My Big Plans For 2011 (Plus What You Need To Focus On Next Year)

This will be the final blog post I publish on in 2010. Like most of my articles that I’ve written in the past six years, this one is being constructed in a coffee shop in downtown Brisbane Australia as I sip a lemon-lychee iced tea.

Tomorrow, likely the day you read this if you’re one of my more dedicated readers, I will be on a plane to Melbourne, catching a two hour flight down to ring in the new year at a big event. I will be in Etihad Stadium when 2011 dawns, along with many thousands of other people, all joining together in one groovy moment spent with our DJ, Armin Van Buuren, who is bringing his “Mirage” show down under.

What Happened In 2010?

As is custom at this time I year I like to look back at what I’ve done during the previous year and what I’ve got planned for next year.

I had a look at my calendar for the previous 12 months to see what, or should I say, whom was in it. I use my calendar for both personal and work related appointments, so you will find anything from a reminder to send an email to promote a certain product, a group or private coaching call, a scheduled interview, my plans for the weekend, coffee shop meetings with friends or a date with a lucky lady.

In December of 2008 I came back from traveling around the world for the previous eight months. It marked the beginning of a transition period. I was going to take my business in new directions in the new year, and private coaching and speaking on stage were on the cards. I decided to postpone both and take 2009 “off” from anything significantly new. Instead I focused on building a better social life and bringing new and interesting people into my world.

I did one final opening campaign for my Membership Site Mastermind coaching program at the start of 2009 (and it’s about to close at the end of this year), but I pretty much just sat back and kept the machine running for the rest of the year, giving you content through my blog and newsletter and occasionally promoting an affiliate launch.

Despite not focusing on any new projects my finances stayed on track and I even managed to crack the half million mark in revenue that tax year for the second year running, meaning I had generated more than a million dollars online in 24 months. You can read more about this milestone in this article – 7 Tips To Help You Become A Millionaire

As the year 2010 began, I finally introduced my private coaching program (The Elite Entrepreneur). I only took on one student at the beginning of the year and another couple at the half way mark, although more than ten people applied throughout the year. I kept the numbers deliberately low so I didn’t have too many commitments in my schedule and because it was challenging to find people I believed were in a position benefit from working with me.

Besides private coaching I didn’t start any significant new projects until towards the end of 2010, three of which you will see come to fruition in 2011. One of these projects I will reveal to you later in this article.

I was going to run my first live event, Million Dollar Blogging Secrets, with my friend and million dollar blogger Alborz Fallah this year, but we decided to postpone what we had planned for New York for many reasons, one of which being we simply started organizing it too late.

I’m Teaching Again: Announcing The 2-Hour Work Day

It’s now three years since I created a training product. My first one, Blog Mastermind came out in 2007. Shortly after that I created Membership Site Mastermind (though it didn’t become available to the public immediately) and in 2008 Gideon Shalwick and I created the Become A Blogger Premium program. They’ve all been tremendous successes, and I’m very pleased so many people have benefited from these programs.

Although I continue to write to this blog and my email newsletter, create videos, do interviews and run coaching calls, I haven’t done any concentrated teaching and creation of new training materials for a long time.

That’s about to change.

In 2011 I’m releasing a new training product and I’m calling it the “2-Hour Work Day“.

Yes that is somewhat a throw-back to Tim Ferriss’s 4-Hour Workweek, and deliberately so. However I’m teaching a course and not writing a book, and I’m teaching what I’ve done for the past ten years to live a 2-Hour Work Day lifestlye, which is quite different to Tim. I also think a 2-hour work day is a bit more realistic for the average person to aim for and just about the perfect amount of “work” for a given day.

Tim and I are, as he put it when he gave me a preview copy of his book, “kindred spirits” when it comes to many of the principles we live our lives by. Obviously I love his work and admire his success. I’ve been in touch with him about my program so he knows what I’m up to.

What I have done and currently do to enable my lifestyle is unique, and I’m looking forward to giving people not just an education, but an action focused coaching course on how to make it a reality in your life, as I’ve done with all my courses.

