right now.

Someone just unsubscribed from my email list telling me that what I was teaching was “too basic and boring“.


Yeah, that hurts. But he or she is probably right. What they are learning from me is too basic and boring. I’m not providing them with what they want. They know everything I’m teaching already. Damn, well I guess I can’t help everyone.

Here’s a lesson for your sensitive business owners – you can’t be everything to everyone. The simple fact is you have only a small segment of the population that can actually benefit from what you do. Every so often someone who is not your target market is going to start sampling your goods and wonder what all the fuss is about. Eventually, after they are sick and tired of all your boring content they will tell you you suck and leave, maybe never to be seen again.

Ahh, but that’s okay. You want them to leave. It’s a relationship that just wouldn’t work out. You would spend all your time convincing someone that they should like you yet no matter what you do they just never feel it. They can’t. They are not your target market and you waste all your energies for nothing. Don’t bother, say goodbye and get back to work helping your fans, your groupies.

Your target market will love you. It will be so clear when you find the right people to help. Everything you say and do will be like a revelation to these people. They will eat up everything you put out, feed you fantastic compliments and spur you on to grander exploits that only praise and being appreciated can stimulate. This is when your true masterpieces emerge, when you find the people that love you.

Thankfully Germinsky from just sent me a private message in the Entrepreneur’s Journey Forums that said:

Hey Yaro Just wanted to let you know that your blog rocks, I’ve just began learning about internet business (website advertising and all that) and I usually check your blog once or twice a day for advice!!!

That just makes it all worthwhile. Ahh, can you feel the love. Thanks for the comments Germinsky, I really appreciate it and it was perfect timing.

Remember you are a master business person, confident in your abilities and eager to help those who can most benefit from what you do. The unconstructive negative feedback just washes off you. Positive feedback boosts your creativity to produce your best work yet. Let’s get to work entrepreneurs.

Yaro Starak
Sticks and Stones

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  • Gee, I hope that I didn’t hurt your feelings when I unsubscribed from the RSS to email feed a few weeks ago…heheheh.

    You are dead on here, Yaro. Follow the 80/20…if the guy isn’t getting what he wants here, but most of your readers are, then you must be doing something right and he was just looking for something different.

    A lot of what you go on about I have read a lot about, but I still am fairly wet behind the ears and like to see the new perspective that your comments can bring. You also have plenty that I may not have been exposed to before, so it is certainly worth subscribing to your feeds.

  • There’s a program that goes out in the UK called ‘Back to the Floor’.

    It’s where the proprietor or founder of a company rolls his or here sleeves up and swaps his boardroom job for a stint at where all the work is done……..the shop floor.

    This successful businessman thought he knew it all until his business began to fail. Up until this point he’d become complacent! What was the resolve? Back to basics!

    The moral of this is that the basics are the foundation for future success, and one should always be mindful of the simple yet necessary steps it took to build whatever it is they have today.

    As far as I’m concerned one can never know it all, and that includes the easy stuff too. KISS – Keep it Simple Stupid. Read what you want and leave the rest!

    No one knows it all and just when they think they do, everything changes overnight.

    I hope I will always be in touch with the basics of business no matter how far up the Entrepreneurial ladder I’ve gone!

    Oh yeah, and if the business know-it-all thought a little bit less of themselves and a bit more of others, perhaps they could have stuck around for a while, and passed some of their vast knowledge on to those still struggling to get started?

    I’m sure some of their education is down to help given freely from others and not only obtained from books, courses and relentless self education?

    In fact, didn’t they indicate the reason they left this blog is because there was nothing in it for them to take? Whatever happened to Give?


  • Jon

    I believe it’s called client segmentation. Sometimes as a business owner you are called to cull the low margin clients, but if you’re lucky they do it themselves saving you the effort. Better to focus on the A-list of clients that:
    – pay the price you want
    – derive full benefit from your service
    – will recommend you to a friend

    Great article, Yaro.

  • No Blaine, like you and most people who unsubscribe they tell me they read my blog at the website or have too many emails.

    This case was actually not for this blog, it was for one of my other mailing lists. It was actually the first time I’ve ever had feedback that, quite frankly, did nothing for me. Generally even negative feedback is constructive because it helps you learn where you can improve.

  • Maybe the guy is a competitor of yours trying to put upset you.

  • Warp Captain

    Yaro you are doing a terrific job!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    Here’s why:

    1. Your approach to your business is direct, honest and refreshing. No bullshit and hype, just plain old “this is how I see it talk”.

    2. I am impressed that you have been able to achieve so much in a short period for someone so young. It demonstrates your talent and passion. Well done!

    3. I have been around in the field of business, technology and management for 20-years and no matter how basic the information is, I always appreciate the refresher and the opportunity to listen to someone present and deliver it in another way.

