How Creativity Wins Friends And Influences People

In Neroli’s second article on how creativity can help your business and you as an entrepreneur, she looks at the character of the “Joker” (no, not the Batman Joker) and how it can help you to form connections and build relationships with people. You will also find a link to the character profile survey Neroli promised in her last article at the end of this article.

Hi again. Thanks for popping online and checking out my next article. I guess this really is the million-dollar question and we could answer it in a million different ways. For today, I’m just going to concentrate on one aspect of creativity that definitely helps to build relationships, and can facilitate super fast and fluid connections in the “know-like-trust” sales equation. It’s also an aspect of creativity that I find particularly enjoyable to be around and I always go back for more of.

I mentioned Dr. Stuart Brown’s play personalities in my last article, and how they’re connected to finding our unique forms of creative expression. He has defined the Joker as one of the 8 major play personalities. This is also an ancient archetypal player in the game of life. The Joker has always played a key role in accessing and expressing extraordinary insights and wisdom. As Dr. Brown says, “Humor is a central part of our evolution.”

How Creativity Makes Connections

But how does this aspect of creativity help with relationship building and making connections? I have a couple of stories about a few people who demonstrate how this works perfectly.

In my book, I talk about a great friend of mine, and an exceptional businesswoman, Anna Lisa Tortora. She owns and runs a business with her husband that produces, imports and exports fine foods nationally and internationally (

Over the years, I’ve watched Anna Lisa use her creativity in her business to build relationships and boost sales. One of the primary aspects of her creativity she engages to do this is her Joker play personality. On any given day that I visit, Anna Lisa reels off a few of the latest and finest jokes she’s been adding to her repertoire to get a giggle out of whomever crosses her path. This sense of shared enjoyment and laughter immediately facilitates connection and builds rapport with those around her.

Some people are naturally adept at this gift of remembering and telling jokes, and making people laugh. When played out with finesse, the Joker aspect of creativity forms an instant connection with others. The ability to make a connection and build rapport covers the first two elements of “know and like” in the “know-like-trust”, sales equation. Being skilled in the art of the Joker can have a profound effect on your ability to create connections and build relationships with ease.

Creativity For Improving Work Relationships

I’ve also observed Anna Lisa in action when she’s communicating with clients and staff. Her ability to defuse tension with humor and facilitate fluid interactions with others using her Joker play personality is an invaluable asset in her business. A good example is when things are getting strained in a work environment as deadlines loom and challenges hit an all time high.

I’ve watched Anna Lisa’s Joker play personality bring some welcome comic relief to release some of the tension and bring things back into perspective. One of the primary roles of the Joker is to bring insights and perspective to any given situation, but they also offer a valuable service in their ability to relieve stress and tension with humor.

The Power Of Creativity To Make An Impression

Now I’d like to move on to a businessman whom I’ve seen engage the Joker aspect of his creativity to have a positive impact in building relationships and boosting sales. I’ve known Kerwin Rae for a number of years, and been a keen observer of his somewhat meteoric rise to become one of the world’s number one experts on influence.

I recently saw Kerwin in action at a two day event, which involved over eight thousand people in the audience, and a dozen other speakers including Sir Richard Branson and Tony Robbins. I was particularly interested in seeing how Kerwin accessed his creativity to make a lasting impression on the audience that was swamped with a lot of information from world-class speakers and businesspeople. I was also interested in seeing how he used his creativity to build relationships and boost sales in the 90 minutes he had on stage.

So, how did Kerwin’s creativity accomplish all this in those 90 minutes? From the beginning of the presentation to the end, Kerwin was reeling off funny stories and anecdotes to illustrate his information and looking like he was having an absolute blast whilst up there. He had the audience cracking up laughing, and for the time he was presenting, he kept eight thousand people entertained, engaged and open to the information he was sharing.

Creativity Wins Friends And Influences People

Kerwin was drawing on his Joker play personality for much of the time he was on stage, and at the same time, engaging the audience in a form of collective play. Dr. Brown refers to the increased level of neural connections being made in the brain when he says, “Nothing lights up the brain like play”. By engaging the audience in a form of collective play, Kerwin was able to keep people interested, open and attentive as he shared his information.

