Tips For Making Money Selling Text Links With AdBrite

I’ve recently become impressed with the potential for making money from a website by selling text link ads. During May I generated over $250 USD from selling text links on my blogs just from the brokerage service provided by It’s not a huge amount of money but it’s cash I didn’t have before. If you are aiming to become a full time blogger then any extra sources of income helps, so you may want to try selling text links yourself.

AdBriteJohn Webster from AdBrite Guide contacted me about his new website aimed at helping publishers and advertisers maximize their return from another text link broker, AdBrite offers a similar service to, brokering deals between website publishers and advertisers. As a blog publisher this means you can leave the selling of your advertising inventory to companies like AdBrite while you just work on making the best blog you can. All you have to do is add your site to their system, place some code on your site, then watch the money roll in (theoritically at least!).

Of course factors such as how much traffic you have, what industry your site is in, your site’s PageRank (What is PageRank?) and where you place the add code will determine how much you make, but as I said, anything is better than nothing, so it’s worth a try.

John kindly offered a list of tips for me to publish to help you get the most out of AdBrite as a publisher and an advertiser. I’m posting the tips for AdBrite publishers (those wanting to make money from text links) here. The AdBrite advertiser tips (those wanting to generate traffic from buying links) are posted on my other blog, Small Business Branding.

Tips To Maximize Your AdBrite Income

  1. Never start your pricing too high. It is better to error on the low side and get advertisers hooked, because then they will be willing to pay higher prices for your inventory when the pricing increases.
  2. Make sure your placement is worth buying, the popular sellers in the marketplace tend to be sites with the most premium inventory.
  3. Spend some time tagging your site and giving proper demographic information.
  4. In your site description provide ideas of advertisers that you think might convert well. You know your audience best.
  5. AdBrite is more successful if you sell a FEW premium placements as opposed to just MANY backfill placements.
  6. Hard code all placements because of the concreteness of “your ad here”. Putting AdBrite in rotation doesn’t perform as well.
  7. Allow a ramping period. AdBrite is a tool to help sell your own inventory, and think of it as a virtual salesperson for you. Any salesperson needs some time to gain traction. Just like an auction, the beginning price is never the final price.
  8. Entice advertisers with specials. You have full control to set pricing so make occasional specials to entice advertisers.
  9. Enable AdBrite’s auto pricing which will raise automatically as inventory sells, and lower itself as vacant inventory sits unsold.

You can find more AdBrite publishers tips and AdBrite advertisers tips at

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  • […] John kindly offered a list of tips for me to publish to help you get the most out of AdBrite as a publisher and an advertiser. I’m posting the tips for AdBrite advertisers (those wanting to generate traffic from buying links) here. Tips for AdBrite publishers (those wanting to make money from selling text links) are posted on my other blog, Entrepreneur’s Journey. […]

  • Yarro
    Interesting points. I’ve never had a lot of success with Adbrite personally, but like you am having a lot of success with TLA.

  • I’ve been a TextLink affiliate for awhile, however have never joined their publisher program. I’m about to dive into it though, cheers for the info Yaro.

  • […] Yaro tells all about text-link ads and Adbrite […]

  • […] I personally have never used AdBrite before, however Yaro Starak from Entreprenuer’s Journey talks about useful tips on how you can earn extra cash using AdBrite. Check his post at: […]

  • Jim

    Yaro… just a quick comment to let people know that there is another, even more full-featured alternative to either text-link-ads or adbrite. It’s called

    I’ll admit I am a principle with the company (just in case anyone’s wondering), but I can truly say we offer more ways to make money with a site via text links (and in many more forms) than any other service.

    The Basic service plan is free to use, there’s also a 2-tier affiliate program, and visitors to can use promotion code “ejourney” to receive a substantial discount for a Professional subscription plan.

    Check us out and see for yourself.

  • Jim – Thanks for dropping by and letting us know about your service. I must admit I have never heard of your website before.

    Perhaps some of my readers may try it out and report back a comparison of Text Link Ads vs AdBrite vs SponsorWorks – would make for a good pillar article.

  • Hi Jim,

    Just letting you know I was unable to signup at the sponsorworks website for the publisher program. Strange errors occured when I hit submit .. something about not being able to write to a file ??


  • Jim

    Apologies, apologies, apologies !!!

    Our host (1and1) decided to swap out servers on us (without warning) which caused the site to act completely crazy for most of May 29th and June 1st.

    They’re done now and it’s back up.

    Again, sorry for any inconvenience and please don’t judge us by this unfortunate incident.

  • Fo you think it’s worth putting a site with low traffic on adbrite?

  • I haven’t had much success with AdBrite, but I that’s probably more due to poor placement than the service. Thanks for the tips.

  • If you haven’t got much traffic on your site you can still test services like adbrite and text-link-ads, just don’t expect much, if anything. Afterall you are not providing much value to those buying the links so you shouldn’t expect much in return.

