How To Get 55 Comments And 98 Likes On Your First Article Using Social Media

A few weeks ago I decided to conduct a social media experiment to see if I could start a blog from scratch and generate a big enough buzz to get a good discussion going. I was on vacation in Florida and had more time on my hands than I normally do, so I decided to give it a go.

The goal was very simple – to get a decent amount of people to leave comments on the blog post and get an active discussion going. I thought about how I would do this. In fact, I thought about it for a few days, and this is the action plan I came up with.

  1. Put social media buttons (tweet, share on Facebook, like on Facebook) in prominent places on the blog post.
  2. Choose a hot topic that people are focused on right now.
  3. Take a stance that is unpopular.
  4. Tweet about the article and post a link on Facebook.
  5. Ask for comments in response to a specific question.
  6. Be an active participant in the discussion (if one actually starts).

I had come up with this plan by observing sites that I had seen get a massive amount of exposure even though they were relatively new. I knew that it needed to involve a strong social media component because SEO couldn’t have such a quick effect. Since the fastest trending stories these days spread virally because of social media, it made sense to me that this would be the way to go.

One morning, I woke up and felt ready to give it a go. I had been watching the show “The Sing Off” on NBC and was absolutely blown away by the performances. The group that won the grand prize was a group called “Committed”. They are a Christian group that joined the show and made it all the way to the end. However, in my opinion, they had made some compromising decisions about the choice of music they sang.

Now, I really don’t want to make this a debate about what they did, or should have done differently. The purpose of this post was to show how I turned it into an active discussion, one that could be used to give my blog a very quick jump start. Let’s take a look at how I implemented the steps and then think about how you could implement similar steps in your new blog, or to give your older blog a nice boost.

Here Is What I Did

I first installed the Linksalpha plugin to my blog. This allowed me to place Tweet this, Facebook share and Facebook like buttons at the top and bottom of each post. There are other plugins that allow you to do the same (and probably even better), but this one seemed to suit my purposes at the time.

Then I wrote a post entitled “Committed won β€œThe Sing Off”, and I hope they read this“. Since “The Sing Off” was a show that just finished, it was fresh on the minds of millions of people all over the world. I knew this had the potential to be a hot topic even on a brand new blog.

At the time, everyone was very excited about the fact that a Christian group had won a secular competition. There were lots of excited people from my church talking about it. I was also excited, because they ROCKED, but took the stance that they needed to be careful with what they were doing. They had chosen to perform some compromising songs that caused some negative (in my opinion) comments about Christianity from the judges .

Once the article was finished, I posted it to my blog, sent out a tweet and posted a link to it on Facebook saying “Alright, so here’s my official message to Committed. Let me know what you think by leaving a comment on the page”.

I also made sure to specifically ask people to leave their comments at the bottom of the post. Although blogging is quite common, there are still a ton of people that aren’t familiar with the commenting process, so giving that extra nudge always helps.

Then I sat back and waited. What happened next surprised me. This struck a chord with many people. There were lots of people that felt the same way, but hadn’t said anything. There were also a bunch of people who were on the extreme end, almost condemning them to hell (yeah, I know, kinda crazy, but definitely interesting). Almost 100 people liked it on Facebook, and a total of 55 comments were left. No, that’s not viral, but to get that much buzz on a brand new blog when not even trying definitely shows the power of social media.

How To Implement This Strategy On Your Blog

Not everyone cares to write a blog post about a television show. In fact, in many niches, it wouldn’t be relevant to do so. It’s not necessarily something I recommend, unless it compliments what you are trying to do in a seamless way. However, there is a principle that applies to any niche where there are a core group of people who are interested. That principle is as follows:

Find out what people in your niche are passionate about and make it as EASY as possible to participate in a discussion and share it with others. If you can do that, you potentially have a viral situation.

I do not intend to build much on that blog post in the near future, but it was a fun little experiment. Social media is extremely powerful – in my opinion, more than any television show or news broadcast can be, because it’s instant. In my opinion, in the blogosphere as it is today, if you plan on having a significant online presence, having a strong social media is also a necessity.

