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MySpaceDo you know MySpace? It’s an extremely popular social friendship site frequented by a lot of teens from around the world, in particular the USA. Rupert Murdoch’s News Corp bought MySpace when it purchased it’s parent organisation for a whopping $580 million back in July 2005.

MySpace has a high value because of it’s massive userbase, which in turn provides a potentially rich source of advertising income (let’s just say its $580 mil purchase price included a lot of money for future potential). Given the audience is a young demographic it’s a very lucrative market for advertisers. Teens are notoriously hard to reach because they constantly change opinion and their tastes fluctuate frequently (do teenagers still watch TV?).

While most people reading this blog won’t ever consider buying adspace on MySpace the potential to use it to market your business should not be overlooked. I recently heard that bands have used MySpace as a marketing vehicle to increase their exposure. Thanks to the sheer volume of members and active users, if a music single (mp3) goes viral just within the MySpace…err…space, it can mean big things for the band. Why not apply this technique to your business?

Not every business is going to suit the MySpace demographics, but if yours does then take a few seconds to think about the potential if you can pull off a successful campaign. If you can “crack the cool” and get something popular within MySpace that also promotes your business, the publicity payoff could be monumental, and (in my opinion) enough to launch a start-up.

Blog marketing is popular because it’s cheap, has broad scope and is effective as an awareness builder without being obtrusive like “blast” advertising. Web communities like MySpace may provide similar marketing benefits if you can make it work for your business. There is no secret formula, and just like any viral marketing campaign it can be quite a hit and miss process and certainly not an exact science.

It could be as simple as creating a widget or a song, or a video or an image and attempt to “infect” the MySpace community with it. I’m sure if a consultant specialized in MySpace marketing and of course achieved results, their services would be in high demand (anyone out there?). A marketer who knows how to utilize any of the current social software services for generating publicity and can consistently bring in results has a very cutting edge business opportunity, one that I expect faces very little competition currently (maybe because it’s not possible to do it consistently).

If anyone has attempted to use to market their business I’d love to hear about it. Please leave a comment.

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  • I recently started using myspace as a way to get more visitors to our weekly youth service. I now offer on my website a variety of myspace resources including custom designed layouts by me and ads that myspace users can post on their layouts. The campaign has worked. A majority of web traffic now comes from the ads teenagers have placed on their myspaces.

  • I haven’t tried to ‘infect’ it as such – but when i created a ‘space’ for my own band – i was immediately hit by marketers looking for business. There are a few people out there doing a a similar thing to what you describe.

    Personally, I hate it. But thats probably because I generally despise marketing of all kinds.

  • Then why are you reading this blog Darragh? heh.

  • the funny thing is Darragh is a marketer whether he likes it or not — we all are, just some like to wear the title and other don’t … just like sales. We are all sales people … always selling ourselve, ideas, why the little one shouldn’t buy them blue boots… why he hould eat his geens…its all sales / marketing.

  • That is fair criticism – I realise the irony in my post (I expected it).

    Perhaps I should carefully clarify – I dislike what I like to term ‘push marketing’, the idea of heavy handed marketing (there is probably a way more accurate term, it eludes my brain at this present time). A typical example is telemarketing etc etc. I do not like the idea of someone classifying me or my lifestyle into a bracket (I wonder has anyone heard the classic Bill Hicks sketch on Marketing).

    Its true, I market myself. Being a consultant, it unavoidable. I prefer to market myself through my abilities, contacts etc etc. I’m just not a huge fan of certain types of marketing.

    Why do I read this blog? True, basically it does cover marketing in depth – but I think it approaches it in a very academic, intellectual way. Yaro’s posts on SEO have helped me help my employers, which I’m very appreciative of!

  • I think the business forums are pretty decent on my space. I sometimes try and network on there and also promote my business. I may also try and use it to help lauch a political campaign next year.

