If you missed the emails I sent to my newsletters during the past week then you may not know I’m currently running a Christmas special discount on my Membership Site Mastermind training program.

The program has sold for the past couple of years for $747 one time payment or $297 x 3 monthly payments. You can now sign up for a one time payment of $297 or four payments of $97 a month. That’s a saving of $450 minimum.

You can sign up at the discount price right here –


Why Take This Course?

I created Membership Site Mastermind to take you through the process I went through to plan my product set-up, create content, execute a successful launch process and handle the membership site post-launch.

In the program you will learn –

  • How to choose a topic for your membership site
  • What options you have for building an audience and email list so you can learn more about what your target customer wants before you go and create a product
  • What format and types of content you should create and what technology you should use to deliver the content to paying customers (I use a very simple set-up that pretty much only requires WordPress and AWeber to function)
  • How to conduct a launch process so you attract a lot of new members in a very short period of time (including how to recruit affiliates and manage your affiliate program)
  • What to do after you launch your product to help reduce refunds and keep new members coming in so you have an ongoing and near-passive income stream

This program is ideal if you currently run a blog or are building an email list and want to launch a product that is based on the subscription model so you earn ongoing income.

It’s also great if you have any plans to launch an information product in 2011, regardless of whether it is a membership site or ebook or audios, videos – anything digital. I cover a lot about the marketing and psychology behind having a successful online business based on information products, which has been the core of my business for the past three years.

If you enjoy my teaching style and want more from me specifically about this topic, now is the perfect time to join Membership Site Mastermind –


Offer Ends When 2011 Starts

The discount was going to end after Christmas however I’m extending it until the new year, so you have until 2011 to sign up at this rate.

After that I am closing Membership Site Mastermind to new members, so this will be your last chance to join the program.

I’m shutting up shop on this program to do some renovations to my business behind the scenes and prepare for new projects in 2011. This doesn’t mean the course will stop, you just won’t be able to sign up anymore.

All current active and past members will continue to have ongoing access to the course as per usual, so as long as you sign up before the end of this year.

I won’t be reopening this program again in its current form, so if you want this type of training from me, now is your last chance.


What’s Coming In 2011

Now is traditionally a time for reflection on the previous 12 months and planning for the new year. I’ve got some new things on the horizon that I’ll talk about here on this blog very soon.

I expect you’re planning your goals for the new year and are getting excited about the opportunities ahead of you. Don’t forget to reflect on what has just passed too so you avoid making the same mistakes and strengthen any aspects of your life you believe needs focus in 2011.

Yaro Starak

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Yaro Starak is the author of the Blog Profits Blueprint, a report you can download instantly to learn how to make $10,000 a month, from only blogging 2 hours per day. You can find Yaro on Facebook, Twitter and .

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  • Yaro how about the Blog Mastermind Program?

    • Neil I’ll have news about Blog Mastermind in January, but for now it’s business as usual for this course.

  • Hi Yaro – I launched my first membership website earlier this year after reading your free report. The site has a small but passionate following. Would joining Membership Mastermind help me relaunch a site that is already built? I feel like i have created a solid foundation, and there is huge potential, but I’m missing something and I don’t know what it is!

    • Hey Dave,

      I don’t know what you have or haven’t done yet with your site, but if my course can give you one or two or three new ideas that lead to bigger results, then obviously it’s worth your while.

      You’re definitely in a good situation because you have the platform already built. I’d suggest trying the course and if you don’t get value for money just ask for a refund within the 60 day refund period.

  • Kind of an off topic comment Yaro, but I just wanted to wish you and your family a Merry Christmas, and best of wishes full of success for the upcoming year.


  • Hello Yaro, very impressed with your Membership Site Master Plan PDF, thank you for this. Still reading through it, I’m overwhelmed by all the info so far but you style is really easy to follow making the complex simple!

    Your current offer for your membership site coaching is just what I need as I have been trying to work out how to make money from all of my R&D content. I’m a Inventor, Designer and Visual Artist and I have loads of innovative stuff I could use for a membership site, but I’m not too sure how to go about it, or where the niche for my content is exactly either.

    You can see that the state of my website is total crap as it has not been touched since 2003! Ouch! Warning! DO NOT go to http://www.scottbranden.com because it’s really embarrassing!

    Thank you again for your great Blog site and exceptional quality info. Look forward to your Membership Coaching!

    Scott Branden
    Designer, Inventor, Visual Artist.

  • Hey, Just a thought, but how do you/people get those small pictures of yourself in the blog comment?

  • Hi Yaro,

    Im seriously thinking about joining your program. Actually I have been thinking about it for some time now, and your Christmas offer makes the decision easier:) I have one question. Is the templates your are giving away in one of the bonuses from Unique blog design?

    • Hi Sturla,

      The templates are not unique blog design templates, rather fairly basic templates with a designated opt-in area I had created by another designer.

      They are quite simple, so depending on your needs you may need something more custom. There are plenty of great themes out there, so if you don’t like the templates I provided in the program you can find plenty more that are free.

  • Your Message
    My wife and I have only recently found you on the web and we have learned much from your email tips and from the free blogging report you have made available. My plan was to buy your Blogging Membership in Jan, get a successful blog going and then join the Membership mentoring program. I see that you are going to close it in a few days however. I am a little confused about what to do. I want to learn what you have in the course, but I am a newbie on the web and do not even have a blogg going yet. Does the New 2 Day work day course you are planning to release teach about membership sites? If it will teach everything I need to know I will wait until you release it because it sounds great! But if it does not teach how to design and operate/market a successful membership site I will need to make a fast choice. Thank you

  • I am surly going to take advantage of this offer.
    thanks ­čÖé

  • I can’t believe I just now ran into your site! And am 2 days late for the mastermind series. I will be soaking it all in nevertheless with all that you offer. Thank you.

  • Are those of us who just discovered your site and this program too late? I just read the Membership Site Mastermind PDF, and I’m very interested in joining the program – even if I have a little catching up to do.

  • I just want to tell that I signed up during your x-mas offer and I dont regret a bit! I have learned a lot and is still learning every day! You could easily charge ten times more and it would still be GREAT!! So if you are reading this and wondering if it is worth the money, it is beyond any doubt wort all the money and far more!!

    Thank you Yaro!

  • Your membership costs a lot and it’s not for nothing i guess, it must be a pretty complete membership. Do you plan on giving any other discounts soon?

  • R0B

    I don’t suppose Membership Site Mastermind is coming back, is it?

    • Not in the exact same format, but you will have opportunities to get the content in different offers in the future. Stay tuned to this blog for details.

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