My plan is to take this principle and try to apply it to my Biology site over the next few weeks. It will take a little more creativity, because for some strange reason, NBC has yet to decide to produce a popular Biology reality show ;), but the principle should still apply (by the way, if you have any cool ideas as to what I can do, feel free to share).

Of course, I’ll report back on my results, so stay tuned . . .

What About You?

Have you implemented any really successful social media campaigns that led to an active discussion on your blog? If so, what did you do and how? What were the effects? Let me know below.

Click here to read the follow-up article.

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  • What a great little experiment to demonstrate the power of Social Media.

    The action plan has some tasks in it that would help with any post for a blog.
    The point about asking for comments and then participating in the discussion that follows seems to be a common thread in several of the successful blogs that I visit regularly.

    And that’s perhaps why I do visit them regularly.

    • Bob

      This could be a great idea but for newbies, I think it won’t work so well at first. For big blogs yes this is great.

      Installing too many plugins is not all recommended.

  • Some great points here. I must agree that although SEO is a great long term traffic generator, there’s nothing quite like the viral potential of social media.

    Thanks for the enlightening post!

  • Awesome post and great title.

    I like the simple strategy to get comments and social media shares with social media sites.
    If you’re active on social media sites then you even can get 100 comments and shares.

    Asking questions in the comments works great and is also the best way to get more comments.

    Another great way to get more shares is by doing giveaway or contest (for twitter, facebook).

    Anyways, Thanks for sharing this great Post leslie

    • “Another great way to get more shares is by doing giveaway or contest (for twitter, facebook).”

      This sounds like a good idea. Could you expound upon how you do this?

  • This is not that easy to do especially if your site does not get a lot of traffic and you don’t have a large social community. Maybe if you were an author blogger with some traffic, you will be able to do this on a consistent basis.

  • Social media and marketing is definitely powerful, and can do wonders if done correctly as demonstrated above. You need to build up a good presence in the social media world first.

  • Interesting article from TheFreebieGuy, but this will not work for me because I don’t really have a big list on facebook or twitter. I get some really good click through but that all. What i would do is I will write a nice blog post to respond to a very popular blog post. Twitter about it replying to the blog owner or writer and see if that would pick up.

    Actually ‘am going to do that write now.

    • That’s one way of looking at it Joyce. However, there’s another way. You said that you don’t really have a big list on facebook or twitter. My answer to that is – then get a big list on facebook or twitter πŸ™‚

      It’s not the easiest thing to do, but if you do it the right way it’s definitely worth it. On my twitter account, I have a measly 46 followers. On my Facebook Account I had around 1200 friends when I posted the link. However, the key is that I tried to be pretty active one my Facebook account in the last few months.

      At first, when I posted to facebook, I would hardly get any responses, but as I became more active, that definitely helped. It’s one thing to talk about what we don’t have, and another thing to go out there and get it.

      • I will say once again, any time spent getting followers on a facebook page or twitter is wasted time you could be producing content that is going to get real followers to your blog. I have thousands of twitter followers, i have never read a tweet, not even 1. On facebook, I hide all of the people who just promote their sites until i figure out how to get rid of them.
        It’s 12 noon here in Chicago, i have had 9,782 unique vistors today. Porbablt less than 5 came from social media. We have 27 new articles today..that’s where they came from.
        I made six figures in less than 3 months using ZERO social media but gaining real followers by delievering content.
        Sorry for venting on you here but I strongly disagree with this apporaoch as far as making money as I have NEVER seen it work long term and rarely short term.

        • But Mitch, the takeaway from your comment is “i dont THINK it will work” correct?
          you said you havnt tried to test his ideas… dont get me wrong i love what you write and i love hearing your thoughts [and im not saying wether i agree or disagree with his post] but one of the reasons i didnt make money from my blog earlier is because i had the same thoughts about blogging…

          “meh, im not as smart as yaro and darren rowse, i cant make money blogging, so i wont even bother trying…”