This new course is going to be many things, here are a few teasers…

  • It’s going to focus on the three core business models I’ve used to generate an income online significant enough to live a 2-Hour Work Day and meant that I’ve never had to get a full time job in my life. I’ve used these methods at different stages of my own development during the previous ten years, and I’m confident no matter where you are coming from, one of them will suit your situation, personality and goals.
  • One of these income methods I’ve been forbidden to teach because I’ve been under contract not to write about it. The non-compete period has now lapsed, so I’m free to go into the model in some depth, which I will in the 2-Hour Work Day course.
  • The focus on this program is about you being able to quit your job and travel for as long as you want, or stay put and have ample time to focus on passion projects. It’s all about setting up the structure to make enough money to live off from only 2 hours of work per day, leaving you the rest of the time to do what you want.
  • As is custom, I will release a free report in the lead-up to opening the course, which will be a complete document and full of content you can use without ever needing to spend a cent. I’m almost finished the first draft of the report and as soon as it’s done I’ll start the pre-launch process for the 2-Hour Work Day.

Oh, and one last thing, the course is going to be very affordable, not the typical $1,000 or $2,000 price points that most Internet marketing products are nowadays. I’m hoping to reach a lot of people with this program, and I don’t want price to be a prohibitive factor (but I do want to make money from it, so no, it won’t be free.)

Why Am I Doing This Now

As I was writing the introduction to the 2-Hour Work Day report I was thinking over the previous ten years of my life, looking at the different ways I’ve made money. I started out like most people, with nothing, no assets, no website, no money in the bank, yet because of a strong interest in the World Wide Web, a focus on constantly learning and creating new things, and an unbelievably passionate desire to have the financial freedom never to need a job, I always found a way to create income streams online, yet end up with plenty of spare time.

I’m very good at finding ways to make money that require low labor to maintain, or follow a model that can easily be automated so you don’t have to work too much long term (short term work is always required though!).

However that hasn’t been enough for me. Clearly generating this kind of income stream is the first step for you to create a 2-Hour Work Day, and I want to help you achieve this if you haven’t already, but there’s more to it – there’s another ingredient that I have searched for my entire adult life that I finally found recently.

You have to find what you really want to do, your purpose.

The challenge for me came down to not just finding a way to make money, but a way to reach what I call the “holy trinity“. This is not religious, but can have just as big an impact on your life. Here is the trinity –

  1. Consistent Income
  2. Free Time (thanks to income automation, business model simplicity or large capital gain)
  3. Meaning and Purpose (development of your passion and reason for being on this planet)

Over the years I’ve had businesses and projects that have met one or two of these needs, but often one key ingredient is missing.

For example one of my businesses became a solid income earner and I even managed to make the income hands-off to generate, but I didn’t enjoy the subject. As a result I lost interest in growing the business.

I’ve had plenty of websites I created based on things I was passionate about (music, activism) and poured hours into them, only to let them die shortly after launching them when I realized that building an audience and making money from them would be incredibly hard work, if possible at all.

Some things were passions for a while, but over time faded from my interests. This shows me that it wasn’t a true life calling passion, rather it was a strong hobby for a while, but I was always going to move on eventually. However I have made money from several hobbies in my life, which have been fantastic cash sources to use as stepping stones to move on to the next phase, so they shouldn’t be discounted.

One of the key traps that I’ve been lucky (or smart) enough to avoid, is coming up with something you are passionate about and that makes money, but ends up sucking all your time. So many small business owners are in this situation, with 12 hour days being normal. Passion can carry you far, but there is nothing I am passionate enough about to work on 12 hours every day all week long. Life must be about balance.

Bear in mind that the one project doesn’t have to make up all three of the holy trinity. You can set up a project that meets step one and two for automated income, and use the rest of your time and the money to fuel your passion subject. For many people this is the ideal outcome because mixing money with your passion is either ridiculously hard, completely undesirable or down right impossible. However you have to be careful that you have space and energy for the all of the elements that allow you to have a holy trinity in your life. If any one falters, you become out of a balance.

I can honestly say that today I have the balance and the holy trinity in what I do, but it’s been a journey to get here. One of the keys for me, which is perhaps where I differ the most from outsourcing experts and your typical entrepreneur, is that I’ve deliberately kept my operations small. Very small.

I’m yet to hire any person full time, and I only really need one or two contractors to do what I do. In fact I could run the whole show by myself if I stuck to just the one project, maintain a 2-Hour Work Day and make at least six figures a year, though I’d have to do more tasks I don’t enjoy. There’s nothing wrong with having big goals for your business or hiring full time staff – and I may follow this path with a business one day, but for the previous few years I’ve been proud of what I can achieve with so few resources.

