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Earlier this month Jon Yau approached me to see whether I was interested in being a patron for a new project he and his partners were working on. His project is a Web 2.0 social bookmarking site specifically focused on Australian blogs. I was more than happy to lend a hand to a project that supports Aussie blogging so I eagerly said yes.

The site is live now in beta format ready for testing. Jon is working with his team to develop the site, adding new features in response to user feedback. If you are an Aussie blogger or just someone who wants to highlight some good Australian blogs please make use of and then let us know your feedback. The site is ready for your contributions.
March 2006

WHAT IS IT? is a free community resource to bookmark your favourite Australian blogs. Similar to (but less invasive – we don’t need you to register or login), you can add your bookmarks or just browse to see what’s popular.


It is a place where Australian bloggers can showcase their work, and the blog-reading public can find interesting, relevant and popular Australian blogs.


By using some basic Web 2.0 features like tags/folksonomy and community bookmarking, Australian blogs can be categorised easily which makes finding them a whole lot simpler. You don’t even have to sign-up to post a bookmark or browse the website. It’s a community-driven site in its purest form.


:: It MUST BE about an Australian subject or topic; OR by an Australian; OR have a .au domain name.
:: It MUST BE a blog.
:: *** NO ADULT CONTENT OR SPAM PLEASE! *** (a zero-tolerance approach will be taken)
:: If it passes the above tests, then it’s in!
:: If in doubt, just drop us a line:

WHO? is staffed by a small but dedicated team of volunteers who believe that the Australian blogosphere produces high quality blogs that are just as good, if not better than those available offshore. Local content for local readers.

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  • Love the idea. I have added my sites (well 2 out of 3).

  • ben barren and the feedcorp boys have just now started calling for submissions over at , their aussie rss feed search engine, too

  • eek, it’s a bit ugly… “web2.0” basic features (i.e. RSS and tags), but no “web2.0” design

  • […] I was just tipped of by Yaro to the apparently brand new which is being pitched as a specifically for Australian blogs. I guess it’s an interesting idea, but a quick look tells me it is very definitely still in beta. It’s not at all feature rich and there are some obvious problems, like: […]

  • what ? just a focus on australia ? isn’t that just narrowing things down ?

  • That’s the idea colbert. The guys behind want it to be about Australian Blogs, strangely enough.

  • […] is launched on Monday, March 20th 2006 with an email from Yaro Starak (our patron) informing me that he has posted this entry on his blog. […]

  • Yaro launches new website…

    Yaro launched this really cool blog site…

  • […] When I approached Yaro to be the patron of I had precious little idea as to what sort of response the website would get. […]

  • Thanks for the link Yaro, I’ve added my Share Trading blog to the list.

  • aussie web2.0 style…

    Just posted on Gnoos, the new blog search engine with an aussie content focus…I was just complementing on how good it was to see posts limited to one country eg. do aussies post about web2.0?
    The other thing is that you can discover cool aussie …

  • thanks to Jon Yau. I want to know that is it only for Australian blogger?

  • This is a nice initiative. I wish I were an Australian blogger.

  • Hi Yaro, I have had a blog of mine listed inappropriately on bugger all, I know this is about the Australian blog, but I believe they are connected, I have been trying to contact someone emailing etc, but I am not having any luck, can you point me to a person I can talk to. Jo Turner

  • Sorry Jo, I only have the same contact details you have, although I’m sure they will respond eventually.

  • what ? just a focus on australia ? isn’t that just narrowing things down ?

  • Narrowing things down makes a lot of sense when the sheer volume of information reaches the proportions it currently has. It used to be that info was automatically filtered by the available media, but now we can filter it ourselves to manageable proportions.

    Thanks for doing this.

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