          • actually my comment is meant to say that for the most part social media is a waste of time and the vast majority of people will NEVER make money from it. The people who will make money from social media are : 1) People who create social meadia site (Facebook, twitter, etc.) 2) People who blog about social media 3) People who sell rodicts to people trying to convince them they have uncapped some sort of way to make tons of money using social media.
            For EVERYONE ELSE, it is a waste of time. While I like and respect Yaro and Darren, I didn’t even know who they were until I had been blogging for a few months and I knew people were making money on the web so maybe that’s why their success had little bearing on the prospects of my own.
            I have NEVER SEEN IT WORK. I have tried it but why would i waste even 5 minutes doing something that will make me no money when i know writing the type of quality content that will keep people coming back, and get them to become followers of MY SITE, not a facebook or Twitter follower, is what is going to make money in the end.
            If you think this is the way to get “found” you are sadly mistaken. If you write enough quality and consistent content, Google, Bing and all of the others will make sure people find you.

          • Dude Mitch, you are trippin πŸ˜‰

            Hey, I 100% agree with you that you have to produce great content to grow a following. That’s really what it’s all about. Put good stuff out there and when people come to your site, they will stay there, love it, bookmark it, visit often, and share it with the world.

            However, to say that Social media doesn’t work because you never do it and have “never seen it work” is a kind of “out there” statement. If you can get good traffic to your blog using social media, then what’s the problem? If you get good traffic to your blog and you can capture that traffic and convert them to loyal subscribers, then what’s the problem.

            I have SEEN IT WORK (not screaming, just typing like you did, lol). I know people who have gotten traffic from social media and have made money from it personally.

            I love your passion man, but realize that what works for you won’t necessarily work for everyone else. Internet Marketing is about finding what works for you and then working it. This was a simple experiment showing that you can get Traffic using social media. What you do with that traffic is up to you πŸ™‚

          • BTW, look at Gary Vaynerchuck and then tell him that social media is crap. He used social media very heavily to build a strong following of hundreds of thousands of followers and is making A TON of Money from what he has done. He’s “Crushing it”! πŸ™‚

            Oh, and by the way, you are using social media all the time. Youtube is one of the biggest social media sites out there πŸ˜€

          • I remember one tip from Yaro out of many, and that was always to look out for the trends …and I’m keeping close tabs on one:

            … Facebook looks like it may become the new Google very soon….don’t miss out.

          • facebook the new google? don’t bet on it.
            I know about trends and I am the trend setter in my industry. While everyone else is wasting there time figuring out how to get facebook friends and twitter followers, I am already working on bringing my site to television and I am releasing a new product by the end of next month that will probably make five million or more in recurring income. It will revolutionize my industry.

          • Gary Vaynerchuck probably makes more money talking and writing about Social Media then he does actually using it to create traffic, just my guess.
            I just think the bulk of the traffic that comes from social media is n’t good. I think that the bulk of the people who find my site through google or bing are about 500 times more likely to return than someone who becomes a twitter follower or facebook fan or friend as those people do that just hoping i reciprocate so they can spam my audience as well.
            Leslie, I love what you do bu I really would like to see examples of people who make money from social media who aren’t people who make money by talking about social media or creators of a social media site.

          • He probably does make more money now talking and writing about Social Media – that’s right. However, he did use Social Media to help build his Wine Business to $60 Million in revenue per year.

            Either way, I’m definitely NOT saying that your business should be the foundation of your business. However, it can be used to get traffic. It WON’T substitute for a crappy website, but it can help expand the reach of your QUALITY site.

            This really was just an experiment. In fact, I will be removing that blog pretty soon and doing something a bit different. Mitch, don’t rule out social media. No, you might not need it, and your strategy definitely works. However, you can discount social media for it’s ability to generate a buzz, which is the topic of this post.

            No, buzz doesn’t cause traffic to stick inherently. That part is up to you, working your butt off to generate quality content on a regular basis and following proven steps that helps you to build your brand and build your business.

          • Oops, typo. I meant to say “I’m definitely NOT saying that SOCIAL MEDIA should be the foundation of your business.

  • I do write about current events on one of my other sites and people just eat up the discussion because people just love to give their opinion on things.