Simplicity Is A Choice

The key for me hasn’t been about automating my business or my entire life via outsourcing to people all over the world. I haven’t gone big by becoming a speaker and traveling from event to event selling my training products or pushing my profile. I haven’t even published a normal print book yet. All these opportunities are there for me and I’ve seen many of my peers online follow these paths. I relish in the challenge that they represent and the opportunity to expand my profile and reach, but thus far, I’ve decided to focus on other aspects of my life.

To enable me to do this, yet maintain a consistent and way above average income, I’ve had to make two choices –

  1. I’ve had to say “no” to many opportunities
  2. I’ve had to find simple models to make money

These decisions are not easy. It’s hard to pass on opportunities knowing full well they would likely lead to making a million dollars or more. However I know the reality of that path. The more I say yes, the bigger my business will become and the more money I will make, but it will also result in more moving parts and more things to manage. This means hiring good people and going through some fairly intensive growth transition phases, which very likely will see the amount of hours I work increase, at least initially. I’m not against this, but it’s not what I want now.

Strangely enough, even as I’ve gone to hire “cheap labor” outsourcers to work on new projects (I attempted this several times this year, and still have no overseas outsourcers in underdeveloped countries), because everything I do is so simple and I’m wary of creating complexity in my life, I’m still pretty much doing the same thing I’ve been doing for three years now.

Whenever I contemplate changes I ask myself – why exactly do you want to change what you are doing now? It can’t just be for more money, that’s not a good enough reason especially when you are earning enough money already. Money matters, but how you make it matters more. Simplicity has been, and still is, my primary choice.

I want to be clear here that my choices are right for me. They may be a good model for you to follow too and I suspect most people working jobs right now would love to be in my situation, but it’s not a one-size-fits-all opportunity. There are different ways to do things and you will need to figure out what works for you.

The Final Course?

I never like to say this is the last of something I will do because I so often change my mind. What I can say is that the 2-Hour Work Day is my endeavor to take all of what I know about making money online and my lifestyle philosophy from my experiences during the last ten years, and put it down on (virtual) paper. I want to pass on this information to you so people can benefit from it and hopefully replicate my lifestyle. I believe how I live is one of the best ways to live, and the world would be a better place if more people were in a situation like mine because they’d have incredible freedom to choose how they live.

Ultimately it is about freedom of choice and I believe we all deserve the financial independence to enable us to choose what we do with our time on this planet. The Internet is a wonderful enabler when it comes to financial freedom, and that’s primarily what I’ve used it for during the last ten years. I hope to help more people do the same, adding to those people I have already helped.

Happy New Year! – Now It’s Your Turn

That’s enough about my plans. Obviously I’ll talk more about the 2-Hour Work Day as it gets closer, so stay tuned to this blog and join my newsletter if you want to be the first to know when things start rolling.

Now it’s your turn – What is your focus for the new year?

I’ll end with some sound advice that I keep seeing indications of over and over again in every success story I come across (or perhaps more pointedly, it’s a lack of this ingredient that I see as the cause of NOT succeeding)…

In 2011 you need to focus on being PROLIFIC.

I’ve yet to come across anyone running a successful business who doesn’t have some element of their operation that is prolific. It might be the sheer volume of content you give to people like Mitch does at SportsChatPlace (6,000 articles a year!) or Alborz Fallah and the team at (average 20 articles per day), or Gary Vaynerchuk (he does video blogs, speaks at loads of events, and is producing books), or Darren Rowse (this guy runs multiple blogs and social media identities for all of them), or Tony Robbins (how many live events has this guy done in his lifetime and he’s still going, not to mention all of his info products, books, late night informercials, etc) or any top blog or personality who keep churning out value in various formats, day in and day out.

These people and entities are tireless, consistent and always give give give. They are action takers for sure, but way beyond the average. They are everywhere thus enjoy the rewards that come with consistent value creation.

If you’re thinking about what you are going to do in the future or how you have so much to share, but you only manage to write one article a week or never put any effort into marketing what you do or stand for, then you’re not going to get there. It’s simply not enough. You’re thinking about all that you can do and maybe even talking a good talk, but you’re not walking the walk… and this walk is a marathon, so you have to start today and never stop until you are done.

