13 Articles To Help You On Your Entrepreneurs Journey

This is Yaro here, briefly intruding on Leigh’s column. I just wanted to clarify that Leigh wrote this article to highlight many of the best and most important articles hidden away in the archives of this blog. Since Leigh is a long time reader of Entrepreneurs-Journey.com (and now columnist) she’s been around long enough to see this content come and go on the front page and be in a position to talk about what she thinks is worth reviewing, especially if you are new to this blog.

Here is what Leigh recommends you read…

As blog readers, we can get into the habit of thinking we know it all. This post is a great example of how you can show your readers your best work, especially the past work they may have missed, because often the gems are hidden in the archives from years gone by.

Make Your Article Popular, Again And Again

None of us start with 1000+ blog readers. We start with a few and work our way up to there and beyond. You don’t get to a large following, without providing great material among all your promotions and work.

Don’t assume that all the newcomers to your blog have read your best material or even more than one post of your material. Every chance you get, remind them of what you have done. This is a huge mistake I have made. Don’t make the same mistake!

Here are a few quick tips:

  1. Create an “If you like this…” link at the bottom of your posts. If they read through that article, who is to say they will not read through another one.
  2. Link to older articles on Twitter, Facebook and in email. Remind people you have already covered some of their current concerns and did a while ago.
  3. Backlink in your new articles to your old articles.

These may seem like simple tips, but implementing them is important.

A Crash Course In Yaro’s Work

If you were to devote a weekend to absorbing these following posts, you would be ahead of the pack as an entrepreneur.

Part of the problem for many people, especially chronic learners, is information overload. Information overload doesn’t have to be a bad thing though. It is only negative when the information is conflicting and steering you in multiple directions. Take a look at these posts to help you in a very short amount of time develop the right type of information overload.

I have broken the following articles into three stages to make it easier for you to begin your studies.

Stage One: Inner Self

These posts help you get your heart and strategy in the right place. They take a look at how to define your life’s purpose to yourself and what it means to be an entrepreneur. It also is a great way to get to know Yaro and how he has became who he is.

1.  A Day In The Life (2009)

I think this post gives insight to what a template of your life could look like.  Yaro describes his day and makes effort to try and define a day from start to end. You will notice, he seems to have trouble doing so because his day is ultimately about freedom. Freedom is also my ultimate agenda and this post shows how simple and possible freedom is to achieve.  Best of all, you don’t feel as if the only way you could achieve it is being the heiress of a fortune.


2.  How You Can Change The World

Technically, I don’t want you to read just this article, but start at the beginning of the article series. It is a brilliant and spiritually driven series that avoids preaching, but heightens awareness. This particular article is the closing piece and it is a good one. Perhaps I am naive, and perhaps I suffer from an overdose of grandeur and narcissism, but I want to change the world, so this is right up my alley.


3.  The Key To Happiness

What a great post and one I never caught until reviewing titles for this article. I believe, and not many do, in happiness. More importantly, I believe that happiness takes work. I don’t believe in being lazy in self-improvement. It is easy to slip into negativity or let the negativity of others affect you. The important thing is to work for it. This posts touches on that and more. This is an important for positive thinking.


4. Why People Struggle To Get What They Want

In a recent blog post, Yaro covered so much of what you need to do to be successful. Tasking, confidence, and passion.  You see real life examples of dialogue with a friend and his mother you can use to help apply to your own situation.  This is the type of blog post which shines in a less obvious ways, but if you take the time to breath it in, you will gain a lot.


5.  How To Combine Your Brain And Willpower To Break The Pattern Of Average Results

The title says it all. Don’t be average, be exceptional.


Stage Two: Simple, But Important

These posts look at important topics you can’t neglect when starting out. Even if you think you are advanced, it never hurts to go back. I can say for myself, I have been neglecting some of the basics you would assume at my level and education I would have down. I had a lot of fun taking notes while re-reading these posts.

6.  Does Your Website Make Sense?

This is a simple and quick post, but I land on websites everyday who could benefit from reading this short post.


7. Can You Explain Your Blogs Purpose In One Second

Great article with video about how to relay what your blog or websites purpose is about. I urge you to look at this post, even if you already have a blog (established or not).