    “Black Seo Guy “Signing Off”

  • I have just written a response article on my blog on this topic. These are the strategies ‘am going to implement in the next few weeks

    How To Get 55 Comments And 98 Likes On Your First Article Using Social Media (Reponse)

    Do you think it’s practical?

  • That was an informative post! I have been thinking about adding the tweet this and facebook like icons to my blogs. Your post allowed me to see a strategy to make it work for me. Also, thank you for the information about Link Alpha. Very useful. Thanks!

  • Great post with great little experiment Leslie πŸ™‚

    Thanks for sharing.


  • Another combination to improve our blog traffic and it will really help us out because someone experimented on the same what we have to follow in our current month planning to promote our blog and recent articles that really matters to the life of our readers in anyway.

  • This reminds me of an old cheese commercial “Behold the Power of Social Media” ha.

    How does one do this who doesn’t already have a Facebook and/or twitter following to get it started?



    • You can get started by getting on Facebook and twitter and joining the conversations that are already going. Make an honest effort to grow your social media presence, network with others and watch your following grow.

      Once you’ve done this, you can leverage your social media presence to drive traffic.

  • I have been doing most of these things. The real gem I found here for me is taking an unpopular stance. Brilliant! I usually cut across the grain anyway.

  • Wow…who would have thought that a singing competition could provide the fodder for such an excellent social media experiment!

    I think your point about emphasizing and encouraging people to comment is really key – it is so easy to just click the “like it” button or retweet, but many people feel intimidated to share their own thoughts, especially on a popular site. giving them the go ahead that it’s ok, and in fact welcomed, to talk is key to getting a great dialogue going.

    Thanks for this piece!


  • Thank you for this great post! I also think that social media can be powerful but you must have a lot of followers first. I found it very difficult to get a lot of followers on Facebook because I am really new to the online business and a lot of people only use Facebook for getting in contact with their friends or making new friends. So I searched for other social media sites where you can get in contact with other people but only for business purpose. The sites I can recommend are Sokule, People String and Viral Networks. So if you are looking for social media sites where you can promote your blog or products directly to other people who are interested in online business you should check out these sites. I have more followers on Sokule now than on Twitter. Sokule is more powerful than Twitter.

    I am writing on this blog for the first time though I have been following it for a long time already. Yaro, your blog is really amazing and interesting as you also give the chance to other bloggers and entrepreneurs like Leslie to share their experience.

    I hope I didn’t make too much mistakes. I am not a native English speaker.

    Best regards from Germany,


  • Hi Leslie,

    A neat little experiment here, thanks for sharing with us.

    I feel you had 2 things going for you: strong social sharing along with selecting an emotionally-charged topic. Anything that has religion involved will get pretty strong numbers in terms of readership.

    I still get comments on a blog post I wrote about tithing. It’s from a year and a half ago and I haven’t shared it in over a year. It still circulates someone, and there’s no doubt that my take on tithing is different from the general consensus. Naturally I attracted emotional opinions from people on both sides of the fence.

    Identifying the passionate topics in your niche is really what it’s most about. Find something people become passionate about discussing and you have planted the seed for a viral post. Make it easy to share, the seed grows. Engage on social networks and it really starts to sprout. Engagement is a key element in fanning the social media flames.

    Thanks for sharing your insight Leslie.


  • Awesome post Leslie. Glad to hear that you took the bold step. When you feed people with the right recipe, they will be happy to do anything for you. You can apply how the cells and the hormones has helped “committed” to win πŸ™‚ thanks for sharing.

  • I think the fact that the topic was revolving around the Christian group also stirred an extra buzz. The religion sector is always full of strong reactions to any event. This combined with viral marketing using social media is definitely powerful. I believe that when more countries begin to hop on to the social media trend and easy to interact with other countries, the exchange of opinion and thoughts will be even more powerful.

    • I definitely agree with you on that one. There are a lot of strong reactions within Christianity, which made it an excellent topic to generate a buzz. It definitely demonstrates how powerful Social media can be, especially when combined with a “hot topic”.

      More and more companies are jumping onto the social media scene and that will make it even more powerful. It’s amazing to think how quickly something can spread using social media.

  • I am also doing this .But not the same way you have done.The results are astonishing!Good job.