I teach the ethos of simplicity, but that doesn’t mean you don’t work darn hard at whatever simple system you are using. Sure I live a 2-hour work day, but that can’t be two hours every third day or once a week, especially when you first start out. I’ve worked more than 2 hours on some days, especially during a product launch or when you begin with nothing and you’re establishing yourself. The reward at the end of hard work is the 2-hour work day!

Anything you want, whether it’s a fit body, a sound mind, a strong spirit, or healthy business, requires daily action. You need to be prolific in all these activities. Even how you rest and recover must be prolific. You need to execute something every day and focus on improving all the time, if you want to meet your goals.

Of course life isn’t a straight line, so sometimes you will need to adjust and be flexible. Marry the concepts of balance, flexibility, fluidity and acceptance with a desire to be prolific in all that you care about and create, then results will come. I know this for a fact because that is how I live my life.

I’ll end with this final kick in the pants for some of you out there…

In my opinion it is just sad when you deny the world all of what you have to give simply because you are too distracted, lazy, bored, lost, or let’s face the truth – afraid – to give what you have to give.

Here’s to an amazing – and giving – 2011.

Yaro Starak
Ringing In The New Year

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Yaro Starak is the author of the Blog Profits Blueprint, a report you can download instantly to learn how to make $10,000 a month, from only blogging 2 hours per day. You can find Yaro on Facebook, Twitter and .

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  • First Happy New Year Yaro.

    Sounds like you had a good year and consistent flow of income as you mentioned half a million dollar in 2010 again.

    I was unable to join “Blog Mastermind” when I thought to close my small company and prefer to become a full time blogger but friend was my initial mentor and you are his mentor. (He was Blog Mastermind Student).

    I learn’t a lot from him and had enough discussion about Blog Mastermind.

    Right now I spend 6-9 hours daily to keep my two blogs active and I an excited to know more about 2 Hours Work Day.

    Best Wishes,

  • Awesome article Yaro.
    I’ll be at Armin also and will say hi if I see you!
    If you have time, would you like a game of Tennis?

  • This is a great article. I hope to join this programm when you launch it, because i’m always want to explore new ways to get a better life.
    My goals are
    – launch two more courses about building websites (in dutch)
    – get about 3000 followers on twitter (if you want to follow me, it’s @htmlsite )
    – start a bi-weekly tv show on my website
    – write a real (not an e-) book about building websites and sell 500 copies of it.
    – become an expert on building websites, seo and social media, for others, because i think i now a lot about it already.
    – read more
    – have a great holiday with my wife and kids in august, for three weeks

    that is about it. i have written them down, now i’m going to work on and for it.

    All the best wishes for 2011 to you too!


  • Happy New Year to you, Yaro. I’ll be looking forward to the 2-Hour Work Day report. Sounds like a natural evolution for your business and your blog. All the best!

  • Yaro, thank you so much for sharing your personal goals and thoughts about the new year. Because blogging and website building is fairly solitary, especially in the beginning (my personal experience) I really appreciate your personal perspective on this kind of career.

    Also, since most of us do this from home it’s easy to get caught up sitting behind this desk for such long hours so your point about balance is an important one to fold into our days.

    This is a great time of year to look at our businesses with a magnifying glass and reevaluate them. Today I’m working with my biz plan, and I believe that I have found the way to my holy trinity. I am so truly passionate about my website topic and feel I can build a bridge for folks. It’s so exciting. And, oh yeah, I think I can make a few bucks too. 🙂

    Thank you for all the wonderful content here at and the value you provide.

    Happy New Year!


  • Yaro..this year has been good for most of us, hopefully 2011 brings more joy and peace to the world..let 2011 begin..

    “Black Seo Guy “Signing Off”

  • Happy New Year Yaro
    I’m in the early stages of Blog master mind training, and looking forward to your new launch, will join into it soon as I complete Blog Master Mind.
    Exciting Stuff.

  • Awesome post Yaro! The word “Focus” is a very powerful word. If you really understand it, you will break new grounds. Waiting for your new project launch! I’m sure it will be top notch! Thanks so much for sharing. Have fun 🙂

  • Hi Yaro,

    Congratulations on reaching the 7-Figure mark in 24 months – I hope you celebrated a little at least!