  • I don’t have much experience with advertising on Myspace, but from what I’ve seen, it can work. Also, even if you don’t want to pay anything, you can create an account, get a lot of “friends”, and post bulletins, etc. Has anyone tried this method?

  • Paul

    Very many people use Myspace to increase their fans/listeners or to provide some service that Myspace users may be interested in.

    Whats great about Myspace is that it covers all demographics.

    I am constantly hearing about these products at in forums like Webmasterworld and digitalpoint.

    These programs make it easier to message, comment and send friend requests [if that is what you’re into]

    Myspace is the hottest thing since AOL Instant Messenger, everyone has one.

  • “If you can “crack the cool” and get something popular within MySpace that also promotes your business, the publicity payoff could be monumental,”

    Being able to create something with viral appeal while still promoting a business/product on myspace has to be the most cost effective form of Internet Advertising. Even just being able to display subtle adverts as comments has huge potential when you take into account that some profiles have tens of thoussands of views per day. Couple it all with the demographic targetting and you’ve just found probably the most powerful and cost effective advertising solution ever 🙂

    I think Darragh bring up a good point here, he doesn’t like intrusive advertising – and on a unconcious level most people browsing Myspace just have advert blindess. So my advice to people out there Myspace Advertising is be subtle and more importantly MAKE IT FUN!

    Myspace Marketing

  • We are successfully offering Myspace viral marketing services to companies which include Universal Records, Roadrunner,
    Beach Bum Tanning, Bridgeview Yacht Club, FNNYC Clothing, Haystack Media and many more.. we have offices in New York, London and Los Angeles.

    Our service includes setting up promotional accounts that promote your company via myspace messages (similar to email). These messages can be sent in the form of text with links to various pages, graphic materials, etc. We can structure the message to say anything you want and build the message database to your desired demographics (geography, age, gender, general interests, marital status, ethnicity, body type, sexual orientation, etc.). Once people accept our friend request, they will be included in your company database and we will have access to their contact info and be able to send them various promotions, ads, bulletins, etc.

    We can send out 400 messages per day per promotion account. You can choose the amount of messages that you want sent out per day beyond 400 by ordering multiple promotion accounts. For example, 5 promotion accounts will send out a total of 2,000 messages per day, 5 days per week.

    We will create a banner ad to your specifications that is posted on other people’s or companies’ myspace pages. This banner ad will promote your company and direct people to your company’s myspace page once it’s clicked.

    We can post 200 banners per week.

    We also offer services for designing Myspace web pages and street marketing and tour branding activities across the USA.

    Stephanie Reid

  • So much of this myspace marketing appears to be borderline SPAM, or really I’m being too nice – it’s SPAM.

    I can’t see how, unless the content clearly matches the interests of the friends, this is not SPAM marketing.

  • andrew

    We already know that social marketing is the most effective form of marketing ever. The advent of the information age has brought business owners a relatively untapped opportunity – why not take advantage of it now, while you still can?

  • andrew

    “I can’t see how, unless the content clearly matches the interests of the friends, this is not SPAM marketing.”

    This is basically advertising. What is a TV commercial? It’s a shotgun blast at anyone watching the tv program, hoping that the ad will match the interests of the viewer. Advertisers know they can’t reach everyone – it’s just not possible. Remember, in a direct mail marketing campaign a 1-3% response rate is considered successful.

    What kind of response rate do I get with myspace? Far better. And the cost? It’s unbeatable.

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  • I would love it if someone out there knew of the best way to market my email hosting business.

    If there’s anyone out there, please let me know.

    Thanks in advance!

  • We have been advertising our ever popular sandals throughout the entire spring/summer season in several blogs including myspace and have more than doubled our sales from such traffic. It will be interesting to watch if this will continue after the season is over being this is a seasonal product, or if the momentum will continue for a good while.

  • Presently, my colleagues and I are using Myspace to build our brand name, brand image, and fan base. Myspace is an amazing networking and brand awareness tool for our independent record label, KAM Records, Ltd [].