  • Hi Leslie thank you very much you want to share this one! it’s really good tip! And Wow you get 55 Comments And 98 Likes on your first article! it’s great!

  • Very juicy info Leslie, social media strategies always hard to predict. Your success relies on issue you are highlighting sometime its could drive good amount of traffic but its depends on state of mind of your circle friends you link to. Recent research shows that social media market most probably can use for establish branding and little success converting them to traffic to our site. However, your ideas could workout well for who have many followers or fans. Nice post Leslie. Wish you good luck mate.

  • Leslie,

    Great ideas you have here. I am still learning how to do this, so your information is very helpful.



  • Hmm… that is an interesting idea. Now I just need to come up with an idea to generate that much buzz for my blog. Time to get to work…

  • This article just goes to show having a great title and some quality content can produce buzz. It’s especially better with topics fresh on peoples minds.

    Using twitter button and facebook like on the side for me has proven worthy, but haven’t tried the buttons within the post yet.

  • that’s another reason we should invest time in social media
    thank you yaro πŸ™‚

  • Hey Leslie,
    Great article but the only thing I have an issue with is the issue of sustainability of the traffic. If you write about current issues and don’t relate it to what your blog is about, then you will lose focus big time.

    Cheers, Olusegun

  • Les, whereas I do agree to the power of social media, it takes a little bit of twist to unleashing the viral nature of it in yuour content to a large scale…wit, humor, shock, out-of-this-world experiences and views mostly propell the virus in it…I believe that the response you got from your FB fans and Twitter followers was due to the relationship you had with them from way back…most of them knew your beliefs and stances on such issues that’s why they reacted as fast as they did…but that’s just me…it is always required you build a “profile” of your self in these web 2.0 sites to capture attention…building a personal brand in your blog is what it is…takes time but woth the effort…thanks for your insights

  • Getting comments is easy than getting shares i think. I have been able to get few comments on some of the blogs previously but not in hundreds. You really need a HOT TOPIC and real grip to get that many shares, until or unless u are a guru and already know how to get it viral.

  • I started in November and have built up my social media presence on both Twitter and Facebook steadily every single day. I post my blog posts to both and then I am active in the discussions every day, but not on trivia, it’s highly targeted. This has brought excellent targeted traffic to my site, opened up new contacts and builds that relationship that is so important to a successful business down the road. You learn so much about your readers too, which gives new ideas for posts and so the cycle repeats itself – in my case upwards! I can’t recommend using SM highly enough, but you will need to work at it every day and think about your strategies and you should see a difference, if you know your subject well enough.

  • Appears to me that the key is all about timing. I’d think that depending on the topic, if you don’t hit it at the right time, you’re not going to be effective with your campaign. Social media is definitely powerful though, just study some of the fan pages of Athletes and such, whenever they sent out a status update, it floods so quickly with comments, and likes. Information gets out there so fast nowadays, its quite amazing!


  • This really does show the power of social media. It’s really taking over.

    • I am a little late getting into social media, but better late then never I suppose. And I do agree that social media is the future.

      – Robert

  • This is good stuff, but my main problem is getting the enough exposure for the blog. I can write a great article on my blog, put it thru a bunch of social sites and bookmarking sites, but the blog is still not getting enough hits.

    • Peter, it takes time to build up a blog and get exposure and traffic back to your site. You have to take the long term view – give yourself 6 months to a year of constant marketing + content creation and see if traffic builds progressively. From what I’ve found (and I’m new to blogging), is that if you have many marketing avenues, you have more chance to see traffic return. Try Forum marketing, blog commenting, guest posting, ezine suubmissions AND social media (tip: just be friendly and helpful!) …and above all look after the readers that return to your blog and want to talk with you, because they can refer your site to others…which is very powerful takes time, work and commitment, but if you do these things on a daily/weekly basis, you should see traffic increasing slowly over time. I’ve gone from 20 visitors a day to roughly a 100 each day which is a nice progression in just under three months, with a 200 list size growing – key is to just continually keep giving value – offer something no-one else is offering for free…and just ‘keep going’ and enjoying what you do. Hope this helps.