    That said, clearly making money is only one third of your ‘holy trinity’ and I think its actually more impressive to achieve the other two while still being so successful financially. I know many people who are rich but time and quality-of-life poor, that’s not a trade-off worth making I truly believe.

    I’ll be interested to learn more about the ‘2 Hour workday’ as I think you’re dollar per hour worked must be substantially higher than many other more well-known online marketers with big companies, big staff and thus high fixed costs.

    Plus, I’m sure the discipline of regular reflection on your life and business via this blog helps you tremendously. Most people are very afraid of such introspection – they probably know they wouldn’t like what they see…

    The key takeaway for me from this post is the importance of being prolific, as you rightly point out. However, I think being people need to be prolific with the right activities… i.e. its not enough just to blog prolifically, but you also need to be prolific in marketing your blog as well. Nothing you’d disagree with there, I’m sure…

    Looking forward to connecting in 2011…

    Best wishes,

  • Armin Van Buuren is one of my favorites. I am so jealous. I a=was able to see him at cream a long time ago and haven’t seen him live since. Have fun and Happy New Year!

    • MY FAV DJ – great taste Yaro!!! – listen a lot to him on the turbo trainer :-)…

  • Thanks for this post. I will have to follow through next year, and I really feel that I need a coach with my online endeavors. So will keep my eyes open for your new program.

    What I wanted to ask you is how much time you spend daily by following other Internet Marketeers? There is so much info out there.

    Happy new year!

  • Brilliant post Yaro. I loved it and especially the ‘kick in the pants’ part. Yes, yes yes to it – you have been given your gifts to share with the world, stop worrying about how hard it will be, how scared you are and all the other stuff and step up to the plate.

  • A very inspiring article to read just before the New Year Yaro, congratulations on achieving such an interesting lifestyle.

    I like the fact that you kept your business activities small enough to run yourself. That’s my prime aim with Internet Marketing, I have employed staff before and no longer want that responsibility.

    You have been in the business for 10 years now, can I ask at what point it became profitable? Did you make money straight away, or was there a building period?

    I’m looking forward to your free report on the 2 hour work day, and I’m very tempted to take the course.


    • Hey John, if you read some of the archives in my blog, especially the series I wrote about how I made money online (it’s an old one, look for it linked from my about page) you should get an idea.

      I started making money selling odd things on ebay, but that wasn’t a business. I can say it probably took about five years to reach a point where I was making enough online to live off it, although I didn’t see it as a goal when I first went online, I was just playing with the web while at university.

  • Hi Yaro,

    I’m reading your blog for more than a year now and I can say I feel a real connection with you due to your honest words and your sharing-as-much-as-you-can attitude.

    And I’m getting pretty excited reading about your path, including the revenue numbers.

    Wish you and all of your readers the best for 2011.

    Have a great next year!


  • Awesome plans! This will be the year of my first 2 launches (trying to pace myself!). I think that you have great ideas and advice, and I look forward to your new courses.

  • As it’s New Year, could I just go off topic a little here because I just watched your video of you and Alborz (link on your post above) and I have to say I was laughing so much – Yaro get this last bit on Youtube – it really had me laughing – because it was so genuine, AND so damn real to what we all have to do in videoing to make a video – Guideon never let on the real work involved:-)……..great stuff and what a relief to know I’m not the only one who has to ‘warm up’, clap myself into the ‘mood’ to speak, and feel dry mouthed by the end of it …fab:-)

  • For 2011 I am not making person New Years Resolutions and will instead make resolutions about my business dealings. Nothing major just be more productive and stop being distracted. 🙂

  • Hey Yaro Happy New Year !!

    I am thinking to do something big in the field of blogging and online marketing this coming year and hopes will find some more gurus and friends for the same success map to be powerful to achieve the same.

  • Great post Yaro, Looking forward to seeing more about the program! Is this going to be open for a while or is it going to be open to a few people for a period of time and then closed again?

    Just interested as I am in Alex Jeffreys coaching course at the moment and would be interested in joining yours when that has finished.

    Thanks again for another great post.


    • All will be revealed soon enough Simon – some decisions haven’t been made yet either.