8. How To Maximize Profit From Every Product You Make

There is a difference between working hard once and working too hard for the rest of your life. Having products or a service is one of the best ways to produce income. If you use it right, it can provide profit for many years to come.


9. How To Avoid Hype When You Sell

I am still working on that fine line between passion and over the top. It is easier said than done. The wrong technique can not only turn off buyers, but harm your brand. This post discusses a simple ways on how to avoid that.


10. How To Market With Blog Comments The Right Way

Having a popular blog myself I can’t tell you the daily amounts of spam and improper blog comments I get. I can also tell you, I have built real professional relationships off of people who left comments on my blog. The technique does work, but there is an art and method to it.


Stage Three: Taking A Step Towards Advanced

When you have your mindset in the right place and have mastered the basics, this is a great next step. Get to know how to attract affiliates and how to launch membership sites.  It doesn’t have to take years of doing the basics to get there either, so don’t be intimated.

11. The Truth About Membership Sites

I use three main business models. Clients, product sales, and membership site. The best move I ever made was to start a membership site.  Who helped in the launch and method of my site? Yaro. I was a member of his Membership Mastermind Course.


12. How NOT to Approach a Potential Joint Venture Partner

I get approached often with JV offers for two reasons. 1) I have a large following.  2) People know I have their best interest at heart and quality control. For every 100 JV offers I get, I may not accept one of them. This post explains why that is.


13. Tap Massive Leverage: How to Gain Access To Inner Circle Top Affiliates

If looking to get in with the “who’s who” of your niche, this is a must read.


Last, But Not Least

The most important free information you can grab from Yaro is his Blog Profits Blueprint. A free piece of material that stands above what others try to sell.

Leigh Peele

About Leigh Peele

Leigh Peele is a nationally published author and expert in the field of fat loss. Currently, she has two successful ebooks, a membership site, and endless options in clients and business opportunity. She is now taking her time to help others grow in the business of marketing and blogging. You can find more information at http://www.leighpeele.com

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  • Awesome Post!, I’m still working through it!…

    David Edwards

  • Thanks Leigh
    I have read all of Yaro’s posts over the years, but its always a great reminder to go back over the ones relevant to me now.
    Getting the ‘if you like this’ plugin ready now!

  • Having these articles in one place is awesome..yes I have had the pleasure to read all of them and I will say they are worth sharing..

    “Black Seo Guy “Signing Off”


    Thanks for a great list, I have already read some of them but being a fairly new reader here there is a lot I have obviously missed.

    I’ll be sure to check back and go through them all.

    Thanks again


  • Hi Leigh,

    Thanks a lot for compiling this list. I am comparatively new to this blog and really enjoyed reading the older post. Will go through all of them!

    Riya Sam
    Training for Entrepreneurs.com

  • Hi Leigh,

    I’m relatively new to Yaro’s blog so this list is really beneficial to me.

    The “explaining your blog’s purpose in 1 second” jumps out at me. If you laser pinpoint your purpose I can see how it can be explained in a sec. Of course, this does take some laser-pinpointing 😉

    Thanks for sharing the powerful breakdown Leigh.


  • It was a real need to compose your best work here at the top of your blog because you have given a lot of value in your archive difficult to find and gain the access there specially the problem creates for your new readers. It’s really a great move to make use of your previous written most popular articles.

  • Good collation of articles Leigh! Well done. My favourites tend to be the more practical, blog orientated articles. There were two I’d not read before in your list – without this I wouldn’t have found them.

    Maybe you should do three more list posts – comprehensive lists under each category!

  • Well, thanks Yaro for sharing this as this is really helpful. I like the way you always wanted to give your very best for us your readers. I do appreciate every single but have great content articles of yours. All these articles are really essential and I think I’ve already read 8 of them and still continuing to read your post weekly.

  • HI Leigh this is a great post!! I’ll bookmarked your post! thanks for share!!

  • your article has always give me courage to prove myself that i can do business even tough has little experience.thank you so much and i will always follow you.

  • These articles will help any beginner to formulate a roadmap that will help them achieve success as a blogger on Internet entrepreneur.