Kerwin’s ability to connect with the audience using his creativity and build relationship in that time meant he was able to cover those aspects of the sales equation of “know, like and trust”. The remaining part of the equation of “need and provide” was not necessarily covered by this aspect of his creativity, but as a leader in his field, he successfully fulfilled those criteria as I watched a substantial number of people lining up at the sales table at the end of the presentation to purchase his products and services.

“Fake It Til You Make It” Is Not An Option Here

There is a very serious point to be made here; being skilled in the creative expression of the Joker play personality is NOT something that can be faked. You can learn to express it more effectively, but it needs to be something you are authentically drawn to engage in to begin with. Both Anna Lisa and Kerwin are naturally gifted Jokers, and their sense of humor bubbles up and spills over into any interactions they have, whether personal or business.

If you try to be funny when it’s not something that comes naturally to you, it will more than likely have the opposite effect of what you are hoping to accomplish. It’s easy to turn people off if they think you’re being inauthentic or faking it. This goes for every aspect of your creativity. You can certainly improve and build upon your gifts, but trying to be someone you are not is the best way to have your desired outcome backfire on you.

One more thing to note at the end of this article, each of the people I have described are at the top of their game due to a lot of consistent hard work, and providing quality products and services. Just because they’re funny and skilled at engaging in the Joker aspect of their creativity doesn’t mean instant success or cash in their pockets. It’s one extremely useful and highly lucrative aspect of creativity, but a combination of skills and creative abilities are needed to be successful in business.

The great news is, if this isn’t one of your creative gifts, there’s a massive array of other forms of creativity that can bring the same results to your business. I will be writing more about these other aspects in future articles.

Creative Character Profiler Survey

If you would like to know how you score in the Creative Character profile for the Joker play personality, you can do the survey by clicking on this link.

For those of you who have waited patiently for the link to be fixed whilst we’ve recovered from crazy flooding, thank you.

For anyone interested in knowing more about this aspect of creativity, I’ve added a short video on my website that covers how the Joker is an asset to your personal relationships. Once again, thanks for reading this post, and here’s to your creative success!

Neroli Makim

About Neroli Makim

Neroli Makim is an intuitive artist and writer who loves exploring Creativity and its relationship to personal fulfillment and professional success. She educates people about Creativity, what it is, why it’s important and how to access it within themselves. For more information, visit

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  • Wow, that is interesting. There’s a part of me that has always though if I joke while I’m doing business people won’t take me seriously. And you probably wouldn’t joke during a job interview, but in a more level playing field situation. Or, if one did tell an appropriate, short joke in an interview maybe it would make an impression. Not completely sure here, but food for thought.

    In my personal life, I have humor as a top value, I like to tell jokes and have a “stable” of jokes though they’re all “dirty jokes” and not appropriate for business, but the point is I Iove telling them. And it’s true, that the Joker element puts folks in a state that is more receptive and accepting.

    I suppose it’s time to learn some clean jokes!

    Thank you for a thought-provoking article and the creativity resources.

    • Thanks for the comments Natalie. Quite right re the jokes needing to be appropriate for the setting, but it’s a brilliant gift you have there, & so valuable in both business & personal situations. Timing’s always important, but joker’s already know this:) cheers, neroli

  • Hi Neroli this is really great article!! and the way to collected email address is very creative!

    here’s my result. LOL everything is avrage

    The Artist/Creator 22.22%
    The Collector 11.11%
    The Storyteller 11.11%
    The Director 11.11%
    The Competitor 11.11%
    The Explorer 11.11%
    The Kinaesthete 11.11%
    The Joker 11.11%

    • Hi Semmy, thanks for your kind words:) It is an unusual way to collect details, I’m actually also truly fascinated by this survey. Your results are very unusual, mostly people will have 2 or 3 major scoring personalities. Being almost the same across the board is rare! Cool that you have a high score for the Creator, it means you’re gifted at making something from nothing:)
      cheers, neroli

  • great points- completely agree.
    will check out the survey.)

    • Hey Kara, hope you had fun playing with the survey:) cheers, neroli

  • For me I’ve started to infuse me creativity into my business. I’m a big fan of hip hop so I started creating videos that infuses my passion for music in it. I think, that would give me an edge over my competitors. Also when I use the creative side of me to promote what I do, it’s easy for me to come across authentically, and it more genuine.