  • Hi Yaro,

    I’ve been closely reading your blog posts ever since I came to know you. And to tell the truth, you were one of those guys who inspired me to take a major step towards my own financial freedom. Now I’m firmly making my steps on that road and I’d like to thank you for making everybody believe that success is not so difficult to achieve if you have enough wish and determination.

    I hope I’ll meet you someday and shake your hand 🙂

    Meanwhile, I’d like to wish you a Prosperous and Happy New Year!.

    I’ll become a constant dweller on this blog.


  • Hi Yaro!

    Riveting post! I am particularly struck by your definition of our life’s true passion or calling versus a just a strong hobby at a particular point in our life. I could never have looked at this in that way and everything is clearer now. Thanks for showing me this.

    Happy New Year!

  • How awesome is the cafe write-up! I’m glad to see that so many other people do it too. I might get a few strange looks, especially when I’ve been in there for a few hours – people must wonder what I’m doing!

  • Happy New Year to you Yaro, looking forward to seeing your 2 hour work week program unveiled in 2011, I think with the right people and mindset, I think its totally plausible to see people succeed from such a program.

    As far as what I hope to do for 2011, is to continue to build on some of the success I saw in 2010. I know with the right consistent effort I can get there. And when getting there I can finally buy the dream car that I’ve always wanted, (Audi S5 or similar type). One other thing I hope to do in 2011 is to continue to network myself to get to where I truly want to be in life.

    Till then,


  • Thanks yaro for your article on 7tips to make million dollars,it has been a ginger,keeping my life moving and winning.

    • I think Yaro is not collecting the crap over here at entrepreneurs-journey and that’s why here you will surely get the value to gain what is your desired value to achieve in the life of online business or blogging.

  • Good article Yaro, I agree about setting goals and that is what each one must do to achieve success.
    I am also eager to know when 2 hours work day program will start.
    Happy New Year!

  • Inspiring post, Yaro. Thanks!

    I especially like the part about being prolific. That really made me think about the goals I have for my new blog.

    Happy New Year!


  • No doubt about being prolific, I can’t agree more.

    What is the single most important lesson you learned in 2010?

    What about in the last decade?

  • Very interesting plans for 2011, Good luck yaro. 2-Hour Work Day is a normal teaching package that suits to everyone. I think that is why universities have 2 hours class.

  • Wow, there can almost be nothing like jiving in the new year with Armin. I’m jealous! 2010 certainly seemed to be a good year for you, overall. Hope 2011 brings more of the same and then some.

  • hi Yaro. I’m happy for your new game plan. It’s awesome that you have the time, passion and motivation to teach others from your success!

    Let me know if there’s anything I can do to help out.

  • Hi Yaro,

    The word prolific has struck me tremendously. Your article is great and although it was very long, I enjoyed reading every word of it. Thank you for sharing the knowledge that you gained through experience.

  • Happy New Year!

    Nice article Yaro, I like your point on setting goals.

  • Hi Yaro,

    Wow, very interesting post to read. I, myself,is in that situation where I am currently building a business system to work for me, so that I can focus my time on doing other important tasks. I will be looking forward to your “2-hour work day” release, as I will probably take some of your ideas that worked for you and come up with new ways to fund my life!

    Happy New Year!


  • Happy 2011! The only other times I have been this excited about starting a new year was when I was getting ready to graduate, newly engaged to be married, or having babies. I have decided 2011 is the year of no excuses and professional/financial freedom for my family!

    Thank you so much for what you offer for free – and the quality of what you offer. I follow some big names in Internet Marketing and the majority of what they offer is plugs for their affiliates. For this reason, you have my loyalty, and hopefully someday some of my continuing education $$!

    Here’s a suggestion – how about some opportunities to win your 2 Hour Workday Course? That’s a contest I would enter in a heartbeat!

  • This post is definitely one that I will regularly return to, for several points well explained.

    One doubt lingers on: if I’m changing towards a profession which matches my passion in life, why would I then be so keen to only work it 2 hours a day? Two hours a day seems to be the time I would be willing to spend on something I absolutely hate, if it allows me to be financially free and spend the rest of my time on things I love.

    I’m following Yaro because I want to learn how to draw financial rewards from writing, which is something I love to do. I could spend whole days writing – in fact, this is my goal, which my current job is preventing me from!