  • I recently released a DVD (June 10, 2006), and 90% of the success was through marketing on MySpace.

  • I cant actually believe how good MySpace is for marketing. I get probably around 10%-20% traffic though MySpace and I think this will be increasing as I am going to put a lot more effort into it.

  • […] It is so new that there are very few recognized metrics, and at best strategies or tactics that would be regarded as embryonic with regarding social marketing optimization […]

  • MySpace Advertising…

    I believe many people are mistakenly ignoring social networking sites like Myspace because they don't understand the culture and see no immediate potential.


  • Jason

    I know of lots of successful websites that use Myspace to drive traffic to them. Most of these companies use software programs such as to add thousands of MySpace users to their list. Programs like this can help you add friends from anywhere on MySpace – grab other people’s friends, grab friends from Groups, or simply browse for friends by zip code, age, sex, etc.

    It’s worth checking out:

  • I have been reading a great deal about how people market a certain product or company on Myspace, but haven’t really read anything consistent so far has to how they are deploying these marketing ventures.

  • It’s plain and simple spam. Period.

  • Can someone post a marketing tip or example that a business has used successfully using I’ve read several posts that indicate businesses have achieved favorable results, but there are no examples of how they have achieved this. Anyway, we will be testing shortly.

  • I agree with Darragh to a degree. I don’t like it when people try and ‘hard sell’ to me so I’ve taken the soft sell approach on myspace. My profile says who I am, what I do and invites you to come and have a look at my site. I’ll contact others and network within reason but then it’s my name on the profile. I don’t think myspace users will tolerate the bombardment of bulletins approach for long. However, the clever marketeers who create entertaining advertising will continue to do well.

  • The potential reach of Myspace campaigns is mind boggling, and while I wouldn’t go as far as Yaro in saying that it’s ALL spam, there is a fine line within social networks like this.

    In saying that, take a look at the music section – virtually everyone there is trying to promote their music, build up giant friend networks, post comments everywhere so they get more profile views, and heard more – more friends/fans = higher chance of making it.

    If the social community is already about promoting and marketing, a thoughtful myspace marketing strategy is entirely acceptable IMO.

  • We use Myspace to market our music events by adding people from our target market. We have a massive link on our myspace site to our actual website and we get about a 20% click through rate. See it at

    Recently we have started providing myspace services to other music festivals in Australia including the Rock The Vote festival and have just started on the Beats on the Beach festival at .

    The key to our success is our knowledge and experience in marketing and promoting events. We understand what promoters need. We can feed traffic to their website, increase their ticket sales and we can do it with a high level of efficiency.

    Brand integrity is also important for many companies. We ensure that all communication and the presentation of the profile is in perfect sychronisation with the brand image.

    Most companies are still hesitant as they are unaware of how myspace works. A lot of time is still spent selling clients on the value of myspace in any marketing effort. Like any advertising, it is hard to measure the results in terms of unit sales. Its key value is in building awareness and providing accessibility to the customer. Many bands/festivals and promoters will get left behind if they do not evolve as others in the industry use myspace to gain a competitive edge.

  • I specialize in teaching people how to market on MySpace… check out my site, you can’t go wrong with SpaceHogs:

    That should help I’m sure.

  • Wow I do think myspace has awesome possibilities. I have been marketing on myspace and really am getting an awesome response. There are a lot of marketers starting to market on myspace. I am doing a combo of myspace, bolgs, websites and Podcasting its a very powerful combination. Great blog you have here.

  • tom

    I’ve used myspace for marketing and it worked very well for me. I found an increase in over 12% click through rate for my publisher. I’m a professional web site design in chicago land area.

    Chicago Web design

  • Many people use Myspace to increase their SEO and SERPS, i agree that it does work well for increases traffic to a website

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  • Hi All,

    I created a little profile on myspace about 2 weeks back and went from 0 to 1500+ friends network in less than 10 days.

    Check out my profile:

    If you want to know how, email me at… well, visit my profile and follow the links, they will show you my email address 😉

    Have fun.