    4. While I may already know about most of what you have presented on your blog, I am still interested in understanding how you interpret and use this information for your own business. This is how most people learn, gain experience and innovate. There are many examples of how different business people have taken the same information and applied it differently to make big dollars.

    5. While I have not been able to read or listen to all your offerings, you are filling a real need; assisting newbies and others to learn about online business practices and to give it a go.

    Keep up the great work and stay the course to success by following your passion. Don’t be discouraged and keep on producing your great work.

    Thanks again.

  • Warp Captain! Thank you for your encouragement.

    What a crazy name. Your mother must have really loved you.

    I totally agree that it’s by learning how others implement and understand things that we can better our own implementation and knowledge. The only real limiting factor is inaction since the knowledge is out there ready to be digested.

  • Hi, Yaro. You’re absolutely right. And you’re also right about negative comments frequently being constructive, because they tell you what you can do better. As a story critic, I learned this a long time ago. And whenever someone emails me a negative comment or leaves one on my blog, the first thing I do is thank them.

    If he really already knows all about what you’re talking about, maybe he should be an interview guest. Of course, I already know most of what you post, but I never tire of being reminded.

    I do not think he is a competitor, because if he were, he would subscribe to everything you have in order to keep an eye on what you’re doing. I know I do.


  • Tim

    Yaro, quite frankly, my feedback wasn’t supposed to do anything for you… it was statement of fact. So let it be your first time… 😉

    Anyone with half a brain can work out why hosting your blog on it’s own domain is better than using someone like blogger… if they can’t, they deserve to read your newsletter.

    Honestly, if my knowledge is too advance for basic blogging advice and I let you know that, why is this something you need to analyse and post about? Get over it.

  • Tim

    Furthermore… if you cannot handle “negative” feedback, than don’t solicit feedback.

  • Hi Tim – I wrote this article because it offered me a chance to talk about a point regarding having the right audience for your business and being prepared for people who are not the right target market to tell you that your materials are not helping.

    Your statement of fact was a reflection on something I produced so it’s going to do “something for me” no matter whether you want it to or not.

    I’m glad you did what you did because it gave me the perfect case to illustrate an important point. I left the comment source anonymous because it was irrelevant to the point I was making. However if you feel hard done by because of this article, I apologise.

    I’ve got a bunch of blog traffic newsletters ready to go out and no doubt some of them will be just as boring for you but you never know, one may have something of value for you.

    I generally stay subscribed to newsletters even if one or two in a row are quite “boring” for me if they come from someone I think is credible or has produced something valuable in the past. You never know when they might pop out a little nugget of gold again. In the meantime it doesn’t take much effort to hit the delete button on any newsletters I don’t find valuable rather than unsubscribe.

  • He he! Sorry to laugh but it tickles me that the ‘unsubscriber’ finds the written material of Yaro Starak so simple and below his level of knowledge, yet he still obviously has the site bookmarked, then revisits the ‘blog-basic’!

    Further more, he then contributes by commenting on an article so soon after announcing he has no further interest or use for either the author or his content!

    Welcome back reader. It’s seems that Entrepreneurs journey dot com has got you doing what most blogers dream about – Visiting the site and commenting on it’s subject matter whether you intended to or not.


  • Aitch – to be fair Tim unsubscribed from my newsletter, not my blog.

    Be careful with some of your comments, you are extrapolating a lot from two words “basic and boring”. He never said anything about not having further use for me or my work, just that he unsubscribed from one of my newsletters because it was basic and boring.

  • Fair enough Yaro.

    Just delete the comment as appropriate.

    I guess there are times when restraint of tongue and electronic pen should be better practiced, but more importantly, post and submit buttons should be sometimes used with a little more thought.

    I apologise if my remarks caused any unnecessary upsets.


  • Feedback Cuts Both Ways…

    Yaro Starak wrote recently on his Entrepreneur’s Journey blog about some feedback he has gotten. The nutshell version is that, and this may sound obvious to some, not everyone likes want he is doing. Certain people drop off of……

  • There are always going to be days when someone brings you down. It’s hard to please everyone; in fact it’s pretty much impossible. Sometimes you have to accept the fact that not everyone is going to love what you do. Its too much of a headache trying to please everyone…
    till then,

  • I used to get that a lot, people complaining that some of my posts are “horrible advice” and “too boring, too generic” but of course my target audience is American teen girls who usually have an outspoken and rude personality. Since then, I’ve changed my target audience to Canadian, British, and Australian teens and women under 33 years old and have many more positive comments. It does hurt when someone comments negatively, but it’s usually the person’s fault, not the blogger. I know that if I don’t like something I read, if it’s too boring, I simply don’t comment. I just leave the blog and never return.

  • I’ve been on your blog for about five hours today, studying. Thanks for all the helpful info!

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