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Google Rank SecretsIf you are into search engine optimization there is a new book called “Google Rank Secrets” with the tagline – How to get listed in Google and Rank in the Top 10 which you may be interested in.

The book claims to help you to – “Rank In The Top 10 Search Results Within 30 Days Or Less!” – which is a pretty bold claim.

I haven’t read my copy yet so I can’t give you a full review so I’ll reserve my judgement, but if search engine optimization and online marketing is your game it’s worth keeping up to date by buying the latest books and info. One or two nuggets of gold can be enough to very quickly recoup the cost of the product.

If you have read this book or heard about it please leave a comment to let us know what you thought.

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  • If you have a listen to the audio I think you can tell this book is by an Aussie too. Always a plus in my book 🙂

  • I’m always cautious of eBooks/books which make bold claims. I think I’ll wait until a few reviews are available before I venture any further.

    There are so many dodgy eBooks out there, the Internet seems swamped with them.

  • And rightly so Jamsi, I’ve only just got my copy now and since I have a bunch of stuff to read through I’m not sure when my review will come out (probably after I review Aaron Wall’s

  • Zeb Martin-Teal

    Well I purchased this book yesterday after receiving an email about it from a friend.

    It looks pretty good to me. I am only half way through, but so far so good.

    If anything its obviously creating a buzz because I have received a further 3 emails about it today from some well respected internet marketers.

  • I guess I got caught up in the launch frenzy. I had no idea it was doing the full Internet marketing circle.

    Anyway proof is in the pudding so we’ll see how good it is, but there’s one positive feedback so far.

  • So, they are guaranteeing that no more than 10 people in the same industry (i.e. interested in the same search terms) will read the book?

  • I don’t get it. I’ve not had trouble getting listed in Google, especially with my blogs. And what does “Rank In The Top 10 Search Results” mean? Doesn’t that depend on what search terms you choose?


  • you should say in your article how much it costs. I just signed up with my email address expecting it for free and they come up with a fee.

  • Hi Adam – Sorry about that, I should have given you some warning. Generally I only link to products that cost money since most of the free ones are garbage or littered with affiliate links. You can sometimes get a good free e-book from a reputable source (like say Seth Godin, or ahh, me 🙂 )

  • […] I was chatting to Yaro about the book as he had also purchased it and we both came to the conclusion that the book is primarily aimed at beginners – we couldn’t find any secrets. In saying that, I’m glad I forked out because it did in fact increase my knowledge on how Google works. There were a few little tidbits that I wasn’t aware of in regards to the different methods Google use to rank websites, and the various impacts certain SEO techniques have on your Google ranking. […]

  • Really, the book is awesome, i really found the book worth reading and implementation. It really does help boost up your PageRank.

  • I’m always interested in SEO news. I don’t have any problems getting indexed and ranked for low competition keywords with my sites especially my blogs.

    Does that book also show some methods to get ranked for high competing search terms?

    Anyway I’ll wait for your review before I make a decision.


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