  • My stepmother left a comment on a friends profile and mentioned the shop’s name. It was indexed by Google on the second page. It seems odd because most of MySpace is dynamically generated and not very well indexed. I know for a fact the comments are indexed by search engines. Having lots of friends and leaving comments frequently would be a good tactic. It doesn’t take musch to leave a keyword or two in an innocent comment and I don’t think a friend who knows you own a business is going to consider it spam if you leave your unlinked web address or business name printed in the text of your signature.

  • I have used myspace for over two years now.

    I was able to market to the 25 and under music fans for a venue in the bay area.

    I have over 10,000 demographed friends.
    with over 1000 hits a day.

    I also run 10 other bands.

    basically I make $40,000 a year doing about 30 hours of work a week… which includes running the shows and being there…

    One thing most people don’t talk about is the software needed to truely drive the traffic otherwise myspace is worthless…

    you need an adder… a play count faker and view increaser… and a custom layout

  • I agree with Peter (post above) in that you do need an adder. We’ve been using MySpace as well to market some music and it really does help to have MySpace automate some of the process. Not even necessarily for sending out new friend requests, but just contacting your current friends and letting them know what’s going on. It’s too bad MySpace doesn’t incorporate some feature (better than bulletins) for bands to message their fans. Maybe the fans could opt-in or something to it. That would be a neat feature to have.

  • I am encouraged by what I am reading. Most of the comments are going down the right track. One key thing I will add to the mix is this. MySpace should always be treated as a non-selling environment. This is the only way you will ever connect a company/product/service with an end user. MySpace as a marketing platform should be looked at as building a community of brand loyalists around your product. The big brands that do this first are going to have the leverage over the next years over their competitors. We have developed a methodical and systematic process to build out a social network on MySpace and manage all the bulletins, messages, comments, and pictures. We take it a step further and build out a video distrubution strategy and combine it with a blog distribution strategy. Our service is a premium service, but it is as robust and comprehensive as I have seen in the marketplace.

  • I have just started to market on myspace and the traffic to my websites have increased incredibly. I have also become addicted to finding new friends, this has become a full time job, but I actually enjoy it. I wish I had of joined myspace a while back. This was a very informative article thank you

  • I use Myspace for marketing my Used Clothing Store… I started my page and worked on adding friends before my store even opened, I started out searching for locals over the age of 18 and just browsed their pages, anyone who seemed like they may be interested in saving money or buying clothing was someone I sent a friend request to… over time I started narrowing my focus down to the Teen Mothers, Single Parents, Grandparents, etc, as I know from personal experience that people in these situations are GENERALLY tight on money and look for ways to save whenever they can… It has worked out so far, and I have gotten customers from myspace this way… and I plan to continue to fine tune my marketing plans for Myspace to help improve my technique and grow my popularity and customer base

  • Thanks so much for this article, and thanks to everyone who has posted comments. This is very encouraging and has helped me decide which direction to take in marketing on MySpace. My initial instinct was to join as many online communities as possible, but it’s good to know that I only need to grow a meaningful presence on a few of them in order to see results. My eStore is brand new, and I have no adveritising budget, so this is going to help me a great deal.

  • Lex

    Is anyone still rockin’ their business with myspace? It’s interesting that all the talk is facebook and twitter, but myspace is still one of the biggest sites in the world. It can’t be doing that badly.

  • I wish I knew how to market. I’ve been adding friends since a couple of months ago and still no customers. Hmm.

  • I know this is kind of late to post, but i have enjoyed the fruits of my labor with myspace. I have added alot of people in hopes of increasing our fanbase and have successfully increased it drastically. We work really hard on our music and I refuse to work less on the marketing. I live in Missouri and I am a rapper,and statistically there is no market in the lower half of the state for this genre of music. with this social network though I have gotten our music out to several states and booked several shows. I am excited to see what 2010 brings us. If you like rap music come check us out and leave a comment.

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