    • That’s a very good question, and yes many who find their passion will choose to spend way more than two hours a day doing it.

      The key however is CHOICE. You get to choose whether you want to do that or not and not need to do it because you will be fired if you don’t.

  • Phenomenal! Phenomenal! Phenomenal!

    I’ve been reading your blog for years and never have I commented or reared my head to say Hi!!

    You’re truly an inspiration Yaro and I can’t agree with you more. I’ve been battling with these “Professional Struggles” as well, wavering in my thoughts and focus from the distractions of “money making opportunities” that would only fulfill one spot of the trinity (as you called it) – and that’s not even guaranteed…

    But your message is very clear my friend… stay true to what you know you should be doing and don’t be swayed by the influences and decisions of others around you when you know that it isn’t a good fit for you beyond ‘cash’….

    Profound Message and you confirmed what I’ve been battling with for the past few months!

    Thanks so much and Happy New Year to you too!

  • Awesome post!

    This content is very inspiring and managed to display, In a very clear & honest way, the exact things that I’m filling today.
    Especially because I’m in the midst of my business building process which I work hard on (way more then 2 hours a day) so it will take me to the path you are describing for the same exact reason of purpose and realization of life desires.

    10x a lot & a happy 2011 to everyone!

  • Thank the Lord! Yaro, I was beginning to think that I just didn’t have the right kind of brain to make it really big online and then you came along and told me AGAIN that it’s ok to keep it simple.

    Don’t get me wrong, I’ve made a very good living online but it’s always involved me doing something – swapping time for money in some form or other, no matter how enjoyable.

    I really thought that I just wasn’t cut out for affiliate marketing (too detailed) or JV Promotions (too hit and miss although some hit big) or even pro-blogging (love to write but can’t get my traffic up to big numbers each day no matter how much unique content I create!)

    However, you have not only given me hope again, but you may have identified a “secret of success” that most people never mention – that of being really, really prolific. When I look at most successful blogs they have posts at least every day or so – and some much more than that as you mentioned.

    Perhaps I’m doing the stuff I can do right, but just NOT ENOUGH of it for long enough!

    Back to the blogging! And I’m looking forward to seeing what you bring out next – it just may be the answer for those of us who HAVE to keep it simple (or our brains implode) but who want to crack 5 figures a month or more.

    Cheers, Nicola

  • Great article, Can’t wait for the launch of 2-hours work day course. I’m every excited to start reading it. I learn so much every single time I visit this website.
    Thank you for all the enlightenment.
    Happy new year.

  • Happy New Year to you Yaro. Your plans sound like they are right on par with what you should be able to achieve in 2011. Insightful post of what you are up to for the next year but would like to learn more on your ‘2 hour workday’ product to be release so will stay posted to the blog.

    Dwight Anthony
    Financially Elite

  • Hi Yaro, I am a retired person that has been hooked on the idea of materializing an online business, since I came across your “Become a Blogger” I have learnt more about it than all the previous years looking for information online, I thought I can only thank you for all the free information you provide based on you own experience and I will continue to read your blogs. Thanks again.

    Jose A. Minacori

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  • Yaro..this year has been good for most of us, hopefully 2011 brings more joy and peace to the world..let 2011 begin

    Thanks so much for your informative information. Will read your posts.


  • Great Article, Awesome Goals Your Sharing with us, i have bookmarked your blog for next articles. Thanks

  • Happy new year, i’m interested in learning more about this 2 hr workday.

  • This is very encouraging, though I don’t know how many of us have the stamina, foresight and creativeness to really make some good money.

  • However, I’ll keep trying as I am convinced it can work. doing a lot of reading and trying to be logical in approach

  • Dan

    Awesome blog! I enjoy seeing what other entrepreneurs and web visionaries are up to to keep myself informed. It’s really interesting the things that you can do online to create a buzz. I also like see what entrepreneurs are involved in which charities. One other business man who I have been following is engaged in many charities, Clint Sanderson. You could check him out. I will definitely be back to your blog! Thanks again.

  • Excellent read, I just passed this onto a colleague who was doing a little research on that. And he actually bought me lunch because I found it for him smile So let me rephrase that: Thanks for lunch!

  • I hope your plans will be achieved in 2011, I also got huge plans for 2011! Blogging will be bigger then ever 🙂

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