  • I personally use the plugin called “Digg Digg” it lets you add a range of social media buttons to your posts, and it floats alongside the content as you scroll a la Mashable.

    • I also use DiggDigg! It is a great plugin with lots of versatility.

      About the blog post: I think this is a very informative blog post for many reasons. I run multiple blogs, the main being an inspirational source for Art, Design, and Music. It’s extremely hard to compete with the bigger and more established blogs, but I did find that creating original content is what brings the people coming back for more. I do interviews on one site and they attract the most unique visitors.

  • Thanks for sharing your ideas.Nice Post.

  • This information is very useful for me. I still have much to learn about Social Media
    Thank you very much!

  • This is yet another example of using social media to its fullest advantage! Thank you for the reminder – I really need to be working on this!

  • Lee

    Great experiment. You picked a hot topic, and that’s part of the reason it worked. I’m wondering if you picked a more mundane topic how what would work. Probably not as good, but probably better than it would have minus the social media.

  • Adi

    Your Message Nice Information.

  • Thank you for the tips Leslie. I always enjoy your contributions.

    – Robert

  • I wonder how repeatable this strategy is? Leslie, please do report back on your progress using this strategy.

    Nice 7 Day Bootcamp offering, great intro video, really a grabber, thank you!

  • Thanks Leslie,
    Your post is awesome. Indeed social media is powerful.

  • you are right about Social Media .Social Media is great for SEO.

  • Thanks Leslie – I will definitely stayed tuned and I’m looking forward to your next report. I learned quite a bit from this experiment and I’m going to have to read this post again and take notes. I’ll be using these strategys and trying them out the next time I create a new blog. Awesome stuff. thanks again Leslie.

  • Social Media is a Great Resource for Traffic. Not only it brings traffic, but also lots of sales.

  • Hey, you’ve really inspired me to get out there a try a few new things. I’ve recently even started posting on a few random pages, like justin beaber page, just to see what response I get. We’ll see!!

  • […] How To Get 55 Comments And 98 Likes On Your First Article Using Social Media | Leslie Samuel, […]

  • This is idea is very useful for me because my blog does not get many comments. I believe that it is true that people do not understand the whole commenting process. I feel totally comfortable commenting on people’s blogs though.

  • Leslie those are valid points. I personally use twitter,digg and stumble upon to social bookmark my sites!

  • Hmm is anyone else encountering problems with the pictures on this blog loading? I’m trying to figure out if its a problem on my end or if it’s the blog. Any responses would be greatly appreciated.

    • Stephanie

      Hi Brant Parm,

      Thank you for your comment. There are some E-J articles currently without their original images. We are working to rectify the issue asap.

      E-J Team.

  • Excellent post with great practical points. I will certainly try it and hope for similar results.

  • A post that makes me think. I think your plan of action is definitely a nice way to create some buzz around your blog/brand. It’s worth experimenting with

  • […] informative articles on how to go about generating traffic to your website/blog. Hope they help: How To Get 55 Comments And 98 Likes On Your First Article Using Social Media – Entrepreneurs-Journey… Free Traffic From Free Directories – by Yaro Starak Your Website Is Up […]

  • […] informative articles on how to go about generating traffic to your website/blog. Hope they help: How To Get 55 Comments And 98 Likes On Your First Article Using Social Media – Entrepreneurs-Journey… Free Traffic From Free Directories – by Yaro Starak Your Website Is Up […]

  • Social media IS powerful, I know this but I rarely do anything with it because it seems like a daunting task… I need to finally put my hands on it!!

  • Hi there,

    I like the point about the unpopular stance to provoke users to comment πŸ™‚

  • Social media is a good idea for getting comments

  • Great article and love your experiment Leslie! Social Media is definitely positively impacting SEO and this will only continue to rise. Thanks for sharing your insights

    Francesca Esposito-Rose

  • Wow!!! Thanks Leslie for your post. I’m going to try this handy trick out

  • Thanks for sharing.
    I will definitely try this. My niche has a lot of controversial issues.
    I will pay more attention to current affairs and try this experiment.

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