    • Hi Joyce:) Getting that sense of authenticity to shine through in anything you’re doing is a great way to be noticed! I wrote about it in my book. There’s a certain energy about someone who is really grounded in their own truth & can express it, it attracts others because it’s a really powerful presence. Nice work, cheers, neroli.

  • Being creative is great, as your trying new and different techniques, but as you have mentioned don’t fake it, it needs to be naturally. Everyone has their own unique qualities, which if they bring this out while in conversation with customers, and friends, that is creativity, be natural, and have a charm.
    Nice post 🙂

    • thanks Wasim, I’ve only met one person named Wasim before. Natural is the only way it works:) Cheers, neroli

  • Thanks for the interesting article, its true and thinking more creative makes live sometimes pretty easier 😉

    • Thanks david, it sure makes life more interesting anyway…& hopefully a lot more fun! Cheers, neroli

  • Thanks Neroli, great article!
    Kerwin is certainly all you described. I have also enjoyed watching his “meteoric rise” to become one of the world’s number one experts on influence (

    My results from your quiz are pretty accurate!
    The Artist/Creator 17.54%
    The Explorer 17.54%
    The Director 17.54%
    The Competitor 14.04%
    The Storyteller 10.53%
    The Joker 10.53%
    The Kinaesthete 7.02%
    The Collector 5.26%

    The top 3 are certainly the driving influences in my life.

    I look forward to learning more from your next post! Thanks

    • Hi Natalee, it’s pretty wild about Kerwin hey? One day he’s just this funny, charming guy in a room with everyone else, next thing he’s on stage with Tony Robbins & Richard Branson! I’ll check out yr site later, sounds like we could swap some stories:)

      It’s interesting, a lot of women score high in the Director personality, it seems to be very much aligned with the way we work in the world. It would be a fascinating research topic! Cheers, neroli

  • Great ideas you have here. Will definitely take the survey.



    • Thanks Karen, hope you had fun with the survey, cheers, neroli

  • Hi Neroli

    I took the quizz. While such quizzes are bound to be self-fulfilling, there was a unique touch to yours. I particularly liked the questions on “how others perceive you”. For example, I find myself creative, exploratory and story telling, while my relatives will often emphasize my communication skills, leadership and competitiveness. The latter are also the ones I am professionally rewarded for, while I’m seeking more reward from the ones I value (or long for?) myself.

    Who we truly are and what is our bliss we should follow, is probably not only to be found through introspection, but also by inspecting our interaction with others and their perception of us. On the other hand, we shouldn’t let ourselves be impeded by superficial characterizations and clichés or submit to a regression to the mean. It’s an interesting balance, which your quizz neatly reflects.


    The Artist/Creato 21.88%
    The Explorer 18.75%
    The Storyteller 15.62%
    The Kinaesthete 15.62%
    The Collector 9.38%
    The Competitor 6.25%
    The Joker 6.25%
    The Director 6.25%

    • Hey dieter, thanks for the comment:)

      I liked getting the feedback about the quiz. I agree that it’s an interesting balance to find between self perception and how the rest of the world perceives us. You had a pretty even splash of characteristics, sometimes people score really highly in some and not at all in others. The artist/explorer and storyteller are a powerful combination:)

      Cheers, neroli

  • Nice post! I will check out the survey as well! Thank you for the entertainment!

  • Great article. Having a jovial personality is one of the best gifts one could be born with, that’s for sure. I myself have also seen how much easier and enjoyable it is to deal with such people who can always maintain an upbeat and humorous tempo without affecting the importance or seriousness of the discussion at the same time. I also try to make myself like that in some ways whenever I can.

  • Hey Komodo, laughing makes the whole world work well as far as I can tell. There’s nothing quite like it for getting things happening, cheers, neroli.

  • Excellent Ideas Man. This Article Makes Me Inspiring.

  • First I must Sat that is one of my most favorite books. And the things to be learned are what I like to call the Golden Rules. Great article thanks Neroli.

  • Hi Joyce:) Getting that sense of authenticity to shine through in anything you’re doing is a great way to be noticed! I wrote about it in my book. There’s a certain energy about someone who is really grounded in their own truth & can express it, it attracts others because it’s a really powerful presence. Nice work, cheers, neroli.

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