  • […] I’ve recently become impressed with the potential for making money from a website by selling text link ads. During May I generated over $250 USD from selling text links on my blogs just from the brokerage service provided by It’s not a huge amount of money but it’s cash I didn’t have before. If you are aiming to become a full time blogger then any extra sources of income helps, so you may want to try selling text links yourself. […]

  • You inspired me to had adbrite on my site.

    I will give them a try.

  • […] Some advertising avenues are: Blogads, FeedDirect, Adify, Feedburner Ad Network, AdBrite, Text Link Ads and Google AdWords…more. […]

  • i have also use abrite to promote links on my website. I have generate about 500 plus amount selling links.

  • I have my site up and running but can’t seem to get any traffic going. Suggestions?

  • This is a useful article. Thanks.

    So are services such as AdBrite and TLA CPC models?

    Or one gets paid just displaying the ads, i.e. flat rate payments?

  • You can have some success with AdBrite even if you have low traffic but if your audience is very trageted.

  • Very good article! I”ll look into Adbrite later but right now i need to start making money with the current affliates i have, mainly CJ 😀

  • Any suggestion to grow up my website traffic ?
    Please tell me, thanks

  • While AdBrite may bring you lots of “traffic” do not expect conversions or any ROI. Their manner of listings is borderline fraudulent… Yes, they will show you a huge very detailed report tracking each any every site you paid for but you’ll find no customer revenue or site sales from any of them. Lack of customer support and service only compound the issues. If you are looking to actually generate revenue for your business (as opposed to just paying lots of money for NOTHING) save your money and avoid AdBrite.

  • hi your site is worthable contents added. I’m from india aiming to become a fame enterpreneur. i hope your site is more helpful doing that

  • i have been involved in adsense for over 1yr… its really bit slower.. but recently i joined to Adbrite and i feel is that they even pay for ur reader’s visit.. in short period i could feel some changes… i have no idea whether we are supposed to put ADSENSE and ADBRITE ads on same page.. any one who knww’s abt it can guide me.. here is ma webpage on ADSENSE:


  • nice article.. I’m using adsense on my blog at the moment, and was looking for a good alternative. . Glad I found this article.

  • My advice would be not to do business with adbrite at all. They pay the industry’s lowest commission,have misleading terms (which they change at will) . One month I made 5500 the next I made 1200. That’s pretty strange when all my numbers were the same.

    They recently fired half their staff and seem to be circling the drain. Doesn’t the logo colors remind you of a cleaning product for sinks?In the publishers terms they quote as saying money you make in march will be paid in may. The truth is it will be paid somewhere in June. Net 60+ 1/3 month. They are also among the slowest most infrequent payers.

    Adbrite lost it’s shine a long time ago you can see it by the ever declining number of webmasters that use it. When I pull my site they will have to reduce their claim on impressions by 30,000,000. and bigger guys than I am leaving soon.

  • I run a site for a non-profit in my spare time and have been using Yahoo for ad serving. But, I’ve been very disappointed with the revenue. Now, YPN is shutting down (as of April 30 2010) which forces me to go elsewhere.

    I can’t qualify for AdSense because I already have an AdSense account for personal use and can’t have a second that would be dedicated to this non-profit. Also, the non-profit uses a PO box rather than a street address, which is not permitted according to Adsense terms.

    I think AdBrite is the place for me to go. Thanks for the tips.

  • AdBrite * seems * to be a good alternative for AdSense if for some reason you cannot use AdSense in a particular site.

    In the last few weeks I have checked out several affiliate programs (other than AdSense) and I think AdBrite is one of the very few legitimate ones. Balance in many of the other affiliates would not take off from 0.00 in weeks, no matter what. At least AdBrite generated 25 cents in one day (which is still better than a big fat zero).

  • While I am a Publisher and have never been an Advertiser, I still think I could suggest Advertisers to try to make their sites more effective to capture visitors in order to turn them into conversions. I seem to have this problem at CJ. I send lots of people to merchants but they don’t convert because many of the merchants make it too hard for visitors to join in the first place. Be concise and precise, most visitors will not stay longer than 7 seconds in a site if they can’t figure out what is it all about in that brief time. If you are selling something in your sites, try to make visitors bookmark your site or something. Include them into some newsletter if possible. Or some other tactics. At least if they don’t buy now they might at a later time. Again I could be wrong, but I think this at least partially applies to some sites.

  • I have never thought about this idea before even though I had been using Adbrite just to brighten up my blog. I guess I didn’t even know this.

  • after i was banned by Adsense because of a stupid reason, i started using Adbrite for my 3 months old site
    I have around 500 unique views per day and making between $0.01 to $0.20 per day. I know it is not too much money, but if you compare with Adsense for 500 unique views, I am really happy with AdBrite. I am sure it will be more when I start marketing my site.

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