Blog Design Does Matter – Lucky Mom Launch Proves It

Lucky MomLet me ask you a question – when you first launched your blog did you have 12 people make comments on your very first entry? I didn’t.

I just found a new blog that did, and man, I am impressed. It’s called Lucky Mom. Go take a look and I think you will know why this blog has enjoyed such a successful launch. It is beautifully designed for the niche it is targeting and I believe because of the design it will very quickly garner an audience.

I’d love to see a case study follow the growth of this blog. I think it’s a perfect example of how to create a profitable blogging enterprise. It has so much going for it –

A) It is visually appealing
B) In a fantastic niche that’s ripe to make money once the traffic builds (think affiliate products and AdSense)
C) It starts off day one with a comment community ready to go

Not to mention that the author, Lucky Mom Kristine Watson, can simply blog about her life each day as a mother to create content that I suspect will attract a solid readership. No doubt many new mothers and fathers will be following this one and as long as the articles keep coming the audience is going to spread the word with little need for any proactive marketing. Heck I’m even linking to it now and I have no interest in the topic at all, I just admire the design and business potential. Go Lucky Mom!

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  • Mr. Starak,

    Wow, I appreciate your post regarding my new site! Thank you!

    Lucky Mom

  • Thanks for the review – as the designer of the site (I guess you could call me ‘Lucky Dad’), it’s good to hear nice things said about the design.

    You’re dead on about the opportunities of this niche. There really aren’t that manner good ‘mommy’ blogs, and the earnings potential for a successful one is substantial.

    Time will tell as to whether Kristine will be able to build up a significant readership, but as you can see, she already has a core group of interested folks. And she certainly has no end of things to write about!

    By the way, I’m intrigued as to how you found the site – it’s not indexed anywhere and I don’t believe I’ve linked to it from my own site yet.

  • Yaro,
    I’m tempted to ask how much you got paid for that post but I’d like to think I know you a little better know, and if you were selling posts Scivs would have kicked you out of 9rules by now.

    I’ve seem that image before, on one of the stock photo sites, and we are talking about a blog with one post. Sure, got to say I love the design, anyone who can deliver 4 columns in that way is worthy of praise, but honestly, there are services out there where you can pay for ppl to do this comment, and a lot more than the 13 comments she’s got there as I write this. Indeed, it’s pretty cheap.

    Again, I’m not accusing you on this blogger of wrong doing, but I’d think you need to put this sort of thing is perspective.

  • You know it’s really difficult to say, because my very first post is by far my most popular and when I put it up I was using the Kubrick theme. I think a style is important, but what about not even a real domain name and the stock template, but he gets comments, links, and hype like crazy. I really think it’s the content that sells.

  • Probably due to the fact that I am not very good at it, I am very much anti design. Which is strange considering I am a fine artist. But I mostly don’t care about the prettiness of a blog. Sure, this persons blog is aimed at a specific market (although not that specific) that demands conatiations of femininity.

    Maybe cos I am a bloke I don’t find it attractive, however, I do find it profesional and think the design is highly polished and somethin I think the designer can be proud of.

    But what is this blog for, seems more for creating social connectivity than using the blog to make some dosh. My blogs exist purely to pay me rent and put food on the table, that is their raison de’tre. Therefore revenue is crucial, it’s not about making friends, although I still do.

    Anyway, if this is her first blog, fantastic effort. But the focus of the blog is a little blurry, and I see a lot of these types of blogs.

    I hope she does well.

  • New blog, fresh launch, 16 comments at the last count! Brilliant and obviously well thought out.

    Whether the lady herself set it up or someone guided her, it’s a very attractive little blog and I like the neatness of it all. Especially the tidy little comments with the smaller font Yaro! He he!!

    There’s a clever bit of marketing going on around it also, without making it look like a free newspaper where you have to dig through the ads to get to the content!

    Great niche too, and it’s good to see a bit of writing on the joys of life at life’s pace.

    I bet even the frantics like to read about the Easy Does It approach even if they have no time to implement such a life style into their ‘traumatic existence.

    I wouldn’t mind betting that this blog will become a household name for Moms and Dads alike providing she keeps writing well and follows the flow.


  • Duncan – nope, wasn’t paid a cent. I stumbled across the blog in my technorati referrals. No idea how that happened – I think it could be because Christian, her husband the designer, has a blog in 9rules, so maybe some code linked to me at some point.

    I was really impressed with the design, noticed it was brand new, was in a niche I think is going to make good money (one I was telling a pregnant friend of mine to start blogging in) and decided to post about it.

    It’s always an interesting point – how much does design matter? I think in this niche, the mommy niche, it will help a lot because the target audience will appreciate it and be more likely to bookmark. Yes we all know content is king but in this case the design is helping a lot too.

  • Wow! It’s so perky! LoL!

    Reminds me of the Brady Bunch for some reason. Hmm..but overall it looks good. Though it might be me but I found the navigation a little difficult to find.


  • Chris Bhurrut

    Great sites with great content will do well, ugly sites with great content will do well — notice the recurring theme?

  • I like the design of that site, and I think you are spot-on about the niche.
    Unfortunately firefox with adblock stops me from contributing any advertising revenue 😉

  • New Web Site Launched: Lucky Mom…

    Earlier this week I launched a site I built for a very special person – my wife: Lucky Mom. Thanks to a wide selection of family and friends, it has already been generating some decent traffic as well as positive……

  • I live online, often with satellite TV on, and I haven’t laughed so consistently in a long time! I am not a mother, too late at this point, so her sarcastic, funny, lively, brief, warm stories are surprisingly funnnny! Content, visual style, writing talent: what more do you want? I agree with Yaro, Lucky Mom is onto something.

    Lucky Mom is lucky to be married to Lucky Dad! I struggle for endless hours and only wish I could design a blog like theirs! I love the little daisies, so perfect for her! And the hand-written titles. I wish I had time to do that! I am sooo inspired, but not sure how to program the image gifs to show up correctly. Never seen the snapshots feature before. There’s so much to learn and use!

    I’d write more about her content, but it’s 4 am here and I wanna read more of her blog!

    I usually only read Yaro’s email newsletter, no time to study your site til now, when I should be sleeping. Love what you are doing. Mazel tov on hitting the $10K/mo mark!

    I never thought about making money from my site. I merely wanted to promote my punk rock photos. I am the most published early LA punk rock photographer and I am constantly broke. I put so much time into my photos and struggle with my site. But people simply are hesistant to buy fine art photos. Unless I’m dead.

    I’m moving 275 pages from pure html to WordPress. I am soooo inspired by what you and some others are doing online. My next steps are looking into ways of making money with my site, while also recoding those pages and adding alt tags to hundreds of photos. Oy vey, I don’t think I will ever sleep again.

    It’s a great treat to laugh at Lucky Mom. If we can’t find some joy in what we and others are doing, then what’s the point? Of course we all need and want to make money, but lighten up folks!

    OK, read about the scorpion, now onto the faux birthday party . . . their daughter sounds like a chip off her mother. Such characters!

  • Just had to chime in here because I couldn’t agree more. A great design is essential because first impressions are important!! I wish more people took this into consideration. It is always design first that draws me into a blog and decides for me whether or not I continue to read for content. If I don’t like the design I don’t keep reading. I need to immediately feel a sense of the person when I visit a blog and design provides that. Just my 2 cents.

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