  • good list – and to Paul’s point, a list broken by categories would be really helpful, especially for those who are relatively new to Yaro’s blog. some of us need life lessons, some of us need practical process based lessons, some need technical help and so forth…

  • I especially like the linking to older posts on Twitter and Facebook. Normally, we get our blogs going before T & F, and we have a lot of early-on content that just doesn’t get seen. Great idea! I’ll put it in practice.

  • Awesome Tips Yaro! Keep ’em Up! 😀

  • Awesome post! Thanks for sharing this great links. You are awesome!

  • very nice post, thank u!

  • Yaro,

    This is a great idea! Thanks so much for sharing all your posts as I always learn something great from you, as well as how to do this for myself.



  • Hi Leigh (and Yaro!),

    Thanks so much for reminding me of these articles…Yaro’s archives are a wealth of knowledge about being an entrepreneur but also about defining and owning a personal understanding of success. As a long time reader of EJ, I can truly say that all these resources are inspiring and motivating!


  • This is a good list Leigh, thanks.
    It’s a nice blend of spiritual/personal development and technical/practical.
    Very useful and helpful, I’ll definitely spend more time going though it in the next few days.
    ~ Rory

  • Going to have to bookmark the list as it is a lot of reading of which I need to take it all in. Re old posts and making sure that readers are reminded by them, Is link within not a good wordpress plug in to use? I like blogs that have link within as it looks smart without being intrusive.

  • Great post,

    Thanks for sharing Leigh.

    Now I know what I’m going to read coming weekend 🙂


  • Hi its all common sense but its really good to be reminded. So often I sit down to write a blog entry and get so wrapped up I’ve forgotten all the internet marketing principles – keyword in headline, in first 60 words etc, teaser at the end – daft but Im sure we all do it – thanks for the wake up call

  • Great post Yaro,

    I think “information overload” is one of the biggest problem of all online entrepreneurs. There is so much “How to”, “New revolution” and so much cool stuff to read, that most of us stop working because of one interesting article 😉

    And there is an other point: You should get a clear mind, clear targets and clear dream about what you get in life.

    Regards from Germany


  • Wow you link to lots of great information, not just about internet marketing but about a great perspective on business and life.

    Regarding information overload – It’s definitely a problem you can handle just focus on taking action instead of worrying about missing something, limit time spent taking in new information (results are ultimately driven by taking action)

  • I agree with you Thomas, especially when I started out, It was definitely information overload. Thanks for the resources Leigh.

    – Robert

  • Big thanks for that list, Leigh. I remember reading some of them since I started visiting the site but great to go through the ones I missed and you deem important. Nothing like enjoying a cup of coffee and cookies while reading these. 🙂

  • First of all thank you very much for the post, it’s brilliant how you have provided a list of useful posts and resources for your readers at the same time promoting some of your top posts. Will make sure to read as much as I can, Keep up the great work.

  • Wow, thanks for this list Leigh, really awesome stuff and I can’t wait to ‘dig in.’

    I love your tips on reviving old posts too! We put so much work into what we create, it’s wonderful to have ways to still get leverage from the past work too 🙂

    New to your blog but loving it so far! Can’t wait to read more from you.


  • I’m enjoying this a lot but the link for #5 doesn’t appear to be working.

  • First of all thank you very much for the post, it’s brilliant how you have provided a list of useful posts and resources for your readers at the same time promoting some of your top posts. Will make sure to read as much as I can, Keep up the great work.

  • Good post. I agree about showing related posts at the bottom, it really increases the pageviews per visit statistic.

  • Great List! I like the way you created the different stages.

    It would be cool to see article collections (like this one). You can the rebrand the collection as a whole offering people new collections/topics, each collection would have an encompassing theme. Would be great to allow people to immerse themselves in one theme vs digging through all the old topics (even though thats a good way too). Could be a new section for this site! 😉

  • Excellent Article Man.

    I really love these articles. I have bookmarked your post.

  • Excellent article.

  • Having followed this blog for quite some time I have read most of the posts you mention, but there are a few I have missed out on. This list just goes to show how diverse Yaro’s blog is.

    – Andrew

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